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Hi ladies!!! For starters, I'd like to share a...

Hi ladies!!!
For starters, I'd like to share a little bit about myself. I'm 27 yrs old, 5'7 and currently weighting 190 lbs (the biggest I've been my LIFE). I wear a 38C, 33 1/3 waist & 43' across hips. I know, I'm a curvy girl already. I'm biracial, African American & Cuban & I have a sweetheart for a daughter who will be 3 years old next month! When I was younger I was active & in good shape. I Played sports & stayed moving but With age, having a child, eating fatty foods & hardly no exercise, I found myself on REALSELF.COM. Lol. I've always had a nice shape & a REASONABLE amount of A$$ but i have what is called a teardrop booty. What I would like to have is a bubble butt, completely full and round. I myself, being an ass person wants the EXACT ass that I find myself drawn to. I've already made the decision of placing my dream body wants in the hands of Dr. C. Cardenas. My first choice was Dr. Campos who is also in TJ BUT his team is not the best, hard to reach & FULL OF SHIT.pricing on procedure seem to fluctuate daily & Angie will work you if you let her. I had to pass on Campos Bc I don't like to feel as if someone is trying to work me. I reached out to Cardenas with my wants & concerns promptly after deciding Campos was a NO GO. Fatimeh, Cardenas patient coordinator reached out IMMEDIATELY. She Answered all my questions and addressed all my concerned. It took approximately a week for me to receive my estimate for the BBL and Breast augmentation. Dr suggested I get a tummy tuck, being that I had a child and some loose abdominal tissue. After thinking about it for some time, I decided not to have a tummy tuck. Instead, I will be dieting, eating clean and workout vigorously. NO GAMES. Before going for this surgery, I WILL loose 25 lbs...putting me roughly around 165lbs. I know this will be good for me because I will walk into surgery, In a healthier state. I'm not looking for a miracle I'm looking to be enhanced & freshened up! My deserved measurements are a full DD36, 27 waist (if It can be smaller, I'll be ecstatic) 44' across the hips. I don't think I'm asking for too much. Lol. I'm looking forward to seeing my results. I know this isn't going to be a cake walk...I just want the baby without the labor pains BUT it doesn't work that way. Sigh. Anyhow, I think I'm gonna close this entry And head back to bed before my daughter wakes up. So until next time my BBL sistas, XOXO.

Here are some selfies

Wanted to add a couple pictures for you guys to see what areas I struggle with and intent on fixing. I will be putting some more pictures up of my midsection very soon.


Here are couple wish pictures.

A more In-depth breakdown of my surgery cost

I wanted to let you guys know that I am planning on going with a close friend of mine. We both have already put down a $500 deposit and made arrangements to stay at beauty care with Ronnie for a total of eight days. My quote for a BBL by itself was $4100 but because we're going together and there's a $200 discount that's apply taking the BBL down to 3900. Having multiple procedures Done at the same time, creates a greater savings. The breast augmentation with out a lift is $3000 and having multiple procedures done together there's a $1000 discount.... That is how my grand total for both procedures is $5900. That estimate does not include my arms and inner thighs. When I asked Fatimeh at a later date, how much was the charge to have those two areas lipo'd as well. she told me it was an extra $300 if I decide to get it & that would put my ticket for my surgery at $6200. I hope this helped whoever was wondering How the pricing breakdown for my surgery. If you ladies have any further questions do ask and I'll try to answer the best I can. XOXO

Eager to start this weight-loss journey

I decided that I'm going to commit to a 60 day challenge of working out six days a week for 90 minutes a day. My daily caloric intake will not exceed 900 cal a day. I don't know if any of you ladies have ever heard of a cream called Albolene. Well for starters, it's a make up remover cleanser product but it works miracles in the weight loss realm. What you do is, take a generous portion of the product, rub it on the trouble area(s) your trying to lose And wrap that specific body part and saran wrap. I'm going to be using this on my upper arm as well as my abdominal region. The only difference that will be made with me using this on my stomach is, I'm going to wear a waist clincher while i workout, on top of the saran wrap. This way as the weight comes off of me, my body will also be being reshaped. Some people refer to this as waist training But I just call it simply getting right! Lol. This diet I plan on starting on Monday so, this weekend will be my last weekend to turn up and getting white girl wasted for the next 60 days. I am a social drinker And on the weekends I always turn up...this is going to be a challenge. lol. Moving on, I added a picture to show you guys what exactly All the products that I've spoken on in this update look like. Feel free to check it out if you're interested. And anyone who decides to use these products To help aid with their weight-loss, do let me know! I would love to know how you guys are progressing And I will be in the future, posting updates of my own progress. Until next time ladies, Take care! XOXO.

