Dr. Pantoja it is!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!

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Hello, currently looking for the right Dr. That...

Hello, currently looking for the right Dr. That can give me what I am looking for. I have spoke to 3 Drs so far. First one that I started looking at that i came across him, and was amazed by his work. I contacted for a consultation with Dr. Sejal Patel sinces it's in Beverly Hills i wanted to know what they mostly quote for a BBL. I was advised that they started at $10k and up depending what i want. That is way over my budget. Second Dr. Fred Sahafi in Bell Gardens which is very close to where I live, heard from him from a model i have in my IG she works for him & has got multiple procedures with him. Which by the way looks great. Went for a consultation, advised the parts i want to lipo, which are abdomen that part i have a pouch that started growing just about 2 yrs ago and feel very uncomfortable when i wear panties the line of the panty always go down, and it makes my stomach look big. Which I'm not used to it. I have 3 kids. With my first 2 babies my body was the same, but with my last baby that's when my body started changing and created that pouch. I would like to lipo that area. Lipo the sides, back. He also said he can lipo the back bra area to make my back look nice. I also told him, i would like to lipo my arms bc for the past 2 yrs my arms have been getting fat, and i feel uncomfortable with that aswell. He stated he can give the results I'm looking for to give me volume on my butt. I already have a butt but would like to and some volume and make it look nice and round. He stated he can achieve that very well. Long story short. After speaking to him his assistant Crystal came to take about my quote. She stated it would be $7900 cash & $8900 financed. I really liked his consultation and how he stated he can make look really nice in a heartbeat, i was pumped up, and excited that thought recovery would be awesome sinces it's close to my house. But then i thought about it, and started thinking plus massages, and my faja, medicine, supplies; etc. would come up to almost $9k-10k ugh. Third option thought about bc my friend got her BBL in Mexico all included $5k wow not bad at all. Now that's what I'm talking about but she got her BBL in Sinaloa, and that's where alot of women goes to. I heard there's good Drs out there, seen mosty all the girls i know gets them done out there. But that wont work for me, bc I don't want to be there for so 2 weeks, and stay away from my kids that long. Another option I thought was to look for a Dr closer in Mexico which would be in TJ. And that's where I'm at right now doing research. If it's safe. How good are the Drs there. I seriously don't want to come back looking ridiculously fake or with a bad job. Lol. Wait not funny! This is serious! So i started doing lots of research and alot of girls go to TJ to get procedures done more than i ever thought. The one Dr I see alot of women go to is Dr. Campos they say he's the Master on BBL. I also seen Dr. Pantoja & Dr. Cardenas, to be honest i have seen very little to convince me. So I contacted Dr. Campos office for a consultation. I spoke to Angie & she advised me of a special of 3 areas lipo to transfer to butt BBL & girdle for $4920 + $800/area arms+$200 overnight stay required in order for me to come back to Los Angeles to do my massages and go back in 7 days for Dr. Campos can see me. In total i will spend $5920 what do you girls think?????? Should i keep looking or is it a go with him????

Pics of me right now

Pictures of how i look right now & how i would like my waist & butt would like to be.

How i would like my butt to look

I would like for abdomen, my waist & butt to look like this. Hope Dr can achieve this.

Received an email from Dr. Campos office

Hello ladies, hows everyone. I haven't update my review due to xmas. But i received an email from Dr. Campos office from the consultation I submitted before i contacted Angie for a quote. It stated it was the manager of Dr. Campos office asking me couple questions about myself, health, etc. I respond to the email with the answers but I haven't received a response yet. Prob due to holidays. But over these couple days. I haven't really thought of anything of getting my bbl. My husband tells me I shouldn't get it done. That i look fine the way I am and couple other people discouraging me not to get it done. That I don't need it. Don't know if you should or not. Plus I don't want to spend so much money. I really want to do it. I don't think i need alot of change, mostly i want to lipo my abdomen, and arms.

Dr. Pantoja

I also received a response from Dr. Pantoja asking for me to send my pictures and health etc. hold i can get a good offer from him. I also heard good things about Dr. Pantoja.

I received an email from Dr. Cervantes & Dr. Aragon

I will attach the email I received which is a package.

Dear Nancy,

I hope you’re having a great day and thank you for your inquiry with Plastica Tijuana. My name is Leslie and I am happy to answer all your questions and provide everything you need in order to make an informed decision regarding Cosmetic surgery with us.

