VSG, Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano, 28YO, 1 Child, Divorced

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Hello all! I decided to go ahead and make a post...

Hello all!
I decided to go ahead and make a post since I have been lurking this site for years now. I have decided to go with Dr, M at LTVSG, one reason being the price and the second being his reputation. I have medical insurance in the US, but it does not cover WLS. How about that? I'm paying 350/month to my insurance company, I never use it and something I need and want the dont cover. I would like to have a surgery buddy if at possible. I haven't told my family, and I prefer not to. I want to go December 13th 2016. Any word here's my stats:
HW-283 (pregnant)
Lowest adult wt-174

Change in Doctor

Hey my RS family. I have decided to change Doctors. I am now going to go with Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano. They call him Dr. A. He has given his patients the nick name Ironsleevers. Great reviews so far. He costs a little more, but it's due to the hospital stay and not using a clinic. Will update when I start my prop diet 11/31/16!

Flight booked!!!

This is getting so serious now. I have booked my flight for $393 round trip from Birmingham, AL. I can't believe my ticket was cheaper flying from Birmingham than Atlanta! Next on my list is stocking on protein shakes.

Preop Diet started today

I started my preop diet today. I'm having my surgery Tuesday!!!!

12 days post op

Hello all!
Thank you for following my journey! I went to Tijuana, and had a successful surgery! Postop was hard for me do to nausea, but it resolved by day 5. I'm doing well. I haven't weighed in a few days but I will update my stats to reflect 1 week post op stats!

1 week stats
Hw: 292
Sw: 253.2
Cw: 245

24 days post op

Doing well. Still can't eat certain things! Getting water in is tough...I have to improve. I'm losing around 0.8lbs per day. I will post a pic of my inches I've lost.


3 months postop

Hello family! I just wanted to do a quick update! I'm doing well. Still work on getting to 1200 calories/day. I am loving my sleeve. I am able to drink kite. I haven't started in the gym yet bc my intake is sonboor and I don't want to look malnourished. My only regret now is not doing this sooner. The best 4400 I've spent in my life!

Surgeon: Dr. Carlos Altamirano Cano
Sd 12/13/16
Sw: 267
Cw: 221

5 months postop

Hello all! I'm doing great. I'm off my Prilosec and eating mostly anything in portions. I'm down 56.3lbs! Loving my sleeve!

Quick pic update! Down 60lbs!

Hello! I just wanted to announce I'm down 60lbs!!!
Sw: 267.2
Cw: 207.2
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