The Phoenix flew February 2012..Surgery in Tijuana, MX

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February 14, 2012 Been having mixed emotions about...

February 14, 2012 Been having mixed emotions about this very big journey I am about to embark on. On our way home today, talking to my boyfriend I felt anxiety coming on. I have never had any surgeries, other than having 4 live births. Even started thinking about that made my stomach turn a little. As I type, my stomach is a little uneasy. Yes, this will be a long flight. I went to my new Dr. today, and she was glad to run tests for me, EKG, as I am 45 and it is required by my Dr. in Mexico.

I told my Dr. what I was planning, and she told me well, as your physician I am required to tell you of the risks of having surgery somewhere other than the US, etc..which was nice of her, as it was out first time meeting. I will see her when I come back from Mexico. She said she will refer me to surgeon to make sure I am healing properly. Did I mention she is pregnant and due in May? I couldn't help to think of her belly, stretch marks, her breasts...yikes, poor lady. She doesn't know what she is getting herself into!

Getting back to my flight: My phoenix flight takes off Thursday 16, 2012 from Sac Airport to San Diego. From there, we will be picked up by transportation arranged by the clinic and driven into TJ. Normally, you are picked up, and taken to clinic for lab tests then consult with the doctor, then off to surgery. In my case, I chose to meet with Dr. and have surgery the next day. That way, me and the boyfriend have time to have a little fun before the surgery. Did I mention I have an awesome boyfriend? He has supported my decision and will be there with me to care for me when I am released from the hospital.

We will be in TJ for 5 days while I recuperate. BTW my costs includes, Dr.'s fees, Anesthesia fees (Dr.'s), Hospital fees, Medications while in hospital, Blood/lab work, compressive garments, as well as subsequent Dr. visits. Not included: Pain meds to take home, Hotel, flight, or transportation. I chose basic plan. They do have upgraded plan. Back to surgery, via emails and telephone conversations I decided on a breast augmentation, tummy tuck and lipo.

The Dr. recommended a C cup..I am currently 38B (fried eggs). Yes, I breast fed all 4 of my kids ages 17-27 and have had volume loss, although, not totally saggy. I would like a D, although I am very active and do not want "the melons" to get in the way. I will decide when I get there. As per the tummy tuck, well 4 kids later at age 45, wouldn't you? It is funny how others see us as opposed to how we see ourselves. I met a friend of a friend that will be having surgery on the 17th, also in TJ, although different Dr.'s. We exchanged numbers and will be keeping in touch while in Mexico. That's all for now. I will keep you informed once I have the procedure, as I will have my laptop with me.

February 15, 2012. Feeling anxious, nervous,...

February 15, 2012.

Feeling anxious, nervous, and little sick to my stomach. Flight leaves tomorrow. Texted new found friend (also having surgery in TJ) and let her know about this great website. She asked what I was taking with me to Mexico as far a clothes. I told her whatever I wear in..jeans for the flight etc., 4 pairs of granny panties, zip up sweatsuit, robe, nightie, wipes, and other toiletries, and stretchy pants to wear home, with button up top, size 1X just make sure I will be comfty and flip flops, no hassle flight shoes.

Talked to both my sisters and they can't wait to see my results, cause they too want mommy makeovers. Adding my before pics today.

Arrived in San Diego with no problems, although...

Arrived in San Diego with no problems, although forgot to get cash for my Dr. Appt. After finally getting what I needed, finally arrived at our hotel, Lucerna. Nice place, clean, quiet, with nice balcony view $78 a night. We had big lunch, and took a walk around town. Lots of medical and professional buildings.

Finally met with Dr. Cisneros..nice guy, explained pretty much everything, very thorough. Think I am going with the D's, and he also suggested brazilian butt lift, although he said booty was still high, this would lift and make rounder...lipo all over the place..excited, although have felt anxious all day, ans lots of skin to be removed. He started talking about how my waist would be small's been a long time, as of late growing out of my size 10's!

