Interested in Gastric Sleeve in Mexico - Tijuana, MX

Hello everyone. My name is Patricia and I'm 29...

Hello everyone. My name is Patricia and I'm 29 years old. I'm a recently single mother of 2, and it has been so hard loosing weight after my kids. I have been researching getting the sleeve done in Mexico as the price is in the right range for me. Everything in Miami is super expensive. The only thing I am scared of is that they may be a scam. Any advice on good Doctors in Mexico? I'm also scared of the journey and being so far away from my kids, but I'm willing to face those fears to have a healthier life for them in the future.

Few Days Away from my Consult

So my family has not been supportive of my decision to go to Mexico, and thankfully I found someone that is more than I wanted to pay but something I can still afford. I'm going on the 8th for my consult. Hopefully we can discuss dates for March. They will be giving me all the testing I need done and how to bill so that portion can at least be covered by my insurance. I also have my psychological eval on the 27th. This is getting so real I can't wait!

Dr. Taggar

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