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First off, this is my first time leaving a review...

First off, this is my first time leaving a review on here but I have spent so much time on here looking for others that are having the same problems that I am having that I figure I will inform some of you about things you probably haven't been able to find answers for! I have been to Dr. Fuentes several times over the last 5 years, I had him do liposuction to flanks, inner thighs and waist. BBL, brachioplasty (arm lift) and Finally Buttock implants!

My only intention here is to share my experience and give you ladies some information I wasn't aware of when I did my buttock implant surgery. I was not happy with the lipo, arm lift and bbl. My back was very bumpy and my arm lift was terrible. The upper part of my Butt looked bigger, Bottom still flat and I lost everything after 6 months! I went back to Dr. Fuentes for an arm lift revision and my arms still look exactly the same but now they are adorned with a terrible scar! But I digress..this is about Buttock Implants.. I understood that I may lose some of the fat transferred and being on a fitness quest wasn't going to help me retain the transferred fat so I decided Butt implants are the way to go. I scheduled my appointment with ease, the staff there is FANTASTIC and although I am not happy with my results I cant take away from the fact that the facility is immaculate, modern, and very professional and that includes Dr Fuentes! Now after I had my implants done I stayed at their recovery boutique in the same building where they do surgeries( which was worth every penny as well) Dr Fuentes told me that the implants would be placed between the muscle to secure it. What I didn't know was that the pocket created in the muscle that hold the implant can open and the implant can fall out of place!! This is supposedly what happened to me, I say supposedly because I went to two other Dr's in the states who said my implants are NOT in the muscle they believe they were placed superficially (over the muscle) And I am pretty much on board with that opinion because when I bend over you can see the entire implant!!!! No JOKE, I am posting some pics! So, anyway after about a year of having them they dropped down making my butt look saggy and misshapen! I contacted Dr. Fuentes, who always responds quickly and he stated that the photos looked like the implant fell out of pocket, that I may have a seroma and the implants may be encapsulated. He gave me another quote of only 1700 to go back and have the implants fixed. After seeing a few episodes of the show botched I decided that It was worth paying a surgeon in the U.S to get this done in case there are any issues. Now heres what I forgot to mention, I stayed at the facility for 10 days and it was predicted that the drain would be able to be removed by the time I left..well, that didn't happen, Dr F decided that it would be best to leave it in longer so I wouldn't develop and excess fluid. Now when I got back to the U.S. I could not find any doctor or plastic surgeon who would remove the drain!!! WTF!! NO U.S doctor will want to touch you if you go to a doctor out of country!! I guess they are afraid of being responsible for any complications should they arise after they remove the drain. After more than 25 calls, literally, I decided to call my old family Doctor and plead that he have mercy on me and take out the drain, he did, Thank GOD!! Also, LADIES, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you decide to go to any surgeon outside of the U.S make sure to get something called an operating note!! If you have any complications and need to see a doctor in the states they will want to see this to figure out how to procede..that is if you are lucky enough to find someone who is willing to fix your problems! I asked Dr F staff for my operating note several days ago so I can send it to Dr. Jimerson for a price quote and still haven't heard back!! Hmmm.. a little shady! I know you ladies are just like me, reading every single post about the procedures and how much cheaper they are in other countries but take my word, You will spend only a quarter of the amount by going to another country and that's great assuming you are happy with your results and have no complications but for those of you that do develop complications it will cost you three times the amount to fix it!! If indeed it CAN be Fixed!! Good luck to all!!

Just recieved my operating note!!

Honestly, I didn't think I would get one especially after leaving this review but I did so I'm at least happy that I can move forward. I do want to put this out there again.. I will not recommend or attempt to tell anyone not to go to cosmed. If you are set on going out of country for a procedure and don't want to come back with some type of skin eating disorder from a dirty place cosmed really is the way to go! I work in the medical field and was actually pretty ashamed of how dirty our facilities are compared to theirs! I do wish I had a better outcome because I really did enjoy and appreciate every aspect of the process but my outcome wasn't so hot. They do have several doctors to choose from, everything there is really top of the line, and the entire building is dedicated to cosmetic work, dermatology and dentistry!!

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Buttock Implants in MEXICO!! Ladies Beware!! UPDATE!

