Operation less than a month away!!! - Tijuana, MX

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Hey guys! Ok let me start off by introducing...

Hey guys! Ok let me start off by introducing myself, my name is ______ and I live in Arizona. I am married with 1 daughter who is 16 mths old & I am currently a full time worker and student.

When I found out I was pregnant, I told myself that I would eat right, have whatever I wanted to eat only one day in the week and work out. but of course that didn't happen! My poor hubby, I told him no matter what, don't get me anything fattening. but when the time came I was yelling and throwing a fit like "why aren't you getting me what I want!?" lol anyway, so a month after my pregnancy I was very insecure. extremely insecure. my stretch marks had taken over my lower mid section, from my left side all the way thru the middle over to my right side. I had fat in places I didn't have them before, my neck/chin area, my upper back, lower back, shoot my MID BACK! my thighs got bigger, obviously my stomach and of course, MY ARMS. the part im insecure about the most.

I've been doing some research about getting lipo and doing a fat transfer for about 1-2 years now. I finally have the money to do it, and my husband supports me 100%. I love him to death,! he fought about it first saying that it would be a waste and that I wouldn't like it or that it was fake because God didn't make me that way, but then he believed that if I was insecure about my body the only way to fix it, would be by getting done how I want. I guess the fact that it's fat from my own body being transferred somewhere else and not butt implants.

I had been researching a few drs. and came across Dra Carmina Cardenas in Tijuana, MX. Her before and afters/results were phenomenal! The customer care/service was also phenomenal. I have not seen ONE negative comment or review on her and that means a lot to me!


Scheduling lipo and fg to butt!! Set date is in OCT but im trying to get something earlier!! im so excited cardenas does great work and she is a woman, she knows how our body's are!! Any of you cardenas dolls have any updated pics, stories, experiences or tips to share?!

Getting ready for Nov 1st

Ok so I had to push my surgery date from Oct 18 to Nov 1st. because my hubby had an uxpected issue with his car. We are planning on driving to Mexico in his car so we need his car fixed first. it sucks but at least ill get 2 more paychecks in before we go!!

So I need some help with something guys.
If we're crossing the mexican border what do we need? my passport expired so I have to renew it. what forms of ID can I use? I have a permanent resident card, social security card, drivers license?
Also I read online I have to leave a $400 bond. is that true?

Compression Garments

So I'm getting lipo from my chin/neck area, arms, full back, love handles and stomach. Anybody recommend where I can get a compression garment for my arms from? Or do they usually provide it?

I plan on using compression garments for a minimum of 6 weeks unless the dr. advises something otherwise.

Before pics

Im a little embarassed but hey thats what the op is for right! So after I had my daughter I gained weight everywhere. Im getting lipo for full back, love handles abdomen, arms & chin/neck .

I haven't been doing anything specific other than going or walks with my daughter and our dogs to increase the blood circulation that was advised to me by the doc/staff.


So I found a great link that was provided by other members who shared a list of what would help/necessary items needed.


It's awesome!!! Some items I have now are

-Boppy Pillow $30 from Amazon
-Truform compression stockings w/ Beaded Top, Beige, Large $19.24 (Amazon)
-Arnica Tablets $\7.00 from walmart. (They were really cheap, I wasn't sure if I should get this kind of the "Arnica Montanas" which is around $20 for 250 tablets, i thought thats alot, i don't think id need them all)
-Epifoam x3 $43.00 total from Epidermis.com
-Female Urinal $6.15

Some items I still need to purchase are
-Arm compression garment
-Wet ones
-Anti bacterial soap
-fuzzy slippers
-Gown/throw over dresses. Victorias secret have some amazing oversized tee's or nighties 2 for $50 i believe.
-Pre-op and post op vitamins. (ANY RECOMMENDATIONS?!)

Some items that were on the list that i have at home
-Gauze pads
-Medical Tape
-Alcohol Swipes
-my husband's muscle tanks incase of irritation from the compression girdle/garments
-Face towels
-A big pair of panties (in case i get my period)
-Q tips
-Hand lotion & Hand sanitizer
-Mederma Cocoa butter (for stretch marks) & Mederma cocoa butter oil
-Band aids
-Yoga mat

Arm compression

Thinking about getting this for my arm lipo. I've read horror stories about there not being a difference but they also never wore a compression garment which in my opinion is important.

One thing I asked Is if arm lipo would make my arms toned and nice, they were honest and said they won't be toned, you have to lift light weights for toned when you're fully recovered, but it will make your arms smaller yes.

Best answer. Honest and upfront and it does make sense hah I don't know why I never thought of that.

Wish pics

I lack booty in the top region and outer gluteal region. I'm content with the width of my hips I just need the booty to go with it!


Alright ladies I need to find a place where they do the complete labs! I read in here somewhere that one of Dr Cardenas' patients got their labs fm done for $165 total where are you?! Lol anyone recommend any places?

Updated recent pic

Ok so I haven't been working out my butt at all just walking here it is my square butt! If that, lol my love handles I'm excited to see go and everything else into my butt. Can't wait Til November 1st!

3 weeks!!!!

Exactly 3 weeks Til my procedure!
My hotel is paid.
Have my bbl list essentials.
My hubby's car is fixed.
I got paid.
I've been losing weight, not too much, but enough so I don't have so much sagging.
I scheduled to have my labs done day of surgery.
Money set aside for gas for the drive.
I'm using my permanent resident card and social/license to pass through the border.

