2.5 WEEKS POST OP - BBL w/ Dr. Pantoja

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Hi everyone! I've been lurking for over a year now...

Hi everyone! I've been lurking for over a year now and have finally decided to go through with a BBL.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 150 (my heaviest :-/)
Measurements: 31.5 (under bust), 30.5 (waist), 40 (hips)

At first I was a little hesitant with going to MX, but I feel better now. This site (and MMH) has been extremely helpful with my preparation as well as some of the things to expect. I choose Dr. P based on the results from body types similar to mine.

I’m about 1 week out and sooo anxious to get...

I’m about 1 week out and sooo anxious to get this over with. My only concern is my iron level, which I’m hoping and praying will be ok for surgery. I’ve been taking iron pills since May and increased my green veggies + OJ. I also just recently started eating pumpkin seeds (pepitas) since they concern a high amount of iron.

I feel like I’m taking too much! Here’s my list:

Muscle Relaxer
Bromelain (for swelling)
Arnica Montana (for bruising)
Lanacane (for itching)
Maxi Pads
Scissors (to cut pads)
Funnel (to use bathroom)
Boppy Pillow
Support Garment
Lanyard (to hold drains)
Laundry Detergent
Chux (bed pads)
CoCoa Butter
DMSO (to dissolve lumps?) + Cotton Balls

I do not have a clue as to how many ccs I want; I just know what I want my body to look like afterwards. I’m a visual person and since Dr. P doesn’t speak much English, I’m going to take pictures of the shape that I want – front, side, and back. I’m also going to take photos of what I do not want. I’ve seen quite a few pictures of his work and the ladies seem to have a “shelf” look. I’m not sure if all of them requested this, but it is something I definitely do not want. I want a gradual slope.

On my way to TJ!

On my way to TJ!

Ok, ladies I'm out and so far so good! TUES,...

Ok, ladies I'm out and so far so good!

My appt. time was 9:30am. Nadia took me to have my labs done when I arrived. My hemogloblin was at 14!!! I guess my spinach, 65mgs of iron 2x day, and pumpkin seeds paid off. My EKG was done about a hour after that. I wasn't actually seen until around 12:30. Dr. Pantoja was really nice and sweet. So was his staff: Nadia, Ruth, Susanna, and two other nurses. The doctor explained the procedures and marked up mybody. I also had a chance to show him pictures of what I liked.

After that, I was taken to the operating room and given a sedative via IV and epidural in my back. My hubby stated Dr. P updated him on my progress around the 2hr mark. I was in surgery approx. 4hrs. I awoke about 5hrs later back in my room. I wasn't in pain. Dr. P checked back on me that night around 9:30 before he left. My hubby stayed the night w/ me and the nurse checked on me about every 2hrs. The most uncomfortable part was the draining. I had the nurse change my pads about 4xs that night.

He gave me 500ccs in each check and removed 3 liters of fat. I was dissapointed at the number at first, but then I saw my silhouette in the mirror and am content. I told him to give me a natural shape and he did. I'll post photos on sat when I get home and have access to my laptop (on iPad).

I woke up around 6:30am and still wasn't in pain. (granted, I barely moved when I laid on my side and stomach.) I was given jello, yogurt w/ granola, and fruit for breakfast. Dr. P arrived around 10am to check on me. Shortly after that, Nadia gave me my meds (motrin 800) and antibiotics. Total $93. The nurses then put me in my garment. Dr. P had one of his workers drive us back to the hotel as well vs. taking a cab. I'm sure the pain will hit me later, so I'm about to put these meds in my system.

I met jasminee too, and she's doing well! =)

THURS, JUN 28 - DAY 2 POST OP Yesterday, was...

Yesterday, was fine. I even showered. The amount of blood from the drains is disgusting. I washed the garment that was given to me by the doctor and changed into one I purchased. I also wore my lipo-foam which made a huge difference regarding the lumps. I had difficulty sleeping b/c I could not get comfortable. This morning I work up and my arms and hands were swollen. I showered again and changed back into my original garment...which was hell! Thank goodness my hubby is here to help me out b/c it was hard to get the garment back on. I've been taking: Motrin 800, antibiotics, arnica tablets, bromelian, and iron. I tried the Kava Kava muscle relaxant pills yesterday, but I don't think it helped. I've also been applying the topical arnica cream to my stomach and bruises.

