35 YO Mother of One, Tummy Tuck, Bbl, Liposuction of the Arms, Flanks and Possibly the Chin. Mexico, MX

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I'm so ready to be the best me!!! I've lost over...

I'm so ready to be the best me!!! I've lost over 92 lbs and have a 16month old. I don't think I'll have any more kids so I'm ready to have the body of my dreams. I've researched Drs in Mexico and have decided to go with Dr Pantoja out of Tijuana. I reached out to the Drs office in August 2015 to get a quote and at that point I had decided on getting it done end of Feb 2016. Last week I followed up with Nadia and she has said they have Feb 24th available. Waiting on funds to kick in to make it official. My plan would be to drive out there on the 22nd have my tests done on the 23 and have my surgery the 24th. I will more than likely stay in a recovery home, possibly Our Friends House and then fly back 10 days later. I'm excited and if anyone plans on traveling out there during that time, please feel free to pm me!


Because I love to see progress here are my before pictures. Side and back pics

Wish pics

I try to be as realistic as possible but hope my body looks something like this...

Date reserved!!!

I initially wanted Feb 24th but waited too long to reserve the date so now it's March 23rd! So excited!! I know I'm anemic so it's going to give me enough time to get my iron levels right! If anyone is traveling around this time, please let me know!

Before pictures.

Can't wait for Dr P to fix this body!

Recovery house deposit sent!

So I've sent my deposit for the recovery house. I'm staying at Our Friends house! So excited!

3 more weeks from today!!!

And I'll be on the cutting room floor!!! So excited!!!

5 days until sx

Ugh seeing these pics makes me want to speed up time so that I can hurry up and have my surgery.


Ok so arrived safe and sound and was picked up by Marvin and Susana...tomorrow is SX day, I'm so excited! Looks like I'll be the only one in surgery for tomorrow another girl had a small procedure scheduled and ended up canceling. Took more before pictures! Can't wait for all this skin to be removed!

Waiting my turn

So i had my ekg and blood work done hemo level was at a 12.5 but dr Pantoja didn't want to do everything at once so I have to come back in 6mo to do the Lipo and bbl. I'm a little disappointed but am glad that he cares about my well being enough to make me wait if it means. Just waiting for them to come get me so I can get my sx.

3 days post op

Quick update pics. Lol I had written a detailed review that said it uploaded but never did, ugh. Anyway I'm still VERY SWOLLEN but huge difference. I only was able to get a tummy tuck, due to my past medical history, fat graft and transfer will have to wait till September.

10 days post op- still swollen but no rolls!! :)

So I'm 10 days post op and here's a quick recap of what I've experienced thus far:

Days 1-5- piece of cake. Literally NO pain. Just discomfort in my lower back. I believe it was from the spinal block and lying on my back for so long. My mood was great I looked great and was progressing well.

Day 6- THE HARDEST DAY!!! I started to feel VERY cold it was an extreme cold that literally knocked me off my feet. I had no strength and it would happen to me in increments of an hour to two hours. I would shiver so hard I would shake my bed. It was painful. My breast were tender and they hurt so much! After I would get extremely hot and had to rip my robe off to cool off. I was also very nauseous. I started to feel sad, I was at OFH and missed my son so much. I stayed in bed ALL day.

Day 7- My stools were very loose I was constantly in the bathroom, I had minor chills not as bad as day 6.

Day 8- flight home. Luckily it was a 45 min flight. Very tired, no chills, no nausea. Stools very loose, no pain in incision area, just numb. Menstrual Cramp like Pain in my abdomen. I was so happy to be home.

Day 9- no pain in incision area, still loose stools, menstrual cramp like pain in abdomen.

Day 10- I feel SO much better!! Pretty much all i mentioned above has gone away. All I've felt today is tightness in my abdomen.

I felt the need to post the above bc in the hundreds of reviews I've read no one has mentioned the chills, cramps, loose stools etc. It completely threw me off at how much a tummy tuck would affect me internally! Dr P said it was all normal. The loose stools were due to my antibiotics so he changed it to something lighter.

4 weeks post op

Still swollen , still have my drain...but am loving the results so far can't wait till my body is done healing!! Can't stop shopping! Agh!!

2 months post op!!

I developed seroma so I'm having to go get drained every 2-3 weeks. I must say I'm so happy with my results! Still swollen, still wearing my faja but I've come a long way. Can't wait to get my booty!

3 mo update

Loving my results! Still need hips and butt! Still swelling but I am so happy with my results.
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