Dr.Campos September 17th-2013

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Okay so I'm new to real self although I've been...

Okay so I'm new to real self although I've been stocking this page for months! I've been wanting this procedure since forever. Since I was in high school, but now more than ever. I have a 2 yr old & a 6 month old & now I think it's time for a new body. I deserve it after pushing those 2 out. I been researching what doctor I should go too & damn it's hard. I like dr. J because of how fat he makes your butt look lol & I like dr. Salama because of the same thing but he has more experience with thinner girls. I'm not so thin but I'm not thick I'm just fat, well fat in the stomach area.

But I have a small frame. I weight 135, & I'm 5'3. But the bad part is that there booked for months. I got a date for January 14th with dr.j but that's in 2014 & that's only for my consultation so I said fuck that !! Lol but I seem dr yilys work & dr. Campos work & I do love there work, but I had to go with dr. Campos!! Yily quoted me $3100, which is very good. But I am too afraid to go by myself to the DR. My boyfriend won't go with me, at first he didn't even want me to get this done but now he's supportive but said he won't go to the DR, he said to just stay with campos since he's in tj which I like 8 hours away from where I live. Also he said it shouldn't matter the price, closer to home is better!! I thought about it & he is totally right plus it adds up to be almost the same with flights, food, hotel, medicine, passport , and etc..

So I made my choice with Dr. Campos!! I'm excited!!! I actually called today & set my date for April 24th 2013!! Yay!! But I did tell her if anybody cancels for the last week of march if she can please let me know to switch!! So if any of you ladies want to switch & need more time please let me know!! Thank you I'd appreciate it!! Now I just need to send my deposit within a week!!

So I've been thinking do I need to lose weight or...

So I've been thinking do I need to lose weight or should I gain as much as I can before my big day? Any suggestions? Please help? I been eating whatever lately just because I thought he bigger the better??

So I sent my deposit to dr campos today, Angie...

So I sent my deposit to dr campos today, Angie confirmed it!! & I'm so excited!! Just waiting till these days go by!! I'm just waiting for my lab results to get back so hopefully everything comes back Okay!!! That's my only worry...if they do all I need to get done is my EKG ill be set!!

Does anyone have any pre-surgery recommendations for vitamins that I can start taking for surgery?? Please let me know? I know iron pills & vitamin C but is there any thing else I should take?

Its been a while since i been on here, ive been so...

Its been a while since i been on here, ive been so busy.....
I know my surgery date was supposed to be April 15th but unfortunately I had to change it to September. I got a brand new job, started in March so I just couldn’t leave a month after. I know Bummer, I was so sad….but now that I have my brand new job I have to figure out an excuse to tell them that I will be leaving for vacation or something important for a week. So I will need a week off, just hope they say okay, so I can start planning my trip. There’s no turning back, I already paid my $800.00 deposit. Hope everything works out. On Tuesday I went to my Doctor’s Office for my lab results…PERFECTO!! I’m good to go the only thing NOW is that those results are no bueno!! Ughh they want the results to be within that month of the surgery or a month before, I will double check..So probably in august sometime I will have to have them done again. My dr said my insurance probably won’t cover it!! So I will probably be looking elsewhere. Does anybody know where they don’t charge so much for lab work??? Please let me know!!! Well at least I’ll have more time to pay my balance off!! Oh and if anybody has a great excuse to miss work to give to me please do so lol….i originally wanted 2 weeks but I fell like that’s too much time to miss work…so I’m think about a week or so??? My surgery lands on a Tuesday so I’m thinking of changing it to a Friday, so I could leave Wednesday after work, get to TJ Thursday morning so they could do there lab work on me, & so I could meet DR. Campos & on Friday Have my surgery. Then I’ll have one week to recover until I go back to work.…??Well See??

Ughh I'm so pist. I deposited 1700 into dr. Campos...

Ughh I'm so pist. I deposited 1700 into dr. Campos acct yesterday, emailed Angie my recipet and she emails me back today with saying it is not valid! Wtf? That's $1700!!!! I called her ass as soon as I seem that! I told her I deposited 800 which was my deposit in march & there was no problem then y now? & she said she was going to talk to dr. Campos about it. But for future reference, to do a cashiers check or wire transfer. I guess the bank has been asking questions...too many deposits, they think its something else. I get that but they should warn there patients instead of saying there payments are not valid. All I'm saying is bitch better call me, email me back with saying A-OK !!

