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Hey y'all! I'm a 26 year old mom of one. I...

Hey y'all!

I'm a 26 year old mom of one. I have spent my entire life being heavy however a few years ago, I had lost 90lbs. Unfortunately, when I was pregnant, all my hard work kind of went down the drain and I regained 70lbs.

I've always wanted to have a tummy tuck. Honestly, I've been thinking about it since I was 18. My stomach has always just hung. It's awful. When I lay down, it just lays right down next to me. I can lift it, pull it, pinch it. I had always envied those women with pot bellies because realistically, if they had lost weight, their stomachs would be flat. Not mine. Even after losing 90lbs, I had hanging skin. My stomach wasn't even flat when I laid flat on my back.

So 2013 is my year! I'm back on track. Eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, drinking tons of water. I'm down 20lbs since October and working to get the next 50lbs off. My reward will be a TT, BL/BA, and a BBL. I can't wait to be the person I envision in my head. I want my insides to match my outsides.
Now, I know I have to be realistic and that my results may not be exactly what I picture, but honestly, anything would be better than what I feel now.

I've been researching doctors all over the world. I'm very diligent. At the moment I am trying to decide between two doctors. Both are roughly the same price so I can't use that as a deciding factor. One is Dr Tachmes in Miami, Florida and the other is Dr Carmina Cardenas in Tijuana, Mexico.

I've actually spoken with Dr Tachmes on the phone for a consultation and he is very professional, although almost stand-offish, I liked that he was able to answer all my questions and put me at ease about the procedures. His receptionist Tina is super nice too. I like how quickly they return emails and phone calls.

I haven't had a chance to speak with Dr Cardenas but as per all the reviews I've read on Make Me Heal and Real Self, I can't wait to. Her assistant Fatimeh is also very nice but I wish the emails were a little more professional and timely.

If anybody has any advice or info about either of these doctors, feel free to message me.

November 2013 is my goal date for the procedures. It gives me enough time to lose the weight, save the money, and it's also exactly 8 weeks before New Years Eve, so hopefully I'll be recovered with no complications *crossed fingers* and ready to show off my new body!

So I've been doing mad research on the procedures...

So I've been doing mad research on the procedures and on Dr Cardenas. I must say that I really like what I have to hear about her and I'm super excited about meeting her. I've officially set the date with Fatimeh for Nov 4, 2013. It finally makes it real. I've been going through so many different emotions already and it's still 9.5 months away! I can't even imagine what I'll feel during the last few days of waiting before I hop on a plane.
I do have a few concerns though. I just posted a pic of my back and as you can alllllll see, my booty if definitely lacking. I've always been really self conscious of this and my friends make fun of me because I wear 'butt pads' in my undies when we go out.
I heard that a lot of people aren't happy with their fat graft or say that they lose it all within a year post op. I don't know why but hearing this really depresses me.
Oh, and I have very slim hips and I just want a 'Kim K' figure. I know it's unrealistic but anything to get as close as possible would be awesome. I've sent my new pics off to the Dr and I hope to hear that she can work with what I have to give me something close to my ideal body.

Does anybody know if I'll be able to achieve my goal!? Also, I'm planning on losing 40lbs before my surgery so will that leave enough 'use-able' fat to make my dreams come trueeeee? I read that after the fat is lipo'd and purified that usually only a third of what was removed will be usable in a graft. For example, if 3000ml was lipo'd, only 1000ml would be able to be injected and some of that would be reabsorbed anyway. Am I just getting my hopes up too high?

So it's been about a month since my last update. I...

So it's been about a month since my last update. I find that sometimes I get a bit unmotivated until I come on this site and see everyone's great results. It makes me impatient though lol and I feel like November is ages away. Good news though, I'm down 29 pounds!! YAY. I still want to get another 40lbs off before my sx and I think I'm more than capable. We have a 'Biggest Loser' compeition at work and the person with the highest percentage of weight loss will win $1000. Definitely something I'm aiming for to put towards my surgery. :)
I had a conference call with Dr C a few weeks ago. She seems so sweet and genuine! I really liked the vibes I got from her. I had talked to other surgeons before her and they were all really professional but kind of hard to talk too. Dr Cardenas was the opposite. Her accent reminds me of my tias (aunts) and it was just so easy to talk to her. She also gave me a little motivation lecture on losing weight. haha. I can't wait to meet her.