All I have to do is let me supervisor know I won't be working October 31st or November 1st. I work at home so I can work by Monday. I hope. How exciting!!!!!


So, does anyone have an idea on what a good amount of extra cash to have would be??

Tomorrow will be an official week!

Tomorrow marks the official "7 day until my SX" day. I cannot wait.
I'm thinking about getting a pedicure since I know I won't be able to sit on my ass for a while, no manis until after since the doc. requested nothing on the nails to avoid an infection which i understand. doc knows best!!

i've stopped taking any previtamins, i dont smoke, havent been drinking and have been taking my daughter for walks to the park to play and we walk home. its a park in the neighborhood so we just do a big circle while i push her in her stroller. and we love it!

i'm hoping I don't have alot of excess skin left over, that's my main concern.
I work at home but we're also moving mid november so I wont be doing much transporting but more of the sorting and putting things away at the new house.

So anyway, I've been shopping for clothing for after the procedure like shirts i'd never wear because it showed my arms, or because of my mmuffin top, but it just makes me feel that much more excited to get it done.

I seriously cannot wait!!


So I decided to get my labs done with the dr. at the facility, I felt more comfortable to do it there i'm not sure why. I will be paying an extra $165 but to me it's worth it.

So we're leaving here tomorrow in the a.m around 9-10 am. and we are driving to San Diego and getting picked up by Ronnie the driver. We are paying him $120 for all transportation from the airport, to the hotel, to the facility and back and back to the hotel when we leave.

Because of work and my daughter and my husband, I will only be staying until Saturday and my husband will be driving back. I work from home so I can lay down and take calls and deal with customers but will be keeping in touch with dr. regarding the post op healing process.

Switching drs!

So we basically drove to San Diego today and had the driver Ronnie come get us! He emailed me asking if we could come earlier than the time I had told him we'd arrive (3-4pm) because there were other clients who were needing to be picked up, so my husband and I cut our trip short and decided to just come straight to the airport. So we come around 1-130 I call Ronnie and states he will contact a driver to pick us up & to call him back in 5 mins. So I did call him back in 5 mins and says the driver is on his way and will be here in 30 mins.

2 hours pass by no courtesy call nada! So my husband says that's not right they should at least call you & tell you what's going on instead of keeping us waiting. (Mind you we were exhausted from the drive from az and starving!!) so I decided you're right! I call Ronnie and he answered with "oh I meant to call you! The driver is 10 mins away" 2.5 hours later I said no I want to cancel the whole thing. He says wow okay and next thing you know I get a call from Fatimeh confirming the cancellation so I said yes she advised me to call back I anything changed.

So I call back and asked if I could just push my surgery until January since my quote is good until then but I would have to pay my surgery deposit again! I though wow that's f&@,Ed up! So I decided I'm not going and I decided I'll be switching to dr pantoja due to the fact I feel disrespected. This is nothing at all against dr cardenas at all! I never spoke with her .

So I'm pushing my surgery date AGAIN! With a different dr

Fresh start!

So .. Since I switched surgeons It gives me more time to have more money, accumulate more pto, get my blood work done before the surgery & renew my passport. But I know I can use 2 forms of Id like my permanent residency card and drivers license/social security card to get into Mexico. Right? Lol anywho

At least I still have my items that I bought intended for my sx on the 1st with dr cardenas for my new surgeon. I'm not sure if they require any additional items but hey I got it from the bbl list on here so I'm sure it's all the same.

Anybody recommend any hotels close to dr pantojas facility and where I can do labs for free or where I should go to see if my insurance will cover it?


Welp. My husband just told me we were having another baby,. i thought to myself what? how do you .. why would you say that? lol he says well because the other night when .. blah blah blah he basically said he purposely impregnated me without telling me because he wants to have all our kids before i get my procedure done.

So i thought okay. why not?? I spoke with dr pantojas staff members and told them I was expecting and they told me they would hold my quote for 2 years!! AMAZING! my deposit and quote is good for 2 years!

im planning on getting a lipo of full back, arms, love handles, abdomens, inner thighs and a tummy tuck. possibly neck/chin depending on how my pregnancy goes. so I was quoted a grand total of $4,800. excluding all the extra necessities like gas, food, hotel etc etc ..

I thought okay so i have about 3 grand right now. i make pretty good money so in no time ill have the money i need. I'm looking to have at least an extra $1000-$1200 to bring on the trip and an additional $2000 in my acct so i dont come back flat broke from my procedure. I have two years! so it should be cake.

I'm anxious right now but so excited. so verrrry excited. Happy surgeon hunting to all the sistas getting surgery within the next year! cause now i gotta wait 2! oh well. at least the tummy tuck will be worth it since after this 2nd child we wont be having anymore kids.


So I went to my doc appt and found out that I am NOT PREGGO! WOOOOHOOO. I stil wouldve been excited to have all kids out before a tt. but i also saw that even with a tt your tummy goes back to normal.

Crazy I know! I took 4 at home preggo tests 1 that said no and 3 that said yes so I was like hmm okay. Went to my obgyn and confirmed that I am not, but he scheduled me for a follow up in 2 wks to make sure. But I AM still doing with Dr Pantoja. Getting lipo from full back, arms, love handles, tummy & possibly inner thighs and/or neck with a tummy tuck. They quoted me $4,800 which is amazing! It's only about $600 more from dr. cardenas but it was without the tummy tuck & no laser procedure for my scars from pregnancy.

Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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