My stomach feels weird (reminds me of rubber) and it's very sensitive to touch. I have my 1st massage today and it may be tough for me.

I've been walking fine but just around my room. If I move certain ways, it feels like my skin is burning and ripping. The hardest part is getting in and out of the bed w/o moving my body too much.

I'll update after my massage.

I just finished my massage w/Maribess (sp?) and as...

I just finished my massage w/Maribess (sp?) and as everyone has already said, it hurts! I was a trooper and didn't cry. She was sweet and gentle. I'm glad she was able to come to my hotel room. I was nervous about my stomach, but my sides hurt more. She had me lay on my back first, then each side, and finally she had me sit on my butt to drain my back while she massaged it. I had a ton of fluid in my lower back area. After she finished, I immediately felt better and lighter. I have another appt. with her tomorrow.

FRI, JUN 29 - DAY 3 POST OP Nothing much to...

Nothing much to report. Dr. P removed my drains. I had my 2nd massage and the pain was still the same. I had a lot of fluid build up in my lower back as well.

I woke up feeling like I was hit by a train. I took a Motrin and walked around for about 10 minutes and the pain eased. Sleeping has been a pain in the ass...as getting comfortable is hard to do. I took my measurements and they are around the same, but I have A LOT of swelling.

PAIN The abdomen pain feels like you have a scab...

The abdomen pain feels like you have a scab underneath your skin that rips open every time you move/stretch, cough, sneeze, etc.

THURS, JUL 5 – DAY 9 POST OP Hi ladies! I just...

Hi ladies! I just finished working an event for work. I was on my feet for approx. 7 hrs straight and surprisingly held up well. I tend to only feel pain when I’m getting up from lying down for a long time. I officially go back to work on Monday.

I had a massage yesterday and it was soooo different than with Maribess in TJ. The therapist (male btw) used a really light technique and it did not hurt at all! He even explained the lymph system to me and how it flows. Weird, but I swear I felt the toxins shifting in my body. My next massage is on Saturday and he asked me to bring my arnica cream for him to use.

My drain holes are pretty much closed now. My va-jay-jay and pubic area were sooo swollen, but they have gone down since yesterday. One side is more swollen than the other. :-/

It took me a few days to perfect putting my garment on, but once I figured out that it was MUCH EASIER to button the garment top>down vs. down>up, it has been a breeze! My garment has become my security blanket. I feel so much better when I am in it vs. out. It may be the feeling of being compressed since I’m still swollen. The straps are annoying though. I usually let them hang vs. wear them.

FRI, JUL 13 - 2.5 WEEKS POST OP Hi ladies, sorry...

Hi ladies, sorry for the delay. I stopped pain meds around Day 10 I think. Currently, no pain but I tend to get a little stiff if I am laying for awhile. My original garment is such a pain to wear w/clothes. I have a black body shaper (in pics) that I ordered ($13) from ebay that I have been wearing instead. I need to order a waist cincher so I can switch to just that.

I am still swollen (stomach, back, pubic area) but not as much. On side of my pubic area is more swollen than the other. One side of my labia was HUGE for about the first week and a half. It has gone down significantly, but it's still larger than the other side. :(

I've had a total of 4 massages (2 in TJ/2 @ home) thus far. I have my 5th scheduled tomorrow.

I can't fit any of my work pants (no stretch) but I can still wear my skirts and jeans.

I have sat down a few times, but I had no choice. :( I returned to work this week (Day 13) and I had mtgs galore! I couldn't take a bobby or yoga mat into a board room. Speaking of these items, they are uncomfortable! I have to fold my bobby in half to give me enough support/lift to sit on it at work. I tried driving with a rolled yoga mat and it wore out after a few times. Now I'm using a rolled throw pillow ($3) that is still in the bag from Ikea. This seems to give me more support under my thighs while I drive.

I'll try to take some pics at 3 weeks.

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