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Hey Ladies, this is my part 2 BBL review. If you...

Hey Ladies, this is my part 2 BBL review. If you first want to read my part 1, please click here.


I took my latest measurements and I am now at:
Waist -32 inches
Mid waist/ hips -32
Bootay-43 annnnnd HOLDING!!!
(Loss 2 inches only since sx!)
Weight- 180 lbs

Add five mos pics. ...

To my page....

NOW US VETS can LAUGH abt ......

Things that make us go hmmm as we now can look bck on all of our BBL BLOOPERS : c'mon on and share a quick laugh w me and ohhh you newbies dont crack up at us just yet ....
-first time you wake up and u see your PS standing over you and he says hello and u say well do i got a "phatty"? He/she says yes and tells u your cc's and u pass da hell out....and your PS smiles and says she out like a light!
-or we get up for the very first time and u just pass da h-ll out ....another one bites da dust (due to low iron count dropping frm sx)
-nooo wait ok first day catherter gets taken out and u think u got this just a few steps to the toilet and bam...river runneth over...or u think ok i can let it rip in the plastic cup and dayunmm u miss like wtf???
-wiping your dunkey donk for the first time....lmao know one told you u needed to take "wipingmynua$$ all over again !
-ok ladies hold up dont fall out da chair on this one....single ladies n da house holla bck....ok you haven't told your bf abt the sx and he's mad crazy rt abt now craving yo a$$ cause you've made hin wait 6-8wks to see u or alone GET SOME and u mke him mke "WOOPY W YOU w ur garment on talking bout free access bby cause im trying a new loose weight outfit and i cant take it off for 90days!
- or he hasnt seen you, come over wanna hit it and you miss superwoman takes off your garment and have on regular attire and while sitting visitong w him a white cloud comes over your head like ' i sho'll cant wait til i take you tired a$$ home! Lol cause you are dyeing to get bck into your one and only undeniable, irresistible LOVE AFFAIR you have with your COMMPRESSION GARMENT! AM I WRONG ABT IT?
-or trying to mk the room so darn dark rt b4 your woopy session bcz your nosey dont let nothing pass him abt your body and you trying too keep your TT scar unseen and out of sight for the brothas thats up on the PS tip.....rt!
- your first night out pn the town and u sit all funny style not trying to ruin dem fat cells.....
-the first four post opt days and its time to take a shower and get out pf your garment ALLL ALONE...hello somebody!
- ok TT girlz....u forget and bend over ooouch! Or significant other tries to slap dat donk and you think you can run! NOTTTT....hilarious!
-sleeping in pur "praying hands" position trying to avoid smashing our hips or sitting on our new donky donks but not realizing the hubbies are getting turned on by the minutes cause all that new untapped territory! Yea they want is to get well soon but they got those lil white clouds tooo!
-ok getting p/u frm the PS clinic and the RH driver picks u up n a darn SUV and you cussing they a$$ out like no tomorrow under your breath saying they know they needed to bring a sedan, low rider or sumtin!
-going thru the airport security and every fine a$$ TA knows oh here comes another sx pt in her decorated designer wheelchair that ndds to be pat dwn! Lol
- driving for the first time using a boppy pillow and your head is too the roof of your car looking like herman da.....
-first day back at work and just when you think u got this your boss calls a 2 hr mtg....dayummm u must get up every 45mins!!!
-airplane ride home and we sweating bricks thinking how da sam freaking heck ur not going to squash our new donky donks hoping we all could get a whole row to lay on our semi side or tummy for those non TT ladies!
Ok So I Hope you NEWBIES enjoyed our VETS reflecting on how far we've COME n GROWN over the last 6-12mos! Yesss we can look bck and LAUGH NOW but BCK THEN WE WLD ALL CRY n our secret monents at how n da h-ll did we put ourselves thru this here! Things WE girlies DO to REMAIN BEAUTIFUL BOOTIFUL BUTTERFLIES ....smooches!


My honey says ....u go bby!! Go SEAHAWKS!!! RAIDER DIE HART.....BBY!! Ok on the serious tip....ladies u can do this! The bbl sqiats really work But im nit gonna lie .....they hurt like all get out!


Why RS blocked NJPRBEAUTY's page whn she honored every request and posted she doesn't ndd to advertise on RS is puzzling????
Help me plz to understand why RS doesnt SUPPORT QUALITY RECOVERY CARE FACILITIES for every member on here becz post opt care is just important as the PS and it should go hand n hand! Vets and members ild and new what are your thoughts of this?
Well i guess my journal will be next so ladies its been great meeting all walks of life and sharing the same common goal "enhancements of our God given NATURAL BEAUTY!" REMEMBER one thing abt me in what i ve always quoted to each and every doll, hater etc " you are all already beautiful and wonderfully made in OUR CREATORS EYES but YOU just have to BELIEVE N YOURSELF that you're already SEXEE!

SHUT da FRONT DOOR .....!!!

Look who is a "REAL FRRIENNNNND" !!!

"Happy 6mos BIRTHDAY to my home grown PHATTY!"

Hello bootiful butterflies! I thought I would nvr be able to get bck online to update you ladies and share the latest hot off da hot sizzlin' press w all the long awaited 411 bcz of that ole red devil trying to pull up n my driveway and park...we aint got time for that rt ladies! First these long grave shift hours i have been wrking, then my internet goes dwn for an entire week and im like NOT NOW! I must update my journal and let the ladies know i jad to roll up on em TJ ya'll...yea this sexeeangel can only take so much thing its own n crackalacklin OAKLAND BOOTY STYLE...HEE HEE!
SO I NVR HEARD bck frm Dr. P...NOT ANSWERING his PRINCESS? OH NO WEEZE NOT HAVING THAT! I was on the nxt BIRD SMOKING! See er gonna quit all this emailing nck n forth to the middle man and let me have my PS address my concerns face 2 face bby girl and tell me his logical explanation on his actions and not your opinonated advice or saying repeatedly "did u send an email w pic?"
So i arrived in TJ, my driver picks me up at the airport and we roll out to dr. P's office! Omg i've nvr seen TJ so cold!! I arrive at the clinic...OMG MS......U LOOK WONDERFUL! WE DIDNT KNOW WHO YOU WERE! DR. P running late as usual but whn he comes thru the office foor e that charmful smile of his and great big hugs one tends to forget abt everything he/she orginally came to accomplish! BUT OH NO DA HECK WE DIDNT, NOT THIS TIME! I HUGGED HIM BCK BUT LETS NOW GET dwn to business and explain to me what,why and how come this big lil sexee bootay of mine seems to come n go as she pleases? Why is this discoloration on my belly button so dark and how long is healing time or is this a mild seroma?
Dr. P stated there was no seroma, not to worry and complete healing is up to a year! He went on to explain his technique n how his bbl 's just dont start out like they end in six mos " fully developed in its newly designed shape, its a growing process as the swelling goes dwn my shape defines every month!!! Dr. P went on to compliment me on my overall "natural yet sexy physique" as my wish pics displayed to him. I advised dr.P that in prder to acquire this shape i had to do lots of hard extra wrk like "Bbl squats now up to 200"! Dr. P liked to have fainted and said...plz stop doing those ASAP! And while ur at it ...NO MILK, CHEESE, CABBAGE,RED MEAT, COLLARD GREENS, BANANAS ,SALT, BROCCOLI. etc now have you to know whn he said collard greens i was threw! Ik so dr p n getting to thr nature of this this visit as i was pulling off my garment the orginal one he gave me just a talking saying and i have done everything possible to avoid a " REVISION/ROUND 2!!! DR. P looks at my shape and says, " let me get your file, i will get bck w you n about a week!! I THOUGHT SO....LOL!!!! SO STAY TUNED DOLLS and let me share some pics w you ladies! I am wearing one pair of my jeans that fit all others are waaay too big. I went frm a size 16 to a 14 and now ladies a SIZE NAUGHTY NINE! AND OOPS DOLLS I HAVE ANOTHER SECRET TO TELL U NXT MONTH ABT what had happened in TJ AS A RESULT OF MY "DRIVEBY" ...hold onto your seats!


