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I really like the work of both doctors, but saw...

I really like the work of both doctors, but saw more pictures of Dr Pantoja work of everything I want done. I just emailed both Doctors and waiting on getting a quote back. I am 45 years old and curently weight about 186 pounds and working out almost everyday to try and lose as much as possible. My highest weight was 220 pounds after having babies. I'm 5 feet 4 inches and I have had 3 beautiful girls one of them I had at the age of 17 yrs. old. I want a Tummy Tuck with Liposculpture, Thigh lift and butt lift and lipo of the flanks and love handles. Growing up most of my life I was around 125 pounds then with age and kids gained and would lose then gain again. UGH!!!! Wishing for my dream body again!!!!

So far I received a quote from Dr Pantoja for...

So far I received a quote from Dr Pantoja for $5000 for tummy tuck lipo to full back, flanks and arms he will not do my thighs the same time. So i sent another email asking if he would do a breast lift at the same time. Still nothing from Yily.

Woo Hoo!!! Guess who scheduled her date today???...

Woo Hoo!!! Guess who scheduled her date today??? ME!!!! I'm so excited I choose Dr Robles I leave May 7, 2013. I had my blood work done my hemoglobin is at 15.8!! Wow I was so shocked myself. I had EKG done it was normal, I also had a pulmonary function test since I'm a smoker, I don't know the results yet of that but I could not wait to schedule a date. I figured my primary care dr said everything looked good and my OB/GYN also said all test looked good. With having all of the test done I found out I was very deficient in vitamin D and dr put me on high dose of it so I feel really good finding that out. I also got 2 vaccines done since going out of the country just to be safe I had Tdap and Hepatitis A done. I'm so excited to join you ladies on the flat side! I will keep all of you updated. It has been awesome with all the ladies that have kept up with their progress it has helped me in my decision making. I have been working out as much as possible and trying to eat right I'm down to about 180 it's hard as hell but I keep trying!

I leave May 6, 2013 and have surgery May 7, 2013..

I leave May 6, 2013 and have surgery May 7, 2013..

I getting ready to board my flight! !! I'm so...

I getting ready to board my flight! !! I'm so excited eeekkk!!!!

Everything is great got all the work done I wanted...

Everything is great got all the work done I wanted. Since my hemoglobin was 15.8 she was able to do aggressive lipo on back. I lost a lot of blood and need a transfusion and got 2 iron shots so far. I have gone in the oxygen bed twice will go a third time tomorrow.

Amazing Journey

So sorry I have not updated been answering a lot of private messages plus with everyday life I will try to start giving information about my journey. First off I want to say thank you to all the amazing women that posted about their experience with Dr Robles that made me make my decision!!!! I got off the plane stood in line for the tourist card it was not bad it was mainly US citizens in line with me and I felt comfortable, then I went over and changed some money to pesos. Now walking outside was a different story the people were standing there staring at you because they ate waiting for their family members. Then I saw a man standing their with my name on a piece of paper and all I thought was HOLY SHIT this better be legit and better not be some scary shit I'm getting into!!! It was Wilson that picked me up I started feeling comfortable he spoke little English but kinda was able to communicate in a funny kind of a way. The drive along the coastline was really amazing so breath taking it was beautiful!!! They do drive like crazy freaks out there which reading other post prepared me for that! I arrived at the clinic which I had looked up pictured before hand so I knew I was there thank The Lord !!!! I meet Laura and Raqual vey nice girls. I went in to meet Dr Robles right away and Laura did translate Dr Robles did advise she would not do a tight muscle repair because of my asthma and is afraid of me not being Abe to breath afterwards with the tight muscle repair and the tight garment she said my health is her main priority, she said since my hemoglobin is so high 15.8 she should be able to do aggressive lipo but also depending on how I was when I was under. I also met a girl on RS before I went that was there the same day so I met her ad soon as I got there so I felt even more comfortable she was truly amazing and I think god sent her there for me!!!!! We are now friends for life I feel truly blessed meeting her I felt a true connection as soon as we met like we knew each other our whole life. I went for x-ray and blood test filled out paperwork then was shown to my room then I met up with the girl I had met on RS and we talked for awhile then went out side and she spoke Spanish and she was talking to the security guard and he had googlie eyes for us and made us laugh he wanted to hear a swear word in English so I said "bitch" he thought it was the funniest thing. I woke up about 6am took a shower got out a lady came with some clothes said put this on then a few minutes later a lady came with the FAMOUS blue pull said take I took it then ran to my friends room and she was still half asleep we thought for sure she was going to go first but it looked like I was going first. Went back to my room dr came in marked me up so then I hurried up took some pictures then locked up my phone then someone came with a wheel chair rolled me down the haut got into the elevator got down to what I will call the DUNGEON!! I got out of the wheelchair walked thru the door way 2 ladies came and grab me and said here here as I walked past the first operating room were someone was having surgery I saw a belly and heard zapping noises and quick turned my head walked into the second operating room on the left the ladies asked if I spoke Danish I said no they were starting to get a IV in my hand I was sitting up after that I have no clue I was out not sure if I fell forward or what I gave no clue but the one lady was holding on to me very nicely and I would smile at her and she would smile back and BAM I was out. I did wake up for a few minutes when the Dr was doing lipo on my back I was out of it but yet knew what was going on then out again it did not freak me out because I knew it could happen so it was all good. I will update again soon!