More pics

Diet started today...

Despite being on my cycle and having a horrible cold I still started my diet today! It wasn't easy to start today for there were so many obstacles in front of me but nothing was able to stop me from Starting this diet!!! I'm currently not in the mood to go into great detail about what my workout consist of, I'll save that for another update. Wish me luck ladies on my Weight-loss journey. Pray for me.

32 DAY AWAY! Prepping and getting organized

Hi bbl sister!!!!!! Time is flying and I'm getting more and more anxious! I have a late entry in some time. Had a lot going! my daughter's birthday Took a lot of energy out of me. We ended up having her party at the LA zoo and it was lovely. Also are you get my bedroom...Down to the carpet & painted the wall. Just so after surgery and once I come home, I can be comfortable and at peace! I'm working out Extensively now. It's CRUNK TIME! I still have 15 pounds to lose, and I know I'll reach my goal. Currently working out six days a week for an hour and a half. While working out, I'm sure to wear my waist clincher and I'm doing my homemade body wrap under it. The wrap and the ways clincher does the trick. If you want to sweat your stomach away definitely buy the way's clincher and wrap your stomach. Four of my friends have purchased one since I started working out with mine. Anyhow, it's been a while since I've posted a review and just wanted to let you guys know what's going on with me. I am prepping my body for surgery and is taking several different pills daily...They include: Folic acid, vitamin C, fish oil, prenatals, arnica & iron. I must admit that since I've been taking all these vitamins, when I wake up in the morning I am ready to go. Even before I eat my breakfast I feel much better than I did before I started taking these guys. Once my surgery is over I do plan on continuing to take, not all but some of these vitamins, because I feel so much Livelier! I took the liberty of post the picture of everything that I'm taking for those of you that are interested in knowing. Moving on, I have began to purchase a couple things to pack my bag. Center things bought this for my list include:
Bio oil
Scar cream
Antibacterial wash
Cottonelle Flushable wipes

So far so good. I do have other things that are on my list that I intend on purchasing in the next week or two. The goal is to have my bag completely packed a week before Im due to leave. Ladies and I say again, I am VERY excited! Now I'm starting to have dreams about ass...lol. It's ridiculous! I know a lot of ladies speak on happen booty greed after they've had surgery, but I believe I've already hit that point. I've gone from wanting a nice full round booty to now wanting an ignorant ass. Lol. I'm still trying to figure out how big I want to go. I'm at a place where I'm looking at 1200cc in each cheek. And being the size that I am currently, that should be attainable.
Okay, so the last thing I want to touch on is my lab work. I have my lab work done a week ago. I went to my primary care physician and had them done. I should be getting my results between now and next week. I am anxious to see a lab results because I took them the day after Halloween. I got fucked up on Halloween so I hope that all the alcohol I drunk the night before does not affect my results. Smh. Well girls, I do plan on posting two more entries before I go into surgery just to let you guys know where I stand and what ass I've selected as my wish picture. Hopefully I will have come to a decision by then. Lol. Until then, you ladies take care. Xo.

Useful instructions for after having a bbl

I chose to post this, because it's informative and I think anyone who's having a BBL should read this. I feel as though you can never know too much about what to expect once having had this procedure. Enjoy ladies and take care. Xo.

