Why did I do this to myself? Ruined my body for what?

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Hi there girls! So, I've been stalking...

Hi there girls!

So, I've been stalking realself for a while now, looking at all ya pictures and stories and ya'all helped me make up my mind - this is something I definitely want to do!

I'm 21, 5' 9", 138 heavy, and never had any work done.
As you can see from my photo, I have an ok shape, but my butt is far too flat for my liking and I constantly feel uncomfortable because of it. Now, I know that I'm probably going to have to gain a lot to proceed with this - but the thing is, my weight gain never goes to my tummy, it gets stuck to my thighs, hips and upper arms. So I have no idea if this is going to be possible even with weight-gain cause I read everywhere that the tummy is the main donation point.

I'll learn more after my consult tomorrow I guess, but I'd really really appreciate any advice yo gals might have for me!

Just updating the photos

Just updating the photos

So, I had a consult with Dr. Aslani. And he was...

So, I had a consult with Dr. Aslani. And he was awesome!! A charming man with a wonderful sense of humor but also struck me as quite the expert. We agreed that a huge behing would be both unattainable and just plain wrong on my body. Now girls, don't get me wrong,I love big butts (and I cannot lie XD XD ) but one's gotta set realistic goals for oneself and take into consideration what she has to start with. And I neither have enough fat nor would a big juicy shelf fit my frame at all. =/
But anyway!
Dr. Aslani and I decided to go for a slight increasement with fat he'll scoop out from my flanks, abdomen, inner thighs and upper arms. He quoted me 6200$ which I think is reasonable enough.
Now I've got to gain some weight and not freak out that I'll be looking like that for months to come. Weight gain I love you not! But a girl's gotta do what a girls gotta do.
Oh, and I need a date! Hoping for March!

Lots of changes over here! I decided that...

Lots of changes over here!

I decided that even though dr. Aslani is awesome (and I can't stress this enough!) I'm probably gonna end up with booty greed and accordingly go for round two.
But I don't want a round two! This is my first surgery and I'm praying to Lord Almighty for it to be the last, too. Don't think I'd have enough strength (not to mention the time and the money) to do this for the second time. So, hoping to get all that I want from one go I decided to go to a doctor more likely to give me that - though that means traveling across the Atlantic and taking my brand new booty on a 14 hour plane ride. Yikes. Don't know HOW I'll do it, but I'm gonna HAVE to do it.
So, there were a couple of docs I was interested in.
Cardenas - gave me a great quote, said she could guarantee a at least 600 ml transfer to each cheek (I know, I know sounds way too little for the most of you gurls - and I'd agree but have to remind myself that I don't have all that much fat to begin with) buuuut, she only wanted to do my upper and lower back, flanks and abs. And my upper back's like as bony as possible, you can see my spine for heavens sake! There is literally nothing to pinch there, let alone lipo. And with plenty of thigh fat I have available, that was just no good for me. Oh, she said that she could do the thighs as well, but that I'd have to pay extra. Maybe I'm being stupid, but doesn't seem fair to charge me the same as she does the girls who actually have stuff to suck out on their back. So, that was a no. Still think she's a great doctor and a sweet person.
Campos - I was packed up and ready to go to Campos. Man gettin so much love on the boards and showing some dammmnn good results, I thought that's it, gonna choose him! Yeah. He got back to me after a two week wait for the quote sayin that I don't have enough on me to lipo, let alone do a fat transfer and that even if I gain, I ain't a candidate. To say that was a bummer's understatement of the century.
Yily - she very in right now, lots of girls going to her, getting some spectacular results. She's new, but seems like she really knows what she's doin. Got a great, great quote from her, she said she'd do as many areas as I'd like to get as much fat as possible for under 3000 $. And I was all for it, Yily gonna be my gurl! Then a reality check. My ticket to the Dominican Republic would cost me almost as much as the surgery. Air companies are INSANE! If I could get a better deal for the ride there, I'd be all over it. As it is - no Yili for me. :-(
And last but not least - the darlin doctor Pantoja!
He and his team, they all seem so genuine and sweet, I LOVED them! Just got a real good feeling from it all. We agreed on doing pretty much a bit of everything - flanks, tummy, arms, inner thighs, outer thighs, knees. And for $3,500dlls, I was on board! So happy! My date's March 13th and I'm praying to God that all will go smoothly and that I'll be able to go then. Me and my husband both need to get at least 10 days off work, so that might prove problematic, with his job especially. I'm puttin coins aside and am hoping I'll be able to cover it all. It's a bit tight, but I think we're gonna make it.

