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Ok ladies, Ive started a new review because for...

Ok ladies, Ive started a new review because for some reason it would not let me change my Dr. Originally I was gonna go with a local Dr. in Phila. Gattlieb, but after much research done on this site I am going with Cardenas. I will post my online quote and questions that I had answered by Fetimeh below. I will be very glad to answer your questions.

If you are planning to have your surgery until June next year, please send your updated pictures around January for a revised quote that might or not increase a little bit.

For the type of procedure Dr Cardenas suggest you the best Anesthesia is Epidural, because you will be only sedated and not depending on any device to breath, another important thing is that the nausea minimizes as well the pain, I am telling that because I have had 2 TT, and the recovery from the first one with General was the worst, as soon as I woke up from the surgery I start to fell all the pain, horrible. In my second TT, I had Epidural with sedation, I never felt anything not even when Dr Leyva was putting the was like 3 seconds, and I woke up and everything was done and no pain!!

Dr Cardenas prescribes Tramadol with Ketorolac and Ibuprofen 500mg for Pain.

The quote given to you was for a full/extedend Tummy Tuck with the BBL, if you only want the ETT without the BBL (Lipo and FG) the quote is for $4800dlls. Including and excluding the same. Quote honored for 6 months.

Please let me know if I may assist you with anything else.

Kindest Regards

Ladies I am just not sold 100% on the BBL. I need to see what it would look like a year from the surgery. I just worry that if it doesn't turn out right or I lose too much volume I would have to do it over. I want this to be a one and done kind of deal. Unless its for my Breast Lift :-) I know I would like a rounded butt to accent my new waist line, but nothing too extreme. I'm more of the conservative natural type. I'd have say that sending my pics to Cardenas was big step for me and humiliating as well. So here it is ladies, letting it all hang out…lol

Changed to Cynthia Disla

Ladies, I've changed my doctor toCynthia Disla. I will be getting TT, BBL, Breast lift w/ implant. The cost for all procedures is $5,650. Looking forward to my journey in the Dominican Republic.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Thus far communication has thorough and prompt. i just wish I lived closer so I could go in for a face to face consult.

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