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So far so good,the biggest thing for me do far is...

So far so good,the biggest thing for me do far is planning for my return home,I not afraid about the procedure itself I am actually looking forward to it I know it's going to be the stepping stone to a better,healthier life I've tried losing the weight on my own throughout my adult life and was able to keep it off for a while but somehow I get stuck and I start packing back on the pounds I never tried dietary aids due to side effects I already had issues so I couldn't talk myself into taking the chance just to lose a couple pounds,I work a lot now so that doesn't leave much time to get to the gym most days it's debating between sleep a fee hours or sit up and eat 9/10 it's sleep lol I do use my breaks to get in 30-45min walks everyday I'm down 7pounds since I first contact weightloss agent about the procedure. Praying for safe travel and return home and will try to answer any questions to the best of my abilities.

Before and current weight

This is day two

Well I'm here you guys landed yesterday it was an available spot for surgery I went ahead and did it to get it out of the way.I will be honest I came alone but from the other ppl that was here for the same thing you would think we all came here together I however was the youngest so that was cool cause everyone was looking out for each other I happen to be in room with a beautiful lady inside and out she came with a church member whom has been a blessing and helpful to everyone the staff here has also been great no side talk or rude looks I love them they are all great and happy to help,I don't encourage traveling alone but I'm use to it due to the nature of my work but I felt safe and taken care of...now far as pain I will say it's a 7/10 and that's because I can't seem to get any rest I can't get comfortable enough in bed I'm sitting up in a chair now cause I'm tired of laying in bed and I have been nasuate a lot and dry heaves has been the worst still nothing to eat just fluids I did feel a hunger pain this morning but idk if it's normal or not I will ask....that's all for now be blessed

14 days out on today

Hey its been a few days,let's see a few things has happened I'm no longer having issues with keeping anything down,Thank God because I was starting to worry myself crazy,I'm still currently on puree foods after 4bites that's usually it for me,protein shakes I know it's important but it's like I can't get pass the first one of the day and it takes me all day to drink it sometime I still have the same cup lunch and dinner and even later most days I will have to find something better soon because I'm barely getting 30g of protein in a day it's a challenge but water,good old water I can drink no problem I'm fatigue majority of the day,I work over night so that's another reason I'm not sleeping well ,I also work doing the day at my shop for about 6hrs,I get about 2miles of walking in a day,my weight loss not going so well I'm at the current weight since last Tues I want to say inches a few I haven't checked but my uniform shirt isn't tight in my stomach area so I'll take that for now. My stats HW238,Sw242,CW 227.8.....my GW 175,but at this rate it may take me a year I hope the scale move soon,also TMI but I have not had a BM I was freaking out so I research some more some say don't take anything wait on your body some said it took them 14-16 days out but I do pass a lot of gas lol trying to drink a lot of water and walk to get things going,but nothing just gas yeap that's about it work,sleep,passing gas,work and the cycle hasn't ended will keep you all posted just ready to eat real food...

Trip to the ER....

Well just got home from the ER, was having a burning sensation in my throat and chest area,so I thought it was heartburns,and after 3days no relief I decided to go to the ER because something has to be wrong, I have never felt this way before....long story short I have stones in my gallbladder and need surgery ASAP...smh I know it could have been a lot worse but I Thank God that they didn't just send me home after looking at the negative labs,and it's something that can get fix I'm just not looking forward to getting cut on again,will keep you guys posted.....also HW238, SW242 ,CW222.8 GW175

I'm back!

Hello everyone,its been a while let's see where to start. I had the gallbladder surgery on 9/7,it went well thanks for the prayers much appreciated and needed. I would like to say everything went well wgen I got home,but it did not I still gaf pain for a little over 3weeks after although gallbladder was taken out,the acid reflux got extremely bad for me I continued throwing up the entire time,and when I could keep it down,I made a day out of sitting on the toilet....not much fun but im just being honest weight dropped a little more after surgery as I was at a stall,im just getting back into the swing if everything work,home,kids,preparing my business for tax season a little stress but im happy about not laying in bed all day frim being so week.....okay recently since the post op of the gallbladder surgery I got a uti,I guess I wasn't able to drink and keep down enough I went back to the doctor started me on some meds,after 2weeks of that and orange urine,didnt work,but the new gerd medicine has done wonders...so back to the doctor I go,new meds 7days this time no luck on top of that they tell me mt culture was neg,bullspit I've had uti before I know my body,at this point I throw in the towel go to my neighborhood Walgreens walkin clinic sge did the culture in front of me guess what POSITIVE like I said all alone,but she also told me I had a lot of protein in mt urine I need to follow up asap with mt pcp ....bumber this day 2 and I feel a lot better,in a better mood tge burning stop last night im not even worried about the protein,I have an idea what it could be I was rold the same thing 10years ago its hust my kidneys working harder than they should but according to that specialists I was going to need a new kidney bt the time I turn 30,doctors are a blessing dont get me wrong but I have one doctor,that fix all my problems. Let me get this day started RS stay blessed,and gave a wonderful day luvs!


Hey you guys!

Hey, let's see what's been going on.....not much just work more work little sleep no exercise as of now will start back asap just be feeling very drained most days I am finally to onderland Thank the Man up stairs but I'll list my stats below,health wise I'm ok I still get the once in a blue moon gallstone pain which is crazy cause there is nothing there.

Just in time for xmas

Hey everyone hope all is well, I will make this short; health wise I'm ok better than last some trapped gas once in a while I will be honest I eat fast food a lot recently because I have no time to cook or get something fresh like fruit if it's not in a vending machine or McDonald's or KFC I know it's bad but with the way my life going right now I don't see a change until a few more weeks give or take still no sodas or junk food grilled chicken wraps or the 3wing go cups I still do not eat bread,pasta,potatoes I try to find low fat because I don't want any pains in my side that's still a problem maybe once or twice a week I still take acid reflux medicine when I remember so it's still there but it doesn't bother me as bad as it use to. Sex life it better but not great it's painful still but I was told to just give my body time however long that suppose to be. Hair loss I have not experienced because I wear braids 90% of the time and when it's not braids just wash and go so I can't really say to much on that. Loose skin well it's there I notice it no one else seem to and it make me feel like I'm crazy and my fiancé thinks I'm making something out of nothing but it's there and if lean forward in a seated position I notice it I do however wear a faja when I want things to look tone and it's a huge difference only thing I got the faja before wls now it's loose so I'm kind of nervous to see what I would look like in the one for me. Last but not least weight loss!!!!!!! I'm down but not to my goal as of yet but thankful for the help Hw242 CW 186.1 Gw 175.... im so happy but nervous also I don't want to be smaller than 175 im in junior cloths now and my nieces are bigger than me smh I get mistaken for a 18-23year old daily which is not a bad thing but it's kind of hard doing my job when I look like my employees kids! Oan I already paid my deposit I will be having a tummy tuck,and bbl next April with Dr Cochran hopefully I asked for lipo but tbh I don't know where he would get it from by then I may only want a TT my butt and boobs are invisible I'm going to leave the boobs alone I have 12lumbs I rather keep them and not cause a problem poking around in there lol
Dr Hernandez

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