• Going Home: You must have someone drive you home after your surgery. It is strongly rec- ommended that you have someone spend the first 24 hours with you. Resume your usual diet and drink plenty of water and juices.
• Pain: You may experience some soreness after your procedure but should not have any significant pain. You can take extra strength Tylenol, 2 every 4-6 hours as needed. For a more restful sleep, you can take Benadryl 50mg.
• Activities: Quiet rest is recommended immediately after surgery. After surgery, do not drive or operate hazardous machinery the rest of the day. Do not make any important personal decisions for 24 hours after surgery. Later in the day or evening you are welcome to take a short walk if desired. The day after liposuction you should feel well enough to drive your car and engage in light to moderate physical activities. You may carefully resume exercise and vigorous physical activity 2 to 4 days after surgery. It is suggested that you begin with 25% of your normal workout and then increase your activity daily as tolerated. Most people can return to a desk job within one to two days after surgery, although one must expect to be sore and easily fatigued for several days.
• Garment: After liposuction, a garment is worn to hold the absorbent pads in place and to provide mild compression that encourages the drainage of the blood-tinged anesthetic solu- tion. Do not remove the garment until the morning after surgery to take a shower. When the garment is first removed, you may experience a brief sensation of dizziness. Feeling lightheaded is similar to what you might experience when standing up too quickly. Should dizziness occur, simply sit or lie down until it passes. Dizziness may be prevented by remov- ing the garment slowly.
• Beginning the day after surgery, the garment should be removed daily to permit you to shower and to wash the garment. The garment and binders should be worn day and night plus an additional 2 to 3 weeks after the drainage has stopped. This is usually about three days. Discontinuing the use of the garment and binders early may result in more prolonged drainage. Because of the comfort it provides, many patients will wear their elastic garment longer than 2-3 weeks. Wearing the post-op garment for more than the minimal number of days is of no significant advantage in terms of the ultimate cosmetic results, however, some patients wear the garment for additional days or weeks because of the comfort the support provides.
• You should expect a large volume of blood-tinged anesthetic solution to drain from the small incisions during the first 24 to 48 hours. In general, the more drainage there is, the less bruising and swelling there will be. For the first 24 to 36 hours, bulky absorbent dressings are worn under the garment. After most of the drainage has stopped, you need only place thin absorbent gauze dressings over the incision sites that continue to drain.
Wound Care and Bathing: Keep your dressings and incisions clean. You may remove the dressings 24 hours after surgery to shower unless you have been instructed not to do so. Shower once or twice daily. First wash your hands, then wash incisions gently with soap and water. Afterwards, gently pat incisions dry with a clean towel and apply a dollop of vaseline to each incision. Apply new absorbent dressings until incisions have stopped draining.
DO NOT apply ice-packs or a heating pad to skin over the treated areas. DO NOT apply hydrogen peroxide or plastic Band-Aids to incision sites. DO NOT soak in a bath tub or take a sit down bath for 10 days.
DO NOT get in a Jacuzzi, swimming pool, lake or ocean for 10 days.
• Do not expose the skin incisions to sun or tanning beds for 1 month. Wear a SPF 30 on the incision sites after they have healed.
• Bruising: Bruising is minimal with the tumescent technique but some is to be expected. It will resolve with time. More serious bleeding may result in hematoma formation that will cause pain greater than usual. Small hematomas will be absorbed. Large ones may have to be aspirated or drained.
• Swelling and lumpiness: Swelling due to the inflammatory reaction that occurs with all types of surgery will most likely occur and will take several weeks to fully resolve. Small lumps and bulges will improve with time and massaging these areas will help.
• Numbness and itching: You will likely experience sensations of pin pricking, crawling, itching and numbness that usually disappears after a few weeks. Itching of the treated areas for several days after surgery is common. To help relieve this, you may try taking Benadryl.
• Slight temperature elevation during the first 48 hours after surgery is a natural consequence of the body’s reaction to surgery.
• Scars: Incisions will be red, pink, or reddish purple for 3 to 12 months but will generally fade out. Some people, for genetic or inherited reasons, may develop thick, wide, depressed or elevated scars. Your previous experience with scars should be an indication of how you will heal.
• Post-operative asymmetry: Some asymmetry and small bulges may occur from edema or swelling. It usually improves after 3 months. If it doesn’t, small areas may be treated under local anesthesia in the office.
• Washed-out feeling or fatigue: This can occur from loss or shift of large quantities of body fluid containing salt and other electrolytes that is the result of fat removal, surgical stress, and anesthesia. Drinking a large quantity of fluids before and after your surgery will help avoid this.
• Pigmentation: The skin may appear darkened from blood pigmentation. It will usually lighten in six months to one year. Avoid sun exposure without sun block.
• Skin Changes: With improved techniques and instruments, sagging, wrinkles, waviness, and dimpling of the skin have become mush less common. Skin that is tight and firm before surgery, will probably remain about the same. Loose, sagging skin before surgery may tighten up a bit, but often remains loose. Indentation due to excess fat removal is a possibility, but extreme care is taken to try and avoid removing too much fat. If this occurs, it may require fat transfer.
• Be careful to not wear really tight clothing or belts around the waist if this area was liposuctioned until most of the swelling has resolved and the area is near healed.
• Psychological response: You may experience some post-operative depression or “let down” which can occur after many types of operations and this is a natural phase for some peo- ple. Remember the healing phase may take several months. Feel free to discuss your sur- gery openly with your family and friends, who often don’t understand the benefits of lipo- suction and the necessary healing time. They may make uninformed comments, which can create emotional conflicts and put doubts in your mind about the surgery. Reassure them that you alone elected to have the surgery to improve your self-image and well being. Rely on Dr. Bigelow and her staff to tell you how you are progressing.
• It is important to keep all of your planned post-operative office appointments.

Please keep these instructions on hand for reference until you are completely healed from your procedure.


