iam 4months and 2weeks post opt!!!!

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Wow were do i start it as been a long journey nut...

Wow were do i start it as been a long journey nut i finally went through with it. were do i start. i was stalking this site for monhs before i made te decision to go with dr. pantoja. let me say that e is a very good dr. He was very understanding to my wants. lol.His staff is amazing!!! Nadia was great with getting back to me in a timely manner and was very kind. Dr. pantoja was also very nice and he checked on me very after surgery to make sure i was ok. i literally woke up to im rubbing my face. He acted as if i was his daughter and treated me and my boyfriend very well during my stay and post opt visits with him. will post my journey later. any questions just inbox me ladies!!! will upload potos as soon as i figure out how to lol.

Ok ladies sorry it took so long to get back i was...

ok ladies sorry it took so long to get back i was super busy with work and school starting back lol. speaking of which having a hard time trying not to sit on my butt for my 6 hr class smh. so where do i start. i arrive in san diego at 7:00pm on jan 3 my surgery was scheduled fr jan 4 at 11:00am.we ended up arriving a hour early, so me and my boyfriend waited for our ride which was provided by dr pantoja's office. Really sweet lady named diana. she spoke very little english so me and my boyfriend was to busy doing sign language lol. it was so funny but i was happy to have a ride being that we never been there and i wanted to cross the boarder with no problem. plus to land in tjuana was an extra 500 dallors that i wasnt going to spend. i was a nice trip from airport on the way she showed us alittle of san diego which i thought was nice. it very beautiful i might add and the weather was so nice. so we finally get to the hotel (real del rio) and the clerk tells us that we are no in the computer. i was so pissed and tired. my boyfriend was more pissed then i was lol. so eventually they gives us our room and upgraded us to a jr. suite because i guess they gave our roon away. i was so tired about time i got to the rom i just wanted togo to sleep after a long 7 hr flight. our room was the bombbbbb ladies lol. it had a jacuzzi, living room, king size bed with flat sreen. it kind of sucked because i was going to be having surgery so i couldnt enjoy it. bu my boyfriend did lol. so next morning i get to the facility and they take blood, they did ekg, then i spoke to the doctor. i explained to him that i not looking for a gigantic booty just for mine to be filled out. so he wipes his eyebrows and laughs and said good. he explained to me the more fat you inject the more you have a chance of catching a infection.Dr. pantoja was really patient and made my boyfriend feel comfortable so i was happy with that. Nadia the nurse that works with him comes in while your speaking with the dr because he speaks little english and she is here to translate. so after that he told me my labs were great i signed some papers(i was bascially signing my life over lol). He then proceeded mark up my body of were he was going too take fat from. after i was taken upstairs to the room i would be staying in over night and i changed into a gown and compression stockings. a nurse came in started an iv. the anasthesiologist came in inroduce hisself and then i was taken to or and next thing i know i was out cold. when i woke up i was back in the room and dr. pantoga was rubbing my face. reall sweet caring man that you can tell really cares about his patients. thank god i wasnt in any pain. i slept pretty much through the night but woke up twice one to be changed because i was draining so much and the other was because i waned to change positions. i had an overnight nurse who stayed in my room all night and anythime i needed to be changed, pain meds, position change, she was right there and i was very grateful for that. I woke up next morning to be discharge and my boyfriend came to pick me up at 10am. They asked me what i waned to eat i sad fuit and cottage chesse and fruit juice. so after i ate, i had to be put into my garment by nurse. i spoe with the doctor and went to pharmacy next door to pick up presriptions and Dr. pantoja's office arranged for car service to take me and my boyfriend back to hotel. so i rode in he back alyed across the back seat on my stomach. hey girls didnt want to ruin the bootay lol. All in all my experience was great. i really didnt want to leave because everyone was so nice even down to the workers at the hotel. we oped to get the breakfast deal so we wouldnt have to worry about breakfast every morning and we recieve buffet breakfast every morning wih everything you get want and free room service so i was very pleased by the staff. when we lefed they asked us if we were going to come and visit again in the summer. i laugh but i said maybe i might be coming back in june for breast lift lol. i recieved one massage while i was in tjuana because i only stayed five days because the doctor said i only needed to stay 4 but i stayed 5 and you have o wait two days after surgery to recieve a massage which i did. my surgery was he friday jan 4h and i had a massage monday and left tues morning. The office arranged for diana to take us to he airport so that was good. okay ladies the ride from airport to hotal isnt free they will arrange it for you but you have to pay 60usd to and from airport but let me tell you it was worth it because i didnt even know the border was so far from the airport. plus its better to be safe then to be sorry. i never been there and didnt know the procedure and didn want to take the chance crossing the boarder by ourselfs and something happen. im sure you guys heard the horror stories lol. but honestly it wasnt nothing like people said it was beautiful and my experience was great thank god. sorry for any mispellings was in a ruch and have to hit the books. i will update progress later. i will post pictures of before and after so you guys can see. any questions just ask.

