23 Yrs Old, No Kids, 360 Cc HP over the Muscle - Tijuana, MX

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So back in October i finally had the guts to go in...

So back in October i finally had the guts to go in and get my nose checked (I couldn't breathe properly and my nose bump bothered me). While I was there I decided to see what it would feel like to try breast implant sizers. I spoke to the doctor about them and I decided to get a BA along with my rhinoplasty. My boobs fit my small body but I always used VS Bombshells. I started looking at reviews here and decided to go big because I didn't want to have boob greed later on.... I wanted a full C/small D and didn't want the fake look so I asked for moderate profile under the muscle. Doctor advised me to go over the muscle because I had enough boob to cover the implants. At the time of the operation doctor inserted 360cc HP so I can achieve a full C. 4 days P.O and I finally was able to see my boobs (I had drains). I'm having boob blues. I feel that my boobs look super round and fake :( did any of you had your boobs like mine and later they looked more natural? I know it's too early to tell but I'm freaking out and now I regret getting a BA. Im extremely happy about my nose but not my boobs :(

With old bikinis they don't look too bad

Question on this bra

Do the straps on this bra help the boobs drop faster?

Dislike how my breasts look naked :(

Very unhappy with how my boobs look :( especially the sides. I don't like how my skin folds under the armpit and you can see the uneven round implant. Would the size of my boobs get smaller? I feel that the implant is half of my torso :(

Feeling much better

Today I went to get my nose cast off and my nose turned out great! Doctor told me I was clear to massage my boobs and be bra less from now on. Massaging them do work! They feel squishy now and it's great to be without the ugly bra lol I tried on a bikini that I bought pre op and it looked nice :)

4 weeks update happy with my results

Sorry I've been MIA! School finals had me very busy!
These pics were taken on Dec. 17 4 weeks after my surgery. I've been feeling great and love my boobs! I think they are perfect. Not too big not too small. I went to Victoria Secret for the first time to try bras and I was a 32 DD. I didn't buy any bras because idk if my boobs are going to keep changing. My boobs are squishy and giggle and I can sleep on my side with no problem. My right boob is still numb under the nipple and is dropping at a lower rate than my left boob. My left boob has been a champ since day one with no pain at all.
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