Back at the hotel, had a nice dinner and hot is cold here in TJ in February. Decided to take hot bath, and look at the heavy phoenix for the last time. Tomorrow is the big day, 7am sharp. BTW, ran into fellow friend mommy makeover in SD, exchanged hugs and prayers...told her to text me when she was up to it...

February 17, 2012 Surgery day, we walked over...

February 17, 2012

Surgery day, we walked over to the ENT clinic/hospital at 7am, was promptly met by office staff and taken upstairs, where they had me fill out emergency contact, and other papers as required. Labs, IV, Medical information. Nightgown, pictures from the Dr. A pill to mellow me out. Off to surgery, it was 843am, Dr's came in drew all over me, I laid down, and remember nothing of the surgery. My boyfriend says when I came out of operating room, I said to him, I finally have real boobs...can't say I remember that. Started to come too in my room, still remember nothing. So far excellent care from Dr's and nursing staff. Love that I am ESL, and learned Spanish as a child. No food or water until tomorrow. Has a glass of OJ, and some broth, while the boyfriend had wrong! But love the dude to death regardless. Dr. came in to check on me, and said he would be by tomorrow as well. He was not able to do all of the lipo we had discussed prior as my blood level was too low. He basically said I was anemic...that was a low blow, but I did tell him I have been prone to anemia in the past, but thought I had it under control. Explains why I am so tired all of the time. He did complete some lipo in key ares.

February 17, 2012. Day one post op. Slept well...

February 17, 2012. Day one post op.

Slept well through the night, caught myself snoring...nurses came in through the night to empty drains and catheter baggie. Ate a hearty cottage cheese and fruit breakfast.

I have 3 drains that i can see, two in the front, and one in the back. Boobs feel hard and high. Nurse came in and unwrapped me, finally I can hard to breathe normal when you are bound up. Moved from the bed to nearby sofa, felt fine, then the dizziness came, I knew it was fainting time...out I went, woke in a sweat, weird though, though I was dreaming (out of body experience). Dr. said very normal but he was concerned due to my anemia. He said if I didn't feel better within the hour that I might need blood transfusion. They gave me another bottle of IV, and he stressed that i drink 5 bottles of gatorade a day..had my first as the Dr. sat there monitoring me. He gave me prescriptions for pain meds and antibiotics and other items I would need, total of about $150 with instructions for taking them.

Finally felt better, and got in the shower. Unlike USA, they want you to shower everyday, clean wounds, use neosporin, then tape and wrap yourself back up. The wrap will come off before I leave on Tuesday, I will then be wearing the girdle and support bra that they give me. The shower made me 100% better. The nurse helped me with the shower, drying and cleaned me up and re-wrapped me. The Dr's partner, Laura, also a Dr. or General Dr. came by to see how I was doing and gave me more general information regarding after care and took us back to the hotel .

Just got back to my hotel from the hospital. I can't believe how tight my stomach is. I feel like a crouching tiger...although couldn't pounce for the life of me.
Think that really gets to me, just got up to go to the bathroom..omg, so hard to breathe...remember to get wipes ladies, and bed pads, cause you might leak especially if you get lipo.

My boyfriend is wore out, he said he is drained and is taking a nap. He got a little scared when I passed out. Pictures to come when he wakes.

February 19, 2012 Day 2 post op Hope everyone...

February 19, 2012 Day 2 post op

Hope everyone is doing well on their journey to tummy flatness. Woke up with terrible headache and back aches. I am a side sleeper and at this point too hard to roll over or move around with 3 drains in. My boyfriend unwrapped me and helped me in the shower. Got to say, that makes me feel human all over again. Let the hot water run down my aching back for quite awhile. Why do American Dr.'s say no showers, while Mexican Dr.'s say shower every day, wash and dry your wounds then apply neosporin, tape and wrap back up. I think because of the amount of time it takes. It took us about 2 hours for the whole process. I got dressed, boyfriend got a wheelchair provided by Hotel Lucerna and we went down stairs and had brunch. Not much of an appetite. Been drinking the gatorade as suggested by my Dr. I am not much of a drinker so this is a difficult task.

