21 Years Old No Kids, BBL Extra Lipo

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I weight around 165 lbs, I sent Nadia and Dr. P my...

I weight around 165 lbs, I sent Nadia and Dr. P my pictures today,,,, now waiting for my response how exciting I'm planning my surgery for maybe mid October -November 2016 getting BBL & some extra liposuction... I can't wait for my final cost to see when I can book my flight I want to go in with one off my close cousins and both get surgery the same day and recover together at a recovery house that i still don't know of I'm still doing the research of all the ones in the area I live in central California & flying out to San Diego to then driving to t.j. or driving out there & flying back.. I have all this planned out.. ill be keeping y'all updated ;)

My quote is $3,900

I'm getting full body Lipo BBL, me and my hubby got into it bec he wasn't sure he wanted me to do it.. But now everything is settled I'm leaning into October 17-20... I helped my cousin send her pictures today so just waiting on her quote & getting some money for the date... I'm doing all this on my own I don't want my mans money so I'm working for it all... I'm a nail tech so it's not a lot of income but I have no babies so it's a little easier.. & my recovery house will be 700 total for 6 days I'm estimating almost 5k for everything surgery, recovery house for a week, airfare.. & gas over all... I'm excited but nervous.... I've been wanting bbl & breast implants since I was literally 12 or 13 & I'm 21 now soon to be 22 and I know I can round up 5k in 7 months NO BREAST implants for me though until I'm a mother after I will get the whole deal too.. Out of all the dR in Tijuana I honestly think dr pantoja is one of the best...

Wish pics!! ??

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