42 Yrs Old. Getting Neck Lift "Wobbling Neck Needs to Go", and Lower Eyelid. Tijuana, MX

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I notice as soon as I turned 40 my neck started to...

I notice as soon as I turned 40 my neck started to sag and looks like I have a double chin. I hate taking pictures and my side profile looks awful. Its time to get rid of it. People say you are too young for a neck lift .. But hey if it bothers me why not take care of it now. I went to see Dr. Hector Milla for a consultation and after seeing all his neck lift pics., I decided he was the one. He will do under the chin lipo, neck lift, chin implant (to improve my profile), also lower blepharoplasty. I just hope and pray everything is a success because its your face and you can't hide it. Wish me luck and I will post some more after pics when the surgery is all done, and will share.

Tomorrow is the big day

Well Im excited but nervous at the same time. These are my final pics before my surgery tomorrow. I will post some more when I get home .... Yikes wish me luck!

Final pics before surgery

Wish me luck tomorrow

All done

I'm super tired today .. I'm ice packing my eyes since they are swollen. I couldn hardly move my mouth because of the compressing.

Day 5

Day 5 after my surgery and I feel so very stiff ... Tomorrow I get all my stitches removed! I'll post some tomorrow

Stitches Removed

They just removed my stitches today from my eyes only! I only have a tiny white silicone strip to help smooth the incision, and will get removed this coming Tuesday

Day 10 (post op)

All stitches finally removed and back to work! So happy my double chin is gone

Before & After

So happy

Dark bags are gone

10 days (post-op)

2 weeks (post-op)

Here is my scaring healing very nice ...

almost 3 months post op

My current pics after 2 1/2 months after my surgery! Thank you Dr.Milla ????

Belotero Lip Filler

Went back yesterday to see again Dr. Hector Milla to get my lips done and it was an amazing experience. He uses Belotero for the lips and cost $350.00

Dr. Hector Milla is very professional and listens to what your concerns are. I felt very comfortable with him.

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