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So I'm getting sleeved soon and I'm nervous, I'm...

So I'm getting sleeved soon and I'm nervous, I'm going alone and would like to know if there is who has gone through weight loss agents or using Dr Almanza and wants a sleeve partner. Im excited but very nervous especially about the gas pain I keep hearing about since I already have bad gas now. I'm 5'5 and 260 and I need to lose at least 120lbs...I'll postpost pre-op pics soon

I'll be sleeved tomorrow!

So I'm heading to the airport now and I'm so damn nervous and excited it crazy. My stomach is a mess. Could be the laxatives too! Did anyone else's doctor suggest laxatives during your preop diet? I joined the facebook support group which was really encouraging as well. Im heading to the airport now. I'll keep you all posted on the next steps.

I'm lm sleeved

Yesterday was tough....if felt like the day would never end. But I'm back at the hotel which is really nice by the way. Staff is amazing both at the hotel and Hospital.

post op pic with drain


So this may be harder then I thought. I'm certainly dropping.
SW 265
CW 244
However I'm still pretty much on liquids and I want to eat something. Even though I'm not hungry physically. Its really a mental thing. Yesterday I had sauteed mushrooms and was full off a few bites but because I love them so much and I took two more big bites and just chewed it and spit them out. I don't know why I did it and really don't want to start that habit. Guess I'm just gonna have to work harder on my mental issues with this sleeve.

Still feeling good

8 months Post Op

Down 100lbs....yesssss!

Almost a year and a half later

I've lost the weight but now I need more surgery
Dr Mario Almanza

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