Interested in Gastric Sleeve in Mexico - Tijuana, MX

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Hello everyone. My name is Patricia and I'm 29...

Hello everyone. My name is Patricia and I'm 29 years old. I'm a recently single mother of 2, and it has been so hard loosing weight after my kids. I have been researching getting the sleeve done in Mexico as the price is in the right range for me. Everything in Miami is super expensive. The only thing I am scared of is that they may be a scam. Any advice on good Doctors in Mexico? I'm also scared of the journey and being so far away from my kids, but I'm willing to face those fears to have a healthier life for them in the future.

Few Days Away from my Consult

So my family has not been supportive of my decision to go to Mexico, and thankfully I found someone that is more than I wanted to pay but something I can still afford. I'm going on the 8th for my consult. Hopefully we can discuss dates for March. They will be giving me all the testing I need done and how to bill so that portion can at least be covered by my insurance. I also have my psychological eval on the 27th. This is getting so real I can't wait!

Found my Doctor and It's Close to Home

It has definitely been a long journey, and I have struggled with my weight for years but that is all about to change in 9 days. On March 7th I will officially be starting a new chapter in my life. I was first looking into getting the sleeve done in Mexico as I have to pay the surgery out of pocket since it is an exclusion on my policy, but my family was not too excited about that decision as it is another country and I have two children to worry about. I found a Doctor here in South Florida, and since I am healthy (other than the weight) the process has gone so quickly. I am very excited, but this two week pre-op diet is a mental struggle. I can't wait to see the new me, and have more energy for my children and nursing school. :)

Recovering Nicely in the Hospital

Well I finally had my surgery done today. I am recovering nicely, and I'm not in too much pain. Mostly have discomfort from the gas. The Gas-X strips and the walking really help. I did bleed from one of my incisions a bit when I went to the bathroom, but nothing major. My HW was 337 and pre-op surgery weight was 324. So I lost about 13lbs on the pre-op diet. Can't wait to start seeing the results. The Doctor and the nursing staff are great here and I'm glad I decided to do it close to home and not be in Mexico by myself.
Dr. Taggar

Dr. Tagger has excellent bed side manner, and has a great and friendly demeanor. He answered all my questions, and they have a great pamphlet that tell of every possible scenario. The office staff is always friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend him to anyone. The staff is excellent, always helpful and friendly. Both Dr. Wizman, and Dr. Taggar are friendly and seem to have a great bedside manner. They also seem very willing to help people.

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