It's been a little while since I posted anything on here so here's what's going on.. I discovered a surgeon in my area who has a perfect 5 star rating on real self from 63 patients ( which was quite impressive) and I decided to go to him for a consultation and am pleased beyond belief that I did! His name is Dr. Bhupesh Vasisht at SOUTH SHORE PLASTIC SURGERY, Voorhees NJ. Dr. Vasisht and his staff very so welcoming and professional! As you all know I had my surgery in Mexico and for the most part when I told Doctors or their staff that I went to Tijuana for surgery the gave that sigh of disbelief that anyone could go anywhere other that the United States for surgery and expect anything but a horrible outcome. Needless to say indirectly shaming a patient is NEVER a good feeling and is medically unethical! ! We are already feeling needlessly guilty for making a choice that is not accepted by main stream American society. Anyhow, Dr. Vasisht did NOT in any way make me feel like I committed the ultimate sin by going out of country! He was very kind, non judgemental, and informed me that he sees many patients from all over the world who have had cosmetic procedures, some good, some bad.
Dr. Vasisht info:
He has traveled to many different countries for surgical conferences and has fine tuned his skills by studying other surgeons successes and failures. He is not only a cosmetic surgeon but he is a reconstructive surgeon who treats burn and trauma victims. He works directly with with a huge hospital facility but I don't remember exactly what his position is there but he is the go to guy.. He even works with charities in other countries reconstructing childrens cleft palates. He took his time going over my medical history, my lifestyle, why I was consulting with him and fully and extensively discussed what the positive and negative results or consequences that I may face if I decide to go forward with surgery. I did get my operating note from Dr. Fuentes that stated that my implants were in a sub fascial plane but Dr. Vasisht determined that the implants are OVER the muscle!! He also believes that I may not have a seroma but the GUMMY implant may have ruptured but that will not be definitive until he physically goes in there to see what he is dealing with. Ideally, I would have loved to have these implants removed and replaced immediately to avoid any loose skin but after examination the Dr. determined that it would be within my best interest to remove the implants, give my body a chance to heal itself and then "potentially" move forward with perhaps a buttock lift or the probability of replacing the implants under the muscle (unfortunately I am not a fat transfer candidate). Although the idea of losing everything one shot deal is a bit emotionally distressing I do believe that it will pay off in the end. I did consult with another surgeon previously and even left a deposit for implant removal, replacement, fat transfer to the hips and liposuction all at one time, but after doing some research on buttock implants with simultaneous fat transfer I found that fat transfer is not usually successful because of the blood flow that is interrupted by the implant. So, I had to wonder why this other DR, who is reputable would recommend a procedure that has a very small chance at being successful (which I wasn't told) ..then I got the estimate.. 18,000 dollars!!! NOT INCLUDING ANYTHING ELSE!! Understandable, the medical field is a BUSINESS just like any other!! Some businesses are moral and ethical and others will sell you a new roof knowing all you really need is a patch job, No better way to put it. Anyway, Dr. Vasisht did NOT try to sell me on different procedures. As A matter of fact we discussed the implant removal, I asked him what step two would be and he flat out told me there is no step two! lol There is a step that needs to be successfully completed and healed correctly before anything else can be discussed regarding my Butt! lol I am in the medical field and that is the most honest answer I have ever gotten! Patients with complications are emotionally vulnerable and can usually be sold on unnecessary outrageously priced procedures if they feel that these procedures will make them "Beautiful"! The wolves will take advantage of this! ALWAYS get MORE than one opinion and research EVERY doctors recommendations! Respectfully I will not post the fee quoted to me until I leave my first deposit but his fee for removal and arm lift surgery are FANTASTIC!!!!!!! REALLY!!! He will work with you! I did pay a 100$ consult fee that was not refundable for me because I was going to him as a patient with complications by another Doctor already! But, I do believe if you are going to consult with him that they do ask for a fee that is fully refundable assuming you show up to your scheduled appointment. For all of you who are having complications with cosmetic procedures I can not emphasize enough how extremely difficult it is to find a surgeon who is even willing to discuss someone elses mess!! The legal ramifications that a surgeon could face when rendering care to a patient who is already experiencing problems is not worth the aggravation to them! I feel very blessed that I found a Doctor who feels totally at ease by my situation is not attempting to exploit me and is willing to confidently take me as a patient. Dr. Vasisht also stated that he stands by his work and does not abandon a patient if they experience complications. He said that his patients are a walking talking testimony of his work and in so many words if his patient cant be comfortable and proud how could he be. I am going to go forward with Dr. Vasisht and I feel confident that I am making the best decision! Oh, something that I don't think I mentioned previously is that I lost a little over 100 pounds about 15 years ago and I was left with a lot of loose skin so I had brachioplasty done twice several years ago (the original surgery and a revision) and I was still left with a lot of loose skin on the upper arm and a nasty scar right down the entire inside of my arm. I showed Dr. Vasisht and he informed me that this was the old way of doing an arm lift, it leaves a scar that can spread, as mine did and esthetically the results are not pleasing!! I asked him if he could fix this for me and he has perfected a surgical technique that allows him to aggressively remove the excess skin from the upper most portion of the arm without the horrible bicep scar that I have. I am having this procedure done with him as well. I will post pictures of my arms here as well. Sorry for the long post but I do try to give as much info as possible because it would have been helpful to me and hopefully it is helpful to you.

Dr. Fuentes is a very kind soft spoken man. He has a fantastic bedside manner and didn't try to push me for other surgeries although I requested them he did say I didn't need them. The staff at the recovery boutique are also very kind and professional. If you stay at the facility you will feel babied :) Now as far as his surgical skills.. I cant say..he kept me alive and no infections but not happy with anything he's done so far.

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