Lower Body Lift, Breast Augmentation Over Muscle and Fat Transfer to Booty, 22 Year Old After 135lb Weight Loss - Tijuana, MX

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I'll be having my surgeries done in Tijuana,...

I'll be having my surgeries done in Tijuana, Mexico 1-27-15. I'll be updating along the way!

So far the contact with Violet and MJ have been good. I put my deposit and booked my date about a week ago, but had been in contact and considering my procedures for the past 6 months.

I had a VSG WLS in December 2012 and have since lost 135+ lbs making my breasts very saggy and my tummy also not very appealing. I also want to have some work done on my inner thighs in the future, but that will have to be at another time.

3 Days Post OP. Lots of issues

Today is Friday three days after my surgery.

I ended up NOT getting a breast lift... Which I'm not happy about, but the Dr pushed just going with implants above the muscle. I have floating nipples and my breast are deformed looking.... Hopefully they fall into place with massaging them because my surgery recovery has been so painful, I don't even want to consider having to get them fixed.

I ended up getting a lower body lift with fat transfer into my booty instead of just a tummy tuck, so I have a lot of scars and pain all over. I am happy with the decision to go with the lower body lift, not sure how I feel about the butt yet, it seems very high and fat at the top.

Issues I had, the care at the recovery facility after surgery wasn't the greatest, the male nurse we had first was amazing, and caring and spoke very good English, the second female nurse didn't understand 90% of what I was saying, so that made things very difficult.

They didn't have my urinate before leaving the facility and honestly I felt very rushed out of there in the morning after surgery. The painkillers they give you to take home are a joke, (high strength motrin.)

I ended up in the ER the same night I was released (28th) and had to get a catheter put in because I couldn't urinate on my own. When I emailed the DR about that before going to the ER, they basically told me to wait and it would happen. No it didn't and if I wouldn't have gone to the ER when I did, it would have caused worse issues.

All in all, I know it takes a few months for things to look good and get your final results, but my breasts are the main scare and issue I have. :( I'll be so sad if they don't end up looking okay because I know I wont get them redone.

Pain Significantly Decreased Today!

Hey all!
The pain has gone down a lot today and I am starting to move myself off the Percocet's and onto something a little less strong for the pain.

I am able to move around and do a lot considering I had major surgery just a few days ago.

Small side note. POOP??!?!! I've been taking a stool softener since the 28th twice daily and still haven't had a BM, I'm not sure at what point I should be concerned and maybe try a laxative.

I also have some small sores from the compression garment, but it is being very tight and doing its job. I ordered two more another medium, and a large so I have multiples and can be comfortable and secure. I do highly recommend the compression garment they gave me. Its from Clear Point Medical, and is the above the knee stage 1. They run about $60 and are so worth it.

If anyone has any reccomendations for bra's post op, please let me know! I have no breast scars, so I'm wondering at what point I can wear a normal bra? I bought a sports bra, and also have the compression bra the DR provided, however the compression bra doesn't feel like it is supporting anything.

Please feel free to ask me any questions! I'd love to help and share my experience so others can be well informed before making their surgery plans! xoxo -Dani


520 CC High profile silicon implants above the muscle. No scars, they were put in via the tummy tuck.


Lower Body Lift Scar

Here are the photos of my lower body lift, front and back. I didn't notice much difference in the backside... I am also very swollen at this time! I feel like I lost my hourglass shape a little bit.

One Week Post Op, scars and swelling

I got to take off the tape today, here is the scars. I'm happy with how they look as of now. Very happy with how low the scar on my backside is.
Took one of the drains out myself, wasn't expecting the part that was inside my body to be that long!!

I'm very swollen today for some reason. Guess that's part of the healing process.

Made it back home!

The flight was miserable.

My right breast implant twitched and made a thumping feel two or three times during the flight, and it was also a lot of pressure and discomfort sitting in the seat for two and a half hours. I did move my legs around a lot and stand up when I absolutely needed to give my butt a break.

I do have some bleeding from the scar right above my butt crack, but I think this was from being stuck on my butt for so long in the airplane.

I did a lot in the past two days and haven't really been able to rest and recover. Only really got to lay down at bed time, and then for one nap during the day.

I needed the breast lift and should have never let the DR talk me out of it.

I'm 90% sure at this point that I'll be needing to get my breasts redone, and this makes me so angry and upset. This HURTS. I've been in a lot of pain and now I am going to have to do it all again just to fix something that should have been done right the first time. And not to mention that I'll probably have to pay for it again. I'm very upset.

Its hard to tell from pictures because im lifting up my arms to take the picture and that lifts the breasts a little, but there is a pocket of loose skin that is sagging under the nipple. When I lay on my back or side, you can see the excess skin and I have what the DR said he didn't want me to have -.- 'Floating Nipples'
The best way I can describe it, & Im sure anyone looking for a breast lift will understand this, when someone sucks your nipple, you shouldn't be able to see it lifting up because of the excess skin!!!!!!!!! It's unattractive and one of my reasons I really, really wanted and NEEDED the lift. Bad call Dr. Suarez.

In other news, the scars are starting to look worse. Check out the pictures. My butt crack scar is looking really bad. Probably going to a urgent care DR tomorrow and see if I need antibiotics or anything.. :(

I'm a very sad panda right now.

Went dancing last night

Did I really even just have surgery?!?!?!
Since the second week mark, I've been completely off painkillers, 100% back to work, cleaning the house, cooking, walking the mall and shopping, driving, and woah, last night, go go dancing for 4 hours!
This is crazy! I have to keep reminding myself to slow down.

The scars are healing and pealing, I've started to use lotion and vit e oil.
Only still having a minor issue with my buttcrack scar. About 3-4 days ago, two of the stitches opened up, so there is a little flap, I went to the dr, and they didn't want to stitch it and said it should heal perfectly.

I'll post pictures later!


Healing well.
Honestly, the scars can be completely covered with a thong. WIN. I'm happy with the results so far.

I got a little more then I wanted with the boobs! I wanted a small DD, and got a DDD :O

Update time!

I'm doing good and feeling great. I honestly cant even tell that I had surgery anymore.

I have three sutures that my body is spitting out, making small holes and slightly bigger scars. Seem's that that is a common thing as I know one other patient of Dr Suarez has had the same issue.
I've been wearing my compression garment to sleep in only. I don't really get super swollen, but I do swell a little after hours of not wearing it.

I'll add pictures to this update tomorrow.

ABout 6 weeks post op

Looking great, however my body is spitting about a lot of the stitches. I have about 6 coming through.

4 months post op. LOVE MY BODY

I am in love with my body. I am so happy with my choice and highly recommend my doctor. I had a few minor issues along the way but overall, great results for a great price.

I still experience swelling, and I wear my compression suit about once every two days while im sleeping.

Barbie doll body

Everything is going good, one of my breasts has dropped into place and the other is still a little high but they look fantastic.
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