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My initial goal was to have a mommy makeover that...

My initial goal was to have a mommy makeover that included a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. After searching for several consultation I realized that most mommy makeovers now come with a Brazilian butt lift.I had made up my mind to travel to Tijuana Mexico to save on the procedure, but I did not want to sacrifice quality for cost. After speaking with several doctors reading thousands of reviews looking at millions of before and after photos and literally spending hours on real self... im still uncertain about who is the right choice and who can I trust... follow me on my journey and i will answer all of your questions and give you accurate and up to date information as well as pictures!

Before pictures

Here is my mommy body!

Getting Nervous

Ok so I've read so many horror stories and I've decided that has to stop. Last night I went as far as preparing my final wishes and got emotionally overwhelmed by the amount of good-byes i would like to write in the even i die. Is this common or normal?

A dear friend of mine begged me not to go through with it and recently knew a mother of three that passed during recovery.

I've always been told to hope for the best but expect the worst and a mommy makeover is no different right?

Anyways we are a few weeks away, I've lost some weight on the 17 day diet and i am excited but nervous at the same time.

Post op 5 hours

2 days post op

Coughing is the worst! Also I have 1 drain in the back that makes sleeping hard. I did have a dizzy spell in the shower the day after surgery but other than that, the pain has been tolerable. In my opinion it is worse than passing kidney stones and giving birth. From mu experience this is the most physical pain I've ever had in my entire life. The breast implants and lipo are fine. No significant pain there. But the tummy tuck is defiantly not gor the light hearted. Here are more updated pics.

Home now

Left Tijuana Mexico on Wednesday and due to some flight delays i just got home last night. I went straight to my ER and the physicians there were more than happy to clear me medically. As you know Tijuana has a bad rep. But after extensive blood work and a CT with contrast and IV contrast heart monitoring and great nursing i was released with flying colors they were actually impressed with the healing and incisions. I also got a prescription for REAL drugs! I feel so much better and recovery is looking downhill from here! Absolutely no pain just discomfort and i am scheduled with my primary physician to removal naval stitching next week and drains the following week!

10 DAYS post op

Feeling like a woman again!

Swelling has started to go down.

Various pictures

Husband massaging new breast
Hospital room

More pics

10 days post op

Nudes as promised

Side by sides

Back photo

Hubby favorite view

So how do i feel....

Most of my posts have been related to my results and the actual surgery. So i though I'd take a minute to explain the emotions and physical trip I've been on.

Before surgery, as you can read, i was nervous and scared. Im now quite upset that Tijuana gets such a bad reputation and over publisized when things dont go right. Studies show that 1 in 5,000 plastic surgeries (in the U.S.) will have complications but i couldn't find a single study to compare that to operations conducted in Mexico. Certified doctors in Mexico will have a license and its up to the patient to seek a qualified individual. I looked up my doctors information asked to see his portfolio and spent weeks getting to know his staff and asking several questions. What mattered most to me was experience. I took time to study his portfolio and ask about his techniques used for each procedure. He has also been practicing for over 15 years. I dont know about you but I'd rather have a veteran who knows the latest techniques but has developed his or her skills long enough to know what works and what doesn't.

I felt weird paying $400 down & $7800 altogether. I think as an American we are programmed to believe the more expensive something is the better it will be right, wrong!

In Mexico I received better "customer service" than and American Consultation. The Doctors in the states demand money just to evaluate you. They demand money to answer your questions and go over all of your options. Here, i felt like a number. There, i felt like his only patient.

The days leading up to surgery were surreal. Its like getting married, you know its going to happen but your in la-la land just going through the motions. Then the day comes, when it finally becomes real... i tried not to second guess myself and focused on why i set out to do this in the 1st place. Sleep? Not likely, and when you finally reach the hospital you feel like there is no turning back so you might as well relax and get ready for the ride.

When i was rolled into the operating room i was immediately given anesthesia (thank God). I woke up and couldn't wait to see myself but had absolutely no energy and i was starving! I couldn't sleep yet again and spent the whole night messaging people that i was still alive and the drugs were great...

Then breakfast came, the drugs wore off and now that i wanted to see keep i couldn't!!! Worst 3 days of my life followed...

Today is 11 days post op, i still feel like a got a new haircut and can't keep looking or touching myself. It's crazy!

Anyways emotionally I've been sad, scared, pissed off, happy, and drained....
Physically I itch, the drain in the crack of my ass is annoying as hell. Between the sore, tender, numb, & tight sensations im slooooooooowly starting to feel better. my body pillow is my best friend and i can finally take a deep breath again....

Well that's all for today folks! Post any questions you might have, i will be happy to reply...

Dr. Francisco Cisneros

Drains are gone!

Actual removal
Before removal exam
One of the front one's fell out last night so i yanked the other front one out. Absolutely no pain! Here is a video of the ass crack drains being removed. It is not a ideal shot as you looking mostly at mine and my doctors ass. But audio is ok. Again no pain at all! All that anxiety for nothing!