Brazilian Lift surgery ranges in price between $4,000 and $4,500. In order to get you a quote and approve you for surgery, Dr Cervantes & Dr Aragon request that you provide two pictures of your surgical area(s) – one front view and one side view. You can email them back to me and I upload them directly to the surgeons.

All packages include the following:

· All medical, surgical and physician fees

· One night hospital stay private room for you and a companion (if needed)

· All Lab work and medications administered on-site

· Anesthesiologist consultation

· Pain management consultation

· Compression garments

· Full case management services

· Round Trip ground transportation from San Diego airport

· Post op appointment and follow up care

Please feel free to join our Face Book Group – Cervantes & Aragon Cosmetic Surgery. Here you will find patients in every stage; those who have had surgery; those who are planning and those who are just looking.

International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)

Both doctors are members of the prestigious International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This is the world's leading professional body for board-certified aesthetic plastic surgeons. Founded in 1970, ISAPS membership includes over 2,400 of the world's best known and respected reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgeons in 94 countries on every continent reflecting the true international mission of the organization. The ISAPS charter was signed at the United Nations.

ISAPS requires that all members also maintain active membership in the national society of plastic surgery in the country where they practice. To be considered for membership, they must be sponsored by two active or life ISAPS members and must adhere to a rigorous review process, which includes a seven-year practice history beyond graduation from medical school

Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes MD

Dr. Cervantes is a plastic surgeon, specializing in plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery. He speaks fluent Spanish and English and has enjoyed a successful, distinguished career to date. Dr. Cervantes has a medical degree from the Faculty of medicine, Autonomous UNiversity of Baja California, and a degree in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery from the National University of Mexico. He has held the positions of Chief Resident of General Surgery and Chief Resident of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at Hospital General.

Dr. Jacqueline Ivonne Aragón
Dr. Aragon is a plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. She speaks fluent Spanish and English and has enjoyed a successful career, winning prestigious awards such as the National Award for Surgery in Mexico. Dr Aragon has a Medical degree from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and has held the position of Chief Resident of General Surgery at Hospital General Dr. Manuel Gea Gonzalez, as well as having completed a third year Residency in Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery at Hospital Central Sur.

Hello Dolls Happy New Years!! New update

Hello ladies, I received an email from Nadia from Dr. Pantoja's office. And let me tell I am pretty amazed on how they were detailed. Very great staff Dr. Pantoja has. Here's the email they sent me. This sounds pretty reasonable to what Dr. Campos charges. But is Dr. Pantoja's results are Great!?

Hi Nancy, Dr. Pantoja reviewed your pictures and he can perform liposuction in your arms, entire back, waist, full abdomen and use all the obtained fat to inejct your buttocks and create the BBL. Since you already had children and the abdomen skin stretched during the pregnancies, the abdomen skin might not end up completely flat after liposuction but as long as you wear your compression garment and epifoams during recovery it can improve greatly.

The package quote is $3,800dlls. Once you make a surgery appointment we will require a $500dlls. deposit in order to hold and secure your date. The deposit is non-refundable but you can always re-schedule in case of an emergency. Drains and stitches will be removed within 4 days after surgery. Recovery time is 2 weeks. Surgery days are from monday-friday.

What is included in this cost?

- 1 night-stay in the clinic with 24 hour nurse care/aid
- Your own recovery room equipped with Patient's bed, armchair/lazy-boy, Wi-Fi, T.V., phone, bathroom utilities (shower and lavatory).
**Please note the following: **Please note the following: A friend or family member can stay with you in your room while you have surgery or during visit hours but no one is allowed to stay over night, NO EXCEPTIONS. The building hours are from 8:00am to 8:00pm.

- Patient's meals are provided (Fruit, Chicken Soup/Broth, etc).
- Anesthesia
- Dr. Pantoja's, Anesthesiologist's, Hospital, Nurses and Operating Room fees included
- An evaluation and electrocardiogram (EKG) is done before the surgery by the cardiologist
- Lab work required prior to surgery and post op
- 1 Compression Girdle/Garment
- Unlimited post-operative visits

What is not included:

1)Medication you need to take home for your recovery. (i.e. antibiotic, pain killers, muscle relaxers). This can be bought at any pharmacy in Mexico or be delivered to the clinic. The cost is approx. $120-$150 dollars since this is a two week treatment. NO REFILL NEEDED.
2) Nursing services outside of clinic.
3) Post-operative Massage Therapy. $30 dollars per session. (Fully Recommended)
4) Additional compression garments $120dlls.
5) Transportation from the airport to the clinic and back $120dlls. or $60dlls. one way.

