Wanting to Get Work Done in TJ MX! Need Your Experience. Mexico, MX

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As I said above Dolls I'm looking into getting...

As I said above Dolls I'm looking into getting work done in TJ! The doctor I'm looking at is Salvador Pantoja...I'm looking to get a complete makeover and is looking for your help. As in how was this doctor in safety and how well is his work. All I have seen is great reviews and pics are awesome. I also want to know about the town, because I will have my husband with me I'm going to depend on him getting our food and whatever he may need or want. I want to know will he be safe. As well as the after care... I hear there is housing and nurses that take care of you. I need it all ladies! Haha! Looking to get this done at his soonest date!

Looking at a different Doc. MIAMI here I come!

Sooo I'm looking into the doctors in Miami! Language is a barrier for me looking in Mexico even though I am Hispanic I'm the biggest coconut around. So I'm looking into Doctor Stephanie Stover in Miami. I don't see too many reviews on her, but if anyone has ever seen her please let me know!!!

Stuck on picking my Dr.

Looking at 2 different docs in Miami Dr. Hunsaker and Dr. Sergio Alverez!!! So torn but soooo ready to book and get this ball Rollin! If anyone has been to either of these Docs please give me a review about them! I'm not seeing too much on either doc!

Deposit Down!

Finally picked Dr. Sergio Alverez! Put my deposit down amd saved my date for October 12, 2016. My Coordinator is Yenia and she has been good so far on emailing me back and such. So weird I'm not jumping for joy right now! I'm just maybe in total shock! Haha! She did say I needed to show up a day ahead and stay for 8 days. Now I'm not sure what I need to do from now on??? HELP! She did say i needed a binder and surgical bra, but that I can buy from them which I probably will end up doing. She didn't say anything about getting a clearance letter from my doc or anything like that. If you are a Sergio Alverez patient please give me a heads up on what I need to be doing! Thanks????

Receipt! And Countdown????

Got my countdown going! Called Yenia my coordinator today. My surgery will be at Dr. Sergio Alvarez private practice. I made sure how much weight I needed to lose before she slapped it with me later! Haha! Anywho my stats right now is 4 11' 180lbs she needs me to be at 173 by surgery date. I'm going to make a realistic goal of 160lb. Whoop whoop! ???????????? last pic I stole and is my wish boobies! Love them!

Surgery Dreams!

Getting so obsessed over tummy tucks and boobs! I even started having dreams! Like last night....I was on the operating table and I woke up in the middle of surgery..doc had already performed my TT and he was working on my boobies....he put a set in and said "no these are too big" and I said "it's ok I'll take them" He put another set and he said "nope still too big" and I said "Noooo give me those!!!!" Haha! He refused and said "we will have to order them" and walks out of the surgery room! Wahhhhh! ???????????????????????? I want BIG boobs!

Rescheduled SX Date! Oct 19th

So I called Imagenes yesterday to push my surgery back a week. Which is good gives me an extra week to work out and get my body right. I also was told by Annabel that I did not need a clearance letter from my PCP because I'm not on any medications (I was worried because I don't have insurance anymore**) but that I needed to be there the morning before to get all my labs done. I have been taking iron pills so I better be good on blood levels! ???? she also told me to send wish pics for my breast, so Dr. Alvarez will have an idea of what I want day before surgery. Booking my flight and hotel through Expedia...seems to be cheaper than anything else! Pictures I'm posting are what I sent Imagenes!!! ????????????

2 weeks til surgery! Before pics!

This is where I'm starting at before surgery! Hate looking at pictures of myself. Hopefully it'll all be turned around once I'm healed from my MMO! Stats are 5'00 174 still dieting and working out to lose as much as I can to get the best results.

I went through Imagenes for my MMO. I didn't meet...

I went through Imagenes for my MMO. I didn't meet Dr.Alvarez til the day of surgery and when I did he was amazing as well as his anesthesiologist. They were both too funny! MariaKarla was my coordinator and is amazing as well! She made sure to let the Dr. Know what size and kind of breast I wanted the day before surgery. Needless to say they both worked together to give exactly what I wanted. Going through Imagenes was kind of a hard language barrier. I am Hispanic but I don't know any kind of Spanish. Everyone there was Spanish speaking. I was able to understand my coordinator her English was better than most.

