20 Yr. Old Ready for my New Body! - Tijuana, MX

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Just like everyone else, I too am a realself...

Just like everyone else, I too am a realself stalker. I stalked the site for about a month before I decided to book my surgery date, 5 months ago lol. December 18th is the day!!! I will then officially be a pantoja doll. And I got about 6 weeks left. A little about me, I'm 20 years old 5'0 tall, and this will be my first cosmetic surgery. But I'm so excited and ready! I've always wanted this surgery ever since I was a teenager, but I didn't know it existed. It wasn't until this past summer I decided to look into it and within a month I booked my surgery. I will be having my procedure done by Dr. Pantoja in Tijuana. During my consultation I was 120lbs, 5 months ago. I was told I needed to gain 15lbs for the surgery. I thought this was going to be easy since I always struggled to keep weight off. Man it wasn't until I brought the CB1 weight gainers at the beginning of October. During the preceding 5 months I was only able to put on 4lbs, and I was eating so much crap and junk it was crazy I wasn't gaining any weight. I worked at this dessert place during the summer and I made sure to drink a milkshake everyday and nothing. I was really starting to get worried that I wouldn't have the weight I needed, so I ordered the weight gainers. Thank God! this first month that I have been taking them I was able to put on about 7 or 8lbs. I now weigh 130-132lbs, my goal weight from the doctor is 135 but I want to get up to 138. I'm so excited for this! I can't wait to share my journey with my bbl sisters just like how they have been sharing theirs with me!

Before the weight gain

A few photos before the weight gain

Weight Gain Progress

So I weighted myself yesterday and my weight was 129lbs. I'm about 6-8lbs away from my goal weight ! I've been taking CB1 weight gainers which makes my appetite crazy and helping with putting on some weight . Do any of my dolls have any other successful tips for fast weight gain ?

Here's the new fatter me lol

I weighed myself last night with clothes before I ate and it said 134!!! I'm finally getting there thanks to my cb1 weight gainers!
Sorry for my new gross body .. All apart of the process to greatness lol

Weight loss !!!!

I'm getting nervous dolls . I'm down to 130lbs I can't seem to keep on any weight . Any tips for fast weight gain??? My surgery is exactly two weeks away ! I need help!!!!!!

Getting close !!!

Hey dolls. I'm getting close! My surgery is on Friday , just 6 days away. I paid off my surgery yesterday and ordered a few more supplies . I'm getting kind of broke lol due to birthdays gifts and all the surgery stuff and bills . Smh . So I don't really want to spend $100 on a butt pillow . What do you girls suggest that will work to keep my butt up while I drive ????
I can't wait to post my post op pictures . I will post my updated pre ops Thursday night with my current weight . Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it.

Today is the day !

The day is finally here . Here are some of my pre-op pictures that I took this morning . I can't wait to upload my post-ops !

It's feeling real

My hemoglobin levels were 14 ! I just got marked up! Dr. Pantoja is so funny and sweet, he took away my nervousness and filled me with excitement .

A few post op

These two were taken one day post op, will update more when I can .

Day 2 post op

Just took a shower, thank god for my sister .


Here's all the medications Dr. P prescribed to me . They came to a total of $112

I week Post Op !

My one week post op pictures .

2 week post op !

Yay today is my two week anniversary !!!! A lot of my swelling has went down on my stomach, my back is still kind of swollen . My stomach is pretty hard now all around and my butt is getting soft. Just really the center is only hard . Lol like an island kind of .

3 week post

Sorry girls for the lateness . My real self app wouldn't let me update. I'm actually going to be 4 weeks Friday so I'll post more pictures .

4 week post op pictures

My stomach is getting flatter ! I'm really happy with the results so far. I feel like I have a back roll but I think it's the way I stand , I never noticed my scoliosis actually do have an affect on how I stand . Hope you like the pictures , when I start wearing my garment 1/2 time I'll start posting pictures in clothes lol

Finally ...! Some clothes . Lol

I'm sorry that I haven't been updating you all but I've been busy ... School just started back up and I'm a junior in college lol so you know . But here are some pictures from today with clothes .

Feeling down

Idk but today I feel like my butt is smaller . I'm having one of those bad days where I feel like I don't really see a difference . Like some days I feel like there's a difference and some days I feel like there isn't . Today is one of those days . It makes me think about having a round 2 .... I hate feeling like this .

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