34 Years Old. Lost 100 Pounds. One Child. LBL - Tijuana, MX

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I decided on Dr. Cardinals because she sounds very...

I decided on Dr. Cardinals because she sounds very credible and had many great reviews. So far everyone has been very nice. I scheduled my surgery for June 11th so I could lose 40 more pounds and get my BMI to 30. I'm 5'7 and weigh 226. I have 26 more pounds to go. It'll also give me more time to save. Any advice for someone who is 3 months pre-op??

Why oh why??

I'm trying hard to lose weight before this surgery. I feel like I'm starving myself and nothing is coming off. I need suggestions. Thinking of trying IdealShake.

The Big Day is tomorrow!

I'm in San Diego. I hope I get some sleep tonight. Lord I'm nervous!!!

6 days post op

Today is day 6. I'm still hunched over. I finally had a bowel movement. Haven't had one in seven days. I think my iron levels are back to normal. I'm in and out of sleep. My tummy doesn't hurt but my booty does. I didn't get the inner thigh lipo like I wanted but that's ok. This garment is a beast and I'm learning how to breathe in it. I don't know how Beyoncé does it!


Ok I've been too shy to post pics but I'll post my before and some current ones because I know they're going to be used for research purposes.

Some after pics.

I keep forgetting to take pics of the front before I put the dressing on after a shower. Ugh

Swollen! Broken stitches :-(

The stitches in my groin area broke and fat is seeping out. I had to put a pad on it. This is not fun...

Feeling much better

I've been feeling really good lately. My incisions are healing nicely and the wound is closing up. The swelling is starting to go down. I cooked dinner for the first tund yesterday and I'm walking more upright. I feel good. Pics coming soon!

New pics

New pic

I'm feeling myself...feelin myself!

Feeling sexy today. Feeling like a better version of my old self. Man I wish I could find the right word for this!

I'm Ready to workout..ugh

So I'm ready to hit the gym and do some light work. The scale has over in the wrong direction and I can't have that (though my tummy is looking nice). A couple things I've realized or noticed:
1. I have phantom limb syndrome. I feel like my gut is still there and I was told to stare at it to get myself to know it's gone (hence this pic)
2. When I get full my tummy pokes out. I never had this issue before. But I swear I fit clothes better like two hours later.
3. I went for a walk today and I noticed that I walk faster without the gut

Ok that's all for today. Lol

Cake cake cake cake cake

Back swelling has gone down. Look at this bootay! Heyyyy now!
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

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