Loving on ME some ME!

Last pic.

Didnt take...lets try again!


One mo!


Hello dolls! Well Dr. P returned with an email stating the same information he referenced in an email months ago before he seen me n person on FEB 1st 2014 for my 6mo follow up. Do u know where this is already going right?
Dr. P said he will address my concerns and he now understands my issue but he will charge me an additional 1700 bucks to REVISION his error!!!". Like whattttt?
Ok here is my issue, HOW MANY TIMES is it going to take to GET IT RIGHT? B4REAL and QTMOMMY (now mew body) is my witness that i explained to him that im not a R2 patient! Buddy ole pal u got one time to do yo thang up n here on this temple and precious cargo of mine cause im the biggest bby when it comes to needles and my body is very sensitive to and disruption like sx and i take forevvvvvvvvvver to heal! When i met w Dr. P on the morning of my sx, i asked him to explain the whole prpceedure after he looked at me and sd ...." you dont have enough FAT!" SHUT da FRONT DOOR .....!! I sd as i was thinking w that white cloud over my head doing the MADEA saying I oughta jump across this beautiful maghony wood desk and WOOP YO ....! I said DR. P you told me to loose 15-20lbs and i told you that I am tall amd i am not obesed looking w my weight and i think you need this fat! I said w some women we cant go by the doctors chart they use to calculate bmi but now that im here what do u suggest on how im to achieve "projection" i desire? Ladiessssss right there he should have NOT been all abt the Benjamins and sd let me refund you for the TT and we just do AGGRESSIVE lipo, FAT TRANSFER AND BBL! Not take my money and not explaining to me that if he does the TT HE THROWS THAT FAT AWAY cause he cant use it in the buttocks area! I was a newbie once and u ddnt have anyone on here to go put of their way to say no sexee dont do the TT!!! This is why i reach out to ladies advising them whn it comes to our PS ....dont allow him to waste your fat by telling u do the TT first and then end up not having enough "VIRGIN FAT "for your BBL paying all that cheese for 300-700cc's!!! So now that i have no fat, he didn't fo aggressive lipo like he should have on my upper back bra flanks, arms and nvr touched my thighs bcz he said it's a dangerous area where our main artery is in our leg! So you live and learn and i have learned the signs of a conservative PS and a PS that will do the dam thang don't play like dr Jimersen says and Dr. CARDENAS oooo that lady is AWESOME n bbl's. What you say is what you get and she WILL tell you w/o selling you a DREAM!!!
Now ladies dont get me wrong ....Dr. P is the MAN for TT AND S CURVE! MY TT is flat as A TWO BY FOUR PC OF PLYWOOD ANNNNND HIS TT SCAR IS THIN AS F--K!!!!! I've seen a lot of TT scar lines and im kool! I am happy with my natural S curve hour Glass figure, my tt is off da mofo chain, although i had to work much harder than most, i appreciate my enhanced beautiful SEXXEEEE body that i had prior to sx much more and loving me for me just as i am! I must be doing something right bcz i got men, turning taking second looks, dropping their food doing to much!! Women coming up to me complimenting me, men offering to go out of their way to buy me lunch, dinner etc! I met a cardiologist surgeon so who knows what my future may hold :)
Ok now the secret i've been and holding onto til i heard from Dr. P....SO i also had a consultation w dr. Cardenas who was rt around the corner from dr.p and she is so dwn to earth, took her time w me and gave me her real and true honest opinion on what i shld do to address my concerns! She stated i look absolutely GORGEOUS annd everything is in porportioned and please dont gain weight to have surgery for no one bcz they will ndd "VIRGIN FAT"! Thats taking a risk Bcz that fat will go to areas that no doctor will be able to take and transfer it to the desirable area! She sd im sorry i didnt find her first becz she wld have been more aggressive in lipo to at least give me 1400cc's weighing 189 at sx! After spending two hours w her she had her husband pick me up and gave a tour of their "BEAUTY CARE RECOVERY HOME" and ladies it is set up for your entire family to come w you! Which is very nice! Real nurses and a nurses station and ambilantory services 24/7 on call! Reclining beds also! Great menu! Call them or keep them n mind! So round two for me and who will do my REVISION? STAY TUNED DOLLS! AS for now i have a trainer who os almost 99.9% sure dat 700cc bootayyyyyy will be dble her size by AUGUST 12TH,2014 NATURALLY! IM wearing a size 9, i m n a small squeem and slowly sloooowly graduating from my garment bcz i still ndd COMPRESSION!!! I will post monthly!


Lookout fellas ......summer looks like it has lots of surprises n store for ya! HOTT OF DA PRESS!
CONGRATULATIONS to Vanity Vixen on her RN graduation and HAPPY healing to my RS sister Elli80 our beautiful butterfly which its her "SHOWTIME" to blossom and shine! Im haapy for you both!


WHO DATTTTTT! So by now you all may have guess that i'm a southern bell at heart w citifed sexee flava n my fabulous foxy forty's!
Not only are we CELEBRATING MARDI GRAS but CONGRATULATIONS to all the new PHATTY'S being born today! Welcome to the big bootay side dolls!


Hola mi amigas! Thought i forgot about you? No i have just been busy doing way to much CARDIO.....LOL! OHHH but not rhe cardio that you all are thinking of...hee hee!
So now no big changes n my seventh month just continuous beautified fluffing from the booty Gods and um grateful to get an over abundance of bootiful blessings to come my way! I can truly see and reap the benefits from it! Ive slowed up on the squats to see if the fat is withholding from all my weight loss from eating clean n lean! Im not trying to loose but maintain my weight at 175lbs but i keep loosing???? Oooh 2 much heart2heart? Lol! Im up to 5 hrs straight n my size small squeem and my male friends all say they can see difference by saying....'dammmmm girl look at all that waist and....need i say more? Hmmm this spring break let alone SUMMER MADNESS this year is going to be off da chain!
So for ladies that have reached their year anniversary anddddd had both TT , MUSCLE REPAIR and BBL at the same time........When does that feeling needing compression finally go away? Although my TT is flat as two by four piece of plywood and no lumps or bloated, it still feels like gello on the inside until i put on my SQUEEM and stage one garment! Im dwn to only eight hrs in my garment!
Well im off to packing to get ready for my cruise nxt month so maybe they'll be some updates w pics of whats in store for my 8th month anniversary n my bikini on the islands w my island men! Toodles chicas, divas and sexi bootiful dolls!

Hate phn memory ....dont u?

I could have sworn i typed....look at that small waist and all dat.....
Well most of u all got!


Congratulations to my girl " YOKAST2011!" Yes doll live your dreams! Ladies if you have not stopped by to read her journal you're all missn out a great inspirational journal for all of us ladies to step out of our comfort zone! So proud of you YOKASTA2011!!!
Ladies this proceedure, lifetime investment and exciting move that you have decided to take requires much PREPARATION, RESEARCH AND INVESTIGATION and last but not least PRAYER!!! When you have decided and determined to live your best life going forward for whatever time frame we all may have left on this earth there is no time for rushing or guessing when it comes to choosing the best PS surgeon for your priceless and precious TEMPLE! One PS may be great for one person or not the other but best for your chosen desires just dont make your final choice too soon! Ultimate goal is too match a PS with your beautiful body as it already is prior to sx so that the "ENHANCEMENTS "that your chosen PS will give you fit u like none other and it will be done right the first time around! (Don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong w revisions or r2's, but those wish pics of stars they paid for many revisions to get to their final result) The cheapest quote and the biggest bbl is not always the best or final solution to your ending result of what your natural yet beautiful sexy flowing desired look on YOUR BODY should be! Remember this if nothing else YOU are UNIQUE and GOD created a masterpiece when he formed you n your mothers womb, so dont rush into anything dolls! Live your dreams, dream BIG, step outside of your comfort zone do YOU and live your life like its GOLDEN...we only get one chance at it!!