Additional information about what to expect after your surgery:

You will need it about 2 weeks time off from work/school. It is imperative that when you return to your activities you do this under what is known as 'Light-duty' or with caution and wearing the girdle for the first 3-4 months. Doing this will support your back, posture, with swelling, and will aid in achieving the goal desired.

The anesthesia used is an Spinal Block and sedation. Will be provided by the Anesthesiologist, which is a certified doctor not a technician with over 20 years of experience on the field.

Recommended hotels:

1) City Express Hotel www.cityexpress.com.mx (they include local shuttle service, continental breakfast and wi-fi) 1 block away from our clinic
2) Real Inn http://www.hotelesrealinn.com/destinations/tijuana-en ( local shuttle service and wi-fi included) 2 blocks away from our clinic
3) Real del Rio www.realdelrio.com (only Wi-Fi) 2 blocks away from our building
4) Hote Lucerna http://www.hoteleslucerna.com/tijuana/ (Wi-Fi, shuttle transportation) 3-4 blocks away from our building

We recommend 2 recovery houses:

-"Our Friends House" website: www.ourfriendshouse.org email: relaxnrecover@aol.com, mrmarvinlee@aol.com, phone number 909-266-1364 & 619-655-1364

-“Recovery Boutique” website: www.recoveryhotelboutique.com, Phone number:USA (619) 677-5708 and MX (664) 608-64-70.

We also recommend this hotel with hospital amenities:

-Grand Hotel Tijuana website link: http://www.grandhoteltj.com/room/Grand-Care/21 Toll free number form the US: 1 866 472 6385, 1 866 495 1879

NOTE:Your blood work and EKG results will determine if you are a candidate for surgery or not.



Hello Ladies ????

Hello I've haven't had time to update my review. I been sick of the flu for 2 weeks and just waiting to get better. So i can go to TJ and meet Dr. Pantoja and his staff before i make a decision. So far Nadia has been very helpful and she's looking forward to meeting me. I am very excited to look good this summer. I want to do so many things like travel, put on a nice dress. Will keep everyone posted when i go to see Dr. Pantoja. Thank you have a lovely weekend.

So as i am ready to go meet Dr. Pantoja Dr. Campos emails me.

Hello gals, I very excited. I can already see it coming closer for me to go meet Dr. Pantoja and see if he can achieve what i want. As soon as i was going to email Nadia to setup an Appt. Dr. Campos emails me. So here is Dr. Campos consultation.

Dear Nancy,

Thank you for your email. Please accept my apologies as I haven't had
time to catch up with my email. Thanks again for your
patience and for sending us your pictures this way is easier for us to have a
virtual consultation and in order to give you a much more accurate opinion and
Something that I want to let you know is that the estimate is based on your physical needs and according to your body type.

After reviewing your pictures I can see that you have extra skin on your abdomen area and lower back, and I strongly suggest you a extended tummy tuck this will help me target the excess of skin, this would improve your figure in a optimal way, I will also be repairing your protrude muscle and get you a flatter abdomen.

Also you will need to have an important liposuction in the waist and lower back to define your waist line, I also recommend you liposuction on your upper back, arms and inner thighs.

If you are interested in fat grafting in the gluteal area. I am
using the micro fat grafting, for this technique I use low pressure syringes in
order to keep the fat cells the safest and to transfer them inside the muscle;
this is mostly to avoid the absorption, and this is because in the muscle there
is a mayor blood flow and the cells survive longer, there is an absorption of a
20 to 40% of fat. Also i wanted to mention, is that the top quantity to be injected into
each gluteal area is 600 to 700 cc of fat in one session, or up to where your skin
allows us to do so, because the tissues sometimes won't expand and may
compromise the blood flow in the area.

The recovery for this procedure is around 2-3 weeks, remember that you need to take care of your buttocks I recommend you to purchase a woopy pillow on surgery day, they are 40 usd. Also please remember that any type of burning exercise will also burn the fat from your buttocks. You can start doing light exercise after 2 months.

I recommend you to stay from 8-10 days in town so we can follow up with you and check your recovery.

If you are coming by your self my recommendation is to stay in a recover home like La Casa de Lilas,(619) 342 7913 this recovery home has certified nurses that take care of you 24/7 and a shuttle that would pick you up from San Diego airport if you are flying in and bring you to Tijuana, on surgery day they will bring you to the clinic as well as to all your massage appointments.

Attached is your estimate, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Dr. Campos.

I didn't get the attachment of estimate but since he recommends various techniques. I can already think about the price estimate.