Dr. came by at 1pm to check me over. He unclogged one of my drains, as it had been bleeding, which caused a stinging, said quite normal as suction was not working properly. Everything is looking good, suggested I get up and walk around the hotel garden if I am up to it, which I am not. Still walking with a hunch. He suggested I needed to drink more gatorade for headache or tylenol with codeine for headache. He will be coming by tomorrow with girdle and bra..time for pain med.

February 21, 2012 Day 3 Post op Woke up around...

February 21, 2012 Day 3 Post op

Woke up around 5am, wide awake, so decided to walk around hotel room. Almost standing straight!!! Yea, me! Fell back to sleep, and didn't wake till almost 9am. Couldn't wait for shower. Dr. Cisneros and Dr. Laura came by about 9:30 am with my new sexy underwear...everything healing nicely, they fixed me all up, tape, gauze, unclogged one of the drains and then fitted me with compression garments, fun times! He suggested Excedrin migraine for headache, which caused me the most distress. It worked! Thank you Jesus!!!

Was a little dizzy after the garment, so decided I needed to eat. We brought oatmeal with us, which tasted so good, as appetite has been pretty much null and void. Got dressed, and we took taxi to the mall $4 or plaza walked around, had a kids burger meal at Burger King, and it was delicious...I know, right? Didn't buy anything, but ladies, cute shoes, clothes!!! If I felt better, watch out! We went to the Cineplex and watched a movie, The Vow...reclining, leather reserved seats..waiters, at your beck and call..well worth the $10 entry. Back at the hotel now, and cannot say anything negative about this experience thus far. Headed back to Cali tomorrow, and am looking forward to coming back for fun next time..well, who knows, maybe Brazilian booty lift?

We, hello ladies. Due to travel time yesterday,...

We, hello ladies. Due to travel time yesterday, migraine and peer exhaustion, I was not able to update this will be a synopsis...oh wait, dang it, potty break...BRB.

Time to give you some of the downfalls of this whole out of the country experience. While for this experience has not been so harsh, please remember ladies/gents that I am Hispanic and can speak fluent Spanish. With this being said, the Spanish that I understood however, was limited. I speak Spanglish so my translation is different. The reason I say this is this...other countries do not adapt for foreigners as we do in our most awesome USA. Know what you are getting into, ask for everything in English beforehand. Onward...

February 21, 2012 last afternoon in TJ. Day 4 post op. Since we had a late flight out of SD, we asked for late check out. Woke up around 830, hopped in the shower...long hot shower!!! Dried off, and the wonderful Boo, yes, that is our nicknames for each other, fixed humpty back up again...neosporin, gauze, tape, cleaned my drains..and ok, gonna say this cause I've seen the long should one wait before sex? No answer, I think it depends on you, your partner and your you get the jest of this right? Everything worked as normal:) Happy partner, makes for a good morning:) Did I mention the full body girdle is crotchless? Ok, moving on. He went to breakfast, I got dressed and pretty for the trip home. My headache was to horrible to even think about going downstairs, plus no appetite. I had some instant oatmeal that we brought along for the trip and an Excedrin for breakfast

Been having horrible migraines...not something I normally have. Did I say debilitating? Nauseated. Food does not tastes good, the thought of gatorade makes we want to puke. I've been taking the Excedrin migraine, and it takes the edge off a little. I can honestly say this has been the worse part of this whole experience. Anyone else have this? Gonna do some more research on this. Took my medications and still felt sick, so ordered in room service....toast, fruit, tea...didn't help:(