I apologize for having so many typos. I hope you guys can understand what I'm talking about. Smh. Lol. I decided to speak my entry today on my iPad. This voice recognition thing clearly hears what it wants to hear. If anything doesn't make sense are you need me to clear something up, please leave me comment & I'll happily answer. ;)

Time is flying!!!!!

Hi bbl dolls. Ladies I'm too pumped about dec. 9th!!!! Lol. I'm working out like crazy and is taking my vitamins daily. I started taking my vitamin regimen exactly 35 days before my sx date. I've been picking things up here and there so, I don't have too much left to get. Maxi dresses, panties, fruit cups, apple sauce, Gatorade and compressions socks I have gotten since my last review. I will be packing my goodie bag next week. Still not sure about buying a garment off ebay bc Idk what size I'll need post op. I'd hate to waste $! At this point every dollar count. Also, Before the end of this week I will have my lab results thankfully. I'm Anxious to see my results and see if there is anything that I need to work on. Girls have a blessed rest of the week and I'll continue to keep you all update. Xo.


Hey bbl sisters.
This will be a short & informative update!
Good news ladies, my bbl traveling buddy and close friend just put me up on this awesome savings. I had to share this with you guys...after all we're on this site to help & learn from one another. ladies, can get a free nursing pillow on www.nursingpillow.com . Pick a pillow and at checkout put in promo code: family2013 & the pillow is absolutely free !!!! Only have to pay for S&H which is 12.95. You can't beat it!!!! I updgraded to the MINKY pillow. It's softer than the cotton pillow so there is an extra 4.95 plus my S&H. Ladies YOUR WELCOME! Save as much $$$ as you possibly can... I know I am! Love you guys and I hope this was a help.

The scare with my lab results!

So ladies, I received word from my primary care physician, that my thyroid levels were considerably high. Someone with healthy Thyroid level does not exceed 4.5, where as mine measured an 8.49. Everything else in my lab work came back good and clear. This was the only thing that presented itself a problem for me. I faxed over my lab results sometime last week. After hearing absolutely nothing for a week, I reached out to Fatimeh via email to see if Whether or not the doctor had gotten a chance to review my lab results. I was told today by a young lady at dr. Cardenas office (don't recall her name), that granted my thyroid levels were high it was not going to cause me to have to cancel my surgery. She then went on to express that the doctor would call me once she was out of surgery, To further discuss my results & her concerns with me. Also she requested that I sent over my T3 and T4 lab results. I went to my doctor and requested a copy of the T3 and T4 results. Results from my T3 and T4 labs came back clear and everything is in good standing!! sigh. So now I'm just left with a high thyroid level, and my doctor prescribed me medicine for my condition. anyhow, I went ahead and fax the results over to the doctors office and notify them via email that they had been sent. I made sure that I sent what was requested of me by the doctor, over before the time in which we were scheduled to talk ... which was around 230 to 3 PM. They let me know that they had received my fax And told me to wait for the doctor's call. Dr. Cardenas, didnot call me today but she did email me back tonight and told me that she would be certain to get in touch with me tomorrow. Today was an emotional roller coaster for me. I'm glad that everything went smooth and I expect nothing but good comments from the Dr. Tomorrow. Lastly, I posted a picture of the items that I purchased today on Amazon.com. I have about four more things that I need to purchase before I will be completely finished with my checklist! Yay! PROGRESS! PROGRESS! Until next time. Xo.

Time is Winding down

Hi ladies, I started packing my bag yesterday. I have purchased everything that's necessary for this trip. There are a few items that I'm still waiting to receive via mail that I purchased on eBay. I'm very excited and exhausted at the same time with the thoughts of my new ass. LOL. Took the liberty of purchasing my arm compression garment as well as the stage one garment, with the butt cheeks out. Referred a picture to see items. Also I took a snapshot of a couple of the items that I'm taking with me. Very happy that my cycle started today Because that means that it should be finished by the day of surgery. This was a concern of mine because who wants to go into any type of surgery on their cycle. Not me! Smh. Well, I don't have much spare time, so I'm going to wrap up this entry. I look forward to checking back in with you guys and let you all know what's going on with me and my journey. I can't wait to share my post op photos with you guys and Sharing the way in which I'll be nursing my self back to normal. You ladies take care and XO.


It's the morning of and I can't sleep. I'm going to try my hardest to get some rest. Smh. I'm here at beauty care and I'll be the first surgery of the day. I'm due to go into the office at 7:45am. I'm sure this will be the last update I make on real self before surgery. Next time you all hear from me, I will be officially a big booty goddess. Everyone please pray for me. God bless and talk to you guys soon. Xo.