7 1/2 month "WASIT TRAINING ...U SQUEEM,

I squeem!" Lol hi ladies thought i might share with you how this small waist squeem is working although she ia doin da dang on thang to my waist line ..oooh wee if i can just get to my eighth hour! She baddd ya'll but she wont get the best of me ....i want that 29inches bad! Lol It makes big daddies suga project more n more! But im grateful at 30-31inches if God says so!
Now the picks u will see are me n my squeem w no stage one garment one but i do still wear it becz my tummy area feels like jelly ndding more compression so im listening to MY BODY!!! The last pic is of my scar of all that's left....i have to give dr. P credit foe a wonderful incision line. I used bio oil and scar jel together twice a day and it looka like i will NOT be needing a tattoo afterall like dr cardenas and dr.p both stated! My tummy is flat on daily bases but that day and once a month i must eat me some broccoli and have me a pepsi! Lol So i wanted to share what eating those bloating foods will do but it goes away after two days and what doesnt OMG my LYMPHATIC MASSAGE THERAPIST will drain the mess out of my abdomen! U shared her infoo for the cali girls if u want to look her up n part one of my journal!

Tummy ...

Didn't take ...try again....

Often Times Forgotten and NEVER MENTIONED ...

RS sisters that are new community members as well as dolls who are planning on having REVISIONS:
1.FIRST PRIORITY if TRAVELING ABROAD to get surgery .....Contact your PC to get your immunization shots that will help your bodies fight off INFECTIONS/ DISEASE! !!
2. GET a full complete physical so your PC will be able to advise you if you should have this elective surgery and an ideal candidate from jump street!
3. Make me heal- pre opt vitamins and post opt vitamin pac sold online (MMH.COM) why i stress this is becz this combo has everything you need for before and after our sx and ot boost up our iron levels. Yes its for forty-five days after our sx but hey i'd rather be covered completely than NOT AT ALL TO FOREIGN PARTICLES when it comes to our TEMPLES!!!
4. Dont just decide on sx then call and book ur appointment in the nxt 60days! Allow thosr vitamins to set in, establish "lean n clean " eating habits if u are one that ndds to get within 10-15 pounds of ur bmi or ideal weight n order to have a successful sx results. Then after sx it won't be so hard to cont to eat that way after sx!
5. Noooooo soda before midnight b4 ur sx.... TT patients!
6. JT Tubing- find out if the PS uses them bcz if u know u may NOT exercise proper ETIQUETTE while wearing and sleeping in your drains a PS that doesn't bcz NO u CAN'T reinsert them...INFECTION and now that you're home u have now become a liability to the doctor n the USA!
B.To help ur drain stay in place,my nurses made a waterproof tape seal around it. The square bandages look like a letter U or u can mke them w clear taping! Its ok dolls just another bbl blooper their are some of us who are sugar ray lenords n our sleep then their are others who lay rt n place and sleep CUTE like we do when we get that new HAIRSTYLE/QUICK WEAVE! LOL!!
7. Garments -are make sure u order the proper STAGE when ordering or reordering....ask the clerk bcz we ndd that proper compression for our ABDOMENS in order to work hand in hand w that BEAST of a SQUEEM/WAIST QUENCHER for our waist training!
8. Dont go buying all that unnecessary items like that peeezee ....just get an old plastic big gulp cup from home and pack it, it will be ur best friend shoot half of that stuff we NEVER get around to using! All those clothes we do get around to even wearing cause us TT patients either dont want to be touched we're sooooo freaking SOAR, we hate to get up but we have too!!
9.LEGGINGS ....CIRCULATION(keep it flowing)
10.STOP SMOKING!!!- during preparation for surgery, not two wks b4 bcz that time frame too short bcz it will only increase your desire TO FIRE UP AFTER SX!!
10 . Practice wearing your CG b4 ur sx date so your body can get used to different texture and tightened feeling!
***RS please consider a "forum "eating so that our dolls can grieve together when we loose one of our dolls and gain an ANGEL! My HEART is so heavy and grieving for our recent loss this past Wednesday ...please join me and our other sisters PRAYER for that family!

Typo ....

Delete......eating, do(dont)
No im no smoker nor a tummy sleeper. I sleep on my side or bck but i have an i comfort bed, so my sleeping wasnt a problem. My inventions i made were to help other TT patients!

Guess who i just talked to.....?

Our beautiful butterfly HAZ_LOVE!!! OMG.....GOD is soooi AWESOME!!! She sounds GREAT and VERY POSITIVE and in a good place now in her recovering! Please keep encouraging her to also update us all so hit her page up w some LOVE!!!!


Well Ms Phatty is holding her own very well and she is a whole wopping 1 more inch.....44inches! My waist still 30/31 at times. My weight still the same so maybe i will see some significant changes n my ninth mo???
I do know im tired of this CG, but unfortunately if i dont wear it my body begins to swell slightly still trying to tuff it out j my small squeem and o ordered another one to work out in becz i have worn my size medium squeem til i can just slide it
I have had death n my family my mothers bby brother paased. so i haven't been online as much Bcz there is no mo u hear me no mo room in the inn! Family is here from Louisiana, Texas and Atl!!! Then the following week n half....PUERTO RICO here i come!
To all ladies that will be having their sx's BEST WISHES ,happy healin and just tell them hasnt seen the last of me/you and the BEST IS YET TO COME! !!


Hello dolls is my recipe and items ndded for our flat tummies :
1. Upon your 14 day post put on your SQUEEM/WAIST QUENCHER/VEST. ..gradually working up to 8hrs, so 1 hr per day + an hr everyday!
2. 6cups filtered water,
3 1 tbsp grated ginger
4. 1 cucumber sliced
5. 1 lemon sliced
6.1/3 cup Mint leaves
Leave the mixture infuse over night and drink it all the next day!!!! Bootylicious!!!!! to come via PUERTO RICO ....bonvoyage dolls!

Vainty!!!!!! For our future dolls here's an INCENTIVE!


8 mo pics...

Let's see if they post? If not KRISTY to my rescue! Those of u ladies who doubt bbl squats.. ..look again! Just takes will power cause u wont see results n two wks, nope dont believe the hype! U can do it ladies! I brought my girl bck from nothing to this! Yes its tuff bcz walking is still CARDIO and w my sensitive body one thing may contradict the other for example: no cardio but if i try to eat fattening foods to see if the carbs go to my buttocks, hell guess what .....rt! It goes to my face, arms everywhere there's no LIPO! So i have to walk to make an even spread due to i have a bck injury so im limited to ways of working out! So i reduced the miles in walking, drink my flat tummy juice, eat clean nlean lean w only one treat a month and let mr. Cardiologist shape n mold her all he ndds!!!! Let me get bck to work....toodles!


From above. .


"If I DO SAY SO MYSELF.....(in my JayZee voice) put it on 'em! I must go shopping at the 5,7,9 store! Pure BLESSING!"?

Cont frm above....

Pics didn't post ....


Here i come and when me and my girlfriends and family arrive Puerto RICO will never be the same again!
Ok dolls let me tell u this b4 my driver gets here... ok WHYYYYY whn i went shopping for my first bikini ever bcz not that i could ever wear i chose not to til my kangaroo pouch wld disappear via exercising w no flap but nvr did! Ok well gets to the store find a cute bottom oh NOOOO SNAP CAKE BOWL TO FREAKING BIG bottoms to. ??? WTF. RT! FIND a booming top cute as all get out, darnnnnn it the girls too freaking BIG! The cutess sexi one i found and bought months ago b4 my trip today was perfect, those new one pcs that are cut out in the middle that showa our S curve like we were made in them! Fudge balla and two snaps, final dress fitting b4 closing my suit case TOO BIG! I LOST MORE FREAKING Weight!!! Pics soon too come dolls, I got you! So i will have to find one on the islands! So be prayerful i find a hot bikini cause it has to be the bomb to go on this precious cargo! So one pc for now! The one pc is big enough for me and you in the waist area! It will be interesting to eat w no limitations on my cruise just to see if it sticks and goes to the right place! Well i'll share a lil secret w u here come closer dont tell no one ok....whispering softly (too funny, huh) too know me is too love me! Just ever as my co wrkers i have them.rolling daily! Ok but im still going to get up and walk daily at 635 am around the ships running track! Rt who does that huh on vacation? ME your big sissy cause bby You all thought my fortys was FABULOUS OHHHHH BUT BABIES wait til u see my FINE SSS FIFTY'S n two years! Yesss baby i get complimented alll the time by men and women shocked as hell im ROCKING it like im around 28-30's dont get it twisted! Hee hee! Pray for my traveling grace (THAT FUN SHIP IS A HOT MESS LATELY and YOUR SEXEEANGEL is used to ROYALTY!!!)as i pray for each and everyone thats healing, sx's this wk and next hugs n kisses beautiful butterflies!!!
Thought for the day : NEVER TAKE SAND TO THE BEACHES ...!

