Dr Campos or Dr Pantoja? Brazilian Butt Lift. Mexico, MO

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Hi Ladies! This is my first time posting on RS. I...

Hi Ladies! This is my first time posting on RS. I would love to hear from other women that have had this procedure done with either doctors. Pictures, advice, and any help would be much appreciated! I've read many great reviews but none too recent. I look forward to hearing from everyone! Feel free to share.

10/15/2016- Consult with Dr. Pantoja

Consulted went great! Dr Pantoja seems knowledgeable, caring, sincere, and made me feel confident. I have not meet with Dr Campos but still would like to. I'd also like to see some before and afters... Any before and afters would be greatly appreciated ????????

29 Years Old, No Kids, Full Arm, Back, N Tummy Lipo with Fat Transfer

Meet with Dr Pantoja today. It was an exciting experience. I'm really looking forward to have the BBL procedure. I've been trying to ignore all the stigma about going to Mexico for procedures. All the negatives are "I heard" or "I watched a documentary on Netflix" but it's nothing but good reviews when I speak to people that have gone to Mexico for treatment. I'm just hoping everything goes well. My last procedure was in Beverly Hills and I paid 21k for a BL+BA+Rhinoplasty. My doctor was amazing but he's just too expensive for me to afford again. I've spoken to a few different woman who have chose Dr Pantoja or Dr Campos. I would still really like to hear from women who have gone or are going to Dr Campos. I'm still planning on consulting with him as well.

Fat transfer to face during BBL

Hey ladies... Does anyone have advice on Fat transfer to face, cheeks, and lips while doing BBL with Dr. Pantoja? Has anyone done this with him?

Weight loss after or before liposuction?

I'm 5'3", 155 lbs. Approx. 30 lbs from my ideal weight. Should I loose 10-15 lbs before surgery and then evaluate my results or just stay how I am? Does anyone have any experience with this or any advice?

Surgery Date Changed

Hi ladies! I've decided to change my sx date until April. I was at my recommended weight until my doctor put me on new medications. I gained 14 lbs in one month! I don't normally gain 14 lbs in an entire year! I am wanting a tiny waist from my results and at my current weight I will not achieve exactly what I want. I've decided to post pone and loose the weight that I gained from medication. I'm super bummed about it!! My new sx date is April 18th.
Dr Pantoja

Dr Pantoja was amazing. He helped me feel secure about my decision and answered any and all my questions about needing to loose weight before the procedure, etc. Dr Pantoja has amazing reviews from local women and this is helping in my decision. Hoping to book the date within the next few weeks.

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