I am stressing out a little though because I only have a week of vacation days for November. I'll basically be leaving Calgary on Nov 3, having surgery on Nov 4, and returning to my desk job on Nov 9. Eeeeep. I know this is farrrr to early to return to work but I've talked to my boss and there is no way of taking of more time for this as it is completely cosmetic. I'm hoping that as the day approaches I may be able to figure something else out, or take it extremely easy at work. Time to go for now ladies, but I will update again in a few weeks!

So I finally received my tax refund and let's just...

So I finally received my tax refund and let's just say, it was far more than I anticipated, so it's time to move up my surgery! The reason I was waiting for November was so I could comfortably lose the weight slowly and SAVE SAVE SAVE money. So I've decided on June 24 2013 for the BIG DAY. One of my best friend's is getting married in Jamaica on Aug 29 and I want to be in tip top shape. I figure it's 8 weeks post op so hopefully I am healed enough to enjoy myself on the beach. *fingers crossed*
Now onto the frustrating part, I have been in touch with Fatimeh for the past few weeks asking her about availability in June. She had nooo problem at all emailing me back within an hour when I told her I would like to reserve space for June 24. I've already sent my deposits and she said they have time on June 24 so we could rebook my surgery for that date. Wooohoo, HOWEVER, when I responded to her with some very important questions about anaesthesia, fee break-down, etc, she didn't reply. It's been 7 days since I've sent that email, and I even sent a follow up one, just in case she was busy, but still nothing. Today, I decided I would call the office to get answers. As soon as the receptionist heard my name, she said that Fatimeh was in meetings. Convenient! I'm getting bummed and actually starting to rethink my choice of picking Dr. Cardenas. I feel like it's a bit sketchy that she can't answer a few simple questions about the procedure. I'm not willing to rebook or send the rest of my fees until I get these answers.
Has anyone out there had surgery with Dr Cardenas and can reassure me that this if normal!!?

So I heard back from Fatimeh a few days ago....

So I heard back from Fatimeh a few days ago. Finally!! She did give me most of the answers I was looking for. She wasn't able to break down the fees which I've heard is pretty normal and unfortunately she couldn't forward me a copy of the consent forms. :( I guess I just have to wait it out.
Thank you ladies for the comments and reassuring words. I'm def feeling a lot better about things now. So Fatimeh confirmed my sx date for June 24!! Yay yay. I feel actually nervous now. Even though it's still over 3 months to go, I have butterflies!
Starting to organize all my lists and I am so happy that all of you posted yours so I can figure mine out. I will def keep you all posted!
Another thing to ask you all out there in Real Self land, how do you deal with loved ones that are not as supportive as perhaps they should be? Normally I am one of those ' Eff you haters' kind of people however it's a little bit different coming when the 'hate' (lol) is coming from my mother, for example. She does want me to be happy, I have no doubt about it but it seems I can't even mention my sx or anything without her getting cold on me. Help!?

Sitting here in Cancun, MX on vacation with my...

Sitting here in Cancun, MX on vacation with my sisters and best friend and I can't believe I'll be back in this country in less than 100 days to get my surgery. I'm such a creeper. lol I have been sitting here on my ipad checking before and after photos and getting excited for all the ladies on here that are preparing for their surgery in the next month or two! Think I'm going to start making my lists soon. Eeeeeee. :)

So there are only 66 days left until my sx. It...

