34 Years Old and 3 Kids Later

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I have been wanting this mommy make over for the...

I have been wanting this mommy make over for the last 4 years and for one reason or another it would not happen. Now that my youngest is 4 I am confident everything will be okay. If you would have asked me 4 years ago what I wanted to look like: I would love to have a body like Amber Rose I'm a fan but realize I'm not a small girl and hope to just have a flatter stomach with a bigger booty. I have decided not to touch my breast maybe in the future but not this time around. I can't wait!

I can't wait

Feeling so anxious

Wish pic

I know I won't look this good but wishing

Starting to have nightmares

As the date is getting closer I'm feeling nervous ????

Wish pic

One month to go

Can't sleep

I know I wanted to get my body ready and decided to clean my insides. I've tried this product before and loved it.

Getting there


With a faja on


Just got my chair in the mail

Blood work

Dr. Harris

Less then a month

As requested by my Dr.

Things on my list

Primary gave me the approval

I wanted to meet with my primary Dr. to make sure and give me peace of mind. She said I clear to move forward with my surgery .

I hate my belly

I hate this belly

Only 8 more days

I am getting more excited ???? I just got BBL pillow

Only 8 more days

I am getting more excited ???? I just got BBL pillow

Medical supplies

Time is getting closer

3 more days

I am extremely excited ????

The count down is real

I'm beyond excited

Day of surgery

After surgery

No pain what so ever.... in a single soon... great nurses... will go home tomorrow around ten am... once again No PAIN I'm relaxing ???? loving it.

Day of surgery dinner

1st night

When they tell you to take small sips

They brought me and apple juice, tea, water and a jello. The nurse told me sip it very slow. I did as matter of fact I sipped extremely slow. I had a quarter of my water left and decided to drink it like normal. Bad idea I throw it up and it hurt pretty bad. Lesson learned if they tell you something it's for a reason.

Day after surgery

No pain yet about to eat some real food and their giving me a shower before I get to go home I'm so excited

Dr. Harris

Dr. Harris and his team have been beyond amazing. I am so grateful and thankful for all the hospitality they have given me and my husband.

So happy no pain

No bruising arnica works amazing ????

Day after surgery still relaxing

I have no pain at all

Night after surgery

I am feeling amazing still no pain taking my pain meds and antibiotics on time eating light and drinking a lot of water. I am able to walk to the rest room with very little discomfort and with the help of a walker. I highly recommend a walker.

New me Tj

I had many consultations with many Drs in Mexico and when I met Dr Harris I knew he was the one . Weird but kind of how I felt when I met my husband it felt right. I'm glad I did, he was so gently and respectful with my liposuction I literally have no bruises in my Lopo area or my bbl. best Dr ever!!!!

Day 3

A lot more discomfort no pain just uncomfortable. I feel swollen, haven't pooped yet. Dr. Harris checked on me this morning, I told him my concern about the bathroom he said to drink some prune juice and water. I have only been walking to the restroom and back to my recliner. I asked if I can walk a little further he suggested I wait till tomorrow. So far I'm still very pleased. I just want to poop to relieve some of this bloating

Day 3

Still day 3

I am sitting up and feeling good. Enjoying some prune juice since o haven't pooped yet but overall feeling great

Night 3

Feeling more independent and still bored out of my mind so I'm giving myself some me time lol mud mask

Good morning day 4

Today is day 4. I will take a short shower today,y husband got a shower chair since I have heard some woman pass out in the shower. I asked my Dr he said the water can't be hot just slightly warm because it opens up the pores and can cause infection. Dr also told me to keep my showers to a minimum of 5-10 minutes. So far I still haven't had any serious pain. What I will say is take it slow don't get ahead of yourself or to confident I have gone too fast and felt light headed but I know better now.

A little scare

I noticed there was a clot on my drain and called my Dr. He explained how to unplug everything and got the clog out. It didn't hurt I just noticed the clog. I walked with my walker a lot but feeling great ????????. I can't wait for the tube to be out.

Day 4

Finally made it up the stairs preparing to take a shower took my compression socks off


Day 4: took a quick shower with help and I was more scared due to others saying they passed out . I love the way it looks tho...

Morning day 5

It's almost 3 am and I am starting to feel really sore from my stomach as if I workout way to much and my whole abs are sore. Even so I walked to the restroom solo without waking up my husband so that's a plus. My faja is starting to fit loose therefore today I will have to make it smaller yay ????

Day 5

Feeling sore but not major pain. I'm restless now and really want to get going bad. I decided I'm am no longer going to take norco for the pain and use something not so strong.