Honestly i want to avoid a tummy tuck, but he recommends a tummy tuck. Now I'm thinking about Dr. Pantoja said with BBL would be great to achieve. And by what Dr. Sahafi advised me that with BBL he can achieve great results after viewing my body in person.

Consultation is set to meet Dr. Pantoja...!!!!

So excited for this Saturday 2/6/16 at 12 pm. Consultation is set to meet Dr. Pantoja. Leacing to Tijuana since today Friday 2/5/16 to catch up on my bday celebration along with some friends that are also going. Super excited!!!!!

How my consultation went with Dr. Pantoja

Hello... My consultation went great. The place is very clean, Tannia was the nurse in the front. She was so nice and attentive. I went into see Dr. Pantoja. He is such a sweet Dr. He was polite, and attentive. He took a look at my body and told me i have a good figure and thinks I can achieve what I'm looking for, but he said he would recommend to do the tummy tuck bc since I'm getting a BBL my skin can get a little loose. I showed him my c-section and said my type of skin heals different with over lap skin. So he would only recommend the BBL for now and then if I do need it I can get it. He was so sweet and caring. He told me a little about him self and his profession. He recommend to stay on night so he can supervise me and then I can go back home and come back in a week or I can stay for the entire 2 weeks. But he said I will be fine. I'm so excited!!!! When I came out Tannia was on the phone speaking to a patient over the phone answering some questions. I loved that, how they are there for their patients if they have concerns. That makes me feel very comfortable and safe to know if I have any questions after the surgery they will be there. Booked my procedure date for 4/29/16 . I'm so happy!! My friend that also got a bbl is going to go with me since she knows more, and will drive me back. I'm nervous by I have almost 2 months to prepare. I can't wait!!!

Dr. Pantoja sent me this to prepare before surgery. Might help you Gals.

The following indications are very important for your treatment, read the following page completely.
Remember NOT TO TAKE any medication, without consulting it with Dr. Pantoja previously. (Including for pain or colds and those that contain ASPIRIN (acetylsalicylic acid or derivatives).
Let us know any change of health (colds, infections, flu, etc.)
Let us know if you take any medication to regulate the blood pressure or the coagulation of the blood, for the heart, to treat diabetes, arthritis, nerves, anxiety, depression, or any infusion or “herbal”, complexes or drugs.
The results of your Pre-op lab work must be reviewed previously by the Dr to confirm that you are healthy enough to have the surgery.
You shouldn’t smoke at least three weeks before surgery and four weeks after.
Start taking 1 iron pill every morning to boost your hemoglobin levels. Your levels will determine if you are able to have surgery or not.
Eat light foods and avoid smoking and alcohol.
Extreme the hygiene (complete and careful bath) because it contributes to prevent the postoperative infections.
Please shave your pubic region to avoid any infections.
Do not eat or drink anything, starting 8 hours before surgery, not even water.
Do not take any laxatives or enemas.
Avoid bringing objects of value, your belongings will be deposited in a safe box located in the room.
Children under 12 years old are not allowed in the office nor the clinic.
DO NOT eat or drink anything starting 10 hours before your surgery.
In Admissions, they will ask you to fill all the paperwork: you must fill everything and sign it before going into your room.
You must pay in full prior to surgery. Please review all the forms of payment we accept to avoid any issues the day of surgery.
You must bring a picture ID for your file.
Once in your room:
It is recommended not to bring value objects or depositing them in the safe box.
You must remove body piercings.
Bring comfortable clothes. Buttoned shirt if you are having breast surgery. Comfortable shoes or slippers.
Personal hygiene stuff like toothbrush, deodorant, moisturizing lotion, feminine pads or tampons in case you are in your period.
A boppy pillow will be useful in case you will have fat injections on the buttocks.
IF you stay at a hotel, we recommend for you to bring with you a pocket of gauze, hydrogen peroxide to clean your incisions and a pocket of maxi pads to absorb the fluid coming out from the incisions.

I'm so excited for my surgery. I hardly can't wait for April 29th.

Today is Saturday 2/27/16 and i'm just thinking that i can't hardly wait til April 29th. I'm so excited, but the days are going by so slow.. :( I think it's still to early to start to buy remedies to get a better recovery. 1 girdle is included with the surgery, which is great. I was advised to buy a boppy pillow and i spoke to a recovery home the lady was so sweet & explained to me what to do after my surgery. She recommend to buy the boppy pillow from Dr. Pantoja bc she stated his boppy pillows are really good. So i think i might buy that as well from him. She also gave me some techniques on how to lean, eat, and make my recovery more smoother. She was really great at explaining. So i can advise my sister since she will be going with me, and my friend who has a BBL. She will be taking me and bring me back home. I also looked into few places to get my messages after. I will be doing one with Maripaz before i came back home. and get the rest done rear where i live in LA. I saw couple places one they wanted to charge like $850 for 10. I saw another one where my friend got hers at is $700 for 10. Thought that was not bad at all bc i can get the first 9 and so the rest later.

