Excited Beyond Words - Can't Wait for a Booty!!!! -Tijuana, MX

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Ok...so I have been stalking the site...I will be...

Ok...so I have been stalking the site...I will be getting Lipo w/fat transfer to Buttocks..aka Brazilian Butt lift. I am 37 yrs old, 192 lbs, and 5'6. I am hoping to go to Dr Campos Leon in TJ Mexico. Probably stay a ClubMed for initial 5 days then move to a local hotel as my Mother will be with me.

Welp..guess I am still looking for a Doc

So I have been busy the last couple of days...I used the BBL recovery supply list in the Guides section of the site to begin purchasing all my recovery supplies...let me first say, I am the thriftiest shopper ever...lol....I pretty much purchase everything from wally world or a certain "bay"...I have managed to find everything for a bargain including my compression garments...lol...needless to say I think my mailman hates me...all of my stuff started arriving and it's piece by piece...lol..poor guy... Anyhoo...received my estimate from Dr Campos Leon and it was way over what I was expecting...6058...for BBL (yes it included garment, meds, massages, anesthesia, facilities, lipo back, belly) but damn...all I want is a BBL...I have seen several ppl get TT and BBL combined for that price..I understand his prices have gone up but my goodness!!!!! So I wrote back and asked does this take into consideration there are two of us coming for surgery....and Angie wrote back saying discounts are giving to each patient separately...?????

Needless to say I have put some more feelers out there for a doctor...kind sad...I really wanted Campos...love the hour glass shape...who knows...maybe once my sister gets her quote from him we still might go with him...she has a way with ppl...for all I know...based on what I have read on this website...it might be a certain staff member giving bad information...I hope not....she is crushing my big booty dreamsssss....lol....



So I sent an email directly to the info email for Dr Pantoja. ..waited a few days nothing...got on the website & filled out the online form waited a couple days..nothing..my sister called & Tanya said they never received any of the emails. So we emailed again called back to verify the emails were received & she said they were..that was a week ago...has this happened to anyone else?


I am so angry..I am ready to finalize my plans & really loved Dr Pantojas results! Ugghhh frustrated..I just wish the office would get back to me with a quote so I can get my ducks in a row...looks like my sister will be going to Dr Carmenas (I think that's how you spell it) & is completely turned off by the response or lack of from Dr P. I still have hope...fingers crossed. I will call if I don't hear anything by Monday.

still no quote from Dr Pantoja- WTH?????

I've sent about 4 emails..called 3 times...the last call was Monday 12/16..I was told my email was received in Junk Mail but it has been recovered and I would hear something within 48-72 hrs..nothing...I decided one more try from my gmail account on 12/20 since the lady stated the email from my yahoo went to Spam...I receive an automated response on 12/24 stating they would be closed and would respond after 01/02...uuuuggghhhh...so frustrated!!!!
I have a lot of travel plans to finalize and this is really making me panic. I am a control freak, I know..lol...I really want to get everything set so I can calm my nerves. OMG!!!!
Well hopefully the week of the 2nd I will receive a quote. If not I will just have to choose another doctor so I can finalize my travel plans. Sucks because I really like Dr Pantoja's results.
On the flip side...all of my recovery supplies are have been purchased and received...Between Amazon, Ebay, and Walmart..I think I spent $150 and I got everything on the BBL supply list...I have quotes from all the recovery houses and have decided to go with ClubMed for sure!
I am still working out and eating right. I am hoping to be 170 by surgery (late Feb hopefully). Anyone else have this much trouble receiving a response from Dr Pantoja???


YAYYYYYYY!!!!! Finally received my estimate from Dr P!!! So lipo to arms, upper and lower back, love handles, stomach w/ transfer to butt - 3800. I have already sent my deposit for march 5th via PayPal!

So I called clubmed to see about availability prior to confirm my surgery and unfortunately Marvin was not in. I asked the lady if she could check availability for me as I needed to buy plane tickets and there were openings. She said she would have Marvin email me info but I advised her not to worry I had already received the information from him and would reply to his email. I just replied about an hour ago to get my final price and information on how I make my deposit.

So here it is ladies...I will leave VA March 4th and arrive in San Diego at 12n. My mother will fly in from northern CA to be with me the entire time. I am hoping to do my labs after arriving that day (although I am going to get the CBC and Metabolic here in VA tomorrow just to guarantee I can have my surgery). I will have my surgery on March 5th. I will recover at clubmed until the 11th. On the 11th I am flying to Northern Cali to spend time with my family. I will final be flying back to VA on the 14th.

I am so excited! My mother is so excited!! She said she wouldn't miss being with me for the world. She knows how badly I want a butt..lol. Really I blame her, lol. She and my sister are both 5'10 with boobs and butts..i am the black sheep 5'6 no butt...lol. .

Anyhoo! Finally a reality...I am so excited!

March 5th cannot come quick enough

I am excited. My BBL is this Wednesday, March 5th! I am packed. I have confirmed with Club Med & Dr Pantoja. I have checked the weather. ..lol.

So I really don't think it's hit me yet. I am excited but not nervous or scared. I just want to get there & get my new body!

BTW Club Med is awesome!

Dr pantojas office has been great with communication. .i am so glad since the beginning was a little off putting. Club Med and Marvin has been freaking awesome. He is so knowledgeable!

Dr P is amazing

I love love love my results. Staff and Dr out of this world excellent. Club med ladies made me feel like I was at home and I was sad to leave!

never been so happy

1365cc in each cheek! Lipo was aggressive and minimal bruising!

6 month update

I can not explain how happy I have been. I love my results! I haven't lost much. My butt is perfect for me. There aren't any dents or inconsistencies. It is perfect! I am considering going back for more lipo on my upper back and arms. I will definitely use Dr P and stay at club med. I still miss those wonderful women there at club med!
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