I am ready to be a Fisher Foxxx!!!

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Hey ladies, I am 23 years old and since I first...

Hey ladies, I am 23 years old and since I first stepped on the scales at 13, I have struggled with my image. I have always been boy shaped, square with no curves whatsoever. All I want is to be happy and confident. I was 203 pounds at 13, and about the age of 17, I was down to 140. My skin is and was never tight because I was not into weight training like I should of been, so that is the reason for my 'saggy belly' at 23 and 170 pounds. That is just a small portion of my image struggles. I have always loved and kind of been obsessed with big booty. I guess cause I have never had one.I have been looking into butt implants since about 17, but about a couple months ago is when I found RS. That is when I knew that I wanted a bbl. Cause I want to be able to make my booty clap! :) I am shooting for a July date, and trying to talk my husband into letting my go to Mexico by myself but he isn't going for it. We shall see.... that extra thousand he wants to spend to go can go on my bbl! For now, I will keep creeping... and getting excited. Feel free to message me and let us help each other through this tough but so worth it journey.

I need advice on flying back with drains! Ladies,...

I need advice on flying back with drains! Ladies, any advice and suggestions are greatly needed.

Anyone going to Dr. Campos in July from the south?...

Anyone going to Dr. Campos in July from the south? I am from Alabama and never traveled on a plane before. I am looking for a travel buddy so my hubby does not freak out on me for not having a traveling buddy.

Looking to get a condo in San Diego if anyone is...

Looking to get a condo in San Diego if anyone is interested, I will be looking for girls to stay in the middle of July for Dr. Campos. Let me know.

The sx is all I talk about these days. I try to...

The sx is all I talk about these days. I try to give my brain a rest and say okay... no research today and that never happens. I found a hotel in San Diego. Was really interested in getting a condo so if any ladies are going in August and want to go in on one I am down... I am trying to get to 160lbs before the sx. I have 6 months so I should be fine. Ladies, let me know if anyone wants to stay in a condo.

I am ready to be a Fisher Foxxx<3

I haven't posted in awhile. I have mainly been stalking you lovely ladies. All the booty! I can't wait till it's my time. I have recently started looking into Dr. Fisher. I love his work and the booty he gives. I received my quote from vanity, $5000. You cannot beat that!!!! Due to financial situations, and a wedding that I am planning, I've had to put my surgery off for quite some time now. Now I am finally excited again and back on the booty train. If everything goes as planned, I am putting my deposit down in September. Just in time for a birthday present. I am looking to go in the December or January. Preferably January, that way I can spend the holidays with my family in peace. I am looking to get a two bedroom condo when I go, my mother is going with me and I will have an extra bedroom if anyone is interested. It is still in the making, nothing for certain yet. I am just looking to save as much money as possible. I have been shopping for plane tickets on KAYAK and that is definitely the cheapest I found tickets. I haven't started buying any supplies yet because I'm really not sure what all I should buy. I see a lot of you ladies have a list on here, some the same some different. I just don't want to take too much. I want to share my experience from beginning to end because all of you ladies have been so sincere and we are fortunate enough to be with you through your journeys. Good luck to anyone that has surgery today, this week, and this month. My prayers are with you and I hope that you get the booty you've always dreamed of!!! Good luck ladies!!!!

So far my experience with the vanity has been pleasant. Jessica has been very informative, and quick to respond to all my emails and phone calls. I have been reading a lot of horrors stories about vanity's customer service, I have not put my deposit down yet so we will see. I am hoping that they will get on their game after reading so many horrible reviews. Ladies I will keep you updated and posted on any changes, thanks for all the love and support and good luck everyone!!!!
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I changed my doctor to Fisher!!

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