CAMPOS!! July 26 2013 - Mexico, MX

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Hello ladies! I'm new to posting here but trust me...

Hello ladies! I'm new to posting here but trust me I been looking around reading stories for about a year. I'm going to campos in 9 days!!!!! Im going to be staying at club med 6 days. I havent bought anything for surgery yet. Im planning on buying a wedge pillow and boppy pillow. i do have a squeem but its medium so idk if that works. I'm 27 5'4" 160 lbs. having BA Lipo and bbl.
I will post pics after sx.
So far my experience with Angie sucks. She's so frustrating and doesn't answer questions. I'm in the medical field so I know about vague answers but she's just bad I'm not really happy with her.

Anyways I will keep you guys updated. I notice that not a lot of campos pts are posting lately so I wanted to help out others planning to go on this journey.

1 more week!!!'

Finally! Angie answered my deposit was received and my labs are good. Jeez I emailed her about 10 times for a answered. Oh well really don't care about her right now. I'm excited! I'm ready for this. I need to pack!!

All packed up

I packed today. I'm working back to back 12 hr plus shifts the next few days. I have no idea what I need so I took a little out of everyone's list and went shopping today. I have 2 different bags because for 6 days ill be staying at club med. The week following that I will be staying with my mom.
Club med bag
2 robes
2 pjs
2 loose fitting pants (room for bootay) ^_^
2 t shirts
3 tank tops
Compression socks
Fluffy socks
House shoes
Flip flops (?) and sneakers.
Hair ties and head bands
Arnica pills vitamins bromelain Benadryl Tylenol reg n pm probiotic fiber and stool softer pain pills and muscle relaxers.
Thickest pads I could find.
Face moisturizer

Other bag for moms house
More lounging clothes
Arnica gel
Antiseptic spray
Boppy pillow
Wedge pillow

I feel like I'm over packing for club med but it's things I need and if they have these things there I'm not sure if it's included. Ladies please let me know if I'm missing anything. I would appreaciate any input. Thanks

Ps Should i bring boppy pillow to club med?


So I'm all ready for surgery. I didn't sleep much because I'm so nervous looking at all these reviews. Now I'm thinking what if I do all this and all that fat is absorbed. I'm also thinking I may need a tummy tuck. I have stretch marks so I know he won't lipo aggressively. To top it off I just got my period. I also just looked at my passport and why is the dumb thing expired?!?! It just expired a few months ago! Wtf it seems like nothing is going right. I read and heard that they will let me cross back with Id and birth certificate. But I'm freaking out everything is paid. Can someone please please help me. What should I do?

I made it

i made it! I'm feeling out of it but just wanted to let you guys know dr c is amazing. So far I'm happpy
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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