Full Body Lipo and BBL with Dr. Pantoja Stage 1 - Tijuana, MX

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Just wanted some opinions from ladies who've had a...

Just wanted some opinions from ladies who've had a BBL with lipo only (no other combined procedures please) in Tijuana.

I'm traveling alone and am pretty independent. I've had 4 non-cosmetic surgeries and recovered on my own at home without support. My ownly concern is laundry and putting on/taking off the compression garment. Just wanted to know if a RH is really necessary? I have the means to pay for the RH but want to be cost effective. I'm always looking for the best deal at the lowest cost. I'm frugal not cheap. Due to stomach issues, I'm on a special diet, which means I probably won't be eating any of the food at the RH.

I haven't been able to find much information on the hiring of private nurses other than a night nurse for post-op at the facility. I'd like to hire a nurse to come out for an hour a day for 7 days to assist with bathing, laundry and wound care. It would be a bonus if the nurse could drive me to and from my appointments and pick up any meds or other incidentals needed.

*If anyone has the contact info for any private nurses and/or private transporation from San Diego Airport, please let me know.*

I just don't see how 24-hour care is needed for just a BBL with lipo. I'll be back in March for a TT, BA and blepharoplasty and will be staying for 10 days at a RH without question.

Again, I'd like the opinions of VETS who have had BBL with lipo only. Thanks!

La Casa de Lilas it is!

Thanks to a recent review by SunBlock13, I've made the decision to stay at La Casa de Lilas. Was told by Marvin that the rates have increased by $10 so the price on their website is incorrect.

Total quote is $1160.
Night before surgery - free
Night(s) post-op at hospital - free (RH doesn't charge if you're not there)
Private room - $150/day x 7
Round trip transportation from SAN - $110
(I believe Dr. Pantoja offers transportation for $150/rt)

"FREE " Nursing Pillow is a POS!

Don't waste your time or money on this. It might work as a neck pillow.

Feel Too Fat to Upload Pre-Op Pics.

My body is a mess. I'm that chick who feels she needs to lose weight before going to the gym to lose weight! I think I'll post my pre-pre op (more about that later) and pre-op pics 2-3 days before surgery. Then all post-op pics 2-3 weeks later.

Heart to Heart Conversation with Myself

In the spirit of Independence Day, I've just admitted to myself that I will need several rounds of surgery to acheive the body and face I desire. This will be a major commitment, mentally, physically and financially. I've decided to stop lying to myself (and others), get off my fat arse and do something significant toward my goal. I've destroyed my body by gaining over 185 lbs in the last 10 years. I went from a size 4 to a 24-26. I have a gut on me that looks like I carried triplets. The sad part is ..... I DON'T HAVE ANY CHILDREN! Yes, people this is all from food and alcohol. Although I've lost 100lbs, I still have 85lbs to go. I'm 5'7" but have a small frame with LOTS of fat, loose skin, joint pain and I won't get started on my imbalanced hormones. I've always had a big butt and thighs but this gut and back fat are a serious problem. I have come up with rough draft for post-op eating and exercising and turned my basement into a yoga/pilates/weight lifing haven. Since I consider dancing the greatest cardio workout, I've deliberately not purchased any cardio equipment. Besides, I'd rather do 50 squats than 5 minutes on a treadmill.

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo..........I will be fasting in preparation for surgery and will take the following for the next 4 weeks: 12+ cups of filtered water, multi-vitamin, iron supplement, 1 cup hot plain green tea daily. For me, it clears my mind and body. Soon I'll post my *tragic* pre-pre op photos in all its inglorious entirety. The "pre-pre op" are the photos submitted to the doctor at the time I scheduled surgery but before I started the fast. I'll then post the next set of pre-op photos after completing the fast.

I've had consultations on everthing except the facial surgeries but have decided to have the following surgeries done to be staged 4-7 months apart:

1st round full body lipo
1st round BBL

Tummy tuck with muscle repair
Breast lift with implants
2nd round full body lipo
2nd round BBL (?)

Thigh lift
Upper and lower blepharoplasty
Hairline lowering or hair transplant? (I have a huge forehead with big, curly hair, so I can't hide it with bangs)
Temporal facelift
Cheek implants

Ladies, this is simply my truth and my quest. I'll choose my own path and I'll give you the respect to choose yours also. Comments from vets and professionals with applied knowledge are always appreciated.

I warned you that my body was a mess, now see for yourself.

Well, this is it people. You can't get much worse than this gut, butt and low hanging fruit aka boobs. I couldn't bring myself to post more than 1 view. Baby steps and elephant sighs.

