Circumferentiual TummyTuck, Lipo and Fat Transfer to Butt or BBL -Tijuana, MX

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I just want to get my Sexy back! I am 31, happily...

I just want to get my Sexy back! I am 31, happily married with 3 beautiful kids. I always put myself last but this year, I want to do something special for myself. I battled with my weight for most of my adult life and at 298 pounds I decided to get the sleeve in 2012. After loosing 100 pounds I am left with tons and tons of saggy skin mostly around my waste and I am so ready to get rid of it. I have been doing tons of research and am considering my SX in Mexico. I was gonna go with Dr. Pantoja but I am leaning toward Dr. Campos. I am waiting on quotes from both drs. and am looking to have my surgery mid February. Anyone have feedback on Tijuana Doctors?

Finally Decided on a doctor

I have been searching for about 4 months for the right dr. It seems just when I think I am confident in one I see I bad review and the cycle starts all over again. Also I must say getting my sleeve in mx was so much easier than PS. The coordinators for the PS's never get back to you. I contacted the coordinator for Dr gaspar and it took 3 weeks to get a response. I check my email today and she gave me an outrageous quote. I have gotten quotes from 5 dr's Tijuana, and 2 in Mexicali and I am happy to say I am going with Dr Alejandro Paredes. I don't know the first thing about this dr and my decision to go with him was based on the fact that he has an awesome coordinator. Julio stayed in constant contact with me even when I was hesitant to get back to him because I was still weighing my options. At first he seemed a little to eager but there were a few coordinators who weren't eager enough. Julio took the time to spend hours explaining the procedure, the process and the cost as well as additional reccomendations the dr gave and why they were important. At the end of the day, I don't know any of the doctors and aside from Dr. Pantoja, Cardenas, and campos I could not find many authentic customer reviews on any Mexican doctors. My first thought was to go with who was well known but I ran into road blocks when going with them like really high quotes, or they were slow to get back to me. I finally prayed about and went with who made me feel most comfortable. Julio took the time to address not only the procedure buy my fears as well. He also had the doctor call me via Skype and I got the chance to speak with the doctor although the connection was bad he at least told me what to expect. I have decided to update my experience with this doctor for the sake of others and I hope I have an awesome outcome!

Before Pictures

I currently weigh 200 lbs that's after loosing total 100 pounds. I am attaching picture of what I looked like before the sleeve and what I look like after the sleeve fully clothed (black Dress) and without clothes. I am tiered of hating my body I just want to love myself fully and feel normal after years and years of being uncomfortable. Hopefully my decision to go through with this will get me there. I feel like I have researched credentials and patient reviews like crazy, now I just want to focus on preparing myself for this very huge event in my life.

Picture 2012before gastric sleeve

Tips on Traveling by Plane After Tummy Tuck, Bbl and Lipo

I just wanted some advice on how to deal with traveling after bbl, bl, tt, lipo. Did you use pillows? Did you walk on th plane to reduce the risk of blood clotts. Please give me any info, I'm traveling to mx for surgery and am a little nervous about traveling while in recovery. Also since bbl how will sitting for a long time affect the results. Thanks

Surgery With Dr. Paredes Through Helping Hands Medical Tourism -Coordinator Julio Basaldua