Typo frm above.....

Bottoms to small for my fatty! Fine azz fifty's....ever ask my co wrkrs! Why my old ancient phn i loved soo dearly didnt have nine lives just died on me this week and u all shld see me and this easy its STUPID RT? IM still learning how to navigate throughout the darn phn! So guess what who i thought died out on me came on yesterday wanting so im posting til i link RS NOTIFICATIONS to my new iphone! Nvr get a new phn til after your trip!!


Hey ladies! I'm bacccck! I had a wonderful time in the CARIBBEAN ISLANDS w my family and friends !
Why take sand to the beach when it's ALREADY THERE? Omg lil miss big booty Judy cupcakes SHOWWWWWWED OUT but she did the darn thang...from getting me free drinks (and she don't drink lol) free water sports rides! Just call me the jet ski queen of the ISLANDS! I was approached by all hustlers w their high outrageous prices but when I slowly eased out of my tank top and shorts and other islands I wore just a cover up that hide all the wonderful surprises any island man could ever desire ...the price of those jet skis and banana boat rides were free for me and a great discount for my girls !!! Who is too busy for taking pics? Who does that? Aaaah ya girl ! Right so much action from ms thang who isn't so SMALL anymore kept me busy at all times! So sorry very few pics taken and now that I'm home and it's my birthday month... TURN DWN FA WAT!!!!! Happy 40+ birthday to me DAMMMM I look GREAT I must say myself!!! I will try to get some pics to share for my b day depending on what my Cardiologist recommends lmbo!

Hold tight....

All pics didnt post....

A While Back.......

I mentioned to you ladies that it would be nice if RS would have a GRIEF FORUM do to do many of our beautiful dolls are not recovering from sx and we as RS sisters bond months before encouraging each and everyone and it hurts when we ALL not just the patients family but her RS family as well!
Rs staff felt this is not the proper forum for a grief FORUM so ladies i tried! Maybe there is power in numbers? Thank you KRISTY for getting back to me while i was away n the Caribbean. Is it time for a new page? I cant get my pics to post but dont worry dolls more on the way cause guess who is in JEANS now? Annnd she is holding firm....thank you JESUS n my erica campbells voice! Cause months ago during my early stages of recovery ..."she ndded a lil more JESUS....ya heard"!


Ok third time is a charm, let's see!

A few pics that didn't....

Upload.....trying again . Ok dolls it's our day so enjoy your Mother's Day to the fullest! These pics are n a pair of jeans I had to purchase becz of such a large gap in the back from lipo. This pair still has a gap but much smaller than my jeans I already owned! We all will experience that I guess! I'm just excited over a size nine instead of a size 12/14,or 16 depending on how they are made! To all the dolls having sx this week and especially on my birthday ...CONGRATULATIONS and YOU R GOING TO LOOK FABULOUS !! HAppy Healing!

How many CC's Did I really get ?

Makes one wonder and go hmmm? This pic is me after I lost 30lbs in 2012 and the second pic is after my bbl!

Hi dolls....

I still can't get my notifications to my I phone??? I haven't forgotten any of you beautiful bootiful dolls!


Like the good ole days! Thank you Kristy! Well ladies I m still celebrating my b day so I will chk bck n post as I can and at the sAme time answer over 2400 inquiries, notifications, Pm's etc! So hang n there I will get around to answering all ?'s while I was away and my phone was down. Be blzzd !

"Shout out to our RS sustagurlfriend..."

@futuremsbeautifulbody, thank you that's what real sisterhood is all about!
Ladies let's blow up and shower "BROIKENBEAUTY 'S page up with love, hugs n kisses and most of all PRAYER during her HEALING TIME! We are all here to encourage one another in any way possible whether it's about a future sx or an unexpected incident that only that ole devil try's to steal our JOY!! So in your mark get set too funny huh member that when we were growing up? Hit here page up! GO!!!!!!!

Check this out for new bbl'rs

Not Sure What You'd Look Like With A BBL? Make Rice Sizers At Home [Video]
By Nicole Karlis

All you need are two CD's, rice and panty hose.

Cont from above.....

Gosh darn it...,the video didn't copy for u dollettes. We'll go to the news portion of RS and you should find it their!
One cup of rice is equal to 250cc's!!! I'm now PISSED to the HIGHEST DEGREE!!!

My small squeem is doing its job...

Well becz I have an upcoming surprise for you beautiful bootiful butterflies in my tenth month and after yesterday's bbl blooper that caught me really off guard! I'd thought u all deserved a 9.5 month photo update!
Do I really need a R2? Tell me what you think ? Since I've done do well on my own on being determined to maintain the fat cells I've managed too salvage, can I really tolerate pain if any from another totally different PS? Becz their was no pain w Dr. Pantoja just swelling! Something to think about? Will the fat even be obtainable from another PS in order to achieve my desired 900-1000cc's minus 20% lossage off the top? Some say I have to gain but will the new PS say I have to gain more weight? Shall I even entertain the idea of going to the D.R, staying n the states or quite playing and head out to BRAZILLE and get a real BBL where it originated? Stay tuned .......
But as for now, I'm loving the new me at 48 looking like 28!!! Ok those of u who have gotten to know me outside of RS know I'm a jokster and like to find humor n any situation bec laughter is wonderful food and medicine for our ACHING SOULS AND BODIES AS WE ENHANCE THEM! So as you may have read above abt "BBL BLOOPERS",well yesterday I was questioned abt how to descrease her enlarged VaJay Jay but called ""coochie"bcz she wanted a flat tummy rather than noticeable aah? I literally turned red as a beet w a blank face as if I was asked the million dollar BBL question of the day! Lol.. I quickly replied , I uh I have 99 problems but that ain't one of them! So I told her since her PS DIDNT ADDRESS THAT AREA WHILE HE PERFORMED HER TT as my PS did, try to wear her yoga pants not so tight? Or contact my PS to get the website address to where he gets the garments he gives his patients bcz our garment does have tummy compression and our v-jay jays are out not covered! I'm mean what do u say to a question like that?
Well dolls have a wonderful day and continue to CELEBRATE YOU as I am still CELEBRATING ME AND MY BDAY this entire month!
Welcome to the flat side MS DIVA AND ALL OF DJ's new ANGEL's rocking those fly yoga sweat pants!

Pics won't dwnload ...

Hold tight....

Third time is....

A charm! Pics

Memorial Day Madness!

Ok maybe fourth time is a charm...


Keep ur fingersX.....

Memorial Day Measurements...

Well the pics are being stubborn for some odd reason in down loading but I took my NINE MONTH MEASUREMENTS today...drum rollllllllll:
Yesssssss bby look at them SQAUTS paying off all 200 of them!!! So who's joining me?

Oops .....

I forgot my weight .... 174.5 targeted weight 170!!!!! 150 range is too bony for my body frame!
I know those that are thinking wayyy too hard on it, I am happy for my 44 inches on my booty becz I started off at the beginning of the year less than that so by me doing those SQUATS I gained 2 lbs bck! Boop! Ladies if I can do this SO CAN YOUUUUU! Don't give up if this happens to you, it's not the end but beginning bby doll to a brand new beautiful yet ENHANCED YOU, now DIP BBY DIP!


My pics won't dwn load ???? Kristy to the rescue!!!

LADIES, LADIES , ladies and NEW MEMBERS ....