So there are only 66 days left until my sx. It seems close but not close enough. I can't wait until there is only a week left! I went for my blood work last week as Fatimeh said I had to do it 8 weeks before. Everything came back good with my blood but for some reason my EKG is showing abnormal. :( I'm only 26, I've never been diagnosed with heart problems, and I eat really healthy and exercise. Don't know why my results are coming back like that. I have a follow up EKG this sunday and I really hope that it was just a machine or tech error. My doctor said he isn't too worried about it because I am healthy and he thinks it was just the leads being placed wrong. It's still super stressful. It's be seriously consuming me for the past few days. I'm trying not to stress because that's probably the worst thing I can do days before my second EKG.
I was planning on booking my flight this week but something is telling me to put it off until I get my result back next week. I hope this isn't a sign. I've been stalking everyone on here lol and I'm just so excited for my own transformation.
OOOOH, and guess what peeps? We were doing a biggest loser compeitition at work for the past 6 months and we had our final weigh in at the beginning of this month. GUESS WHO WON FIRST PLACE?! That's right. I did. A grand prize of $1000 to add to my pot for sx! YAYYYYY. Quite proud if I do say so myself. I'm still working hard to get another 15lbs off before June but lately it's been such a struggle. I've fallen off track for the past week and I'm finding it difficult to get back on. One day at a time I suppose...
Anyway chicas, if any of you have any experiences to share about labwork not going right the first time, pleaseeee share. I need a little help getting through the waiting game. Ta ta for now!

Wow. There are only 6 LONG ASS weeks left until I...

Wow. There are only 6 LONG ASS weeks left until I fly to San Diego! Geez. It feels so close yet so damn far. I feel like I've been getting more nervous. It will come in waves. I honestly wasnt worried about anything before but now I have passing moments where I get deathly afraid. How am I going to do this? I've never gone to a 'foreign' place by myself EVER and now I intend on leaving Canada completely alone to get a huge surgery. Wtf is wrong with me. I have so many negative thoughts lately. What if I'm not happy with my results? Thats $6500 that I could spend on my daughter. What if I die??!! OMG. WHAT IF I DIE!!!!? lol
Anywayyyy, on a happier note, I passed my second follow up EKG and sent off all my labwork to Fatimeh last week. Just heard back from her today and everything looks good. I have the green light. Woooohoo.
So now I just have to patiently wait out the next six weeks whilst eating clean and working out. I've lost 40lbs now and hoping to have another 10lbs off by June 23. Its just so damn hard to stay motivated these days. Ugh. Im just feeling so stressed and overwhelmed that the last thing on my mind is my diet. Does anyone know if it will be difficult to lose weight after the surgery?? I was concerned about that because I plan to keep losing afterwards.

Oooh I forgot to mention that I contacted Fatimeh...

Oooh I forgot to mention that I contacted Fatimeh to ask how much more lipo to my inner thighs and chin would be. (Might as well do it as I've always been insecure about my inner thighs and double chin) She wrote me back saying the thigh lipo is an extra $200 and Dr C would do the chin for free!! Yayyy. I can't wait! 42 days baby!

24 days pre-op!

Sitting here with my cup of grapes when all I really want is some damn ice cream. I got to be strong though. Only 3.2 weeks left! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 24 days, my lawd shit got real. Lol
I've been taking my iron and OJ religiously for a couple weeks. I must admit that I've actually started feeling better. Less tired mostly.
Anyway, I got my pre-op and post-op vitamins from I have to start taking them in 10 days. I also ordered some compression socks because I've been reading a lot about them lately. I go to the bank tomorrow to pay off my balance to Dr C and BCRH. I'm a little nervous. Flight is already booked! I even have most of my suitcase packed lol. I bought these horribly awful ugly zip-up muumuus but they are sooooo super comfy, I guess I'm just going to have to suck up the fact that they are neon orange microfibre and floral granny baby blue. Haha. Hopefully nobody at BCRH will judge me. Lol
Below is my list of packing list compiled mostly from being a creep on Realself. Let me know if there is anything I should add or remove. (Or if you have any other suggestions) I bought a new luggage that is TINY, my plan is to only have this and use it as a carry-on. Keep in mind I will only be away for five days.

