Wallbutt???? my Name Since the 90s LOL - Tijuana, MX

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I been on this site for a while now. I really...

I been on this site for a while now. I really enjoy the togetherness and support for the women on this site. I'm 34 ye old mother of 4 whose ready to shed this old skin I'm in. I'm getting tt +bbl+liposuction in several areas. i haven't seen many review for my doctor but I love him and his staff already. My

im so ready to heal already

hey y'all I'm ready to get this over with. I am a person that once I make my mind up that's it lets go get it over with already. I have asked all the questions I'm gonna ask and done a lot of research. Not to say I encourage pain but I can tolerate it. I'm putting this in God's hands I believe that he will guide me.

damn Damn DAMN

Im goin to have change my date. Im waiting on the doe to come thru and its takin so long .I have been waiting for like Two months but at first it wasnt ready but now idk but I think im goin to be able to go in like 2weeks or less. Im so pissed off

before pix

No words for these pics OMG

go E ! go E!

I lost 5 lbs. Yeayyy meeh. Im getting closer to my new sx date and I cant wait. I need to kno a list of things I need to get for surgery. Any suggestions???

I finally made it to the new meeh

Second time writing this so its probably goin to be shorter. Here goes : I landed in SD bright and early this morning there was a driver by the name of Emillio waiting . His english was great and he was very nice. He took meeh straight to the Drs office and there I was greeted my the drs and staff . I felt Really good about everything because they all made meeh comfortable . After I was taken to my hotel I walked like a 1/2block to the pharmacy and picked up my meds then hoped in a cab and went to the mall which wasnt to far $5cab ride away.... Every store I walked in I heard them listening to American hiphop music but when I ask how much something costs they look at meeh like im not from this country. Oh yeah im not. But yeah I realky like this place besides the language barrier. Well I just had some good food and im tired so I will probably talk to yall after surgery

no pain , no gain

Ok so yesterday was Sx and if I say so it went well. Since I was scheduled for 2 pm I woke up and had a lite breakfast of toast and 3 kinds of fruit and juice . My pick up time was 11am but the driver didnt come until 12 I was antsy by then but still patient. He came and I was more then ready the ride we took showed me the city . This city has great landscape I love it . It looks like u can always find a peaceful spot. Any who we made it to Florence hospital and was again greeted with so much hospitality .I go to my room and then the Dr. Comes in lookin and smelling like new money. His presence lights up any room. We talk he marks my body and the whole time im calm. Then the Dr for meds comes in while the nurses cant get a good vein for me after tryin several times . He saves the day and gets the vein on 1st try.yeahhhh. im off to OR .I wake up several times while in surgery but no hurt I just fall back to sleep . I had a rough night but im dealin with it

my after pics

my pictures

sitting pretty!!!! Well layin

Its meeh again no garment

I love my new assets

I really been enjoying my new look. My whole is talking about it .

I love meeh and my dr worked wonders love him too

Dr Cervantes really did a great job even tho its not as big as I wanted and not much projection its way better then my original frame. Round 2 is in the near future. I cant wait.

just showing my progress

11 wks post op
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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