That have pending sx's! One must prepare YOUR body FIRST w proper preparation w the proper PRE OPT VITAMINS by ordering your vitamins so that you can begin taking them at the LEAST 60 days PRIOR to your Sx date and then what comes in that same package is YOUR POST OPT VITA PACKAGE THAT YOU WILL NEED TO BE ON FOR 45 days after your SX BEGININNG the FOLLOWING MORNING after your SX!
One can order these VITAMINS from MMH.COM!!!! I stress this to all dolls I have given advice to becz one shouldn't even think about going to the D.R w/o having done this step becz you will be TURNED AROUND AFTER TRAVELLING ALLL THAT DISTANCE ACROSS THE WORLD and GO BCK HOME, do your sx w another PS u haven't gotten comfortable w or GET A BLOOD TRANSFUSION and that you don't want and you haven't thought to get your UPDATED INTERNATIONAL IMMUNIZATIONS either???? Please ladies prepare those TEMPLES AHEAD OF TIME!! Your certainly WORTH THE EFFORT AND TIME Doing So!!! The body can't be WEEK going thru such a SX as This! that's a lot of Hard traumatizing impact to our TEMPLES LADIES during SX! Chk out Dr. Cortes surgical video he performs then holla at ya gurl !!!
Gracefully submitted in SISTERLY LOVE!!!!

I DID IT!!!!!! WOOP....

Woop! I hope she stays this way !!! Take a peek....

Trying again...

Take a peek...

One mo time......

Ugggggh! Here we go....

We'll Guess Who's Back Dolls?

Yes.....Mr. NYG himself ! I got him this time ladies ! See sometimes us girlz have to put something on their minds !
Well I did just that this past weekend when he came to take me out for my birthday month celebration . So it's not what I did but HOW I DID IT w/o saying a mumbling word...hee hee!
So he walks up to the palace stairwell approaching my dbl door entry way and he is startled bcz I opened the doors due to my security camera 's let me know he had arrived . He was just a fussing about something he told me to do WHN he's got too be kidding a PRINCESS doesn't do manual labor I may break a nail ! Lol! So he ain't knowing that will be his same "honey Doo " list...feel me ladies! So I swiftly came thru the doors , turned around w my bck towards him and all I could hear and feel was the sound of pure silence!!! Yessss ladies he was traumatized by all dat chocolate AZZ dipped right in front of him! He couldn't fix his mouth to even stop Drewelling!!! I even made him grab his pole after I dropped the keys on purpose and I gracefully bent ova to put the icing on the cake! I slowly walked over to him and he thought I was going to kiss him and hug him with my world famous bby I missed you so much kisses n hugs.....aah he'll naw not this time! I slowly backed up into him grabbing his arm Around my 29 1/2 inch waist and my big Barbie doll AZZ rubbing up against his mister saying "daddy u were saying ?" We better go luv ok your car is running! Lmbo inside but never letting him know I knew he was in silent heat and messed up alrdy! We drove off thirty mins later we arrive at the restaurant . I lay all that AZZ on him on mo time as we await for our table and both men and women were hating on me but us together bcz of my enhancements ! It was my dress and the heavenly back out that enhanced my AZZ like it was nobodies business but MINE!!! But ladies I wld thought it wld be HIS but member oh no he doesn't want a commitment !! Throughout the night he glanced over my waist , hips and AZZ as if he wS studying it like he would his blueprints over a new development he was building on for a client! Yes I kept catching him sneak a peek ! Well we we're suppose to go to the movies after dinner but bec of all of my extra features I had previewed , babes my mr G man had another plan Stan! I said as we were leaving the restaurant there is the theater.... He said baby with yo 20yr old body, AZZ wiggling n giggling every where, no panties wearing heartbreaker that you are and u got me missing your AZZ like a crack heAd needing a fix.....we bout to get home and mKe our own movie !!! And he went on to say and it won't be nutin under a TRIPLE RATED X VERSION!!! Ya'll we pulls up in the driveway, I play lAst one there will......(can't tell ya'll err thang) but before I could say anything he beat me to the finish line saying oh no no late night dip in the pool , strip tee pool playing tonight and baAaaam next thing I knew it wAs NO LIGHTS, CAMERA but ALLL ACTIONNNNNNN! Next thing I know it was SUNDAY MORNING!!! Guess who's going back to PUERTO RICO? I guess I did that! Here is the dress....

SERENITY RH MOVED......,,nice!!!!

New and IMPROVED!!!


So becz of my busy schedule , I don't alwAys get to see and spend time w my dear family so when time permits, even if it's an hour or so family time is priority on my list!
It was such a gorgeous day as always here n sunny Northern California perfect weather to have a "no no TT ONCE A MONTH TREAT, w my bby cousin. We decided to make a few runs, catch up on some girl talk and then chop it up and people watch over some of our local JOHNS ICE CREmery THE BEST and worth every lick as one of your cheat foods"dirty food groups"!
Wellllll now before we even get to our destination, I decided we needed to stop at the gas station to fill up! So my cousin goes into the store to get her some snacks and I stayed back at the car pumping my gas. Well trying too here we go! Now the PRINCESS is not used to pumping gas at all but when I have to omg bend over and slide the card thru this card reader that on this day is temper mental bcz I guess I'm going to darn slow bcz I'm tripping on other folks germs touching my temple!!!! Dolls get those bby wipes and stock up ok babes ! So I forget and sometimes I reAlly do forget all dat AZZ is bck there lol. So from all the way across the street, he made a U turn to drive up to me in the shell gas station to tell me " if he was an officer of the goddam law, he would give me a ticket for obstructing views , traffic and disturbing the PEACE!" I'm like OMG WATT? My bby cousin n the passengers seats rotfo!! He gets out of his black pearlized sc550 Benz asking me gurlll do u workout? I answered yessss twice a day , u care to join me? He gives me his number and says he will be definitely calling me real soon! Chile I was chililaxin in some cut up jeans n off the shoulder black t-shirt and some sandals , wow!
So wait cuzn and I still trying to find out where this man came from in that pretty ass car, we laughed all the way to the ice creamery! But it didn't stop there, my cuzn said now wait "WTF" is this coming at us? Girllllll she says I can't even laugh nor holler cause my dam window down she said aah HELL NAW NEXT TIME I VISIT YOU HEFFA , Yo AZZ wearing a MOO MOO! Cuzn what is it a man woman whatttttt? Lmbo!! It was a man woman trying too dam hard soliciting AVON to us.... Like Really? We both looked at each other driving off screaming laughing ! Cuzn said girl lil miss big booty Judy cutting up this week they all coming out the wood works! The almighty after affects of the wonderful world of a BBL!!!


Please help our RS SISTER "BLESSEDANDFAVORED" she is looking for that other sister who posted she needed a JUNE SX DATE and will switch w anyone going to Dr. Fisher later than June !!! Dolls let's help each other out, so if u happen to see the other person, plz sir plz ma'am let's hook those two ladies up! Thank you all! to me, what's your thoughts ?

VASERlipo Overview
By RealSelf
VASERlipo (also called Vaser Liposuction) is a liposuction device that uses ultrasound waves to shake loose fat cells, which are then removed using a suction cannula.

Some doctors attest that this technique can be more efficient at fat removal than conventional liposuction and more selective (i.e., it disrupts fat cells but not blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue), and as a result, recovery is faster.
The manufacturer claims that ultrasonic liposuction is more effective in the treatment of densely fibrous areas like the back, the post-tummy tuck abdomen, the breasts (male and female), and previously suctioned areas.

Fat cells removed with VASERlipo can often be harvested for use in fat transfer to other parts of the body.

VASER stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance.

Common ?'s about VASER LIPO...

What is VASER Lipo? How does it differ from traditional liposuction?
VASER Lipo is an advanced body contouring procedure that selectively removes unwanted body fat. An alternative to the harsh techniques of traditional liposuction, VASER Lipo uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology designed to gently reshape your body. What distinguishes the VASER Lipo procedure is its ability to differentiate targeted fat from other important tissues – such as nerves, blood vessels and connective tissue. Innovative VASER technology breaks up fat while preserving these other important tissues to promote smooth results and rapid healing.