The Dr. was delayed in coming by for our last visit, but we knew we needed to get out of town, as our flight left at 6:35pm. We decked out of hotel, and waited in the lobby area of hotel. He showed about 2pm, gave me written care instructions in English, and asked me to call if I had any questions whatsoever. He stated that as the compression girdle gets to loose then I will call his office and they will send smaller one. Shook hands and off we went on our shuttle transport across the border...break time...need some g a t o r a d e, yuck! At least the apple tastes and drink ladies, very important for our recovery!! Ok, back to hell story...My boyfriend could not have said this more eloquently on my FB post, as we were stuck at the border...Thank you 911 terrorist for frakkin and easy cross into the USA HELL! We were stuck in border traffic for 3.5 hours!!! So, I will say this is my 2nd least liked experience about surgery in TJ. My mistake, as I did not know because of the compression garment, and drinking liquids, I would have the urge to pee every 30 minutes, sheer torture!!! I was miserable to say the least! Nauseated, M I G R A I N E, and hungry. . It happened to be hot as well. Now mind you, if you are a traveler, then you know other countries do not have the standards that USA has with cars and emissions. The exhaust fumes were horrible. I felt bad for me, felt bad for the boo. Got out once to pee..50 cents...guess, we gotta pay for their toilet papers. I was glad to pay. 3.5 hours later, made it to check point (this is were I screwed up) just to find out we had to get out of transport and walk through immigration!!! I wanted to cry. Actually the migraine was so bad, it actually felt good to cry, guess it decompresses your brain.. What a joke!! Mind you, I just had tummy tuck with muscle repair, lipo, and breast implants, with 3 drains still attached to me! And the drains that this doc used are not the little tiny ones that I have seen American doctors use, these are expandable and are about. 5.5 inches across! Not easy to hide. I used a messenger bag, which hid them quite nicely. Let them (customs) know that you are there on medical, so you will not have to remove and show them your gory insides, lol. The driver let us know he would meet us on the other side of trolley. Thank goodness, an American bathroom!!! Walked some more...ugh!! Couldn't find our driver and a little panic set in..don't know how as my head was full of PAIN. Found him, and headed off for SD with no more glitches. Then the nausea set in again...panic, where will I vomit if I have to? Ate some chewy sour candy which helped...but yes, almost lost it. Asked driver to open window, which helped and wore the boo's dark sunglasses. Made it to the airport at 540 or so. If you are traveling for surgery, make sure you use their wheelchair service. You will be treated well. Because I could not take bag off and have it scanned, I had to go into "special room" and be patted down. More torture as I was exhausted, miserable..etc. With that all done and said, they looked through my bag, then off we were. Back in wheelchair, front of the line:) On board, and felt nauseated..could it be the long, hot exhausting day? Did I mention migraine? Gagged a couple times on the plane...did not feel good at all. But I hadn't eaten since morning, so I had nothing to throw up. Put dark glasses on and wished myself home. Think I either passed out or fell asleep out of pure exhaustion...more tears. Wheelchair was waiting on arrival, awesome, and we were on our way home. Shuttle to car. Was so nauseated that we stopped and got some steamed rice, which tasted like nothing, which you ladies know, you really have to force yourself to eat..ride felt tortuously long, although just 30 minutes away..went upstairs, went pee, then right to bed. God, I missed my bed, my sheets, etc.. Boyfriend got me cold towel, he put everything away, lights went out, and so was I. He went out to get bite to eat and pick up some fruit and smoothie type drinks for me...I know, he is the best. Woke only once during the night to use the bathroom.

NOTE: If you are considering going to TJ for surgery, whether you use my Dr. or any other Mexican Dr. make sure you have details, details, details...get it all in English, and fly into TJ. Less hassle and headache, as I stated next to these horrible headaches that I've been getting, it was the worst experience...again, thank you terrorist for making traveling from Mexico so horrible.