Please private message me

I realized its easier to respond and find your questions or responses in private messages rather that in the review forum. I dont want to overlook anything that may be important so feel free to private message me...

Measurements before and after

188 lbs.
38" bust
36" waist
42" hips
28" thighs

After- 2 weeks post op
174 lbs
42" bust
33" waist
42" hips
22" thighs

Getting ready to start playing dress-up!


Lil black dress

I finally had a chance to put on something sexy. But i only did so quickly and snapped a pic. Im still very sore and swollen so i cant wait to completely heal and take more pictures

15 days post op

Getting tired of bandages

Sorry I've been M.I.A

Here is what i have been dealing with....

Still getting medically evaluated and will keep you posted as soon as we reach a conclusion.

So far we have determine cellutitus and fluid accumulation.

Surgery again...

Part 2
Part 1
Another journey through infection and re-surgery.

Review of my review

I think before a re'rate my original reviews i need to step back and give my body more time to heal. I jumped the gun and thought things were great until they took a drastic turn....

From here on, im going to wait things out before i post so i can give you ladies the broader picture. Not just a glimpse.

Post op day 1 AGAIN!

Well lets think of it this way.... my new risk of infection is 1 out of a million. Let's pray i dont have a hex or omen on me! Lol (light humor helps me cope).

Final email and response from Laura with Dr. CISNEROS

From me to Laura:

I am very hurt by you and Dr. Cisneros lack of empathy for my situation. Since bringing my concern to you attention back on August 30 you never once say you sympathetic until just now.

Also, the entire time you were giving me wrong information if i had "waited" like you kept telling Me i would have died from sepsis.

It also makes me very upset that every time i emailed you about the situation you were always trying to put blame on me or the garments never really trying to investigate and help me get the medical attention i needed.

I know being on Mexico is a problem but if you can't care properly for your patients or help them get proper care if they live so far away you are only increasing their risks of complications and possible death. To me this is very unethical but i did not think of that til now.

I blame my self for making a poor choice by not ensuring proper follow up care. But you did nothing to make me think that would be an issue. As the proffesional this should have been discussed before surgery and initiated by your business.

Not once has the doctor even called me since i left Mexico.

I find out from doctors here my breast were not what i thought and the liposuction was too aggressive and im in so much pain still from that. Who knows how much is damaged.

Your lack of concern, lack of wisdom and guidance and ultimately the deceit wether international or not is very unprofessional.

A mother of three young children placed her lives in yours and the doctors hands and although i don't blame the infection i developed on you i do hold you and the doctor accountable for the care i received and the care i didn't receive.

Please send me the paperwork i requested and this will be the end of our patient- medical doctor relationship.

I pray in the future you invest more than emaild into your patients and develop the nurturing skills required in this proffesion and industry. It may also do you some good to learn more about the treatment and options recommended after surgery and proper procedures that will save lives.

God Bless & good bye.

Reply from Laura:


Im sorry to hear all your words, I dont know what happend and we always be in touch with you when you send me an email, I toll you when you send me the photos of your abdomen that you have a seroma and you need go to your doctor for they take out the liquid inside of your skin or you can come back, and I never blame of you, only I try to find if you use the correct garment because I see the photos and you are not using the correct garment.

But you need to understand that we try to do the best for our patients and we do all the recoemndation for avoid any complication but all the surgeries can have complications.

Im very sad to hear all the bad words for us, we always try to do the best for you and give to you the best results and the best cares that we can, but if you want to write all this words to another patients well this is your decision, and really I want that you heal very well and when you finish all the proces you are happy with the results because I know that the results in your case will be great and your body will be change too much.

In the last emal I toll you that if you need anything that you can let me know, and I will tell you the same, I hope that everything is good with you.



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November 21, 2011

Tummy Tuck Complications – Infection, Wound Separation, Seroma, Hematoma

There have been several comments recently on one of my previous blog posts about swelling after a tummy tuck. Swelling is only one of the possible complications that can occur following a tummy tuck procedure. Other post-op abdominoplasty complications can be subdivided into a few major classifications: Infection, Wound Separation, and Fluid Collections (Hematoma and Seromas).

bottle of antibioticsMost surgeons give patients pre-operative antibiotics so wound infection is not as big a problem as it used to be. Ask your surgeon if he will be giving you preoperative antibiotics and make sure you are not allergic!

Infections can be minor, such as a suture abscess. However, they can also be life threatening, like those of MRSA.

A suture abscess is typically not dangerous, and it’s caused by the body trying to dissolve away some of the absorbable sutures that are placed in the deep layers of tissue to hold the tissue together. It is easily taken care of by lancing the area under a local anesthetic, and packing the small puncture with a medicated gauze. Usually additional antibiotics are not needed unless the patient has fever and redness over an extended area.

With respect to MRSA, as a precaution I routinely ask patients if they, or anyone in their family, has had an episode of MRSA (Methcillin Resistant Staph Aureus). This can be a very dangerous infection after surgery. If the patient has a history of MRSA or exposure, we will do a swab culture of the nose (where MRSA frequently resides), and will give specific antibiotics against MRSA at the time of surgery.

