1yr & 5 months PO with Dr Salama 4/13/15

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Hello, So I have been searching this site and...

So I have been searching this site and MMH for about 1yr and finally made an acct last month. I am 26 yrs old, married and have 2 boys. My oldest son is 9 and my youngest son is 1 1/2, I haven't really been able to lose all the baby weight. I had a really tough pregnancy and had to take a lot of medication and gain a lot of weight. Anyways, I never had a butt or any hips, I'm shaped like a square and I hate it! I had my boobs done when I turned 20 (a birthday gift to myself :), so I am no stranger to surgery. So since I have no booty, I sometimes wear my patted underwears lol. Three yrs ago on valentines day I was wearing them and my husband grabbed my ass in front of a couple of people and said out loud "oh you are wearing your fake butt ?". I was so embarrassed and just said no I don't kbow what your taking about this is my butt. Oh he got it when we went back home...he's so mean lol. So needless to say I have been thinking about having this done for at least 2 yrs now and have been researching doctors for 1yr now. I really fell in love with Dr Campos hourglass figure and Dr Salamas big butts. I live in San Diego so its way more convenient to go to Tijuana and do my surgery than to fly to Florida and get my surgery. I sent my pics to Campos an got a quote stating that I need a ETT, there's no way I am getting one....I don't have strech marks. I am a little over weight than I would like to be but not obese. So of course I replied stating I was not interested in a ETT and if I can have another quote with lipo to my stomach and Angie replied saying lipo would not help my stomach and they couldnt do it...WTF that made me mad. We emailed each other back and fourth but never resolved anything. I got sick with the flu last week and lost only five lbs but hey its something right. Well I took new pics and sent them with a different email (couple of people from here recommened me to do so) and got a different quote smh. This quote was only 20 dollars cheaper but it included abdominal lipo and some massges too. Of course I had to book it right away lol. So now I'm scheduled for 6/17/13 and I think i'm going to stay at club med for 5 days but not sure yet. Oh I forgot to mention I am 5'4" and weigh 160lbs, before my last baby I was 130. I hate being this big but hopefully I can lose 20lbs before my surgery. I just got membership to Chuze fitness and I really like it there, so 4 months to go....I'm so excited lol

I just received my passport today yay! There is...

I just received my passport today yay! There is nothing really new. I'm going to try to schedule a consultation with Dr Campos because I don't want to wait for the day before surgery. I want all my questions answered and I want to feel comfortable with my decision I am making. I will try to post some pics of myself tomorrow since I am on ny phone right now.

Attached some pics.

Attached some pics.

Not sure what's going on with Dr Campos office

So I emailed Hannia last week about the money I wired into Dr Campos account (because she called me the day before asking my blood work and remaining balance) and attached my receipt. I asked her to confirm that she received my payment and never replied to my email, so I called the office. She told me that she couldn't confirm my payment because it had to go through the accounting department. Well the weird part is I spoke to her like 3 months ago and she told me there was no way they know if you made a payment unless you attached your receipt since they didn't have access to his account but now they have an accounting dept....sounds a little weird to me. I wired the money 2 weeks ago and they can't confirm they received the payment, I have Chase banking and it only takes 24hrs to go into his account. I told her she needs to let me know if they haven't received my money so I can dispute it with Chase since this is a large amount of money that don't want to lose. I have 4 weeks left and I don't need additional BS. I know other girls had problems with this but dam they need to get their sh** together. Well anyways I just order my vitamins and bought my waist cincher. There are two websites that have affordable garments.

Team Campos

So one of the websites is www.vedettestore.com

Second one is www.orchardcorset.com

I am also ordering a pee funnel from www.go-girl.com. I'm going to buy a robe and I think I should be ready. I am doing my labs this Thursday and I hope everything is good. Oh I did buy an extra garment and abdominal board from lipo express before I know about the websites I listed. Well talk to you guys soon!

1 week away! Team Campos

So in one week from today I will have my surgery, this is getting real girls! I'm getting nervous now lol! I had my labs done two wks ago and everything is good. My hemoglobin is 14.4, those iron pills did their job :). I actually went to my preop on Saturday and met Dr Campos and ladies he is so nice and sweet! He actually gave me a discount that Angie forgot to include (that doesn't surprise me that she did that). I had complained that people were getting different quotes and she said that Dr Campos said it was okay to give me a discount. I asked her another question and she never replied back to me so I sent her another email with a different account and got a different quote. So the discount never applied to my new quote but he remembered that he said it was okay to give me a discount. He also signed my new quote, he is really nice! One mad news is that he told my skin on my butt and hips are too tight and I make me like my wish pics but I understand that isn't a realistic wish pic. He said he would put in the max that my body will take and he said that will probably be 1000cc on my butt and 200cc on my hips. Which I am okay with that but if he can fit 1500cc on my butt that would be awesome! I am just scared my fat will be absorbed. Oh yea when I was in the waiting room I saw 2 patients of his and let me tell you they were very curvy! That made me very excited but scared because one of the girls seemed to be in a lot of pain but her body looked so good! I also met Selena from Clubmed and she is so nice! I know I will be in good hands with Dr Campos and Clubmed! One more week left...omg! Well ladies I will update the day of surgery. ...talk to you soon!