Anything i missed in my review i will update later...

anything i missed in my review i will update later it was so much info to write so bare with me ladies!!!!! lol

Sorry ladies mean to write my stats: pre op 34DD,...

sorry ladies mean to write my stats: pre op 34DD, under bra 33, waist 35, butt 43 inches. post opt 31DD, under bra 28, waist 29, butt 45 inches. I really have a hard time finding a bra that fit smh. im not worried though going back to dr. Panoja to have a breat lift. i had a massage today and i feel much better not so stiff. everything seems to be getter better everyday, my butt is rounding out more. i till have alot of sweeling in back and its still numb. i recieved another garment but its to tight in the thigh area and it cuts ino my vajayjay lol. i guess i will order another one but maybe this time the same one i recieve from my docor but in a smaller size because its very comfy. im happy that people havent notice at school i guess its because its winter and i wear sweats and a sweater so i can get away with it for now. i hope to get in the gym soon but proable wont be a while from now being thaty i work and go to school so im tired as it is but im watching what i eat. when i went to the massage therapist she asked for he card to my doctor she said he did a good job lol. ok ladies will update again later. have to hit the books. any questions just pm me.

Hello lovely people just want to write a quick...

hello lovely people just want to write a quick update but because im having trouble uploading pics you guys can just message me and you can let me know who you are and i will send my number and send pics from my phone. well so far everything is healing nicely. im very happy with my results. i still have alo of swelling in my back and my arms and sides are super sore. my stomach is still numb but everyday some of the feeling comes back. its just a process but m stomach continues to shrink everyday so thats a plus. im starting to sit alittle more and its still not as comfortable as i would like it to be but this is something i knew i would have to deal with so its alright. other then that im fine and i know i didn post my wt i went into surgery at 167lbs. im 160 post opt so i lost some weight. im happy about that. i will continue to post my journey. until than lataz.

Morning beautiful people i know i have been mia...

morning beautiful people i know i have been mia for two weeks lol but i have been busy with school and trying to get back to work. so because i work in a hospital and work with patients, lifting and pulling etc... the lipo i had done on my arms still was numb when i went in to be cleared to return back to work so when they did a strength test on me hey said that i was still weak in my upper body and that they cant let me come back yet. so becaue my urgery wa done in mx i have to find a urgeon to look at me in the nyc area and to clear me to go oback because dr pantoja is to far to fly back to see for him to clear me. it a litttle fustrating but at the same time im in school and it give me more time to study and have more time to myself so im very happy about that. i feel like it happened for a reason because last semester i worked and went to school and i had a very hard semester with no off day. i was so tired and exhausted so i take this a a sign. anywho other then that im great. healing is going good. still stiff in my back when get up in the morning. i have no pain and i started to sit more. the doctor told me i could have sat from day one being that the fat was injected under the muscle. i just waiting for the fluffing lol. the dr said a the fat settle it will tart to fluff and get bigger so its a waiting game. im overall happy with my result and if i did it again i would have chose the same doctor not only for the wonderful results he has given me but becaue he puts your health first. any questions ladies just pm me. until next time be blessed and i wish everyone a safe and fast recovery.

Im now planning my trip for breast lift in may...

im now planning my trip for breast lift in may with dr pantoja. i wanted to split it up because i know if i got them done at the same time i would have not been able to sleep on back or stomach to mess up the results.. didnt want that headache because i was already going to be uncomfortable trying to sleep after bbl surgery. plus i had a blast in mx. also it gives me another reason to take a trip, and the weather is beautiful out there. cant wait for my breast lift to complete the package.i heard that the recovery from breast lift isnt a bad as the bbl so well see lol. this time im thinking of staying at club med.

Hey beauiful people sorry i have been MIA, nursing...

hey beauiful people sorry i have been MIA, nursing school plus work has been kicking my butt, that along with work. well for quick update i have not figure out how o upload pics bu i have been sending pics via phone per request. for a quick update i have been doing great. the sweliing has subsided and is almost completely gone except for when i stand for long periods at a time. im no longer getting massages. im back to my normal routine. i have no gone to the gym yet onl because i have no off date at this point im either working, at school or sudying. i will go once semester ends. i plan to hit gym hard. i watch what i eat, at times i have a little sweets lol. cant help it lol. my wast is down to a 28 and my butt has fluffed , so im very happy about that. soooo im turning heads even the professors are looking lmao. i lovvvvvvvve my results and i do still plan on going back for my breast aug. i currently have a surgery date for may 30, but will have o reshedule because i have o go to summer school in order to graduate in december. other than that i great, life is grea, imm smiling from ear to ear and loving this new booty. i look in the mirrior everyday lol. i still wear my garment 24-7. i hope for my stomach to go down to a 27 then i will be happier. ok ladies thats all for now any questions just hit me up. oh yeah cant wait to go shopping for new clothes. my man is so jealous and questions me about everything i wear. oh well he just have to deal with it or leave because this butt aint going anywhere lol. so prepare for the headache from your man after. to be honest be lucky if you guys are still together after it. its what i wanted, im happy and if he doesnt like it and cant get his insecurities in check he could kick rocks!!! until next time ladies tata

Sorry guys if there are alot of misspellings. i...

sorry guys if there are alot of misspellings. i was typing fast have to get back to my studies, i ave a es in less then two weeks. im sure you guys can figure out what i was trying to say lol.

I would like to give a special thanks to all the...

i would like to give a special thanks to all the people who have seen my pics and give me great reviews. i wishing everyone the best results with a easy and no complications

wonderful doctor. great listener, very caring and his staff is amazing!!!! only reason he got 4 stars for time spent was because my boyfriend was such in a rush to get back to the hotel to eat lol so i spent only little time with the doctor at the time of discharge which wasn his fault. other then that 5 stars across the board.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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