DON'T DO IT!!!! The coordinator for helping hands medical tourism (Julio Basaldua) Which isn't his real name is a con and a liar. After 10 months of speaking directly with this person, and a signed contract I thought I was set however the night before I was due to leave, I get a call from Hospital De La Familia stating my surgery was not scheduled because Julio had been fired back in October 2013 due to lying and misconduct. Stressed I immediately phoned Julio only to get an unprofessional story about that hospital cheating him out of millions and he apologized for the mishap but all plans would remain the same, the hospital and doctor wouldn't change and we were good to go. I was a little flustered but my husband felt like his story could be plausible and as long as the dr and hospital I researched was the same, we should stick with the plan. I was supposed to arrive 11:15pm on Feb 21 via San Diego airport but flight was delayed in TX due to storm so I arrived Feb 22nd at 12:00pm to find that the driver wasn't there. I waited 1 hour for him to show but understood that my flight was delayed so I didn't make a fuss. Once we arrived in Mexicali we met Julio in person but I was immediately uncomfortable because the office we were taken too had the name of ProClinica and he took us to an office that he said was his but there was nothing that said helping hands medical tourism on anything. Also no pictures of himself or family. It looked very staged. Then he took out a file and we began to discuss the details of the contract. At this time he proceeds to tell me that the hotel changed, I was annoyed because the day prior we were told we would be staying at The Lucerna, which I had researched, now we had to choose another. He also said 2 days hotel stay was included in the price so I thought fine, if I didn't like it we would change it right before surgery. Then he tells me to give him cash. I was paying $5300 for Tummy Tuck, lipo of 8 areas and fat transfer to butts-buttlift. He then began to beg me to get the breast lift because my waist would be small and he said I would look awkward, offended I declined but he insisted and then tried to get my husband to put me in my place by saying who wears the pants. Offended I said this is my body not his and he then gave another contract that had breast lift included I told him to scratch it out and initial he declined saying its fine we are not going to do it if you don't want but I insisted reluctantly he did then made a sarcastic remark about my being thorough. Then he calls his wife in she takes my money and puts it in her purse, I asked for a receipt he declined. I insisted then he finally gave it to me after a long awkward rant about how he was a man of faith. He said he was God fearing man so I should not worry. With that my flags were up but we were 2 hours from San Diego, I had given him my money and I just wanted to get it over with. We ended up going to the araiza hotel which was ok. On getting there my husband was asked for his credit card to keep on file for incidentals. I didn't understand this since Julio was suppose to cover the room for two days and after we would get a discounted rate of 49.99per night. My husband was charged $300 for 4 days I immediately pulled my husband to the side and said let's get our money back and cancel, but my husband said he understood the deposit and Julio would pay us cash for 2 days. I told him this was a foolish mood and felt my husband wanted to show he was in control after the comment Julio made about my wearing the pants in our marriage. The whole night we argued because I felt like we were being conned. Julio was supposed to come get me for surgery at 11:00am Sunday to meet the doctor and be prepped for surgery. 10:30M we had no calls. We tried calling him but his cell was disconnected. In horror I cried because he fell off the face of the earth. I had to look back over my emails write down all numbers and walk to the front desk to try to have the clerk call the numbers for me and translate. I called the hospital I was scheduled for only to be told they didn't know Julio Basaldua but they new Julio Vero and I could reach him at another number760-688-0250. Finally Julio picks up and says he would be to get us in 20 minutes he was late because he was with another patient. I thought how unprofessional, but wanted to see what the doctor had to say. Finally we meet Dr. Parades, Julio refused to leave the room and often coached the conversation. I didn't understand why the dr didn't draw on my body but he did explain the procedure. He didn't use medical terms but my husband felt like that was good thing to make sure we understood but for me I have been researching for so long I knew everything. Needless to say I was not impressed. Then biggest bad news, Julio tells me I would be having my surgery there at Dr. Parades clinic. This place was a whole in the wall building with other dr offices in it. I freaked. He went on with the excuse of my plane being delayed and the amount I was paying wouldn't cover the hospital. I snapped on him but again my husband and his bruised ego steps and says "the hospital is in the back, and its the same doctor", I feel like the dr is fine let's just get it over with. They take us back to the hotel even though I had a surgery time of 1:00pm and says we will be picked up at 2:00pm instead. I get call at 2:15pm saying the dr was pushing the surgery to 3:00pm because he was with another patient. Julio shows at 3:00pm and takes me to Dr. Paredes's office to prep me for surgery. They put something in my iv and then Julio begs and pleads with me to get my breast done. I say no, then he pulls the doctor from surgery to talk me into getting my breast done because I had a hemoglobin of 15. I reluctantly agreed and lights out. I woke hours later it was dark, thinking I was in recovery only to find I had not yet gone, the anestetiologist comes in and puts me out again. I wake again this time my iv came out and I had not yet had surgery. I was told the doctor wasn't finished with his earlier patient who was scheduled for 8:00am surgery. They finally come to get me at 10pm for surgery. The doctor quickly draws on my body with a marker , I think just for show, and they put me out. I awake in so much pain. I was promised a private room where my husband could stay with me over night. The other patient was also in the room with me and my husband had to go back to the hotel and was promised to be picked up at 9:00am to return to the hospital. I awake to the other pTients husband cussing because he tried to call Julio but his phone was off. It was noon and the guy took a taxi around Mexicali trying to trace the location of the hospital by memory. He paid $50 and it took him 2 hours. I began to worry my husband is a very good well meaning man but is also an ads because of a little ego issue. My husband had my cell and I was at the mercy of the nurses. A few minutes later my husband calls the office phone apologizing and also angry because no one could fine Julio and he didn't know where the hospital was but was smart enough to take a photo of the clinic door with the direct info when he was told he would have to leave me the night before. He said he blew up at Julio because he was never told my surgery time was delayed from 3pm so the whole time he thought I was in surgery and had no updates to give my family back home until 3am in the morning their time. I didn't get out of surgery until 1am Mexico time. Finally my husband shows up and Julio comes in with this busted smirk on his face. He tells me I am being discharged and I am confused because I was promised 2 days hotel stay. The nurse gets me and the other lady up out of bed, offers us yogurt and fruit juice, cleans the drains then comes with one broken wheel chair. Julio informs us that he would have to come back for us because he was short drivers. I was technically discharged and we waited 3 hours for Julio to return. I was in pain but the hospital would not give me pain meds. I finally asked for my discharge prescription and instructions only to be told Julio had them. Pissed, I went off on my husband for trusting Julio and demanded they contact him. He finally shows up and my husband goes off on him. I get into the busted wheel chair we get back to the hotel I get my meds and I try to relax. We were promised a call from Julio and the doctor was supposed to see me in the room the following day. Dr was a no show. Julio didn't call we were on our own and I regretted my decisions. Julio finally show up say in we owed more money for the garment and the nurse to come to the room to bathe me and put the garment on. My husband paid $120 for the garment and $45 for the nurse when the nurse came she said my garment didn't come in. Julio came in to explain that it was late getting to us on Tuesday and would be there Wednesday but we were leaving Wednesday so he would mail it to us first thing. The driver picks us up and takes us to the hotel in San Diego and speeds off before my husband can get my $1200 laptop out of the trunk, so we immediately call Julio who tries to reach the driver by phone and cv radio with no luck. We make it home we call Julio to see if he sent my garment and computer he ignored my calls. Then I arranged for my sister to meet him at the San Diego airport to get my garment and laptop. My sister waited from 1am to 4am and Julio was a no show. Since my surgery I haven't had a follow up call from either Dr. Parades or Julio about my progress. Julio is now demanding I pay an additional $600 in order to get my laptop and garment. I have since purchased a new laptop and am eating for the new garment I ordered and until it comes I have a temp one from WalMart. If you are considering surgery with dr paredes or using helping hands medical tourism don't do it. I know its too soon to judge the work but the dr did not do the butt lift because there is no entry marks and my left breast looks lumpy and deformed. I'm hoping this results will change as I heal. I will post pictures soon.