Remedy: Taking active steps to prevent infection is the best remedy.

sterilized medical gauzeThis looks dramatic to the patient, because the patient thinks that the separation is very deep. However, it is not, as the separation only goes to the muscle wall. Wounds can separate for the following reasons:

Excess skin tension if too much skin was taken out during the procedure. The best way to prevent this is for the surgeon to excise the skin in surgery not according to ‘the pre drawn pattern’, but by making sure the closure will be more than adequate well before the actual cutting is made!
The wound edge heals poorly because of poor blood supply. This is more common with techniques that elevate the skin all the way up to the skin margins.
The Lockwood technique that I use for the tummy tuck dissection is excellent because it does less undermining and preserves most of the blood supply.

Remedy: Small wound separations are easily taken care of by packing the wound with medicated gauze. Slightly larger wound separations, or those caused by tension, can be taken care of by a suction device called a “Vac Dressing” manufactured by KCI. Large wound separations caused by poor blood supply may need revision and re-approximation of the wound edges in a procedure room.

Fluid collections are more common when there is a lot of space created between the abdominal skin and the underlying muscle. Fluid can easily accumulate in this space and complicate the healing process. For more detailed information, see my blog post about post operative tummy tuck swelling and seromas, Tummy Tucks and How To Reduce Swelling and Eliminate Fluid Collections.

In summary, the different type of fluid collections associated with tummy tucks are seroma and hematoma.


A Seroma is a collection of wound fluid. It is mostly seen when the patient has a lot of activity in the post operative period or there is inadequate compression, and rarely happens when the Lockwood technique is used. It can easily be treated with a needle aspiration, but it is not unusual to have to do a series of aspirations spaced over a few days to take care of the problem.


A Hematoma is a collection of blood in the dead space. It usually needs to be evacuated because it can be painful, can lead to infection or cause excessive scarring. It is usually caused by a small blood vessel that opens up in the recovery period, and can happen up to a few days after surgery. Most of the time it can be evacuated with a needle, but sometimes it may need a small intervention in a procedure room.

Remedy: The best remedy against fluid collections is prevention. I am a firm believer in the right kind of compression garment with shoulder straps to keep the garment well placed. In addition, foam pads (Topifoam pads) over areas of potential fluid accumulation also help a lot.

All in all, the Tummy Tuck is a very safe operation. However, you need to be aware of the risks and potential complications prior to any surgery. When you go into your pre-operative tummy tuck consultation be sure to ask your plastic surgeon about these possible complications and how he or she handles them when they occur. Most importantly, get a commitment that the surgeon will be available after surgery within a short time period should you experience any problems.


Here i am again, after the infected area was removed on the 9th i am now 2 weeks post op. I am a bit scared because the incision is started to look like it did last time. The skin is turning red again and it is very hard and thick.

I am feeling like this is endless pain and discomfort. I am desperate to feel normal again.

So blessed

Thank you to all the women on real self for you encouragement support & loved. I am feeling so much better and actually getting my life back! 6 weeks and one infection later, im blessed to be alive and loved. Oh btw, im down to 165lbs!

Another infection & surgery!!! Wtf!

Preparing new wound for vaccum.
After the 1st infection and second surgery the incision opened. I just hot out of the hospital last night. Had surgety Wednesday. Apparently i had a staph infection but because my stomach had a lot of necrosis and wasnt absorbing it, healing came to a hault. I had to have surgery again in order to dig out all the bad stuff and start over with a red and fresh wound. Now i have a wound vac.

Misc. Pictures

Since ive been in and out of commission i thought id share other pictures with you.

Video of wound before 3rd SURGERY.

Btw, i have a 27" waist and im 155lbs!

This video was taken November 8th, before the 3rd surgery.

1 week post op (3rd surgery w/ wound vac therapy)

Today was my qst dressing change. The wound vac dressing will be changed every monday Wednesday and friday but i will only be posting weekly photos on Wednesdays

Please stay away from this surgeon and mexico!

Your life is more important. Not all mexico doctors are bad but their standards are much different than those here in the united states. Ive lost 6 months of my life thus far and still have a long healing journey ahead of me.

2 hospitalizations and surgies later i have well exceeded $40,000 in post operative care.

The $7800 to go to tj, was change and lets not forget my inability to work.

Please dont make the same mistake i did.

Wound vac is gone

6 months and 3 surgeries later...

Time to workout finally
Here are new photos of me and wound...
Dr. Francisco Cisneros

*****EDITED REVIEW***** After an infection broke out and i almost died i have adjusted the rating because i have not once hear from the surgeon. Laura has continuously attributed my concerns and complications to "normal" swelling or something i must be doing wrong like not wearing the right garment. They have shown no real concern for my post operative conditions and emergency surgery i had yesterday for the 300cc's of pus that had developed. But with that said i just emailed them about the surgery. But not a single inquiry or phone call has been made regarding my health since the last email 3 days ago when i was hospitalized.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
2 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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