Surgery done!!! ????

Ok so review of my surgery!...I went in on the 26th Wednesday at 9 am a girl was their already waiting. They took her back not too long after I got their so I thought it would be a while before they got me back!...negative it wasn't even an hour when I was rushed to the back to change my BF wasn't allowed to go with me. So after I was changed I was sent to a waiting room for the dr. To come in. Ok so I went through Imagenes and their clinic is so much prettier and nicer than their surgical center in another building. So while I was waiting for the Dr. I was like WTF!!!???????? I'm starting to really feel like I'm in a chop shop! That didn't last too long!...Dr came in started marking me up. The day before I had told my coordinator the breast I was wanting and the size I was looking at so when he came in he knew what I wanted already and told me the complications that came along with it due to the lift. IF you aren't going to meet your doctor until the day of surgery make sure you coordinator knows what you are wanting and expecting as far as implant goes. The Dr. Brings the implants with him the day of surgery they aren't at the surgery site already! So going back to Dr. Marking me up he is so damn fine in person! Haha! And then his anesthesiologist came in and we started cutting up. He is so damn fine too! ???????????????? so while I'm talking to both of them the nurses are cleaning up the surgery room already done with that girl before me which I thought was insanely crazy! So they moved me once it was cleaned started hooking me up Dr. Alvarez was helping the fine anesthesiologist with the blood pressure cuff and then I was told to calm down! Haha! I was like why? I feel good! He said you blood pressure doesn't say so! Haha! Dr put oxygen mask on me and told me to take deep breaths at this time I looked at the clock it was about 10:15 2 deep breaths and I was out. Woke up in another waiting room where the girl before me was throwing up sitting in a recliner. Another girl beside me who went in after me was laying there. They both had their BFs with them so I asked for mine from the nurse and it seemed like she was doing everything else but getting him, so I asked one of the other girls BF to please go get mine which he kindly did and so forever grateful. Anyway I was the last one to leave. Language barrier was a little hard my BF and I are Hispanic but we don't know any kind of Spanish! Anyway the nurse told us to go back tomorrow for a follow up appt between 9-2 next day day. Due to the anastecia still in my body that night I felt good and pain was minimal. I would take Oxycodein when I felt pain but it made me sick every time it was horrible having to throw up and using your stomach muscles to do so.

1st day post op!

Ok 1st. Day post op I don't think anyone in the world can really mentally prepare for the pain after surgery. We all know it's going to be painful and we all can get our painpills set up in a row, but ???? the pain is insane. I just keep telling myself give it 4 days after surgery and I'll be fine! Over and over again. I stopped taking the oxy the night before got tired of throwing up, but went ahead and took it before I left for my follow up appt. knowing I was going to have to walk further than usual. All I've been doing is walking to the toilet and back when I need to. I've been sleeping in a chair in the room. The bed is too high for me to get on and off of it. We take Uber to my appt. didn't throw up in the way but sure did throw up on the way back. Told the nurses during my appt I couldn't keep anything down. She also told me to just stop taking oxy and only do Tylenol. I had to wait about 20 min in the lobby due to it being so packed. So I called back my pads around my boobs were changed out but the tape itself over my breast and tummy tuck were not touched. I was told to take a shower the next day and I have another appt. Monday at 9 to remove the drains from the sides of my boobs...didn't know I had anything there but there was they just didn't have the bulbs like my pubic area does. I've been drinking water and pineapple juice and eat fruit here and there.

2cd Day Post op

Sooo much pain...but was able to take a shower felt so good. BF was able to help wash my hair and everything else. All I did today was sleep most of the time and eat crackers and pineapple
Doral Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Was amazing the day of surgery. He let me know what to expect. Felt so comfortable the day of. Have t seen or talked to him since surgery but this is only day 1

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