Finally Feel Like Things are getting back on track!

I am 2 weeks post tummy tuck breast lift and butt lift. I have to say, thank God for my mommy who is a registered nurse. She has been taking such great care of me. I did hear back from the doctor but his advise has been very limited and he still won't send the operative report so that my dr in the states will give me follow up care. My wounds are healing nicely thanks to my mom. Today she took out the drains and boy did it hurt a lot. The stitches are not ready to come out and truthfully I am not looking forward to it. I'm getting along and taking it one day at a time. I developed a serious mouth infection from the anesthesia trakia they put in. I have to take antibiotics for five days. Again if you are considering surgery with dr Parades and help in hands DONT DO IT!!!!

Updating some photos after 15 days in the hospital

I had a really bad infection and the wound opened up because the surgeon sewed incorrectly. I was told that the sutures would be dissolvable but they are not. So I had to have the stitches removed some we could not remove because they have grown into my skin. I have a deep hole In my abdomen. Dr. Paredes and Julio from helping hands medical tourism still refuse to give the operative report. The doctor himself refuse to tell us what he did during surgery. The dr did not do butt lift or lipo. He didn't replace my nipple on my left breast completely on top of it all he used regular sutures all non dissolvable which could become an issue if my body rejects them. I was lucky enough to find a local surgeon who agreed to treat the infection and hole in my abdomen. He is going to do a revision so that the hole will heal correctly and to fix the tummy tuck since it was also botched. If you are considering Dr. Paredes or helping hands medical tourism ran by Julio Basaldua, don't do it.

Picture of infection

I spent 15 days in the hospital after infection.

It took 15 days to clear up the oozinf infection

which left me with an open hole in my abdomen that isn't closing. The dr says it could take 6 months for this hole to close.

I had surgery with Dr. Alejandro Paredes in Mexicali MX. I used Helping Hands Medical Tourism owner Julio Basaldua and it almost cost me my life.

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