Money Spent To Date

I budgeted $6000 for everything. So far the numbers are:

3800 - surgery cost
1160 - recovery house 9 days total (7paid/2 free) with round trip airport transportation
486 - plane ticket
150 - medication (might be able to eliminate this because I already have a script for antibiotics and pain meds)
90 - 2 massages with tip
150 - misc items (chux, wipes, underwear, snoogle etc)

I'm coming in just under budget which is good. The only thing that would make this better is a coupon! Again, not cheap just frugal.

Triangle Board for Back from In The Pink Room - WTF

Almost forgot about that damn thing. It's HUGE!!!! I would return it but the cost to return it isn't worth it. Total with shipping was $25 smh. I'm going to split the seams on the cover and take it apart. I'm sure I can cut it into the shape I need and re-sew the cover. Had I known, I would have tried to make it myself from the get go for a lot less money.

Triangle Board for Back from In The Pink Room - Update

I want to first apologize to the ladies who posted their own DIY boards because I sat back and silently judged you. The shape's wrong, it's too big, it's to small, that ish looks cheap, etc. You ALL were correct it doing it yourself for way less money and it fits your own boy. Lesson from vets learned!!!

So, I was going to put up pics of the store bought board and how I modified it but somehow after I downloaded them, I freakin' deleted them from the camera and computer or I saved them to some black cloud in no-mans-land !!! I'll try to just explain what I did. It took me all of 15 minutes.

I used a pencil, trauma shears and stick pens and then sewed the covering back around the modified board. The outer covering felt like t-shirt material. The foam was like a very, very cheap epifoam (I'd actually use epifoam if making it yourself) and it's hard to describe the other board . It's very firm but has a little bit of give. It feels like really hard rubber. The only thing that felt similar was 3 layers of heavy-duty corrugated cardboard wrapped in self-adhering gauze. I took it apart, free-hand sketched how my butt is/will be shaped, tapered the bottom slightly and that was it. Tip: Cut one side then use the piece you cut out to trace the other side to have matching cuts.

Damn spellcheck!


Today's the Big Day!

Quick update. Having surgery today. Broke my fast 3 days ago. New pics are from today. Had to add 4 tablespoons of peanut butter to my "fast" because the coating on the pills made me sick. So I didn't lose as much as I wanted.

La Casa de Lilas is great so far.

I arrived Monday and Cecilia the driver was early and meet me at baggage claim. She's very down to earth and drives like she's on the Dan Ryan. I felt right at home. We made a quick stop at Walmart, completed lab work, BRB Dr. Pantoja is here

La Casa de Lilas is great so far. Continued

OK. After a 15 minute visit for labs we were off to the RH. This place is can never be called a hotel or spa because it's much, much BETTER! It's like having your Granny take care of you. Did I need to stay here, probably not but I'm glad I did. For those of you who can travel with someone and aren't having a major overhaul then you may be ok with a hotel. The food is sooooooo good. Just had homemade chicken soup with veggies and lime. I have problems digesting but have had no issues since I've been here. The RH is in a gated residential area in an average looking neighborhood. The also have the biggest, little dog, King Max. The place of very clean and the only noise is the usual sounds of a house. The TV, phone, kitchen etc. I have a private room on the 2nd floor with a balcony.

La Casa de Lilas is great so far. cont 2

Sorry, I was too tired to continue. I brought a bunch of stuff that they already had. Gowns, chux, baby wipes, female urinal, soap, toothbrush, tooth paste and bath puff. If you need meds, the pharmacy delivers and takes USD or plastic. They also have a lockbox in each room. With the exception of Martin and a female driver, they speak little English. If you don't speak Spanish put a "type and speak" app on your phone.

Day of Surgery

*Disclaimer* If you are expecting US standards of use for personal protective equipment (PPE) i.e. gloves you will have to ASK that they use them.