Got my iron and my vitamins up and runnin, taking them for about 2 months now I think.
I am freaking out about my garment to be, cause I have no idea what they'll put me in and how on earth it's gonna fit. I'm really tall, my waist's 23 (more 24 and a half now that I'm pigging out. Bloody weight gain.) and my hips 38, so when they make my waist even smaller and ass bigger, where am I gonna find a garment to fit that? Looking at online charts, nothing sounds even remotely usable. What to do??!
And, the foam and board thing.
Where should I find those in Europe?? No one ships here, or if they do the shipping prices are just ridiculous. What can I do girls? Please help?

P. S. I'm gettin fat and NOT happy about it. I know, I know, I need it for my lovely butt to be, but I feel disgusting and yucky and my once cute face went bye bye. 2 more months of this. Lord help me.

Long time no see

Hi girls!
I was supposed to have my surgery a long time ago, but unfortunately due to some family issues I had to cancel the whole thing. Thankfully things are getting better now so I'm starting this all up again. I'm also sorta thinking about dr. Aslani once more. His recent stuff looks pretty fabulous, and I did really really REALLY like the man when we talked. He's such a sweetheart. And since he started doing bigger transplants in the last year or so, I'm feeling drawn to him again.
Anyway, just thought I'd update you all.
So sorry I was out for so long and didn't answer any questions, things have been hectic to say the least but thankfully it's all better now.

20.09.2016., deposit paid, Aslani here I come, FINALLY!

It has literally taken years. So many setbacks, work primarily - I'm a runway model and just couldn't gain that much and risk scarring so my agent was very much against it. My family also objected, thinking I'd ruin my career. Well, now that I'm older and a bit heavier, high fashion is no longer my primary career choice alas. Or fortunately, if you look at it that way, I can now get my body to relax weight-wise and finally get the but I always craved.
So, now that I'm 24 going on 25, I finally paid my deposit with Aslani and started gaining like crazy.
I'll put in a photo of me just before the crazy weight gaining started.
Keep reminding myself it's for a good cause at least.
Le sigh.

I sorta feel like I ruined my body

This isn't much of an update, I was just going through year-old pictures of me and just felt that in my desire to improve what I already had, I ruined my body with all this weight gain. I gained 14 kilos in a year to do this. That's 30 lbs for you girls across the pond. And it still might not be enough for a substantial BBL result. And I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to get this body back cause I've never, ever had a BMI higher than 21 in all the years of my life. It's almost 23 now and I have two more months till my surgery date and I STILL need to gain loads more. This could be just PMS talking but I'm just so sad right now.

23 inch waist, 41 inch butt picture update!

So, I ended up with 900 cc's, not bad considering the final BMI was 22.6. I actually lost some just before the surgery cause my nerves were killing my appetite.
Aslani was amazing, wish I've seen a bit more of him since I've only ever seen him just before the surgery. But he's a busy man so I do understand it. Amazingly charming guy, he calmed my nerves right down, I thought he was all you could want in a doctor.
The team was lovely, even the quiron nurses some girls complained of. They all took good care of me. Special kudos to Noelia and Alvaro, those two were so awesome, I loved them both so much.
The butt looks pretty good right now if I do say so myself. I didn't love it when I first came out, I was so bruised and swollen all over, I doubled my usual size. The swell hell is real. All my measurements were much larger than preop, even the waist. I couldn't wait for the swelling to go away.
Today I'm 3 and a half weeks out and and the swelling is subsiding finally.
My waist is 23 inches at the moment and the butt is 41.
I'm really tall however, so it doesn't look as extreme as it would on someone more petite.

23 inch waist, 41 inch butt projection picture update!

Just one from the side to show the projection.
4 weeks today.
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