Sculptra Worth It!

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I'm 48 and the expensive creams didn't cut it...

I'm 48 and the expensive creams didn't cut it anymore and I was too afraid to go under the knife. After doing a lot of research, (I soak up info like a sponge) I decided to get Sculptra; mainly because it last longer and works with your own collagen.

I have to say I am getting compliments already and excited about getting my next treatment in about six weeks. I really had to listen to my Doctor, she suggested it the first time I sat in her chair but I wasn't ready. Anyway I got my Botox and a few skin tightening treatments and although that made me happy, it wasn't enough. I had a lot of laxity (or deflation) from fat, muscle and bone loss over the years from working out, losing and gaining the same 10 lbs over and over and smoking.

My Doctor has had extensive training internationally and I really trust her.

Anyway I went for it and so far so good! I will keep you updated! This site is very beneficial in helping you decide.

I just had my third Sculptra touch up!  Wow,...

I just had my third Sculptra touch up!  Wow, so far so good, but I do have a few miniscule lumps, hopefully I don't get any more, but I love the results and my cheeks feel thicker and firmer.  My skin was so thin and droopy before.  My results are better than I expected which is always nice so I decided to get some injected along the browline to get a subtle lift along with the botox, hopefully I will be just as happy, I will let you know how it comes along.  My Doctor is just as thrilled as I am.

Dr. Denise Hyland

After going to consultations all over the city, I decided to go with my Dr. I found her to be very professional, explaining everything upfront and very easy to talk to.

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