Brazilian Butt Lift After Having 2nd Child - Tijuana, MX

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I decided when I found out I was pregnant with my...

I decided when I found out I was pregnant with my second child that I was going to undergo the Brazilian butt lift surgery about 6 months after having the baby. A first I was planning on staying within the United States but after reading hundreds of reviews from realself and makemeheal On dr.pantoja in tijuana,mx i decided that Dr.pantoja is a very skilled and professional surgeon. Not to mention the price difference! In California I was quoted $3,600 for upper and lower lipo plus fat transfer to butt, while in Mexico dr.p quoted me $3,600 for upper and lower back, upper and lower abdomen, arms and inner thighs plus fat transfer to but and hips which includes 1 night after surgery in clinic with 24 hr nurse care, food, labs and EKG! Huge difference! Anyway they have placed a hold on my April 22nd surgery date until I get paid and can put down the $300 deposit! And I cannot wait to secure he date for sure and pay for my flight!

There montes away & finally doing it!!

Hello All! I I had my heart set on doing my bbl with dr. Pantoja in April of last year but my taxes were not enough!! I was soo upset but believe me I have been researching all year!! I've been in touch with Nadia and I have a hold on my surgery date of 4/4/14!! I know I will have enough this year and I am less that 3 months away!! Now the real challenge; lose weight & tone up so my dr can give me the best body possible!! I think I will be staying in California & go to mx for my surgery, post op dr visit & shopping ( ooh the savings) n let me tell y'all Imma buy some cute clothes n leggings to flaunt my new figure for 1/2 the price lol!! I'm soo excited!! I'll update on my weight loss in a few weeks! Anyone going to dr.pantoja on April 3rd? I will be the second surgery of the day n gotta be in the office by 12pm on April 4th! Also - please let me know if you think I will be able to return to my office job 3 days after surgery ?

Can't wait to pay my deposit!

Okay so i just found out I'm getting my tax returns on the 6th so I will be paying my deposit for my April 4th date and start booking flights & hotels! I'm so excited!!

Wish pics

Actually preparing - 2 months pre surgery!!

So I got my taxes & I just need to give my boss the notice for my time off work so I can start booking my flights & hotels. I think I will talk to my boss this week so I can send my $300 deposit!!


Oh yea - I just bought "women's ultra mega active vita pack program" & CLA soft chews and I will start taking iron as well. The GNC vita pack is to give me needed vitamins plus it's supposed to boost my metabolism & CLA helps turn carbs into energy and is supposed to prevent you from gaining weight from the foods you eat - as long as it's a healthy diet. -- I have lost 8 pounds by just sticking to a 1,300 calorie diet & tracking what I eat with the iphone app "lose it"..

OMG !! 49 days to go!!

My boss gave me the O.K. to take time off of work so I paid for my mom & my flights, hotel & shuttles to & from the airport yesterday from orbits n it was only $1,310.00 not bad at all! Also I paid my $300 deposit!! I will be staying at a hotel 5 minutes from the Mexi/ Cali boarder & dr pantoja's office is only 8 minutes from the boarder! I can't wait & I almost can't believe that I am finally doing this for myself since having my second beautiful baby .. But then again yes I can lol!!

Online Shopping..

Stocking up on all my supplies.. I just bought two 100ct bottles of bromelain Chewables for swelling, I ordered my lil P EZ Urinal lol to avoid making a mess on my garment lol & my Lipo foam but it's called Reston Foam , OMG is that stuff expensive lol well I shopped around & ordered a pack of 5 for $29.00 from Amazon & the shipping was only $5.99! That's awesome because all the other websites wanted $25 plus for shipping to Alaska - that's ridiculous.. Any way all I need now is my padded saddle bar stool from Walmart for $36 (so I can sit on my thighs with my butt hanging over), antibacterial body wash, Hand sanitizer, laxatives, compression socks & band aids.

In my way to The AirPort!!

I am Now in The AirPort bathroom waiting to Boarder my First flight ! I have surgery no Friday 4-4-14!! OMG can to wait!! Dr.Pantoja here I come!

Just got out of surgery!!

I just got out of surgery!!!YAY!! Dr.Pantoja said he put in $1,000 each butt cheek!! My mom said girl it's big & round n I can't wait to see it!! I can't eat for 2 more hours but I'm fine Layin on my belly using the free wifi they provided. Every one here was so nice & helpful & I also got a massage before my surgery and it was easy relaxing. I got a spinal block & IV sedation thank god!! I love this Dr & his staff !! Soo worth it!!! I am going to lay down but I'll post more later - haven't even seen my butt yet!

Before & after pictures

I'm up at 4am takin pics of my booty lol

Loving my results!!

I'm sore but soo happy with my results!!My booty is so big n round, my hips are round & bigger than ever before & my stomach is damn near flat!! Only had 1 Reston foam pad on my stomach for about 3 1/2 hours n my stomach is looking better n better! YAY lol - I been researching for 2 years n I'm finally here .. So happy thank u Dr.Pantoja !!

Round 2

I'm looking into the price for round two as a returning customer with dr.pantoja, also my aunt just had surgery so I will ask about a discount of the referral as well.. I still have all my ass from after the swelling initially went down, I just got cocky n thought I could eat whatever I wanted so now I have back fat again! Also, I would love more fat transfer, not nicki Minaj, I just want a lil more hip to waist ratio..

Wish pics

Looking into Breast lift & implant

So me n my fiancé were talking about me getting my breasts done and I am seriously considering!! I would be comfortable getting my breasts done in Mexico but the question is how to heal if I wanted my 2nd round bbl and my breasts done at the same time in October.. Idk if there is a way to not Mess up my results since u can't lay on butt after bbl n not supposed to be on boobs after breast augmentation.. Pls help if u know!!

Official round 2 date!!

Nadia just confirmed my 2nd round bbl surgery date of 10-2-15!!' I'm soon excited!! Idk about doin my breasts this year, I may have to wait a few months to do them around March or april

October 1st

I have moved my surgery date to 10-1-15 instead of 10-2-15!! Only one day but I'm so excited

Breast lift and gummy bear implants

I'm getting breast implants & a lift w/ the internal brassiere method along with my round 2 BBL on 10-2-15. If I can't afford the round 2 BBL until next my next tax return i will just get my breasts done because that's my main priority since I still have a nice shape from my BBL.. So excited I'm tired of planning every lil detail I can't wait till I wake up to nice perky titties lol

Updated surgery date!!

So again I had to move my date but only two weeks - I'm gettin breast lift & implants on 10-14-15! For sure this time I wish I could do it next week shoot
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