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Real self! Hi! So excited to be documenting this...

Real self! Hi! So excited to be documenting this journey. I want to thank everyone who has shared their experiences on this website. the bloggers and the doctors alike are helping to change people's lives. I would have been lost really without the website. So to the webmasters, bloggers, surgeons, and their supporting staff --Thanks for helping me change my life for the better.

Okay background on me: I'm a 22 year old, "black" american of caribbean, and recent college grad. Went to a big school in the city and I've come to the decision that rhinoplasty is what I need to be successful in the ruthless environment of the city but more so so that I can be happy.

My nose has been an issue for me since maybe the 4th grade. I think that's when everything about me just felt ugly ( lol yay beginning puberty). But aside from my freddy floodwater pants and my nerdy glasses, my nose seemed to bring me the most distress. I remember wearing clothing-line clips to shape it, I remember taping it at night, and I even remember trying to break my nose so I could have I better one. So messed up right?! Well I'm here now and I'm committed.

I've contacted two surgeons so far. Dr. Jeffrey Epstein (FL) and Dr. Manuel Gutierrez (MX). I'm leaning towards Dr. Gutierrez and am actually sending him pictures tonight. After corresponding with Dr. Epstein's office, I feel 1. I was sort of dismissed as I was not having my procedure right now the quote was 9,000-12,000 COME ON MAN. (I need to save $$$ those student loans are killing me lol) and 2. something was just off. I think in choosing a doctor, you have to choose a person with whom you feel is right for you. So far Dr. G feels right: ) Also bonus: Dr. Gutierrez does breast augmentations heeeey nowwww -- #acupproblems might no longer be a problem!

Here are some before pics. I'll let you know what Dr. Gutierrez's office says as soon as I hear back!

A phone call from the man himself !

So great news I've got my quote!! I decided that I am going for the combined treatment of rhinoplasty and a breast augmentation. How freaking crazy is that? I'm too excited lol!!

Here's what went down today:

I got a phone call from Dr. G and he asked for my stats (5'4, 125lbs, no prior cosmetic surgery). And we talked about 3 things I'd like to change about my nose. I told him the truth -- everything. So we talked about grafting a bridge, defining my tip, and narrowing my nostrils slightly. He's the sweetest man and there was nothing was left unsaid. We also talked about me going from an A cup to a C/D cup as a breast augmentation option. He mentioned that it'd be best to go under the muscle with the implant (saline) with an aerolar incision. (I'm nervous that after augmenting my boobies my aerola are going to be as big as my implants lol. I already have large ones ahaa...O_O...) Anyways, following that phone call, I received and this email from Dr. G's staff

total $10500

The price includes:
?Doctors fees
?Anesthesiologist fees
?O. R. Fees
?24hrs care after surgery at the Clinic.
?Meals (we include a hospital liquid and soft diet)
?Medical equipment
?Nurses fees
?Post-surgery appointments
?Transportation up to 20 miles from the clinic (one round trip complementary)

?Lab-work $50 (CBC, PT and PTT)
?Take home prescription medications $75 (Ketorolaco 10mg, Tramadol 50mg and Ciprofloxacin 500 mg)
?Special Bra $60"

Great breakdown of the costs and a price that I think is more than reasonable. So far everything looks good. I have to pay 30% to schedule a surgery date then I'll be good to go! Holy crap! I'm turnt up :)

***Btw, from now on I'll be solely describing my rhinoplasty experience here. I'll do a separate review for my breast augmentation journey. The link for that will be added as soon as I get it organized***

I been thinking, I been thinking **beyonce voice**

Hello everyone! It's been a while. Got my heart set on grad school next semester. So I'm just studying for the entrance exams and fluffing up my transcript with some extra classes :D

The more degrees, the merrier lol

I've gotten so much cautionary feedback as well as supportive feedback. I appreciate it ALL! You all are giving me so much more than I could ask for in terms of guidance and advice. Thanks for taking the time out of your days to really help me find the best surgeon and ultimately make the best decision for myself. I am so grateful

I've decided that the breast augmentation is going to be a stretch for me. I'm more so concerned with my nose than anything else. Maybe one day I'll go down that path. But for me, at this point in my life. I don't want to bite off more than I can chew. One procedure at a time is best for me.

I'm going to have enough saved up by Dec. 1 so I will put a downpayment then and finally schedule the surgery with Dr. G UNLESS my research or my gut tells me otherwise.

So, just wanted to let you all know what was up. I'm weighing my options still, you know. But for now, no boobs. Just nose. LOL

Back with Boobs, still trying to find my perfect rhinoplasty surgeon

Hey people! Been a while right? lol I'm sorry! But heres a quick update and an announcement!

After countless months of pleading from my friends and family I have decided not to continue my rhinoplasty journey outside of the US. Despite the potential cost savings and such it is way to risky for my likings. And considering how much I love my life, I'm not going to risk it. It may sound dramatic but I think the risks outweigh the benefits tremendously. Especially considering post-op care and follow ups. Those check-ins in person with your PS team are just as important if not MORE important that the prep stages/surgery itself.

With that being said I decided to treat myself to a breast augmentation with all the money I saved up. I will have a review posted on to my profile as soon as finish writing this entry.

When I hit 6mo post-op for my BA I will restart the research process for an ethnic rhinoplasty specialist in the Boston area. Wish me luck! Check out my review of Dr. Samaha and his boobie skills!

I'll create a new rhino review on my profile once I find my perfect surgeon lol :)

Stay pretty people!!

Squirdward princess back researching doctors


Looking in state for rhino specialist but not surprisingly ethnic rhino surgeons are hard to come by in MA. there are a few contenders but I haven't seen results similar to the look I'm going for. My bridge is flat which I can live with. It's just the base of my nose. Including the tip that bother me. The width is so out of proportion with my face. My 9 yr old cousins call me squid ward princess. Lol. They always get me in my feelings when they say that. I'm looking for just a nose that doesn't look like mine. Honestly.
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