February 22, 2012 5 days post op
Woke up at 750am with horrible headache, yet again. Feel like these compression garments are my private torture chambers...ok, it's not that bad. Was able to go downstairs and drink a little of the smoothie juice..ate a couple crackers. Tried to watch a little tv, but headache just horrible. Thought, maybe cause I haven't been drinking coffee since I started this journey..maybe that would help? Nope, and I love coffee. The taste was terrible. Took 2 ibuprofen, an Excedrin and my antibiotics, kissed the boo goodbye (he went back to work) and back upstairs I went. Texted, FB..and fell asleep with the cold cloth on my head again. What is it with these headaches? Got up, went backstairs, ate some honey yogurt, a couple blue corn chips, water...and brought some upstairs with me along with dreaded G A T O R A D E! Managed to get in the shower at 2 or so. Felt marvelous to take compression bra and girdle off. I put the cute outfit to wash as I had worn in since Monday. In the shower, I used a wooden bench to sit on. Invest in some type of shower chair ladies..your back will appreciate it. Ok, here comes the fun part. When I got out of the shower I was so exhausted that I wrapped my hair,wrapped by body and crawled back into bed and just laid there for 30 minutes,decompressing? You are waiting for the fun part? How awkward it is to bandage yourself back up? Boobs, belly, etc..This took me about an hour! Since my outfit was drying I used some compression running pants I had, put my bra back on, and put another compression type workout top I have. BTW, still have a headache! Anyone have a suggestion, please share. My daughter came home from school, and does not want to see her beat up mom. She went out and got me a kids burger and fries, and I managed to eat some of it. Again, I am not a fast food freak by no means, but I knew I might be able to hold this down, which I did. Gonna go downstairs and watch some missed recorded tv programs with the boo (The Walking Dead, Glee and Who's that Girl) and hopefully this headaches goes the heck away. Praying for a goodnight rest and for headache to go find some other poor fool to harass.

February 24, 2012 7 days post op Been feeling a...

February 24, 2012 7 days post op

Been feeling a little better, although emotional at times, probably PMS. My period was due this week, but I opted to continue taking my pill so to not bother with that. I noticed that when I sit or lay for too long, makes the back pain that much worse. I have been having stinging sensation in the tummy incision sight. Thinking it is normal as it is starting to heal. Still quite bruised up from the lipo. My appetite is back, which Is good. Been trying to eat a lot of Iron rich foods as my regular Dr. called and said my count is a 10.7, which is low. I went in to Kaiser to go have blood drawn to see what might be going on. I have been anemic on and off since I reached puberty. My sister suggested having a procedure called roller ball. Something to do with your uterus? Going to look into that. I guess it basically gives you little to no period. Either way, was thinking of tubal ligation, as we have heard the stories of women in my age group (40-50) pre-menopausal that end up pregnant. That is not something I desire, as the mother of 4, and step-mom to 3 more!!

Well, hopefully, Kaiser calls and I can go in and hopefully get these drains out. My Dr. in Mexico had suggested 10days, but from what I read on these forums and blogs, every Dr. is different. I think I would feel more human if they were gone.

Still feel exhausted...walking upstairs winds me every time.

One more thing, wondering, does everyone feel more pain when the binder comes off, or less. I am the sort that has to shower everyday, but by the time I am done, retaped, etc. I am so emotionally exhausted. I feel bad for the boo, as I know I am stubborn:(

Had a rough patch last night. My headache turned...

Had a rough patch last night. My headache turned into a migraine, and all went downhill from that. I started back on the Perkoset, but only 1/2 every 12 hours to help with the back pain. Lipo is so hard on your body. Looking at my body and the bruises, my Dr. performed Lipo on back, arms, flanks, and thighs. I think the harshest lipo was on my back area. My drains are still in 8 days later, as my Dr. said 10 days. Feeling 85% today. No headache, showered...then had to get out as I got dizzy. I laid down while the feeling went away...that was close. My BF monitored me, and let me relax until I felt well enough to get taped up again. I bought some pads as I read some women use those rather than the gauze. Good choice, as they also offer some protection from the compression garment. Girdle and bra back on decided to get dressed and put some makeup on today, rather than walk around in a robe. BF, said I looked beautiful, which was nice. My appetite is back, although I noticed I cannot handle spicy food:( Due to the anemia, I have been eating everything I can find with Iron in it, even had the step-daughter make a big pot of beans.

BF has been making me get outside and walk 5-10 minutes. He sent me a link which stated getting up and walking around helps out bodies heal faster. I am honoring him and taking small walks with him...think he misses the active Maria. I do too. Gotta remember, this is temporary:)

Hello fellow mommy makeovers and future mommy...

