Tired of being FAT!! Tijuana Here I Come...ahh

Hello friends.. so I wanted to thank all you guys...

Hello friends.. so I wanted to thank all you guys that give reviews and share your life with us. I have been debating on writing a review or not but this website and has helped me soo much in informing my self and hearing other peoples stories I need to pay it forward. I am 31 years old mother of 2 have been married a bunch of years and for the last about 10 ate my emotions to hit 199 in 5'1. I have been reading tuns of reviews on doctors in tijuana. Long story short I don't have health insurance and if I had it I probably won't get approved due to possible low BMI and I've never had a history of documented medical history. Well to be honest who knows if I would get approved I can't wait any longer to get insurance and deal with all that. I have made up my mind tijuana here I come. So I've tried to contact Dr.Ramos kelly with NO luck. My cousin has a friend that the whole family went to a Dr. Alberto Michel. I have looked to find nothing on this doctor only on YouTube. So about 2 years ago I went to a consultation with Dr Michel ( father) he is a general surgeant that helped his son which is the bariatric surgeant. He was nice polite but I wonder why wasn't the son Dr Alberto michel not giving me the consult. I liked this hospital it was nice and clean his office was organized and elegant I did ask him if he was the one to perform the surgery and he said "no my son does it". Well 2 years after a bunch of reviews read and videos watched and more waight gained. I wanted to go with Dr maytorena too since everyone loves him. But I think I want to be at a hospital not a surgery center. So I went on another consult with the same Dr Michel again his dad not Dr Alberto. Well this time I'm sure that is the doctor for me. there were lots of people walking down the hall with drains and lots of people waiting in the waiting room that looked dam good. So this time I've booked my surgery for December 8 2016
Height 5'1
Cw 199.6
Cost 4,300

Psychiatric and ekg eval done today

Psychiatric and EKG eval done today.so my best friend was off work today.so she offered to drive me down to tj to get pre-op appt done since I'm scared to drive down there. I got there to do EKG done. I had my labs done on the day of consult so I just needed to get that done before meeting with the psychiatrist and the medical internist I guess he looks at my general health and goes over my labs and EKG. The EKG was fast I took longer to take of my top. The Tech was nice and the place was clean. I did take a pic of the hospital lobby I was impressed. Now the psychologist was soo fricken cute and young. I really liked the way she talked to me she made me feel at ease with my decision. I think they just want to make sure you are doing it for you not for anyone else, and that your sure this is for you. I really want to tell you guys everything we talked about but it takes for ever to write and read plus half the time was just thinking how cute this girl was I couldnt belive she was a psychologist. I really didn't want to post pics of my self but I have to... hear it goes..

Be careful who you tell...

Hey guys so I told one of my coworkers/ friend about my surgery..bad idea she is skinny and a health freak what the he'll did I expect.. i just thought she would be supportive since I have mention that I wanted to get it done sometime before and she seemed to think it was a good idea.. so I heard it again " I'm just taking the easy way out" well I'm not to sure whats so easy about it. Dam it that's the first thing I didn't want to hear is negative comments. She put a doubt again in my brain..i really don't have any sickness or health problems at this time besides obisity what if I do have a sickness after surgery?.. I'm weeks away and I'm worried again.i just need to stay positive.

I'm getting nervous..

I'm getting nervous my surgery is in 1 week and 2 days.. ohh my . I bought some stuff today for my pre op diet l got almonds,coconut milk and I have been trying to drink lots of water. I'm afraid I'm not drinking enough. I also bought some loose yoga pants and a sleeping bra. I have an appointment on Saturday with the doctor to check my preops. I also got a call from the office, Dr Michel wanted to meet with me I'm not sureisure if that is usual but I'm happy to meet with him to ask him some questions.

3 days till surgery

3days till surgery I'm stressed I can't even focus my daughter is super sick cough, fever and vomiting and I feel I'm getting sick now. I'm trying to get all my stuff together I've read a heating pad helps the gas so I'm going to try to find one. I'll try to take a picture of what I'm packing I'm sorry if my updates are everywhere I just realised.
Dr Alberto michel

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