Going Back ... Mommy Makeover This Time - Mexico

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I'm in love with the results from the lipo fat...

I'm in love with the results from the lipo fat transfer to my butt and bucal fat removal. I did this back in October and I'm already going back for TT, breast implants, and lipo on my arms. Im working on abs for the rest of them time , I've heard it helps with the pain afterwards. Anyways super excited

Mommy makeover complete!!

Had my surgery yesterday February 18th 2016 from 1pm-4pm. I show up to the clinic do a quick pre op consultation. We talk about breast size breast lift, and tummy tuck pain. We agreed on everything and of course he calmed my nerves. After that they take me into a private room with 2 beds perfect for my bf! poor thing was crying the night before he was scared for me. Anyways, we wait and wait as he finishes operating the 2 before me. Then they wheel me in lay me down and immediately give me the anesthesia, anesthesiologists calls them tequila shots lol. and then i wake up laid flat and i immediately cry my eyeballs out sooooooo much pain!!!!! I had been asleep for 2 hours after the surgery was done. Jesus let me tell you the worst burning pain ever!! It was just terrible. i tell the nurse want to go back to my boyfriend and they transfer me beds twice!! aaaa any movement was the worst thing ever. once back into the recuperating room i got a morphine shot and pain meds in my IV everything was better... i wasn't laid flat either oooooh being sat up felt so good. water felt like heaven.

Home sweet home !!

I was released today at 12 pm crossed the border back to Anaheim at 1 and made it home at 4:30 i climbed a flight of stairs...not as bad as i thought just went really slow. but no pain. haven't looked at my scars because of the tape covering it up. the only one I've seen is my belly button looks good :) much better than my old one. Im relaxing in my recliner setting up alarms on my phone so i can stay on top of the meds the doc gave me.

here are some more pictures hours after surgery

These are right after surgery tummy tuck and BA /BL a lot of pain but i hope its worth it. Also an accident video i was so out of it i was trying to take picture of my fiancé but couldn't eve do that.
They also gave me the boxes of the implants they used along with a manual that comes with them. and lastly a video of the very comfortable room i stayed in.
I got a peek at one of the ends the tummy tuck scar. it looks wrinkled :( kind of scared my skin will stay like this but i asked the doc and he said to not worry it will arrange itself . Im going back in a week or 10 days to take the drains out.

First night at home

Back pain !!!! The recliner is helpful much better than my bed but gosh is it uncomfortable after 12 hours yes I got up in between to take short walks around my living room but so out of breath and I got dizzy quickly, I had to sit down. Besides that pain only burning sensation around my breast and non stop burping what the hell !! It's so irritating. I find I burp nonstop right after I drink water or eat soup ":/
Per doc going to take a shower can't wait to see myself and get a break from the compression garment I have no idea how I will put it back on since it took two nurses to put it in me in the first place I have one that is my legs butt and while stomach type of garment. I'll keep you updated !!


Forgot to mention couple of hours after surgery I felt so good I did my makeup and kind of arranged my hair and of course took a selfie with the new girls lol sent the pic out to friends and family letting them know I was alive and doing well :)

Mommy makeover post op day 3 update

My doc said i could take a shower with the drains. Ive seen other doctors on here recommend not to shower. Im not sure whats best but I'm glad i showered ! I felt so much better and clean got to see myself and i have questions when i go back on friday. The only thing I'm concerned about today is my nipple numbness will they go back to normal or sensitivity lost? it feels weird not feeling anything, my new breast too big?, the ends of my scar are wrinkled does this get smooth by itself ? I keep burping nonstop after i eat or drink even if its just water so frustrating.. anyone else experience this?
Tomorrow is day 4 I'm staying positive but some moments it gets to be too much with the pain the drains and not being able to even wipe myself and of course the swelling. Patience i know but ugh!
Tomorrow is Monday and the fiancé goes back to work... ill be alone and i don't know how to get out of the recliner alone without feeling extreme pain. ill update everyone on that tomorrow with that...with me luck!!

Day 6 Post-op TT, BA, BL

Day 6 the days flew by ..anxious to take the drains out ...i keep thinking the tubes will get caught on something and i will pull it out I have 3 drains :/
So doctor said i can take pepcid ac for constant burping...which has helped a lot. Im staying ontop
of my pain meds and antibiotics as well as my vitamins.
Im walking more upright first 3 days i was completely hunched over using the walker and now I'm 2/3 upright not using the walker anymore.However, I've noticed very small amounts of blood from the TT by the pubic area. I hope I'm not straightening up to quickly and reversing all the healing my body has been trying to do . I wan to go out of my apartment and walk around the park or something but since I'm on the second story and alone don't wan to try going down and falling to my death lol. I miss having my bf home I'm so bored no one to talk to or entertain me. Friday they take out the drains and I'm counting the hours.