Arrived at office at 8:40. No need to come early because office doesn't open until 9 but you can sit in their lobby. Completed pre-op paperwork. Saw the cardiologist at 9. Sidebar he was wearing a track suit and still had dirt on him from his morning run. He is very pleasant and speaks just enough English. His equipment is old. I mean scary, old but it works. Nadia took pics in underwear, waited about half an hour and had consult with Dr. Pantoja. This is where I got the good news bad news. Good news is that I'm not as fat as I thought. Bad news is I have more skin than fat. He marked all area for lipo and BBL. We then talked about round 2 which is BL with BA, TT and more fat transfer if wanted. Went upstairs and spoke with PA and anesthesiologist both speak English. Undressed waited almost 2 hours then it was off to the OR. I remember waking up during surgery but felt no pain which was my biggest fear. It just felt like someone was nudging me. Once I said Hey! What are you doing here? They all laughed and told me to relax. I didn't really get my wits about me until about 8pm. Now to the post-op "care". The nurse did her job but she wasn't very friendly. I swear the only English she knows is NO. I woke up naked with chux taped to me. My stomach and lower body was so wet I thought I peed on myself. I thought no big deal, I'll just wash off, throw some new chux on and go back to bed. No Ma'am! Ever try standing but can't feel your legs?!? I guess with all my thrashing I caught the attention of nurse Betty. Who promptly told me no, no, no. BTW there isn't a call bell, just a camera to watch you. Creepy but better than you passing out and landing on that new booty. The 3 times she changed my chux is because I was adamant about it. Yes it's a pain in the ass to change but I can't just sit here leaking everywhere. That ish is just nasty.

Post-op Day 1

Woke up about an hour before sunrise and just looked out the windows. Once I saw full on sunlight it was time for nurse Betty to get moving. I asked for slippers, no. A toothbrush, no. Well damn can you change my chux, yes. So she took out my catheter. Yup they threw one in me as a bonus prize. Put on my new chux dress and had breakfast. I could only manage a few sips of papaya juice and a few bites of jello. If has normal digestion, I'd have loved to try the fresh fruit with honey and the Greek cottage cheese. I had more labs. My iron level was 12.1 pre-op and 9.1 post-op. Dr. Pantoja wants a blood transfusion for any thing under 9. Dr. Pantoja came in looked at my butt and said wow, wow, wow then patted it. Lmao! He and the girls on the 2nd floor really are sweet hearts. The only thing I'll do different next time is bring a tooth brush, hair tie, slippers and a robe that I don't mind getting bloody. Speaking of which, there's lots and it gets all over your clothes. He uses open ended drains. So I'm rocking a sports bra and a hospital gown. I can't stand the smell of blood and can't wait to take a shower and not just freshen up with baby wipes. Haven't had a BM yet so that should be interesting. Truthfully I'd rather have home court advantage but not going for 8 days would be a problem.

Forgot to mention that the day of surgery they give you a scalp, neck, facial and back massage. Very relaxing.

Happy birthday to me. post-op day 2

I started my day by falling out of the recliner. Lord! I can move around a bit more but still need help with the CG. Rocking boxers, white T and sports bra. So sexy. RH worried that I'm not eating enough and my iron level was barely within range. I was wondering why they kept bringing me extra food, putting chicken hearts in my soup (no BS), wanting me to call them every time I stood up and making giant smoothies. The 3 of them had a little intervention with me. They really are the best. I agreed to eat more often if they put less on the plate.

Here's some information on the meds the Dr prescribed.
Levaquin750mg 1 x 5 days
Iron 18 mg 1 x 5 days
Tramadol as needed
Prevacid 24 hour 1 x 5 days

I only had to buy the Levaquin $42 because I had the others. They didn't want me to take the bactrim I had.
Having my first massage at the Dr's ofc for $30. I can't wait to sit down. You can only lie down or stand up for so long.

Celebrate small victories.

I just had a BM :0
I know, I know TMI.

Not my best day. Post-op day 3

Woke up at the butt crack of dawn in serious pain. Headache, back pain, cramps and my stomach was on fire. I couldn't get out of bed. They left me alone until 8:30 and then Dr. Z himself brought in my breakfast. So I took the hint to get up and eat. Struggled through that and a shower then headed off to my 1st massage with the infamous Mariposa at the clinic for $30. Glad the RH told me to take pain medication before. That little lady has some hands on her. The appointment wasn't quiet or private. Someone will walk through the room, hold a conversation with her or open the door despite you being butt ass naked. I'm not modest and felt like shit so I didn't care. She moved a lot of fluid. My hope to have all 3 drains removed Monday started to crumble. Fluid was bright red and gushing. For the 1st 1-2 hours after the massage I felt great and could see that I had less swelling. Then I crashed and burned. My drains are pumping overtime and I'm getting blood everywhere. I'm tired homesick and miss my fur baby. Had a brief moment of regret but had to shake it off. Tomorrow's a new day.

Didn't have to wait until tomorrow. Post-op day 3 cont

Everyone at the RH is great but my night nurse is the best. She came in, took one look at me and asked me what hurt? I almost cried. She's so mothering that I told her about every pain. She said oh honeeeeeeeey and I instantly felt better. She came back with medicine for my stomach, a pain pill and cottage cheese with honey. She checked all my drains and told me she'd wash my CG at 6am because I'm always up so early. She made me feel so much better and for that I am truly grateful.