Hello fellow mommy makeovers and future mommy makeovers,

Been offline for awhile as the battery and charger for my laptop has been out of service, ordered new fro Amazon, but will be a couple days, so borrowing the Boo's notebook.

Today, February 29, 2010 LEAP YEAR

I am 11 days post op. Feeling about 89% better. Still have all 3 drains in and talked to my PS and she said to wait until only 50cc's of liquid in within a 24 hour period collects. Went to see my regular Dr. at Kaiser for checkup on Monday, but thought it was a waste of time. She looked over my incisions, and said everything looks like it's healing very well, no sign of infection. She asked if I was going to take my own drains out or fly back to Mexico to see my PS. I said I really didn't know, so she referred me to PS at Kaiser, but I have yet to hear from them. Thinking the boo, Dr. Browne as I have dubbed him will be the one to remove. I will be gad to have them out.

Went for a drive for the first time yesterday and found it a little difficult to breathe, probably the compression garment. Still slightly bruised, especially on my left arm...

Showering still proves to be difficult as when I take the compression garments I get dizzy. I figured a way to beat this, as I only have the one garment and bra. I leave it all on while showering, and wash it while it's on me. Worked out great yesterday, then I just remove, throw in the dryer, lay down and decompress, lotion up, redress all of the incisions, and then get re-dressed. Just a suggestion for those that are getting dizzy. Appetite is back and in full swing although been sticking to high Iron and protein meals as I am slightly anemic. Still taking my antibiotics, Vitamin C, Iron, and 1/2 percoset every 12 hours for the back pain. Getting stronger every day, and thank god, my stomach muscles are starting to work again. Don't feel as though If I sneeze I will tear all the Dr.'s work to shreds. Oh, wanted to share a quick funny story...sent my BF a pic of my boobie after I had taped up, and he was a lunch with his IT friends from work...the text opened with the PIC of my boobie!!! He said his friends got a glimpse. I told him oh well, they got a view of refurbished perfection...he got a big lol for that.

March 1, 2012 13 days post op Just got my...

March 1, 2012 13 days post op

Just got my drains out, and feel free. Since my Dr. In TJ, my options were to have regular Dr. at Kaiser take out, which she was not comfortable doing, never heard back from their b PS Dept., other option was to fly back to TJ, and last was to do myself. Googled and checked out YouTube, and chose to have the BF do. I felt nothing with the 2 in the front, but the one in the back, has been a pain in my back since day one...that one hurt just a little. All three had been clogged for a day with some type of worm looking tissue, so glad they are out. Emailed my Dr. In TJ,to let her know.

14 days post op, adding pictures, still swollen.....

14 days post op, adding pictures, still swollen...present weight 169,

March 5, 2012 18 days post op So today was my...

March 5, 2012 18 days post op

So today was my first day back to work, after being off since the 15 th. I was really wanting to call in sick, but managed to get my booty out of bed and actually made it to work on time, after dropping 4 teenaged girls at school!

I noticed throughout the day feeling numb from right under rib cage to my pubic mound. Not a nice feeling. Minus the stinging,it feels like when your feet fall asleep. I tried to get up and walk around, bur then get so tired. Going to try and get up every hour tomorrow and see if it helps. Been up since 5am and am pooped!!! Oh, lucky me, my period started...happy, happy, joy, joy.

Talked to my Dr. In TJ, and asked if I should use anything other than neosporin. She said at day 21 to start using Maderma on breasts and tummy incision. Told her tire so easily, she also said normal. After the surgery most of us are slightly anemic. I had TT, BA, and lipo, and was already slightly anemic :-( She advised me to eat fish, meat, etc., which I am already doing. Time to order new girdle, as the one they gave me is getting to easy to put on...I can order through TJ Dr. For $125. Gonna look online, while icing my swollen tummy.

Does this swelling look normal?:-)

Does this swelling look normal?:-)

March 7, 2012 What a long freaking...