Less than 50 days away!!!!

I haven't been on here a while, but angie did accept my deposit. So im glad im paying everything off., right before surgery....Im starting to plan my packing list on what to take, any Suggestions??? I already ordered my Vitamedica Package( Pre & Post op), is okay to take Vitamin C , iron, folate, and Multivitamin or should i be fine with just the Vitamedica??? Please Help!! Now i just Have to book my Labs for sometime mid august. Im so anxious & so nervous!! Its kinda scary , just hope everything goes good with my surgery.

Exactly 2 Weeks Away from Surgery!! Ahhh

I cant believe im exactly 2 weeks away from surgery. I have almost everything fully paid off!! just need one more payment & im done. Its exciting to be so close yet so far from something ive been waiting for.

I have been taking Vitamin C, Iron & Folic Acid since the middle of August. Today is two weeks away from surgery so today I started on the Vitamedica Pre-Sx pills.

I finished my labs last week, & doubled checked with Angie that she received them. Everything looked good she said. Since i have no insurance, i got my bought my labs on www.walkinlab.com, Really cheap comparing to buying them from a regular doctors office. It was $196 for all my labs. So im happy about that.

I haven't made my list but so far i think ill be taking these items:
Antibacterial Soap
Antibacterial hand Soap
Tooth Brush
Vitamedica Pills
Itching Lotion
Loose Clothing
Hair Ties
White-Ts Just In case
Boppy Pillow
Epifoam Board

I know im missing a couple things but i cant think of everything right now.

But Inmy immediate Purse/Small luggage im oacking:

Cell Phone
& Extra Cash but not too much.

8 More Days!! Excited & Nervous!! Before Pics Uploaded

I just uploaded some Pictures...I for sure have no ass. I have big boobs and my lower body has no fattening, it just all stays in my mid section. Hopefully Dr. Campos gives me a ass, at least ill be able to get rid of my mid section...finally!!!! I know results depend on the fat cells if they survive or not, i hope they do.

2 More days!!! Excited!!!

I leave at 3 am tomarrow morning!! Since I live in Cali I will be driving with my mom. We're not strangers to tj, we know our way around. We wanna get there in the afternoon so we can get some tacos & relax the night. I have already packed but is there any thing else's that anybody recommends just in case!!! Quick question is te Betadine used to shower before surgery or after????

Tomorrow is my big day!!!

Omg I'm soooo nervous now!!!! Wish me luck!!! & please pray for me!!! I'm so nervous!!

Made it to the other side.

Well first off. We got lost. I called the office & Angie came to pick me up. We then did the paperwork $ I paid my final payment. After that they took me in & I undressed my self . Then I think Isabel came in & gave me to pills, one to swallow & one to put under my tounge. Minutes later dr. Campos came in, he was examining me & took pictures. He then said I needed a tummy tuck because I had loose skin. He said I can just do the lipo but I cannot perform an aggressive lipo but if I do that all the left over skin will look really ugly. He did the lipo & he said he was going to make it look normal but unfortunately he couldn't go really thin on my waist. Then they took me to go lay down In the surgical procedure room. They put me to sleep & after that I don't remember anything util I woke up on my stomach side. I can hear them but I think they were putting on my garnet . Once done they put me on panther bed & took me to the room where I had to wait for the anasteshia to go away. I felt so uncomfortable & I couldn't find my place. I Told them I need water they said they couldn't give it to me because I could faint. They took me to the restroom so I could wash my face. I felt so much better. They were trying to get hold of my mom but during that time which felt forever, I was in pain. Finally asked to get dressed & my mom got there. We took a taxi, I laid on my stomach on the way up. I'm at my grandpas house now, I will be leaving Tuesday hopefully sooner. I had to take 3 pill for pain even tho they only recommend 2. But that s the only way I got rest & able to sleep. I will post some pictures.... & the me your opinion? My mom said I look better in person

I love my new body!!

Love my body!!!! I have hips & a big butt! Dr.campos did an awesome job. Today he took my drains out! & he even said I look good. All the nurses said they loved how my body looked. Of course he said my body is still going to go down but that I will still have an hourglass body but much smaller!!! My boyfriend & my mom took really good care of me!!

Ps: does anybody know when we can start having sex? Lol
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