Asi Asi Post-op Day 4

Found out the antibiotics were causing my stomach pain so now I take prilosec 20 mg 2x day. Also having a problem with headaches and insomnia. I have less swelling in my stomach but a little more in my back. One of my drains is still in overdrive. Had major cabin fever so I took a 20 minute walk. Yup out there in my CG, ted hose and Adidas! Got back to the RH and started having major pain in the front drains. I truly thought I had pulled something loose. I started crying and pushing the hell out of that call bell. They had me out of that CG in 5 seconds and the house Dr was there. They called Dr. Pantoja ofc who said pull the drains. I'll need to apologize to the office because I hung up on her twice. I work in the ER of a level 1 trauma center and can handle almost anything but this rocked me. While they were setting up the am nursing discovered that I had been overtaped and it was pulling out the drain and stitches. She removed all the tape and I immediately felt relief. I totally forgot that Nadia said no more tape. Lesson learned.

I really wanted to not sit for 2 weeks but I just couldn't. Amazingly the stuff you can McGuyver when you set your mind to it. Finally started using my snoogle along with straddling a shower chair with a rolled up pillow. It looks crazy but it works.

Forgot to say that I had lipo on my arms and can't tell a difference. I expected that after reading some other reviews. Too much lipo and the skin just hangs underneath. Guess I'll be selling my arm CG.

I have a little bubble on my side but I'm massaging so hopefully there won't be an issue. 13 years ago I had a large hematoma on my leg that became encapsulated and had to be surgically removed. So id like to avoid all that.

With the exception of a little back pain and the headaches I haven't had to take any pain meds.

RH is still wonderful.

Already planning for round 2. I want to come in mid February or the 1st of march but I want to avoid the spring breakers and tax return crowd.

From sugar to shit. Post-op day 5

No comment.

Back on track. Post-op day 6 & 7

Been irritated by everything and everyone for the last 2 days. No real reason just super bitchy. Just realized that I'm PMS'ing. My nurse angels and Dr. Z worked their magic and I'm back to normal. Nothing new to report. Had another massage with Mariposa after having my drains removed. She really got the fluid in my back moving. Had my 2nd post-op appointment with Dr Pantoja and everything is good. At this point he will only agree to do my breasts or tummy tuck with liposuction for round 2 but not both at the same time. He said it's too close to the 6 hour mark. I'll keep working on him. I have cabin fever so I can wait to get back to my routine. I miss cooking and seeing my fur baby.

Dr Pantoja information

Here's his card. Contact Nadia or Tonya using the info@.

Upload take 2

let's try it again

La Casa de lilas Information

Here's the card for the recovery house. Martin Maldonado is their contact person who speaks English.

Got my medical records and.....

It's official 1200 cc each cheek! Ladies make sure you get a copy of your medical records and a letter clearing you to fly.


I've been typing iron level when actually it hemoglobin level. Technically my iron was low pre-op. It was 21 and should be at least 40.

I truly REGRET....... post-op day 9

I absolutely, positively and truly regret sitting on my butt prior to the plane ride home! I know I lost a little volume but nothing like sitting on a 5 hour plane ride sitting on a snoogle. I cheated by sitting on it 10-15 minutes for no more than 2 hours a day and sleeping on my sides. My hips are pretty flat and my butt has flat spots. I'm so pissed! I'm super tired and slept for 12 hours. It took 2.5 hours to cross the border. I was told that Monday morning is the worst. The medical fast pass lane is only open daily from 8am to 10pm and takes about 30 minutes to cross. Dr. Pantoja followed up with me via email. I have been out of my CG almost 24 hours and regret it. Swell hell is real. My butt is softer than expected but overall all I'm still happy.

Post-Op Day 20

I really hate when my posts get deleted in the middle of typing! Anywho, I have less swelling and bruising. My energy is improving. I worked all last week and definitely stood more than I sat. When I did sit it was either on my snoogle or a pool noodle bent in half and placed under my thighs. I tend to sit on the edge of the chair with my butt "tooted" up in the air and lean forward. I still can't lie on my back, way to uncomfortable. Luckily for me I'm a stomach sleeper 95% of the time and the other 5% on my side. Only issue with that is that my upper ribs were very sore. I thought it was just the bruising from lipo and would go away but nooooooo! I really took a good look and feel to see what was going on and to my delight and amazement, realized the reason my upper ribs hurt is because there is little to no fat to cushion them! He lipo'd the sh*t out of my upper stomach! Yeah Dr. P!!!!