March 7, 2012

What a long freaking uncomfortable day at work. I went to sleep with headache that turned into migraine in the night...took an excedrine, then felt like I had to pee every hour...disturbed sleep, then woke up at 4am, and couldn't fall back to sleep..right when i did, The Rascals were singing, telling me, " It's a Beautiful Morning...about slapped my tablet for that..

Still feeling like a 45 year old 4 month pregnant woman, as the belly is still swollen. No leaking, no redness, no hard belly...Dr. said, based on my pics, does not think seranoma, but slight liquid buildup after drains were removed...I guess as long as I don't start to look 5 or 6 months, not going to question her. Felt bloated all day, and numb at the same time from sitting. I did get up alot more and managed to drink half a bottle of gatorade, some water, and a hot green tea. Really need to up my liquid intake.

Couldn't wait to get home and take off cg and shower, which I have, now laying here blogging and about to read how everyones day went...highlight, the boo grilled salmon and veggies and made a salad..soooo good, mua my boo.

Looking for Stage 2 cg.. ended up buying spanx at...

Looking for Stage 2 cg.. ended up buying spanx at Target, as i read some of the ladies bought and really liked. Very tight fit. They are hard to get on and off, but gotta say, made my swollen belly feel better. Also, bought GasX, Tylenol PM, and Scar gel. Still swollen, trying to drink more h20, but still struggling with that. Off of the percoset now,just Advil, and Tylenol Pm.

Still having emotional up's and downs, and really think its related to the meds.

4 weeks post op Well, made it to 4 weeks.....

4 weeks post op

Well, made it to 4 weeks...regrets, NONE! Still swelling, but not too bad. Per my PS, was instructed to wear my GC till swelling subsides!! I have been doubling up, wearing CG and spanx over it on occasion. Just invested in Stage 2 CG below the knee girdle via Amazon, and seamless camis via Ross, Marilyn Monroe brand for under CG..try this ladies, makes the CG, binders, etc. More comfortable. Started walking since Monday, and going back to the gym, probably tomorrow morning, treadmill only per PS until swelling and excess liquid is absorbed:-( She said, no weights, spin, eliptical..etc..etc. Hence the doubling of CG, as I will beat this. Scar is healing nicely. Oh, and bought new bikini top!! In search of cute bottoms, low, but must cover my boobies!!!

March 24, 2012, Post-Op week 5 Just thought I...

March 24, 2012, Post-Op week 5
Just thought I would give you all a quick update of how I am doing in this point in recovery. Emotionally, still having ups and downs. Still wake up and don't want to get out of bed, crying for no reason. Physically, feeling so much better. No real pain anymore. Still have occasional swelling. My scars are healing nicely. I started using scar gel, then switched to organic coconut oil. I am still wearing CG and surgical bra, and will continue with CG until it starts to get hot. My PS wanted me to wear for 3 to 6 months. I had liquid swelling, which is now gone, thank GOD, and no more baboon vg!!! Remember ladies, C O M P R E S S I O N and rest is key!!

As far as exercising, I have only been cleared for walking, although this was due to liquid build
up. I will be contacting my PS updating them with my progress and seeing if they allow me to get back to the gym.

March 30, 2012 6 weeks post-op Feeling a little...

March 30, 2012 6 weeks post-op

Feeling a little down today. Why is it that I have to swell at this point? Every evening, I can't wait to get home from work and take cg off and get some pj's onto . I am currently using a flexees type of corset, along with sports bra or surgical bra. I am also occasionally wearing Spanx capri type undergarments.

I talked with my ps today, and asked off I could start back to the gym. She said not until I hit the 3 month mark!!! That seems so far away:-( Oh well,, she is the DR. Guess I wil continue with my walks.

Well, I am currently at 8 weeks. Still swelling,...

Well, I am currently at 8 weeks. Still swelling, still have aches and pains from the surgery, but nothing that can't be tolerated. It is strange that 8 weks later, the side effects that we have...tightening stomach spasm, prickling sensations, stomach feels so weak and the pulling sensations in my back .. from lipo? My dr. said no serious cardio other than walking. I have not gained or lost any serious weight, although dropped sizes. Funny how waist is small, but booty, hips and thighs are the same.