Beyond Super Duper excited!!!!!

Hello Ladies, I have great news!!! I received a call from Dr. Pantoja's office from Nadia. She called to advised me that there's an opening for March 30!!!! Yayy!! She stated if I would like to have my surgery on that day. I am thinking and thinking and thinking about it since I already programmed everything for April 29th. So I asked my baby's dad if he would like to go with me. Just asked as a joke thinking he would say no, but guess what he asked for those days off!! I asked my friend since she had already told she was going with me on April 29th but she said she can't in March. So I told my baby daddy never mind i'm just going to keep the April 29th but he insisted he wants to take care of me. He asked for days off work to take care of me.. Omg!! So I guess March 30 it is!!! Only 2 weeks away from surgery. I just need to let Nadia know I do want March 30. Now I have to really get ready for surgery. In less than 2 weeks. I'm so excited!! I kind of already had told the owner at my work i will be taking 2 weeks off in April 29 but today we were just talking about it, bc she was like your surgery is getting closer, I told her actually they called me from Dr. Pantoja's office to advise me they have an opening on March 30th. She stated that's cool. So I think that's under control already with my work. Omg I still can't believe i will have my surgery March 30.

Getting surgery ready!!!

What do you ladies recommend for me to buy for my surgery as far as to make my healing smoother. Comfy clothes. I seen someone say to take Arnica.????

One week & 3 days to go...

Getting closer!! Staying positive. Would really love a butt like this.

Shopping getting ready!!

This week I've been shopping getting everything ready fro next Weds. I bought a boppy pillow at target, wipes, socks, panties, long pads. I ordered on amazon a urine device, arnica cream, laxative suppositories, Neosporin. I can't think of anything else that would be needed. but hope to be well prepared.

Just wow

Just look at her butt. Fabulous. Wish pic

First pic after surgery. Dr. Pantoja is a excellent. Doctor

All I can say is I love it. Dr. Pantoja is the most caring Dr & he took care of me in many ways. What you ladies think? After surgery pic.

3 days after surgery

I'm trying my best to get well. Here's some pics with out the garment since i had to wash it bc it was very stained of blood & liquid. I'm very sore, and bruised.

New Garment feel so much better

This garment is the best. Thank you ladies for giving your advice. It's super smooth, it's the same size as the other one. I was able to take a good nap. As you can see it give support in the adomen area without squeezing the booty.

Healthy eating

Dr. recommend fish for a speedy recovery. Veggies.

Day 6 post op

Hello ladies, yesterday i went in for my first massage. They did it with an ultrasound machine. And it has helped alot for the swelling & bruises. The good thing is that the lady who did the massage wil be coming to my house starting today. She will be performing the lymphatic massages. She is super good. She will be bringing me arnica tea too. I'm so glad i found her. I will let you ladies know how it went so if anyone needs her near LA or Orange County. She will def hook it up.

Loving my results at 6 days post op

The swelling is going down and little by little seeing some results. I'm so happy to be able to see my flat stomach. I'm still briused and swollen. I'm able to put on some clothes on. Can't wait to see how my butt looks like with jeans

1 week after surgery

I feel much better today. Less swollen, bruised. The lymphatic massage really makes a difference.

Loving my big butt

Miss new booty

Almost 3 week post op

I'm really having with my results. Dr. Pantoja is truly amazing.. Love love my curves.

5 weeks post op & getting alot of itching sensation.

Hi girls, i feel great. Just having alot of itching on the back side wher my ribs are at.

New pic update taken today.

This is how my butt looks like as of today. I love my butt my waist. I feel comfortable with my body. I get compliments. The only thing i would like to work on is eliminating the cellulite on my legs. If any suggestions on that i would gladly like to treat that.

Here's a new update almost a year since i got the BBL

I love the results. I'm happy with my butt. I do wish there was more fat removed. But I can't complain. You get what you ask for.

New update!!

New update 1 yr post op

Loving my body. Would like to go for a 2 nd round.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

By far on communication, kind, and informative is great so far. I feel that Dr. Pantoja is the right Dr. For me.

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