The only real issue I had was that the 2 wounds in the front and the 1 butt drain were open and draining. I'm not a slow healer and this isn't my first surgery so I got a little concerned. I first started by cleaning it with soap and water twice a day, let it dry, putting Neosporin on it and covering with a sterile dressing. Didn't get any better so I emailed pics to Dr. P. His office responded with put peroxide soaked gauze on it twice a day and that is wasn't infected. No disrespect to Dr. P but ummm no, I'll pass on that. My gut said that keeping it wet would not help. Soooooo I went super basic. I bathed as usual, let the wounds dry, covered with sterile gauze and was very mindful of bending/twisting (really tried to avoid it) and would pick things up off the ground very "half moon/warrior III" like (yoga positions). Also started a second round of antibiotics for 10 days and stopped wearing my CG. I didn't want to but I had to let the wounds breathe plus when I sat at work it felt like it was all the way up to my clavicle very, very uncomfortable. Within 2 days, they stopped draining, the butt wound closed completely and the 2 front wounds are 90% closed with little/no draining. At night, if the wounds aren't sticking to the dressing, I change them. If they are, I leave it alone and in the morning wet it in the shower, then take it off. Can't wait from them to totally heal with no scabs so I can start the silicone scar treatment.

Overall I'm satisfied with everything. My right butt cheek is still smaller than the left so I'll just have to weight train a little more on that side. I do have some hard areas on my sides and lower stomach. I've been massaging them and they seem a tad softer. I am the tiniest bit concerned with the discolored skin of my lower stomach. It doesn't look like bruising, more blotchy and is a grayish purple. I'll try the heated massager next to see if that helps any. I guess I shouldn't be too concerned because it's being cut out during the tummy tuck anyway.

Side note about Dr. P's follow up:
I still feel that his in person post-op visit are too quick but I must say that after I got home, I've received 3 emails and 7+ calls for follow up. I also received my quote for a breast lift with silicone implants and an TT for 6k (if I lose 50 lbs) or separately for $3650 each if I don't lose weight and have to wait 6wks between procedures. Mama's losing this weight so 6k it is.

I've lost a few pounds and have only had 3 drinks in 3 weeks. I still haven't told anyone except my crazy a*s aunt about the surgery. Every time she sees me she makes these slurping sounds (she said that's the sound of the lipo machine), put her hands on her waist, sticks her butt out and winks at me. She is a complete nutball and I love her!!! So I've been walking around in this Florida heat wearing long sleeves, a thin zippered hoodie and baggy clothes like a crazy person! I look like an urban outsider (pc way of saying homeless) and I'm hot as hell with all this ish on.

I originally thought I'd wait until I was 6 weeks post-op to start exercising but I think at week 4 or 5 I'll start some light yoga for 30-60 mins a day.


I feel that Dr. Campos does great butts, that Dr. Pantoja does great boobs and Dr. Carmina Cardenas does great tummy tucks. I originally wanted Dr. Campos for my BBL but he wanted to do a TT at the same time which I declined so I went with Dr. P with no regrets. Dr. CC is the QUEEN of TT's and her boobs are good but I haven't seen great yet. I was thinking of going to Dr. CC for my TT and 3-4 days later have Dr. P do my boobs, but I feel like I'm cheating on Dr. P and am worried that my h&h will be too low. His TT's are good but not better than Dr. CC. Should I stick with 1 doctor for both procedures or try and split them up with an extended stay at the RH?

Does anyone know which hotels are close to Dr. CC's office?

FYI: Email for Nadia that Dr. P is recommending Club Med because the "other" RH is going through a change of owners. I'm not sure which "other" RH she's referring to but I do know that Dr. P is affiliated with Grace Guesthouse.

GOD bless the person who made the Hospital Grade Female Urinal!

How could I forget. It was a life saver! And it wasn't that little collapsible, latex thing aka PEZ. It was the old school, hospital grade one that looks like a 1/2 gallon of milk. I bought it off Ebay for $5. Try to get the one with an elongated top and a solid handle. Male urinal have a round top with a lip for the lid and a hollow handle (it makes it harder to rinse out). I'm thinking off what can be bought/used to poop in (other than a bed pan) after my thigh lift so I don't have to sit. Sorry, gross but necessary. I've heard that the thigh lift suture recovery is a bitch.

Have no complaints and plan to have him do my breast lift with implants and tummy tuck.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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