How does VASER Lipo work?
First, the area to be reshaped is filled with a tumescent saline solution that helps numb the site and shrink the blood vessels (to minimize blood loss and reduce bruising). This solution wets and fills the area to be treated, making it easier to break up fatty tissue with the VASER Lipo System’s ultrasound energy. Then a small probe transmits sound energy to break up (liquefy) fat on contact while preserving other important tissues. Finally, the liquefied fat is removed through a gentle suction process designed to minimize trauma to surrounding tissue structures such as nerves, blood vessels and other connective tissues.

What body areas can be treated with VASER Lipo?
Doctors have experienced great success in treating all of the following areas: abdomen, thighs, knees, ankles, calves, buttocks, hips, back, arms, male and female breasts, love handles, chin, face and just about any other body part you need treated.

How much fat can be taken? Can you treat multiple areas at once?
VASER Lipo allows physicians to treat multiple body areas at one time. A doctor will be able to give you a better idea of what is right for you and how much fat will be taken out during your procedure. Bear in mind that this procedure is not intended as a weight loss solution. The goal is to create a slimmer silhouette. You may not notice a significant amount of weight loss, but you should be pleased with your slimmer new shape.

Where is VASER® Lipo performed?
VASER Lipo is performed in a clean or sterile environment. Some possible options are in a doctor’s office, an outpatient surgery center or a hospital. The procedure can be performed under local anesthesia (awake), IV sedation, or general anesthesia. You and your physician will decide the best type of treatment for you.

How soon will I see my results? What is the recovery time?
This varies with the extensiveness of the procedure—the amount of fat removed, the number of areas treated, and so on. Many patients report that they see results immediately after the procedure with the final result at around 3 to 6 months. It is important that you establish realistic expectations through discussion with your doctor.

Trying to get it back....

Our RS SISTER has an AUG date for SX she needs to switch w anyone who has a June or July 7-14,2014 SX W DR. Fisher!!!!!

Happy 10th mo anniversary...AAW WIGGLE WIGGLE JIGGLE BBY!"

I'm feeling a lil better from my procedure do I wobbled on up to the camera to share w you my tenth month post opt success and payoff from my nineth month 100 squats! Yes ole girl wasn't feeling 109% due to my lower lumbar issues at hand but I will be rt back on the grind in a few days! Now u see the creases in my back that is from me being turned around trying to get ya!ll a good shot of how 700cc's can look like TWICE AS MUCH!! Never give up ladies!
So in my tenth month the swelling is NOW starting to cease! So my body is very slow in healing and very sensitive . I do still wear my SQUEEM 8hrs a day , gradually decreasing it becz we want our bodies to get back to functioning w/o all if that "compression" bcz we need or circulation to flow normally as it once did per Dr. Cardenas! Becz I lost fat cells I sleep n my original CG at night until my NYG MAN comes thru cause ladiesssss we can't reveal all of our beauty secrets, right? Now u night say, why still at night , bcz in still loosing weight like its nobodies business??? I'm bck to 174lbs. Well this last minor procedure on my back was a bit much n pain dept!!! And guess what ladies , yes my surgeon went thru my inner but cavity area! Oh but oh did my twin MADEA come out then when I seen that band aide on lil msbigbootycakesjudy!!!! WTF??? He touched my booty oh no! I went in to the OR wearing my tank tee shirt saying @ you can have my girls but you can't touch my BOOTAY! The nurses and anesthesiologist fell out laughing ! I'll show u all one day! So at my f/ u I gave my orthopedic surgeon "da business " abt touching and going dwn south! I told him hands off buddy, don't even try it! Drewell all u won't but no sticking, cutting near miss "Hott suga"! I think he enjoys the view Anyhoo ! Lol.

Cont from above didn't post:(((

Also the part where I thought I wrote about wearing my original CG in order to cont to help shape my bootay bcz I keep loosing inches it seems then I gain it bck if I eat a couple of starches. All I know is this up n dwn phase I hope it stops at my one yr anniversary, but I'm grateful that I regain the inches n all the rt places! Now remember dolls I had both TT AND BBL for u new members and OMG DOLLS PLZ once u read PART 1 of my JOURNAL DONT POST ON THERE !!! Leave your post remarks on part 2!!! Thanks now let's see if I can get those pics to post!


I post my pictures, I post my pictures! Go! Go!

Girls Nite OUT w KEVIN HART... OMG!

RS sustas... OMG! I had the pleasure of meeting KLHJ first over the phone after she reached out to me his PM . If you all would ever meet any of my long lifetime friends they would tell you... TO KNOW ME IS TO LUV ME! I'm no STRANGER to anyone once they meet me cause they say omg I feel so comfortable in talking to you and vice verse no one is a STRANGER to me!
KLHJ and I talked and hit it off so well that we talked abt everything but the WORLD OF BBL and TT's! In fact we hit it off so well that we organized a GIRLS NIGHT OUT and oooooooooMG!! We had a BLAST!!! KLHJ is such a BEAUTIFUL BUTTERFLY ,CARING SPIRIT and an INSPIRING YOUNG LADY To ALL, one can't help but to love her and her hubby! Ohhhh but wait and hold onto your seats!!!
I am usually the social butterfly my friends wld tell you but last night yours truly was so in stitches by KEVIN HART's presence in the house who not only missed his calling in COMEDY he has a gift of SONG!!! Yes it was KAROKE night! You would have thought KEITH SWEAT, Jaheim etc all in the house n concert! But in between songs, Her hubby had us all in stitches last night, my dancing shoes was put away on a severe time out , all I could do was just enjoy the laughter, great music and great friends old and new!
Now how this relates to the world of bbl? FINGERSCROSSED2 said it best in her recent it just me?
So as KLHJ and I sat in at times of DISBELIEF SHAKING OUR HEADS while people watching, we both at times wld glance over and say, how could I ever walk around like this or that? U know now we all have or most of us that have TRansitioned from the flat side , we pay attention to Tummys or Booty's! But last night was a bit different she and I seen a bit of every thanggggggggg! The fashion police would have been in RARE form last night arresting many not giving just citations of them sad sagging belly buttons that were SCREAMING loudly w a silent sad face belly bottom squished n them too tight jeans poking out saying helllllp!!!(BBL TT BLOOPER!) you all know this is true cause we all are guilty of ....After we have our sx 's we notice everything.
BUT....I am so glad more n more women are paying attention to their bodies and deciding to ENHANCE them YOU ALL DESERVE IT! Oh how ironic , I was thinking of inviting LENASF who will be having her sx in 2 days to join us last night but I second guessed myself thinking she might think I was crazy but I got an acknowledgement this morning from guess who ? Yep, LENASF asking on my page one journal, girl when are u having me over for dinner? Ms. LENASF anytime! Everyone join me in wishing her the best on her sx let's blow her page up w luv!!!! Get ready get set, on your mark ... Lmbo member that ya'll ? GOOOOOOO!


Againnnnn ....

Dip Bbbby Dippppp!

Here is a pick that wldnt dwnload til hopefully today! Don't anyone try this at home...(joke pics take forever to post)

Remember this.....

Bootiful butterflies from part one of my journal? Well this COLUMBIAN POWERNET GARMENT is a MANDY sold on is where I found it but if u find it elsewhere GREAT!!! But PURCHASE IT!!! This garment has awesome COMPRESSION!! Plzzzz don't make the same mistake as I did by cutting it n the back! This is a great BUTT OUT COMPRESSION GARMENT that helped shape my BEAUTIFUL S CURVE and I owe all the hatefulness to my roommate that was at CM me HEART2HEART but she is not online here on RS and I wish she was becz you all could see her awesome phatty DR. Pantoja gave her!!!!
This garment gives you no lines on your thigh, making it obvious u have on your garment underneath, this garment has same look our SQUEEM gives us and ooooh NO u can't wear both together and this is a POST SURGICAL and can be used for a phase two as well! Enhance the butt tremendously! The straps are remove able so off the shoulder blouses or dresses "BAAAM" dare it is!!! Mandy's ANN MITCHELL !!! If u wear an XL get a XXL!!!! Runs small and really TIGHT!! No. 1101 is the number you all wld order!