I'm so nervous now!

Well tomorrow is the big day and I'm so nervous now, I feel like throwing up :(. I am barely packing right now, I know its kind of last minute. I'm having second thoughts now, I'm kind of scared. I'm nervous of the epidural and waking up. I know I panic when I can't feel my limbs (I panicked when I was in labor with my second boy). I also don't want to wake up while having surgery either. Then I start thinking what if something goes wrong and I die...I will never see my kids or family again. Oh man, I hope everything goes well. Keep me in your prayers ladies. I will update you guys tomorrow.

I made it to the other side

I'm a little sick from the meds. I dont want to write a lot right but I will later.
He are some pics

I made it to the other side

I tried to load so pics but I couldn't

I tried to load some pics but I couldn't. Let try again

more pics

one more

2 wks PO

Hey ladies, I know I have been MIA for a while but I have been going through some things. We had to put our two dogs to sleep on my son's second bday. It was horrible but I don't feel like talking about that. Well about my surgery, I knew I was going to panic with the epidural. I was laying on the bed and I couldn't feel my limbs and for some reason I felt like I couldn't breathe so I told Dr Wizard I couldn't breathe but he kept saying yes u can, u are breathing right now. I kept no I can't breathe. So he lifted my head and I kept saying I still can't breathe and then fell asleep. I think I woke up like 3 times throughout my surgery. It didn't hurt at all I just felt them working on my back and butt and when they were doing the lipo on my chin. I heard Dr Campos tell his nurse he put 1200cc on each cheeck and then I replied oh you put 1200cc on each cheeck and he said no go to sleep and I did lol. I woke up in the recovery room and I wanted to leave so I got up and the nurse got mad and told me to lay down. Selena picked me up and took me to club med. I don't really remember the ride there. When I got there Selena told me that Angie said I did not have my post op meds in my quote and I would have to pay extra $125. That really pissed me off because I was prepared for her. I took all my receipts and emails and even labs. Angie did this because I was all druged up and couldn't defend myself. So one of the nurses called Angie and told her I did have the meds in my quote and Angie looked again at my paper work and said oh she does. Angie said she would leave my meds with the security guard since they were about to close and another nurse from club med would pick it up. Well guess what, she lied again! She never left the meds with the guard and I didn't get my meds. The next morning we called and Angie denied everything and said she left it with the guard. Alicia was able to pick it up for me and of course Angie never even apologized. Going back to the day I arrived to club med (day of surgery). Fabiola was so nice to me, she was there for me when I was throwing up (just like my mother would do if she was there). She also made me a delicious chicken soup! I was able to walk and pee on my own from day one but my body really hurt! The first two days are the worse, ur body hurts and it feels really tight. On the third day I wasnt taking pain meds anymore. Ladies please take your vitamins and arnica pills, I think that's what helped me a lot. Its so hard to get off the bed the first two days, you really need your arms and legs! So if you are getting lipo on your arms and legs I feel sorry for you lol. I really loved club med, they treat you like family! I wish I can bring them home with me! They cook for you, help you shower and wash your clothes for you. I don't know what I would have done if I wasn't there. The view drom my room was so beautiful and I saw dolphins :), it was a great experience there! Maripaz also goes over there and you can purchase massages with her. She is the best, she has 16 yrs of experience, so it doesn't get any better than her. The lady with Dr Campos is also good but I think Maripaz is more experienced in lymphatic massages.

