TT / Breast lift with implants / BBL / Lipo and SO EXCITED! Dr. Pantoja! - Tijuana, MX

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Long long journey, so many twists and turns. NOW...

Long long journey, so many twists and turns.

NOW I can finally start my review and I really hope to add everything I can and keep you all updated, everyone's help as been so invaluable to me and I want to pay it forward.

I'm going with Dr. Pantoja.
March 6th, 2017.

The quote I got really addressed my concerns! Nadia has been back and forth with me all morning answering my questions and being so amazing. She's fluent, and I mean fluent in English, I am pretty sure she's from the states?

This makes a huge difference for me because feeling understood and having my questions answered makes me feel safer.

With all the ins and outs of this process I REALLY hope this doesn't somehow blow up in my face!

It is t easy for any of us to post our feelings on here and it's really hard for me to post before pictures, I am just keeping in mind that I've always tried to look for pictures like mine to see final results, I hope to be able to do that for someone else.

I'll post those soon.

New Date & New Excitement!

My new date is Monday, May 15th, 2017.

Deposit Down for Dr. Pantoja.

- Facts.

-The process with Dr. Pantoja for me is going amazing.

-Not only can you bring in cash to a BANK OF AMERICA ( so awesome ) Paypal is really really nice too.

-Nadia seriously waited for months for me to put down my deposit.

( For some reason it didn't feel right, I didn't feel like the recovery houses suggested were right for me, I felt like I had to please everyone around me and what I really wanted was to do it all on my own and have everyones blessings but I couldn't find the right place to do it!

She kept in contact with me when I had to move from my rented house into a new one because it was unsafe, she waited for me all the way into the new year, I got her email confirming if I still wanted the date on Jan 3rd ( I am sure she was asking because someone wanted it ) and when I replied 4 days later, the date was gone. She never once pressured me or threatened me that I might lose it ( all of us know unless your deposits down you are at risk of losing your date ) She was kind and understanding through everything the end of 2016 threw at me.

I have all the ideas in the world as to why it took me that long, yeah it was life, but mostly that would have gotten it out of the way. I think it was the unknown, the hassle of dealing with everyone else emotions and fears when I just wanted to deal with my own. I wanted everyone to back off and let me handle everything since I was the one doing all the research but it was hard to feel supported and feel like I was given space. or some reason it didn't feel right, I didn't feel like the recovery houses were right for me, I felt like I had to please everyone around me )

-I was sad when I learned May was the closest but took it ASAP and threw my money down on the $500 deposit using PayPal for May 15th.

- I went on my own search for recovery houses. The ones that are suggested by Dr. Pantoja's officer are

ClubMedMx aka "Our Friends House" - After reading so much and realizing I wanted a private room but I didn't want to pay for a guest to get it.

(I didn't like some of the reviews I saw about how competitive the owner Marvin can be, calling other recovery houses stating that someone is "his customer" to a quote someone else received that seemed to me to be a bit of a scare tactic about how the culture of Mexico can be so different and how many people don't speak English. I've been there many times, the culture is warm ( any big city has bad areas ! ) and most people can speak English. )

Recovery Boutique took over a week to get back to me and I didn't feel comfortable with the reply I got. No matter where you have surgery, you're at the hands of the care team you put in place. I did not feel they would be through in taking care of me.

I have surgery with Dr Pantoja on May 15th. I would like to stay 8 nights after the 2 nights in the clinic. Do you transport to the Dr for all appointments? I also will be getting the oxygen treatments, is transportation to 4458 Agua Caliente Blvd. C1 Floor Suite 33 Tijuana B.C. 22420 included or septerate? I saw that you can pick me up from the airport, would you be able to do this for me on the 15th to stay with my mom until the next morning 9am? The cost would be $100 for the night? Thank you so much, sorry for all the questions!

Reply :
Good afternoon

Thank you for your email, we will be happy to have you as our guest, but we do not offer transportation, must surgeons do, you need to check with your surgery coordinator. Our daily rate is $150usd, $100usd is only for preop day.

we are here to help you feel free to call or email us if you have any questions. )

Grand Care at the Tijuana Grand Hotel, this place SEEMED perfect!

My own room to be left alone and heal with care around the clock and room service. It's a whole flood with hospital beds dedicated to medical stuff, the prices were at about $60 a night. It doesn't come with food, that's okay, at $60 I can order room service! But then I realized no transportation either. The final decision was made when I told Nadia I would be going with Grand Care, she said :

The grand care floor is really nice and it's close to our office, the only inconvenience is that they don't have a nurse to take care of you, only for emergencies.

So that sent me on my way to look for another recovery house.

I went through so many, a lot looked good and some were a hot mess, THEN I went to google and found

- Casa del Angel Recovery Spa looks so beautiful, calming, relaxing. I looked it up on real self, not a bad comment.. not many comments.. not reassuring at all. I noticed on the site a 510 number.. that's a San Francisco Bay Area area code! I texted, she called me, literally coached me for surgery without even knowing my dates first. Her energy was so sweet, I knew from that one phone call I had found my recovery house.

-More on the recovery house stuff tomorrow when I put my deposit down, I am sure all my fears will come up and I will have a million things running across my mind then.

-Sorry this is longer, the next post will be focused on my interactions with the recovery house and any new news. Consider yourself caught up on my journey lol
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

I haven't talked to him directly yet but his staff member Nadia is great!

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