Extended Tummy Tuck, with Lipo and Bbl - Tijuana, MX

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I have been reading and following many of you on...

I have been reading and following many of you on here the past year and have finally decided to go ahead and do it! I just booked my appointment with Dr. Cardenas and I am so excited and nervous. Initially I was just going to have a tummy tuck but the Dr. Cardenas recommended the lipo and fat graft to my butt for the best outcome. I hear so many different stories about liposuction and I wonder if it is safe for me because I have mild high blood pressure (but is controlled with medication). I trust she knows what shes doing. I am on my way today to get my blood work and EKG! Wish me luck...

I am excited and nervous...everything is ready. I...

I am excited and nervous...everything is ready. I faxed over my blood work and ekg and eveything looks good! I wonder how many surgeries Dr. Cardenas performs in one day. I hope I am the first one in to get it over with, haha. I plan on posting before and afters just have to figure out how. Does anyone know if US customs gives people a hard when you tell them you are oging over to Tijunana for surgery? I heard they ask more questions when coming back. I am going back to Canada so I am not sure what I tell them about this trip, do i say I am travelling for surgery or for leisure?? I dont need them trying t stop me from going to Tijuana or asking me 100 questions when upon my return...or maybe they see this all the time and I have nothing to worry about. Can someone please tell me there experience with customs and what they told them....

Hello girly's I am so excited this week for my...

Hello girly's I am so excited this week for my surgery. I have been taking my vitamins and exercising 6 days a week. I go through phases of excitement and fear! I started reading about people who had tummy tucks and are battling on going infections....this scares me so much. I am hoping the Cipro they give will whelp keep infection away. Can anyone share their experience with the spinal anesthesia? Do you remember being in the or? Did you feel numb right up to your chest? Do they sedate you first and you not remember anything?? LOL I am such a chicken BUT I am not backing down. ***TEAM CARDENAS***

I am 18 days away!! Yikes..I wrote Fatimeh today...

I am 18 days away!! Yikes..I wrote Fatimeh today is a big panic. I dont know what to do...I havent been losing the weight I planned to but I dont want to change my date. I have been weighing myself at home and working out twice a day for over an hour everyday...but early this week I decided to weigh myself on a doctors type scale and it on THAT one I weigh more then I thought! I hope my home scale isnt wrong but chances are the doctors one is the correct one...this really upsets me because although I am under Dr. Cardenas cut off for weight (200lbs). Most of my weight is in my stomach and breasts and I wear a size 14 pants.. I know the more I weigh the more risks I have! What should I do people??. I want to keep my surgery date,,,maybe I will just keep working out and eating healthy and hope for the best when my surgery date arrives!


I have not been on for a while due to personal family problems...I am saddened to share that I could not make my surgery and had to rescedule it for October 9....I have made some great friend son here and am so happy to see they have gotten their surgeries the week I had planned to get mine. At the same time I am soooooo disappointed that I am still on this SIDE on not on the flat side. It is heart breaking to watch all my friends be so happy with their results and I am still here waiting.. The next time I am able to get work off isnt until October so I guess I will have to wait. I would love to hear some updates...UGHH, I guess now I will have to redo all m y medical tests....Taek care everyone and I hope all your healing goes well and that time flies for me :)

Surgery October 29th!!

I am now in for October 28th..I told Fatimeh if I chicken out this time I will simply not reschedule anymore. I cannot keep stressing and cancelling. I am excited ad h ave bee trying for some time to lose more weight because the results will be better. I am torn between losing weight and eating healthy. If I diet I worry I am not getting enough nutrients. There must be a way to do both! I would appreciate any info or advice that may help...I am SUPER excited and keep trying to be positive!


In exactly 2 weeks I will be getting surgery! I have so many mixed emotions but more excited than anything. I still need to pick up a few things. Can anyone give me a any ideas on how they managed their luggage in the airports post surgery? I plan on taking some a medium size suitcase I can pull on wheels and will make sure it is not too heavy. If anyone can offer any info or tips I would greatly appreciate it.


In only a week it will be my turn...I caught a stupid cold from one of my children and I hope it is gone by the time I leave :(...I would not want to have to cancel again...It cost me a extra $400 for flight changes each time! Also my luck could not get any worse...I just realized I will be on my darn period on my surgery date. Did any of you ladies have surgery while menstruating?? How do they deal with that??? I am all prepared and am trying to keep positive. I have looked up risks, complications and all the gory stuff...(I really have to stop torchering myself) I was so nervous last week but it almost seems I am more calm this week. I guess I have finally quietly submitted to my decision. It is something I really want and I also feel my stomach needs this. I am still on the fence about bbl with tummy tuck...I keep reading where it is best to stage them and it puts up risks of surgery itself. I am at a point in my life where I am healthy and I think there is no time like NOW....this is the youngest and healthiest I will ever be so I might as well get er done while I can enjoy living in my body for once rather than hiding the rest of my life.

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