After Surgery

I remember waking up around maybe 9 pm and all I could think of was to get to my cell phone to call my husband. I fought so hard to get out of bed not sure what the heck I was thinking. So I finally get out of bed and blood start going all over the floor and I knock the tube out of my IV which the IV thing was in the other side of the bed so I have no idea how I was even gonna reach my suitcase even with getting up. I got back in bed a nurse came cleaned up the blood and told me not to get out of bed again and redid the IV. I was in and out all night and nurses kept coming in putting medication in my IV and switching bags it seemed like every couple hours. In the morning I ate breakfast then a little while later Dr Robles and Raquel came in they starting cleaning me up the bed was covered in blood but I think prior to that a nurse came in and changed the sheets prior to that but my back was draining do much the blood was all over. Then Dr Robles changed my gauze then put on my garment size SMALL I thought what the heck as they struggle to get it on me. Then a short time later they wheeled me down stairs and outside and the driver was there for me it was Leo he starts driving then takes me down so crazy nasty ass alley and I say Virginia's recovery house and he says no I ask again he says no so now my heart starts beating and I'm thinking where the hell are we going it was the place for the oxygen bed ok I'm safe the Dr there was nice he spoke very little English I was there a hour was done a few minutes later Leo is back picks me up then takes me to Virginia's recovery house. I walk in see the girl on met on RS and was happy as hell!!! She did not have surgery because she was a little sick and they gave her medication to take for 2 days then would do surgery. We shared a room together the first 2 nights I was there and she was amazing and helped me so much I love her to death!!!! Like I said before we are friends for life!!! The first couple days I didn't eating I didn't care to much for the food. One night Virginia came up and said she had to take pictures of my incision and send over to Dr Robles she wanted to see what it looked like then Dr robles said they had to put a special cream on me 2 times a day. I saw Dr Robles on Friday for first post op visit, surgery was on Tuesday. DR Robles was telling me I have to eat and asked what kind of foods I liked and said she would talk to the recovery house then to see if they could make me foods I would eat she would also really get on them if they were not putting the cream on me 2 times a day. You see Dr Robles every 2 to 3 days when you are there. So talked to me in English alot on my 2 nd visit there. DR Robles is amazing and very caring and tells you like it is. I have so much respect for her. My last visit I did not have a clean shirt to put on under my garment and the one I had on had a little dried blood on it and she would not put it back on me. I left on Thursday May 16 Make sure you get a wheel chair Dr robles wrote a letter to give to the airport. I went thru customs and they had to search me I had to lift up my dress for them to see my drain. The plane ride was very uncomfortable and I had a lay over in Florida and thank god for the wheel chair to claim my luggage re drop it back off then go thru customs then to my next flight I think it was over a 2 mile walk thank god for the wheel chair !!!!!! Finally arrived in Chicago my hubby pulled up and I starting crying it was so good to see him!!! My kids got home from school and I cried some more they hugged me and said OMG mom you are so skinny but I was so swollen they are too cute! I came home with my drain in and my husband removed it on Sunday May 19th I was only draining 25cc's. he is still draining my back at home.i went back to work on Wednesday May 22 it was a long day and was so swollen when I got home. I worked again today a full day and made up 1/2 hr that I left early yesterday. Now it's time to go drain my back and change my gauze and put A&D and neosporin on my incision and get in bed and put my feet up. So far I have no regrets going to Dr Robles in the DR it has been the BEST decision I have ever made in my whole life, my belly and everything else is still very swollen but I love what I'm seeing do far, my waist is about 6 inches smaller so far yes you read that correct 6 inches!!! WOW I can't believe it myself. So many people are already saying OMG you have lost so much weight. I can not wait til this whole recovery process is over.

Picture Tuesday May 21

20 days Post Op

Still swollen but looks like its healing nicely!

Pictures of of Journey

Some pictures I thought would be helpful.
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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