2 Zip-up pajama gowns
8 Pairs of cheap high waisted granny panties
1 Sports bra
2 Men's ribbed tank tops
1 Ziploc bag with airline regulation containers for shampoo, body wash, etc
Post-op vitamins
Rubber soled slippers (need to buy)
Antibiotics and prescribed pain meds (need to see my family physician)
A go girl funnel (need to buy)
Lanyard for drains (need to buy)
Stool softener
Earplugs (need to buy)
Antibacterial soap (need to buy)
Maxi pads (need to buy)
Benadryl (need to buy)
A tracking device according to my boyfriend lol apparently I'm going to be skipping town on him. Haha
1 Pair of sweat pants
Outfit for arrival and departure
Flip flops
Extra cash ( Is $500USD enough??)

Phew. I think that's it. At least all I can think of right now.

On a side note, I'm feeling sort of disappointed because I won't be able to see my boyfriend for several weeks. :( I leave on June 23 and won't be back until June 28th and he's leaving on that same day to go back home to visit his family in St Vincent for 2 weeks. :( I'm going to go through withdrawal for reals. He been joking with me saying he doesn't want to deal with my whining and he's going on hideout but I know he's been missing his mama like crazy this past year and that's the only time he was able to get time off work. He's had such a stressful year and I know it's best for him but the selfish part of me just wants him to be here when I come back. Ugh. Oh well, I gotta look at the positive side. Hopefully by the time he comes back, I'll be roughly 4 weeks post op and *fingers crossed* I'll be a little hottie and we will have the green light for some sexy time. Lol and at least he won't have to see me all grossand chopped up, being a huge baby like he did when I had my c-section 2 years ago.

So for the next week or two, I'll be forcefully trying to pass the days. I need to get some freezer meals done so that my roommate and baby girl have some healthy delicious dinners on hand and so that there is food prepared for when I come back and need to focus on recovery. :D bathing suit ordered !

Oooh and by the way, I ordered a bathing suit for my trip to Jamaica for my girl's wedding 8 weeks post op. Here's to hoping it will fit! I'm a size 12-14 and the size I ordered is a large size 10-12. I'm not expecting any miracles but I really am excited to see what Dr C can do for my body.


10 day countdown!

This is just a quick update while I'm on my break at work. I am TERRIFIED. My stomach is flip flopping. My mom mesaged me a few days ago saying she doesnt think I should do it because she has a bad feeling about it and that my daughter needs her mother. I was so mad. Then last night, I had a horrible nightmare about the surgery. I feel nauseous today. I wish people at work would stop talking about it. I know they are excited for me and I should be too, but it's so hard when I feel so overwhelmed. Dammit I even started spotting (my period isnt even due) because of the stress. I'll be happy its all over. I heard back from Fatemah saying I am paid in full! Ronnie from the recovery house emailed me too! Everything is paid. Yay. I still feel like I have so much to do though and my diet has been horrible. I am the worst emotional eater and let me tell you, I HAVE BEEN EATING MY FEELINGS. lol Anyway, break is over now but I'll keep you posted. Ta ta.


So for those of you that don't know, I live in Calgary. If you have been keeping up with the CNN, Twitter, Facebook, etc, you may have seen some footage of flash floods here and in small towns surrounding us. Let me tell you, I have been here almost my entire life and have never ever seen anything like it. Nothing ever happens here. Natural disasters avoid us. I can tell you we do not know devastation like Katrina or Sandy and we most likely never will, however this is huge for us. Our city is in panic mode. Many communities have been evacuated. A few people have been swept away. Our downtown core is destroyed. People have nowhere to go and don't know if or when they can return to their damaged homes. ( If there homes are even still there at all.) Stores are running out of water and are charging $60 for a fruit platter!!!! (Normally they run about $8-10) Power outages are occurring all over the city. Our water filtration systems are overloaded which could cause water quality to decline. It's awful. I can't even imagine all the devastation that has happened elsewhere.
I have a day before I board my flight and embark on a journey that will change my life, so how come I feel totally guilty about doing this? Hundreds of thousands of people in my city are seeking shelter and warmth, they have lost everything, and I'm worrying about something as petty as cosmetic surgery. Ugh. It makes me a horrible person. I'm afraid of what could happen to my family (although we are all safe and dry, we live in non evacuated areas) and I have this morbid way of thinking...'If something bad is going to happen, its going to happen while I'm out of the country and completely useless.' I was feeling extremely upset about this whole thing so I was talking to my boyfriend about it and all he had to say was, 'Well, don't get it done then but if it were me, I would not have come this far to not follow through. I think you are using the flood as an excuse to not do this because you are scared and trying to be a hero.' I don't know why but his reaction really irritated me. I know I'm scared of sx... Duh I have been forthcoming with that but with this situation, I don't know...maybe its a sign?? Help!! How do I deal with such conflicted emotions?