Not hate but GRATEFULNESS!!! Oooops ... Hmmm I know I typed grateful wtf?


What makes a woman confident is her ability to call upon her feminine wisdom.

So often in our world we tend to think of strength as a quality that arises from a place of firm determination and a will to succeed no matter the cost. Even though we might want to think of a strong woman as being defined in this way, what really makes a woman confident is her capacity for listening to her true self and being able to call upon her feminine wisdom to any situation that may arise. A woman does not need to step into an assertive role or act like a man in order to be effective at what she does—she simply needs to get in touch with her insight and sense of compassion to truly demonstrate the depth of her strength.

Listening to the feminine side of ourselves may not seem easy at first for this type of energy is something that is often overlooked in many aspects of our everyday lives. If we can connect with this part of who we are, however, we will find that there is an unlimited wellspring of strength available to us. Our capacity to tap into our intuition and listen to our inner guides, to take into account the needs of those around us, and to view a situation with compassion and love are ways that we can show the world the true power that is part of our feminine nature. When we learn to integrate this source of strength into our daily tasks and decision-making, we will find that we can be more flexible and open to the things that happen around us and more receptive to new ideas. Not only will we see the world in a different light, but we will truly start to realize the potential for this form of energy to both empower ourselves and those around us.

As we cultivate our feminine energy we can redefine the meaning of strength. By embracing our feminine power as something that is strong in its own right, we are able to use it with true assurance and determination and draw upon what truly belongs to us.
Beautiful bootiful BUTTERFILES I pass this hat too you! Let 's keep this going (post this on your page, ur gift from your SEXEEANGEL)becz no matter we get a NEW ENHANCED YOU OF ANY SORT.... U are and have always been a STRONG WOMAN!!!


Right bootiful butterflies? So this morning I started my day off with a morning walk thinking I wld get my 3mls in before I get too HOTT and dayummmmm why was it 90 degrees at 7am!!! So that was the fasted walk me and ms Hott cakes ever completed but I SURVIVED. With only 30 mins to get to my therapy for my back and my massage, I Wrkd it out and got to my doctors office w 6 mins to spare.
So why when I walked thru the door every man got so worked up and nervous they all at the same time sd "OH MAAM U CAN HAVE MY CHAIR.....ladies in UNISOME!" One man came out of the back office singing lyrics to another song and as he gave me the complete out of his rt eye trying to sneak a peek, name that tune chNged to ...OH LAWD, I thank ya! As he couldn't even remember where his car was parked, too busy lookin bCk at MS BETTY HOTT CAKES! And I had to give it to her today cause she was on her projection mission this MORTING!!!
Lmbo inside never let them see that they got you! Naaaaaw ladies keep it togetthhhhhher! Well every man in that office will be on the couch tonight!!! What is a lady like us to do ...Rt ladies? Oooh trust and believe after u have ur sx u will definitely experience this same SURREAL moment! Then holla back at ur girl! All I'm gonna say is "I TOLD U SO!" But I only had on a pair of yoga leggings and a tank top that sd .... "I woke up this way' " lmbo.... How bout that? My other T shirt says: " you can have my chest , but you can't TOUCH MY BOOTY! "
This update is dedicated to our beautiful bootiful RS SUSTAGURLFRIENDS that have had their SX 's and those still pending remembering LAUGHTER is the BEST food for our SOULS becz the painost of you may encounter, the itching will mke u catch a QUICK CASE! Rt? And the SOARENESS will make you almost CUT somebody! Soooo Laugh ladies, it all will be over before u know it ! Hugs n kisses ! Walk walk walk, bend dem booties over if ur a TT PT as well and stay of dem phatty 's so they can blossom and Blum to the beautiful flower that they have always been !!!

Increasing Ones IRON COUNT...!

Ladies.... Jamba Juice has a new juice out that is RICH N VITAMIN A&C ! It's called:
8g of FIBER
6 servings of FRUITS AND VEGGIES
Also ladies another way is when you take your IRON SUPPLEMENT on a Daily basis , take it CONSISTENTLY in the MORNING at the SAME TIME W ORANGE JUICE 100% -13.3 or HIGHER!!! Greater results guaranteed if you start 60days PRIOR TO YOUR SX!!!!

Cont from above .....,

The fruits and veggies consist of guess what ? Yesss babes ...APPLES AND PINEAPPLES!!! So you all know this can be continued to be dranked post opt care becz it REDUCES SWELLING AS WELL!


Revision or NOT my BOOTIFUL BUTTERFLIES? Blow me up with your responses, opinions please! Let's go out on my YEAR ANNIVERSAY W A BANNNNNNNG!!
Hint: I got a great offer!!!!!
***i have may not always been on line chatting but I'm always thinking of my dolls and I have not abandon you ladies ok! I have been working on a BIGGGGGG PROJECT and I will fill u in on all three but also I will be by my girls side on one of our RS sister for her big day so I've been a lil busy trying to get my things in order before then so I can get her back for her she is such a great LADY! She knows who she is and she knows I appreciate her to the utmost! Stay beautiful dolls just as you are!

Plzzzz pic post.....

Ok ladies u decide.....speak ya peace! Now on this day I needed my faja (CG) bc I was so swollen and a lil puffy! Look at dat snatched azzzzz WAIST n TUMMY! But see how jeans weigh ME dwn! I try not to wear JEANS a lot due too I battle w fat loss still at this late stage n the game! Now this is only for ladies who have gone thru my experience, ok!

Abbra cadabra??


Five hrs later pic...

Stilllllllll haven't posted where u can see my waist n tummy? Here goes again ...

Navigation Rules 4 the Newbies....,!

Hello dollet's to be my beautiful bootiful butterflies ! We were all new at one time so "fear No Evil nor Shame" and welcome to the wonderful world of how to NAVIGATE on RS 101A,,,,,,,
1.Most popular question - how do I "private message " someone ?
A: go to the members name TAP on it and down in the black box there is two options "FULL PROFILE OR SEND PRIVATE MESSAGE" ...hit that and now you are only talking to that person!
2. Where do I reply ?
A: when someone has asked you another question PLEASE REPLY RIGHT UNDER THEIR NAME AND LAST BLOG NOT SPMEONE ELSES BECZ IT GOES TO THE OTHER PERSON , not whom u intended too!
3. Ladiessssss when u see urcRS SUSTA HAS A PART TWO , don't REPLY ON PART 1 of their JOURNAL! Why ... Bcz it's FULLLL!
A: READ THE FINE PRINT B4 Commenting bcz ur RS dusts can't reply but just stare w a blank face -_- and hope u go over to her part two journal page to reply!
4. Changing your PS name on your journal at the bottom?
A: that's KIRSTY too!
6. SX BUDDYS need one? Swapping SX dates?
A:Check the SX CALENDER !
7. What is NEWSFEED?
A: Great Tool by the way! It's very informative to where it allows you to follow a certain PS u are considering , it also allows u to see YOUR JOURNAL UP ON LIGHTS !
7. Ask a doctor ! USE THIS GREAT TOOL AND FEATURE bcz PS are on here reading our journals and they will answer every CONCERN u may have! Yes ladies BE MINDFUL OF HOW YOU PUT A PS ON BLAST OR THROW THEM UNDA THE BUS! They r reading our comments! Say it GRACEFULLY!!
8. Search bar at the top of page ?
A:Type in any doctors name or member and you can find them there!
9. Notifications ....
A: this allows one to set up how often you want ur notifications daily, what kind BBLS OR JUST TT OR BOTH!!!
10. Getting started/ writing a review?
A: Press that button sweetie! And begin w your HEIGHT , WEIGHT, AGE, if you have chosen your PS yet and tell your story! Members pass up journals w/o PICS!
****I hope this CLASS has been of GREAT HELP to SOMEONE? If I have not addressed your concern or u don't see a HOW TO on this LIST, plz let's DO THIS TOGETHER AND ADD TO THIS TO HELL OUT THE NEXT NEWBIES THAT FOLLOW IN OUR FOOTSTEPS!!


