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In a few day on November 23, 2016 i will have the...

In a few day on November 23, 2016 i will have the single incision Sleeve Gastrectomy, I am so excited and looking forward to it, I can barely wait!
I am 49 years weight 223 lbs as of this morning, my highest weight was 242 lbs. and my lowest as an adult was 145lbs before i got pregnant with my 14 years son. it's been a while!!
I will fly early morning on the 23rd and have surgery the same day, and come back on the 26!
I am having the surgery the day before Thanksgiving, because it is the only time off I will have until the spring, and I really do want to get things going before then! also I do not like thanksgiving food, so I feel I am not missing much! I do intend to return to work on Monday the 28.
I will write a list of all the things I am packing in my bag over the weekend, and might also post some pics (really not sure about it though)

Finally home

I am back home and very happy about it! I had a few very rough days after surgery, but I am home!
I have had the worse headache since leaving the hospital, I wonder if it is due to dehydration, but I am trying to drink as much as I can, but it is hard!
the ride back to the US was awful,, they were 1h 15min late to pick me up, it took us 3 hours to pass the border, i was worried that i was going to miss my plane. But I made it, the flight ended up delayed!

Going back to work today!

I am starting back work today, thanking the universe that I work from home, and that I have an assistant, because I do feel really weak! my son is also out of school for the day so, I might use him as well.
Today my weight was 218.1 lbs, on saturday when i got home my weight was 227lbs (7 lbs over surgery weight, WTH!)
When did you all start to feel better?
Thank you for your support !

I feel so much better

it took me about 10 days after surgery to finally feel better, last week was so bad, I had no energy, and I had to build extra time into everything i did to recoup, like for example after I took my shower i had to rest before getting dressed, then i had to rest after getting dressed, it was awful! I was so exhausted! I started taking iron supplement because my hemoglobin level had dropped the day after surgery and again the day after that, and I felt that maybe my very low energy was due to that!
but since yesterday I feel good!
I got constipated over the weekend, but I took some milk of magnesium, I drank some smooth move tea, it was bad, so warning to everyone, stay ahead of constipation!
As of this morning my weight is 208.4lbs, almost 12lbs since surgery, I am very happy about it!!
I made lots of soup that I am eating everyday, I also drink yogurt and premiere protein, I like the chocolate flavor the best, but again i only tried the chocolate and vanilla, so I might be missing on other flavors!!

I have reached onederland! No Regrets!

Things are going great over here, still figuring out the food that i can and can not eat! i have no problem with water and liquid, soups are ok, but more solid food are more difficult for me, but still I feel great and the weight is coming off like it is supposed to! As of this morning my weight was 197.4lbs! Yay for me! I hadn't seen Onederland since 2005, so it feels good!
So far I have lost over 30 lbs since the end of October! Best decision ever! I know that I would have not lost this much weight had I not had the surgery, and would have very likely gained weight during the Holiday season!
I still have not told anybody beside my best friend about my surgery, I am kind of lucky because I've had braces since October and everybody think that I am not eating because of them! So this was perfect timing!

Almost 3 months update!

It's been a while since i have updated, and I feel I owe it to everyone who will read and research the surgery, because when i was post-surgery, I was glad to find stories with regular updates that showed progress of sleevers!
On February 23rd it will be my 3 months anniversary! As of today, my weight is 182.1lbs , I have lost 43 lbs so far since the beginning of my journey, I am very happy with my loss so far. But I also need to talk about the food, I don't have the same taste for food anymore, I used to love salads and veggies, but they don't taste the same to me anymore! meats are very difficult for me to eat, I have to also say that I have braces going on, and it doesn't help! I am not sure if it's due to the surgery or the braces, but now the easiest thing for me to eat is soup that has been put thru the blender, I can drink/eat about 1 cup at the time of the soup, anything that has chunks I can maybe have 3 or 4 spoons of it and then I am full, I still have a hard figuring out when to stop and get the foamies! Going to the bathroom for #2 used to be like clock work, I would wake up, have coffee and then direction the bathroom, but now, it is may be every 3 or 4 days if I am lucky, and sometimes I have to take something to help in that department!
I know a lot of people have complained about hair loss, but I have not noticed yet, as I wear my hair very very short (buzz cut), so for now I don't see it!
Would I have the surgery again? Well, without surgery I would have never lost this much weight! I wake up in the morning without pain and being sore, I no longer snore, my clothes fit really nicely, I have been able to wear clothes that were in the back of my closet since my son was born! I do feel lightheaded sometimes, but still, YES! I would do it all over again!
I am very happy to have chosen the single incision VSG, the scar in the belly button is totally invisible, I still have a scar where the drain was, but I am very sure it will go away!
This is my update for now! Thank you for reading!

5 month update!

Weight loss is going well, today my weight was 163lbs! I feel great, the incision is totally invisible but I still have mark where the drain was, hopefully it will go away soon! I am very happy that I chose single incision VSG, it was worth the extra $$!

new photos

some before and after and also incision and drain scar
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