I got lipo under my chin and I have developed fibrosis there. When I went to my post op appointment Dr Campos told the lady to also use the ultrasound therapy device on me so the fibrosis can go away. So now I am going back to TJ once a week for my massage and ultrasound therapy, I hope it does correct it because it feels really tight on my neck and I really cant move my neck side to side. Thats the only thing I am regretting, the lipo under my chin. Other than that I am really happy with my results! Well ladies I will update later, take care and hope everyone gets tje results they want!

forgot to add this pic

almost 5 weeks PO

So I will be 5 wks PO on monday. My stomach finally feels normal and so does my right side of my waist. The left side still feels a little stiff and weird when you touch it. My back is still numb in some parts and swollen too, hopefully it will be normal by 2 months PO. The botton of my chin is getting much better with the ultrasound and massages that I am getting at Dr Campos office. I also had some scar tissue on my stomach and that is also getting better with the massages and ultrasound therapy. I am very glad that I did this but my bootie has gone done so much that I think I will need a second round to get the results I want. Which I really don't want to do because of the pain and money lol. Overall I look much better than what I used to look like because I had no hips (my hips would go in instead of out lol) and I had no ass at all, very sad lol. I forgort to mention that he took out 4 liters of fat and put in 1200cc in each butt with hips (he doesn't say the exact amount on each butt and hips its a combo amount). I am still not sitting on my butt. At work (I have a office job) I sitt on my thighs with a rolled yoga matt and when driving I use a bopppy pillow. Oh yeah my stomach looks pretty good for not getting a TT because Dr Campos recommended one and he said i would have saggy skin but i dont think so. Epifoam and the board does its job pretty well! Well I don't really have any other things to say.

3 months PO

Hey everyone. Well I'm three months post op and I like my results but I will probably end up doing a round two. I want more of a bubble butt and Dr Campos did tell me my skin was too tight to give me the results i wanted. Its so important to keep up with your massages and wear your garment with your squeem for at least 3 months. I only use the foam and board at night and my stomach looks flat but my back is still a little swollen. I still don't have all of my sensation on my stomach and I'm kind of worried about that. I knew that was a possible side effect of lipo but hopefully it comes back. I have a lipo express garment that was never used (I only tried it on and it was too small). I only ended up using isavella garments, so I will probably be selling it on eBay for $45. Well that's it for now. Take care everyone!

3 months PO

4 1/2 months PO

Hey everyone. I am almost 5 months PO and I am feeling normal now. I will from time to time feel my side really tight but I just give myself a massage and then everything feels fine. I still don't have sensation on some parts of my stomach. I still wear my squeem during the day and my garment with at night. I really do love the shape Dr Campos gave me, he is the king of hourglass figure. I don't feel like any other doctor can give you that shape. My butt is nice but I want the bubble butt so I will be doing a round 2. I probably will be going to Dr Salama for my round 2 because I feel he can achieve the bubble butt even if you have tight skin. I don't regret going with dr campos because I love my shape but I am lacking the roundness on the bottom of my butt. People are telling me that I am crazy for wanting a round 2 but I just want a bubble butt with an upside down heart shape. I have attached some pics

almost 5 months PO

Adding pics of my chin.

Round 2 with Dr Salama

So I decided to do a round 2 with Dr Salama and I so excited and nervous! My surgery is scheduled for 4/13/15. I previously had a BBL with Dr Campos in Mexico but my ass is still flat on the bottom of my butt, I do love the shape he gave me and overall I do look alot better than before. I have seen amazing results from Dr Salama with patients with tight skin and he has given them that upside down heart bubble butt I am looking for. I think I might stay at their recovery home but I am still not sure. Any other ladies having surgery on this day with Dr Salama?

Tomorrow is the big day with Dr Salama

So i arrived to fort Lauderdale airport and Justin picked me up and took me to the recovery home. There are 4 other girls here and 3 of them already had surgery and they look great! I can't wait for tomorrow, i will update tomorrow after surgery.

One Month PO Dr Salama

It's been a while since I've updated this. I've been really busy with work and getting my massages. I get them twice a week and the lady i get them with is awesome. If anyone lives in San Diego and needs to get massages, just let me know and I'll give you her info. She has 14 yrs of experience and even worked with a plastic surgeon in the past. My skin still hurts in some areas and my sides and back still feel tight. My stomach has some scar tissue but we are working on those and hopefully they go away. Here are some pics. Oh be ready for people just starring and making you feel uncomfortable. I sometimes feel it's too big because of stupid people just staring at me but I try to not let them get to me. I forgot how horrible it is not to sit down, can't wait for 3 more wks.

1 month PO Dr Salama

Here are some more pics

1 yr & 5 months PO with Dr Salama

I haven't updated in a long time, i think it time to give a lil update. My results are amazing but I kind of feel my ass is too big. I get a lot of attention and it's not always good. I feel like a get more positive attention from females than males. Men these days go off on you if you reject them and start saying horrible comments about you. Anyways my ass is here to stay and it never got smaller, no inches lost. Overall I'm happy with my results. I really recommend both my doctors to everyone.
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