Sustas, email , in lights, help,


Ladiesssss so many think LIPO and our S CURVES are PERMANENT if we DONT WORKOUT....SORRY to BURST ur BUBBLE but they are NOT! So here are a few things I LIVE BY in order to MAINTAIN my BEAUTIFUL BARBIE DOLL WAIST and FLAT TUMMY:
3 scoops VI-SHAKE
2 cups SPINACH
1 teaspoon CINNAMON
1 banana or 1/2 for TT members
2 scoops of VI shake
ALMOND MILK(quantity to ur desire)
EXERCISE n the form of WALKING 1.5 miles every other day after 6mos of RECOVERY so u won't BURN the FAT TRANSFER of of your BOOTAY's dolls. !!!
NO BROCOLI,CABBAGE, CAULIFLOWER .....see previous do's and dont's above in earlier post updates!!!!
VI shakes can be purchased at this mix is DELICIOUS and I also still use the WHEY PROTEIN!! But the VI SHAKE MIX IS BETTER MORE RECEIPES AND EVEN DIEABETICS can DRINK this!!!!!

Things WE DOLLS should know....

That are told to loose weight by our PS:


Look what I found!! Yesss YMI STRETCHABLE YMI JEANS!!!! They are thin, soft, contour seams to our precious n delicate "PHATTY"s ! Firm and FLATTERING! Heads will turn all day! OMG ladies there is no GAP I'm the back of our booths!!
You know "FIREFIGHTERS " like it HOTT! And I was recently hot on by a FIRE FIGHTER and he has been so determined to commit to a committed relationship just to make all this ""SSSSSWEET SUGA HIS" bit now that a sexeeangel like me loves "a chase" who me tied down???? Gotta B mo careful! Lol!!
Besides I think my "g" man is finally coming around!!! Yeap he even came up on Father's Day have you to know , took me and ms big bootyjudy for a Sunday stroll on the back of his "sweet FIRE ENGINE RED NINJA"! Yes babes I let the hair down put on my skinny leg jeans bootyjudy that day was poppin every which way but loose! When he leaned , I leaned right on into it ! He said bby u knw how to ride huh? I sighed and said "U MOVE I MOVE ROCK W IT ROLL W IT as I said I know the car behind us has a wonderful view of my big phat chocolate dip front row seat! It was such a beautiful day for a bike ride w my knee high leather boots, when picking me up Mr G man couldn't do anything bit smile and say look at his girl, she ready ! I still say to this day , it was that dress I wore for my belated bday celebration he took me on remember? Scroll back if u don't! Yes baby he still talks about that day and oh yes now it's not only PUERTO RICO but the BAHAMAS as well ! Werrrrrrrk it right ? That NYG SWAGGA Ladies gets US every time! So u knw ladies I tried to get a pic for my journal page but MR G said ohhhhhhh no that view is for no one else but HIM! Mr. No Commitment though.... Lmbo! He Also stated at dinner that his niece had a BBL from the D.R and OMG I LIKE OF CHOKED on my piece of ice I was chewing on and before I could get another word out he said bby I don't need u to even think abt a "REVISION"! Whattttt ... Ladies I Ndd j not to be doing any research or onvestigating behind the scenes! He then stated ladies are going there getting those sx's and coming bck w nerve damage!!!! Bby u good ok, just like u are!
Dayummmmmm there goes my idea of even the thought of a revision rt? Ok well I by now dropped my only fork on the floor so stunned at his honest and true opinion and opening up to me. I said. Let me go buy a couple of more of those dresses ! Lmao!
So this weekend I am going to try those new pair of jeans I found at styles 4 Less to see what else I can get from him or to see if he will change his mind abt being single n free since he is opening up and sharing his deepest thoughts right ???
11months may not be so bad ladies , she is coming into her own style n GRACE! Let's see what my anniversary month will have in store for me????

Kristy it's time 4 PART THREE!!!!

I give up!!!! I think my page is just too full and popular!!!!

411 UPDATE!!! Make note......

Liz still OWNS call her at the SERENITY RH FACILITY?


Yes indeed! I must be doing something right? Don't tell me what GOD can't do! My determination, tactful respect for my PS despite my overall turnout yet my persistence, loyalty, dedication to my RECOVERY AND MOST OF ALL MY FAITH IN GOD that he will NEVER LEAVE ME NOR FORSAKE ME during my most trying times during my RECOVERY!!!
Ladies my BOOTIFUL BUTTERFLIES DOLLS AND VETS please read the following from RS MANAGER:

Hi Sexeeangel,

We have a special media request from ABC Nightly News, who is looking for a patient who researched their doctor, saw they had negative reviews, and still chose to go to them.
If you want to talk to them, it's a great opportunity for you to let others know about your story, and RealSelf =)
We're looking for someone today, so please respond ASAP if you're interested. This is a national story opportunity, so it should be fun and exciting!

Alicia Nakamoto,
VP Consumer, RealSelf
Dr. Pantoja should don't you think offer to do my REVISION in exchange for the PLUBLICITY he will get from this and before it AIRS!!!? Whatcha thinks babes?


Need I say more....,? Nothing underneath!!!

Out of the mouthes of babies....

So last night I was out on a date w a long time friend of mine who is from KENYA and as he and I was walking up to the resturaunt a lil boy no older than 7or 8 yrs of age yells out.."she is wearing her booty shorts huh?" And the grandmother quickly says "SHHHHH" without correcting him (and of course) so as my date opens the door for me and becz the grandmother was rt behind us so he held the door for her and her family as well. I stepped inside the door and to the side and just as the grandmother got beside me I aside to her with the utmost GRACE and KINDFUL whisper manner..."this is ALL MY ASS at two years shy of 50!" Then my date smiled at her and said do have a pleasant dinner and evening....we will!!! BOOP ! The grandmothers face was RED as a chili hot pepper and was so priceless!!!!

I GOT DA latest 411......

Too funny! Another BBL BLOOPER! Our very own RS manager just brought to my attention....
I have been on here for over two years now informing u all if u need your doctors name changed, a NEW journal started or post pics etc... To contact KRISTY, rt? BOOP No it's :
KIRSTY!!! Hilarious!
There it is well have a GREAT DAY DOLLS!

New pics

Ladies when PACKING your BAG 4 SX...!

If your luggage is bigger than a carry on and a weekender bag , or a 24inch, your packing wayyyy too much when traveling to the d.r, Mexico or the states and alone!!! Pack and roll each and every item, saves so much pace but really n truly u don't need all if those items going to a RH facility! The facility should have everything you need! Youre going to be very very soar and walking slow as a beautiful bootiful "turtle or snail "!
See below don't laugh I'm serious if your suitcase is bigger than this it's way to big !

Pics didn't post ,,,,,,

Try one more time ..,u will see an overnight bag and carry on and one more pic of my phatty but in my 12mo my hips are spreading a bit too wide! So ladies see how one continues to change til our 12 mo anniversary !

New Page Created

Hey ladies, this is Kirsty.Since Sexeeangel's page is quite popular, it's become a little hard to update and load, due to all of the comments and information. So, we have created a BBL Part 3 page. Please click the link to get to it.Please remember to leave a comment on her new page, to ensure that you get notified of all of her updates.Thanks,Kirsty
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

My PS is the GREATEST, he's definitely grown over the YEARS and his SKILL LEVEL has GREATLY IMPROVED! Chk me and my PS out at and lots of one stop shop VALUABLE IMFORMATION ON YOUR PRE OPT AND POST POT RECOVERY CARE!!! Ladies you want a flat bomb ass TT and BBL that will make a COKE BOTTLE LOOK DEFORMED interview with my PS and telll him his SEXIEST Pantolja Princess says GO BIG OR GO HOME!!! Cause HE WILL LADIES and you will never have to diet, do stomach crunches ever in LIFE!!!! He's CARING, he doesn't RUSH YOU and he's HONEST!!!!

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