Day 8- 12 post op and other updates

So... Day 8 i was excited that the drains where coming out!! I had texted the head nurse that i was heading over Friday morning. However, due to some traffic complications i ended up arriving to the doctors office at 5 pm :( The nurse i had been texting had left and the doctor had been out the whole week ugh i was so frustrated and irritated!! Almost 4 hours in traffic for nothing and the fiance had asked for the day off work to drive me!! The drains where not removed since it was wine red color and none of the stitches removed since the doctor wasn't there to give the ok, so all they did was remove the old tapes around my nipple, which hurt like hell even tho i took my last pain pill about 40 minutes before arriving, and the tape on the tt which didn't hurt just felt weird since that area is numb. Thank god the border to come back to the US was only 30 minute wait. We then where starving and in a horrible mood so we ended up making a dinner stop at a meditteranean restaurant on our way home. It was treat from me to the fiancé telling him how thankful i was for all of his help with cleaning helping with my son and of course putting up with my breakdowns and with treating me like a queen this whole time. He would put alarms on his phone so i would take my meds on time after my last pain breakdown for not taking them. oooopps.

Day 10 :Well since i was so frustrated and bored I checked the drains every hour and no change. Did i mention i have 3 drains, 2 on my breast and 1 on tt, they are super annoying, especially at shower time!! Well on Saturday my right breast drain started turning pink yellow and by the end of the day it turned yellow almost clear!! Yay!! So i looked up youtube videos on how to remove the drains and yes i removed it myself !!! I popped a tylenol since i had no idea what i would feel. I disinfected my small scissors and cut the stitch started pulling it to make sure it was completely cut of and there it went, came out with no pain,actually felt relief :) Now my right breast feels much better because before it felt like the drain tube inside was touching a nerve and whenever i would move my right arm there was a stinging pain on the upper half of the breast.

Day 11: I decided to take my son out since he had been stuck with me at home besides school for the past 10 days. We are very active and like to go out a lot even if its the park or a walk at Costco. So we went to a trampoline park and he had loads of fun and i was entertained people watching and seeing him smile. Of course the fiancé was there jumping with him and having fun as well lol After that i made the biggest most painful mistake of my life!!
We decided to try a revolving sushi restaurant that was nearby ...mucho fun ! However i started eating like a normally did before anode course my stomach stretched and was pushing out. Jesus christ that was the most painful thing i had ever felt my skin felt like it was going to stretch and pop it hurt so bad i had another breakdown. My incision to felt like it was going to rip open. So now I'm scared it will happen again and have anxiety when i sit down to eat. I know its about portion control so i have to watch out for that i was just so excited to be out and feel somewhat normal.
Now I'm 12 days post op and still have 2 drains to go. They are still red wine color and no sign of it changing :/ I've looked up what could help and what not but nothing has helped. Im getting worried since i start work again Friday and definitely don't want to be worrying about the drains. My other concern is that I'm still hunching over... well i start of hunched over in the mornings since I'm stiff and once i get going i slowly walk about 3/4 upright then later in the day either my back starts aching so i go back to hunched over or I'm so swollen i can't stretch my stomach enough to stand upright. Im hoping my first day of work will go by fast because 8 hours of these pains is going to make me have a breakdown. So far I have had 3 major breakdowns, where there are tears and this feeling of hopelessness where there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Let me tell you these breakdowns are a buzz kill for everyone but at least i do not feel depressed or wished i had never done the procedures. My fiancé has helped me so much and has made me feel normal by just telling me to relax he will take care of it and to enjoy my time off work. Love him :)
So far i love the way my breast look they are slowly dropping so don't have them high up in my neck anymore lol. Im in love with them. I showed the doc a pic of what i was aiming for and he delivered and love him for the way he decided to make the cut, on the pre op he had mentioned the anchor scar since i would need a BL with my BA which i was super disappointed, but he did not do that instead did a donut which is way less scaring :)
Since the drain is still in my right hip for the tt and its trying to heal itself that site keeps leaking clear liquid which makes my Depend diapers very useful. Unfortunately, the skin right on top of the drain site is starting to look like a its sticking out and going over the drain another reason i want this drain out asap!!!
So that is what my last 4 days have been. I have 2 days left to get my act together i want to start driving I've been waiting for the fiancé to get home to drive me to the grocery store or get a mani and pedi which felt amazing !! I want to walk and stand completely upright and to take these drains out. Wish me luck !!!
PS me and the fiancé couldn't wait any longer and had very slow and steady sex last night feel much more relaxed and once again connected to him ;) Im sure he feels better too lol
Ill keep you posted!!

