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I'm debating between Dr. Cardenas and Dr. Juan...

I'm debating between Dr. Cardenas and Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes. I've read every single thing I could find about Dr. Cardenas and I really like her work. But I can't find a whole like on Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes, I like what I have seen on his website as far as before and after but I would like to read or hear more reviews from other people if they have any they care to share.

I'm 5'3 and 115 lbs and I'm wanting to do a tt w/lipo, breast reduction with lift and possibly implants to give them that fullness and perkiness back. And a butt lift to bring my butt back to where it use to be with maybe a little and I do mean a little plumping back there. I've always had a small butt and I don't mind that just maybe a fluff it back up to the way it was. But I'm happy if they just get it lifted back into position. :)

Thanks in advance for any advice ladies.

PS - as far as cost I just had to put something in there but I was quoted by Dr. Juan Pablo $8500 for butt lift, breast, tt, and lipo. And it included a bunch of other stuff but I will have to find the email and tell you what all it included because I can't remember right now. I have had my brains stuffed full of reviews and information. I haven't heard back yet from Dr. Cardenas, hopefully soon as it's been a week. Although I did get an email from her assistant saying that she is really busy (Dr.) and would get back with me ASAP.

Dr. Guillermo or Dr. Diaz

Since I last posted things have change...a lot...

I had made my decision to Dr. Cardenas in Tijuana, MX. I like her a lot she is sweet kind and funny; her husband is very nice and has answered tons of questions that I have asked him and so has Cardenas.

The only reason I am possibly changing my mind is that my family and I are all going to the DR for 3 months for holiday. And I didn't want to have to fly all the way back to MX and then back to the DR. Just seemed wasteful and a pain in the butt. So I decided to do more research on the Doctors in the DR and just see. Well after a lot of research and countless hours reading reviews, blogs, post, you name it, I came up with 3 names:

Dr. Guillermo
Dr. Diaz
Dr. Baez

I've sent and received information from the first 2. Dr. Diaz has quoted me $6500 for everything that I am looking for and has answered my countless questions. While he is not well known on this forum I have seen his work and it speaks for it's self.

Dr. Guillermo doesn't like to do everything at once for safety purposes and I greatly appreciate that and it show he is very concerned about his patient. He only works in 4.5hr blocks in surgery, once he reaches 4.5 he finishes up. He doesn't want his patients in there for longer than that. He quoted me $8000 for everything (together if he can get is all done in that 4.5 hr block) if I had to do it in 2 sessions it would be $4200 for the first and $4200 for the second. He is well known for his breast work, which is really important to me since I am wanting a breast lift/reduction/implants to make them look full and natural.

Dr. Baez has yet to get back to me, I'm still waiting, I am sure it will be soon. Once I know I will let you guys know.

I will not make my decision lightly and money has nothing to do with this. Just because one is cheaper than the other doesn't mean that is the one I will chose. There is a lot of factors that will go into my decision. I just want to be safe and healthy on the other side. I have children that need me. I've had multiple surgeries in the past and I've defiantly had my fill (all non elective) so choosing to have elective surgery has been a tough decision for me. But I also know that I can't keep going through the back, neck, and shoulder pain from my breast and the loose skin around my tummy. This is something I need to do this for myself.

If you guys have any questions or want to share your experience with me, that would be great.

Will add pics...

I wanted to say, that when it gets closer to time for my surgery (Feb) I will post pictures before and after. It's hard when you are interested in a surgeon and are trying to make up your mind but there are hardly any pictures.

Picture Request from Dr. Guillermo of Before and After

I asked Dr. Guillermo of Before and After pictures of his patients since I can't seem to find his work online expect by a couple of people. That is just not enough, I need more proof of his work. This is what I got as a reply:


"For ethics to my patients do not show pictures of my results. When you're in the country in the consultation I can show you all you want, but not online."

That bothers me to some degree but I also understand if he has patients that did not give consent, to allow for their pictures to be published. I haven't rule him out as I don't mind meeting him in person and viewing his work, since I am not doing this on a whim and I will be in the DR for 3 month, as it is.

Any thoughts?

I did hear back from Dr. Baez but I am currently waiting for her to review my photos and to give me her thoughts.


I guess I should post my measurements:

27 - waist
36 hip

I am waiting to go down to a size 30C, I can't stand having all this weight on my chest anymore. I'm hoping to get back my 24 inches waist and my size 34 hips. I really miss my body, I can't deal with the stretch marks, although they are not ideal, they do bother me. But more importantly I just want to have my skin tight again and get rid of the weight of my shoulders, neck, and back. I'm hoping that a C cup will be small enough, because I really can't see going down any smaller that would freak me out too much. Sorry no offense to anyone, I've just been this large since middle school, that would be far too much a change for me.

Wish Pix

I decided to post my wish pic, this is almost exactly what I looked like before I had children. And I would really want to look as close to that again as possible.

So I decided....

I have decided to post some before pictures of my stomach, it's taking everything I have to even post them. I will post full body shots after everything so you can see the results. I know how important it is to see things for yourselves.

Dra. Disla ...

I have just found this doctor that I am very curious about and have contacted her as well just a few moments ago.

I saw some of the before and after pictures of one beautiful lady in particular and her waist was incredible. Victoria Secret Models have nothing on her IMHO.

You guys probably thinking I am flaky as fish but I am just weighing my options for committing 100% to a doctor.


I told you I would update you when I heard back from Dr. Baez, she quoted everything I wanted done for $5000. That includes tt, bbl, ba, lipo to thighs, waist and flanks. And it also included medicine. The massages were not include but for $300 I would get 10 of them. So it's a very great deal over all. She is very responsive and easy to get a hold of.

I have gotten a response from Dr. Disla and her quote was $5500 for everything surgery wise, including, garment, massages and follow up. For $6625 would include everything PLUS the recovery house. So that would be all inclusive. Also a wonderful deal. She is also very responsive and easy to get a hold of. We talked for about an hour online through email.

I have to say I really like both of them and the response time is amazing. I need to think about this one for a bit before I decide. I'm weighing all my options and I want to do some more digging and reading before I commit to anything.

I made my decision...

I have made my decision, I am going to go with Dr. Baez on Feb. 13th. She is an amazing woman and responds so quickly and is completely concerned with my health. I had a lot of questions, as I am allergic to several things and she answered me right away with alternatives.

I feel extremely comfortable in her hands. I'm very excited, I can't wait!


This had NOTHING to do with the cost, not at all. It came down to comfort and communication. I had a lot of questions and several allergies that are fatal and she has gone far beyond my expectations of answering all of my questions and giving me alternatives.


My date if officially set for Feb. 13th!! I'm excited and nervous, I don't look forward to the pain but I do look forward to looking and feeling good about myself again.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

Please pardon the location, it was a screw up. I have been in close contact with her on a daily basis, she has answered all of my questions and concerns every time. I feel more than confident in her hands and I look forward to my upcoming surgery. I will keep updating as I go along and I WILL post BEFORE/AFTER pictures. I won't be one of those that disappears as this site has helped me SO much!

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