1300cc in each cheek and 150cc on my hip

I am very happy with my results. so far so good and I'm feeling great as well. Everything went extremely slow Mr recovery isn't easy thus far.I've been in and out of sleep all morningyet I still feel well rested.if I had to do it all over again, I definitely would. My butt is full and natural & my waist is nice and slim. happy to know that I will be taking a shower today. I'm still here at the doctors office. Myself and my friend to spend the night here and will return to the recovery house later today. I am a little drowsy because my nurse just came in and gave me I'm morphine. Booty Greed is real however I'm sure as my waist continues to shrink I will be just fine with the b*** my doctor gave me. my current measurements at this point is 35- 29 -46. I am still swollen so I do look forward to seeing myself in the next weeks to come. It's only going to get better. I do have some faggy skin around my abdominal region but I do want to give it a chance to retract on his own some. If in the next 6 months I'm not satisfied with my stomach's progress I do you plan on coming back and having a tummy tuck. One of the ladies at the recovery house shows myself and my girlfriend her body for days post op tummy tuck and bbl. She looks fantastic. & I think that is what sold me on reconsidering the tummy tuck. Dr cardenas is very truthful and honest. she told me right off the bat after viewing my pictures of myself, that I was a great candidate for having a tummy tuck. her advice to me was to have that procedure done. But at this point my heart was sold on having bbl. She was very sensitive to my needs and listen to everything that I had to say. There was no rush and after reviewing my pictures she assured me that I would have a rack and lovely figureonce she was done.I was first to go and found myself more excited than nervous. Probably the reason for my being excited, was because she said that my goals that I have walking into the procedure, were all feasible.all I can do at that point on I was just smile. after surgery, when I woke up the doctor was at my side. She told me that everything went well and she was happy with the results. She gave me information on the amount a fat she transferred to my hips and butt. My behind received 1300 cc each cheek and my hips 150cc. she made my day. Gave me a hug and told me that she would see me tomorrow. hi did in fact decide upon arrival, to have my arms and enter thighs lipo as well. Those areas look phenomenal. I took the liberty of posting a few pictures and I plan on posting meant. Keep in mind that all these photos are less than a one day post op.Well ladies, that's it for now but I do plan on coming back within a weeks time and giving you guys an update and sharing more pictures and my progress. Hugs and kisses until you hear from me again.

typos galore

Surgery went extremely well and I'm feeling great. Bare with me ladies and my many typos. Going back to bed now. Xo.


300cc on each hip and 1300cc on each cheek. just wanted to share a picture with you guys. It's been a long week but I'd do it again if you asked me. It is so worth it! Still healing. I'll keep you guys posted. Xo.

feeling much better now

I must say that this recovery is long and hard. Everyday you experience something different but It does get easier though as time passes. my best to me has gone down significantly yet it still looks awesome. I'm getting a lot of compliments already and I love it. I went ahead and bought a personal massager that comes with nine different attachments that's doing the trick for my hard spots. I can't seem to keep you guys updated the right now all I wanna do is rest. With Christmas approaching, I'm still going to attempt to cook...sigh. not looking forward to it though. So happy Holidays to everyone and until next time, Xo.

loving my results....but considering a round 2.

Dr did a great job considering where I came from. I'm very happy with my results. When I get more done work by this doctor? Most definitely I'm actually planning on having other stuff done is the next two months. My current measurements is 35 29 45.I get to start working out next week and I'm very excited about that. I do miss it alot. I am personally considering going for round 2. Not because I'm not satisfied with the size of my butt but because I care to have more lipo done on my abdomen area. in my eyes it's still somewhat bulky. having this surgery has definitely been a great way to start my plastic surgery journey. It has made me very comfortable with the thought of going through with other procedures due too this one, having gone so smoothly. Happy New Year ladies and until next time take care. Xo.


Hi ladles! It's been some time since I've posted on here. I'm 4 Months post op And I thought it would be awesome for me to share how I'm doing and looking. First off, I'm still happy with my results. DR. CARMINA CARDENAS did a great job! This surgery has definitely made me want to have more work done because my 1st experience was a great one. I must say that all these pictures of me that are posted under This entry, is me without having dieted. I just found a trainer who I will be start working out with MAY 1st. I haven't been eating correctly and I have been blessed to still look this good overall. I hope this helps you ladies with your decision making process when considering Dr. CARMINA CARDENAS. I know she doesn't have many reviews on her BBL'S on this site. However, know you'll be in good hands if you're interested in having this procedure done with her. Feel free to ask me any questions. Btw, I do plan on going back to this same doctor for my tummy tuck and breast augmentation work the end of this year. So I will keep you guys posted on that upcoming event as well. God bless you all and take care BBL sisters!

more pictures

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