Day 13-20

Day 13 so I' kept a close eye on my drains and of course kept doing research.
Day 14 I got anxious and keep a close eye on the drains. They are becoming bothersome especially the one on my hip from the tummy tuck. Right where the drain comes out its red and itchy also clear fluid keeps coming out. That area was significantly more swollen than my other hip. I contacted the doctors nurse and asked for me to go to the office so they could remove the drains the minute that the drains looked yellow. I could not go back to mexico since i started work the next day. So i looked up youtube videos on how to remove drains and stitches i pumped myself up and ladies i did it!!! i pulled the last two drains and they where clogged with meat so therefore the drains kept coming out red and the last bit of drain was actually yellow. Im glad i took them out before i got an infection. I will post a short video of the drain starting to come out it was pretty gruesome so didn't record whole thing. I was woozy and tired after pulling the last drain.
Day 15 first day back to work ...OMG!!! everyone making jokes because i still walk a bit hunched over. Im wearing baggy clothes since I'm still swollen do therefore no one saw the results or a change. My coworker bought me 2 front zipper sports bra from walmart. One large and the other extra large this had me laughing since the large would unzip itself since it was too small hahaha. Sweet gift from her felt nice to be thought off after 2 weeks of hearing or seeing from no one.
The morning of work went by ok but after lunch around 2:30 pm my back was killing me, my incisions where burning, and my stomach was extremely swollen. I did not wear any type of compression garment since i did not give myself enough time in the morning to get ready. I wore to work dress my dress pants from before the surgery and they where tighter than before i had the surgery which was a bit disappointing and discouraging. After the work day was done i was exhausted...even tho i only sat at the desk, shuffled papers, and answered the phone , i also took a 30 minute nap on my lunch . When i got home i took a pain killer i had saved for this day and knocked out.
Day 15 I went to work but left an hour early i was exhausted once again. This time i just took tylenol and asked for a massage from the fiance. that was enough relaxation for me to get my self ready for what i was about to do. My fiancé and i prepped myself to take out the stitches from my new belly button. Since they had been in my skin for a while my skin was growing over the stitches which made it extremely difficult to find the loop and cut the stitch. I had to leave one stitch in ,which I'm worried it will cause trouble later, since my skin completely healed over it.
Day 16-17 No major change just kept track of how my belly would be swollen at the end of the day. Was exhausted by the last 2 days of work but the work week flew by. Took off the second round of surgical tape the nurses put on my first doctors visit. My drain wounds are healing well, no infections, and now researching scar treatments looks like bio oil is going to be my first experiment.
Day 18 i made the mistake of trying to sleep on my bed, and well i wasn't used to being back on a flat surface so kept tossing and turning since i had taking tylenol pm i was half asleep when i would move around in bed. In the morning first thin i notice is my tummy tuck incision had opened from the front :/. Even tho its almost 3 weeks i found out how delicate my incision is. I was mad at myself for backtracking all the progress my body had done.
Day 19 finally Friday !! looking forward to my days off. I wore heels and that was a mistake my feet where killing me since my body is not used to the new weight and how differently its distributed thorough my body. Worst of all my breast where super sensitive and my nipples on fire starting too feel the "zings" on my nipples as well and pins and needles on my incision. And I'm itchy everywhere !
Day 20 enjoyed being lazy all day being in my recliner watching movies and taking naps when i felt like it. My period is here and its weird i have cramps but when i massage my abdomen i feel nothing and pain is alleviated. Itchy all over today especially my breast. The front of my TT incision is closing again quickly and I've noticed since it opened up i can walk straighter. The nipple incisions look better as well still no feeling in my nipple only the breast tissue. Im looking up how to make my belly button whole look open and not swollen like it does now. Ive heard putting a marble or ear plug helps so it doesn't look like an outie.
Im not exercising at the moment and i want to start doing that asap. When they say its a long healing it is a long long long healing but i love my new figure!! and all the stretch marks are gone thats what I'm most excited about belly button ring here i come.

More pictures of TT area

These are 2-3 weeks post op

9 months post-op !!

Its going to be 9 months post-op next week.
I have been hitting the gym 4-5 days a week. cardio with wight lifting. No pain or issues from my workouts. Ive been watching my portions and what i eat. Cut out alcohol except wine here and there. As a result I've been noticing how my right hip is much larger (bulge) than my left hip as im losing weight. Ive noticed i stand a different way so the bulge isn't as noticeable when i wear certain clothes. Self-esteem slowly dropping. I contacted the fabulous doctor today and they will do a revision. However, i haven't gotten details on what the revision will consist of. Will keep everyone updated on what the next step is going to be. Anxious, nervous, worried all those pre-op emotions coming back.
Manuel Gutierrez Romero, MD

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