I did it!

So ladies, I made it to the flatside!! This is just a quick post but everything is great! Dr Cardenas is awesome and Fatimeh is such a sweetheart! She is gorgeous! I didn't know she had a gastric sleeve and tummy tuck! She's amazing. Greeted me with hugs and kisses and was so calming. Dr C was able to lipo almost 6 liters, put 800cc in each hip and bum cheek. I ended up with a circumfrential TT because there was too much saggy skin after the lipo. Word of today is PAIN and discomfort. :( The incision is numb but I know its there if that makes sense. My back and bum hurt the most. Chin is super swollen. Hoping that it only gets better from here. :) happy healing to all you in recovery and good luck to all that are going into their surgeries!

Having a hard time.

Just a quick update ladies. I developed a kidney infection :( this has made this whole recovery suck more. Ive had a high fever on and off for the past 3 days. I was dehydrated weak nauseous and sooooo sore. I finally came home yesterday against the advice of Dr C. I just needed to be home. I still cant do anything for myself. I even need help peeing. I am really hoping things get better soon. Im so sick and I feel absolute regret right now.


I wish I hadn't done this. I'm still in so much pain. I'm constantly afraid I'm going to tear my back and front incision. I'm worried I'm not as bent as I should be. I'm scared I'm going to get necrosis. I can only get up and walk as far as the bathroom. I'm sick of not being able to do anything for myself and I want to cuddle with my daughter. I want to clean my house. I want to be able to have a decent shower. I have clots plugging my drain bulbs so no liquid is coming out. I sent Fatimeh an email about it but I havent heard back. I have a follow up appointment with my family doctor tomorrow morning. Please someone just give me hope that it's going to get better soon!

New pics!

Don't have a lot of time for a post right now. Feeling a lot better but I developed an infection in the front and side of my incision :( taking really strong antibiotics right now that make me so nauseous. :( I'll be posting a better review in a few days.

Help! Opened wounds! Need advice and support!

Hey ladies. My recovery has been pretty rough. I'm about a month post op and I had a few superficial wounds on my incision open up. My front and both hips had small holes. Saw my fam dr and he said to put antibiotic ointment and cover with gauze. That was the same thing Dr C said when I emailed her an update. It's been a few days since and now my wounds aren't leaking anymore but they have opened up quite dramatically. There is no smell and no pus. I don't think there is an infection because I have kept the ointment on it, washing with antibacterial soap, and taking strong ass antibiotics that really make me nauseous. I'm on round three of antibiotics. Woo hoo. (Insert eye roll) Today was the first day I've had an honest complete meltdown. Bawled my eyes out like a baby. I'm just so overwhelmed. I feel like my wounds were starting to finally look better and then one day my body says..jusssssst kidding lets just open that wound up some more. I need advice and support from the ladies that have had this happen. PUH LEASEEEEE tell me it gets better soon. I hate not knowing how long I have to wait to see an improvement. I am so impatient. Other than the wounds, everything else is slowly getting better. Walking almost completely straight with no hunchback! I can walk around the mall without getting exhausted after a hour. I take the stairs at work! I still cant sleep much and don't really have much of an appetite yet. (Although I've been living on fruits and smoothies really, I still feel huge and gross. Ugh). Here's to hoping I have a miraculous turnaround and completely heal in the next four weeks before I fly off to Jamaica. It depresses me thinking I might not be able to go swimming when I go on vacation next month. :( anyway beware of the photos i am posting. They are major graphic.

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