My tummy scar regimen consists of coconut oil and Palmers in the evenings and using Scaraway silicone strips during the day. They are washable and stay put on my skin. I am not using them on BA scar, just coconut oil and Palmers. I've been massaging the boobs as instructed. Still feels strange to know and feel the implants move around, but love the new added curves. Still wearing surgical bra, although bought a couple regular bras and took the wire out. It is quite difficult to find sexy bras without the wire.

Ready to go back to the gym and work on the booty and legs. For now, gonna walk and see how the Visalus protein shakes work..feel so lazy

May 16, 2012 1 day from 13 weeks Hello everyone...

May 16, 2012 1 day from 13 weeks

Hello everyone. Been off for awhile, busy with life, work, etc...nothing major to report. Still getting used to the flat belly and big boobs. Started back to the gym 2 weeks ago. Been pushing myself a little more. Still lots I can't do at the gym. I even tried swimming and felt like I might bust some tummy muscles. I ended up dog paddling and side sttroking. Mostly been working on booty and legs with a little or lighter arm and chest excercises. Not even trying to do any sort of crunches. Although I am pleased with TT and BA, can't say much about the lipo. I do see an indent above my right cheek under the TT incision. Going to talk to PS about that. I know what they will say. It takes at least a year to see true results.

Over 4 months since surgery. I haven't posted as...

Over 4 months since surgery. I haven't posted as i hate to complain...but here it goes. Although overall, I am happy with results, I would have to say still do not feel 100%. My complaints would be boobies still very sensitive, and not in a good way...still feel like the silicone moves around.. is this normal, or do they eventually stay put? Hips still hurt from lipo. And scars from drains pretty raised and dark.

Tummy feels hard alot.. as if muscles are constantly contracting....coochie still gets swollen, belly button, although cute, smaller than what I am used too, and discoloration at the top of it. Scar looks dark...I guess the more melanin in the skin, the darker the scar? It is still uncomfortable if I sneeze or cough. My weight has not gone up or down. Exercising is still not 100 %. Still feel as though there is alot I cannot do at the gym. Especially any ab type of work. Rolling over in bed still feels weird. I will post pics at later date. Wishing all newbies and the February ladies continued healing.

Almost at the year mark. Body still healing. ...

Almost at the year mark. Body still healing. I've somehow have managed to gain weight in my thighs and booty areas. Not thrilled with those areas. Scar on tummy is still quite is what it is. Still don't feel much in that general area. I don't have much sensation in my nipples, which is sorta dissapointing. I have emailed my ps and may be going back for liposculpture to my body as my Dr. wasn't able to do much a year ago due to anemia..hope all are doing well. I will post pictures tomorrow. Been hitting the gym a little harder. Still alot I can't do..Guess the tight tummy muscles won't allow it.

Adding some pics

Adding some pics

Year 2, tummy tuck, breast augmentation, and some lipo

Looked back at wherei was vs. Where i am. Funny how most of us are still never satisfied..included myself. I think i should have done this..bigger breasts, smaller, a lift, moe lipo..Brazilian butt lift...sad really. I work out hard with my body now. Pilates, Yoga, running, weights, boot camp.
At 2 year mark not much i can't do.

I have come to terms with being a volumptous Latina, and embrace my big legs, booty etc. I will not be size 1, 2, 3, or hips wouldn't allow it...and that's ok. Still pushing for an 8. Present weight 167. Hope all my fellow February 2011 ladies are doing well, living life to the fullest, and still soldiering on working on our bodies.

Year 2, tummy tuck, breast augmentation and some lipo

Adding some pictures
Javier Cisneros Lopez, MD

In person consult was very thorough, surgery was over before I knew it, under epidural codeine block, no pain whatsoever. Excellent care by Dr. and nursing staff. Although, I am fortunate to have an awesome boyfriend, make sure you have someone that you know can take care of you, or opt for complete package that includes nurse care at the hotel (3 days), all meds,some food and transportation.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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