Day 5

No more norco don't feel pain just sore. Up and walking with my walker.

Day 5

No more norco don't feel pain just sore. Up and walking with my walker.

Night 5

I tried to sleep without any kind of pain meds, I woke up with pain in my bbl. It feels like pressure pain I don't know how else to describe it. Very uncomfortable so much so I'm taking a norco and a sleeping aid. One thing to be excited about is my drainage is very minimal and no red in it.

Yay post day 6

I just took ten steps without my walker and felt great. I was a little afraid since it has given the confidence I needed to walk to the restroom but hopefully today will be the day I slowly stop using the walker.

Good morning day 6

So far so good I walked slowly and by myself to the restroom without a walker it was a great accomplishment I'm excited. Feeling lower back pain nothing major this morning will continue to update on today.

Day 6

Got out of the house went for a car ride with my husband. I made him, he didn't like the idea but I needed a change I am so bored. It was refreshing I came home wanting to cook dinner and he drew the line. Oh well. No pain pills today at all I am taking a shower shortly so I will take a norco just to play it safe.

Night 6 post op

I was able to take a sponge bath/shower but I almost passed out. I still can't figure out why. Once I'm out of the shower I'm fine but while in I panic. I have a shower chair. Now I have a massive headache ???? but other then that I feel okay just tired from the shower.

Morning day 7

I woke up very sore and my butt was hurting really bad as if I had a Charlie horse in butt it was bad. I was going to take n Advil but decided on a norco and it worked wonders now I can't go back to bed.

Day 7

Wrinkled clothes but feels good to be dressed even if it's to just be in the house

Super excited ????

Dr. Harris agreed to see me one day early for my post op and I can't wait heading to his office now. He is so awesome...

Drain is out

Drain tube is out I feel like a million bucks and I am walking up straight as per Dr there should be no reason to hunched over. He was a little disappointed I have put on the smaller faja he explained the tighter the faja the faster my recovery. He okay ???? me to drive and even return to work for a max of three hours but husband said absolutely not. I am just happy to be drain free I feel amazing I look amazing

Day 7 going all day!

Today is day 7 and I have been up and going since 7:30 am it's now 4:43 pm all I can say is I'm extremely exhausted and another symptom I realize was a roller coaster of emotions. I have been in tears all day today any little thing triggered the tears and I don't know why.

Night 7

Feeling great I was able to take a shower, I overcame my fear. What I did different is I left the light off brought a fan in so I can breath and I almost took a shower in barely warm water almost cold. But it worked I showered alone my husband did stand by the door. I pretended he wasn't there. I put on a smaller faja because the Dr said mine was way too loose so I'm using a small bow: as soon as the compression went on I feel my stomach feel super weird but the swelling is going down.

Morning day 8

So I tried going without any pain meds and when I woke up I was very sore. I got in the shower and took a shower standing up , it was a challenge because I'm still scared but was able to let the water run down my body, it felt great. Putting my small faja is another challenge but it must be done. I might have to try to take some Advil because I'm very sore.

Only Advil type of day

This morning was very hard. I was extremely sore and when it was tome for a number 2 it awful it felt like I was in labor. Once I was done I took a four hour nap finally got some good sleep without melatonin yay. I woke up a little while ago and I'm standing up straight not as sore mayby I just needed some good rest

Morning day 9

Today I woke up at 3 am for my antibiotics and some Advil waited about 30 minutes for it to kick in and cleaned up for about 30 minutes very minor like putting babies clothes away organized the bathroom sink nothing big but it felt great. Slowly but surely I will have my life back again.

Feeling great

Less swelling

Another day

Still very sore to move around, last night was kind of rough with cramping and lower back pain

I want the swelling to go down already

Today's post op

It went amazing ???? I'm okay to go back to a normal life tape and everything has been removed still swollen gotta get a tighter waist garment. I feel great ?????? I love Dr. Alfredo Harris work: New Me Tj

Can't be happier

Feeling good

I went to gym last night and I was very nervous but I didn't over do it. I was on the bike for 30 minutes then some arm workout and this morning I felt great. Still numb around my pelvic area but the incision has healed great. Still putting triple antibiotic cream to play it safe and maderma on my belly button and it's healed great as well.

Love it

I love how my butt matches my legs

Love everything

I couldn't be happier

Love ??

Dr. Alfredo Harris

I have had two consultations with Dr. Harris and both times he has been wonderful answered all my questions concerns and it just feels right. I can't wait.

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