Round 2 Carmina Cardenas. Tijuana, MX

I am going for round 2 with Carmina Cardenas. I...

I am going for round 2 with Carmina Cardenas. I want my arms, sides and inner things liposuctioned and the fat transfer to my butt. I already have had a tummy tuck with lipo to my back and fat transfer to my butt..... but I want my butt bigger. I was 174 the day of my last surgery and as of today I am 158. I am 5'4. I had my labs done already and I'm ready to go on 12/1/2016.

While I had moments of panic after my 1st surgery mostly because what my family was telling me and getting me paranoid, I can say that everything that dr Carmina told me was accurate and she is sincere and honest... if she thinks something is wrong she will have you come in and check you out, ease your mind and fix it.

I completely trust my DR.

Wish pics below.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Just amazing attentive, patient, informative and responsive.

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