23, Ready for Tummy Tuck and Liposuction at NewMeTJ

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Two years ago I got butt implants with Dr. Alfredo...

Two years ago I got butt implants with Dr. Alfredo Harris at NEW ME TJ. At the consultation, I thought he was very kind, educated, and professional. Because of this, I chose him as my surgeon and have not regretted my choice. He did an amazing job!! I strongly recommend him and I wish there were more reviews on his work so more people would go to him for a consultation!

Because I loved the results he left me with, I have decided to go back to him after having a baby. This time, I am going back for liposuction or maybe a tummy tuck as I did put on a lot of weight and got STRETCH MARKS *sad face emoticon*. I'm not exactly sure of what he will recommend, but regardless, I am very excited to go back to having a body I am comfortable with.

One thing I would like to add is that it appears that all consultations are kind of treated as "walk-ins." This might not be the case, but everyone always seems to have their appointment at 8 or 8:30am (at least for Saturday's). This means you might be there for quite a while. It doesn't bother me but I know it might bother others.

Anyway, today I made an appointment for a consultation this coming Saturday! Yay! I will post an update on how the appointment went and what will happen next :)

Consultation done and surgery date scheduled!

Today, I had my consultation with Dr. Alfredo Harris in Tijuana. I had my appointment at 8:30am but got there at around 8:05am because I'm great at miscalculating driving time. Getting to the SIMSA building where his clinic is at is SO convenient if you are coming in from the US. Literally, right after you cross into Mexico, all you do is stay on the far left lane and make your first left (there is a sign that has a picture of the building with an arrow pointing ahead). Fron there you will be at a roundabout and you'll want to go to the other side of the roundabout (so, straight infront of you but you need to go right). From here you are basically there. You'll see the big building(can't miss it!) and it has two parking lots. *Park at the lot infront of the boarder line!*

The consultation was straight forward. I walked in and was greeted by the nice blonde at the front desk. I signed some paperwork and waited for about 10 minutes until I got called in by Dr. Harris. In his office, I told him I was interested in getting liposuction and hoping to avoid a tummy tuck, although I sort of knew it was my only solution.

After having my son (7 months old), my stomach was left with extra loose skin and stretch marks. At the age of 23, this is very unfortunate! I feel like I cant wear the clothes a 23 year old wears, can't wear bikinis, and overall am just not comfortable with how I look. I told him this and he said a tummy tuck might be what I need, so he showed me some pictures of his work. Then, he walked me to another room so he could take a look at my stomach and he confirmed that a tummy tuck is what I needed. If I only got liposuction, according to Dr. Harris, I would end up with even more sagging skin.

I asked him a few questions and told him I'd also be interested in some liposuction to the upper arm and thighs. He agreed to it and said he would also do the back (back bra area?, lol) and would transfer the fat to my butt (per my request, also). Great, I was feeling good because of what I was hearing. So good I forgot to mention wanting fat transferred to my hips (so I want Kylie Jenner hips! Dammit!). Oh well, still good.

When he was done, dr. Harris called in his other assistant so she could give me pricing information and all that. For the liposuction, fat transfer, and tummy tuck, it came out to be $4,500 (this included a previous patient discount).

Music to my ears. I can afford it, yay! Lol. I scheduled a surgery date right away because I'm impatient like that. Besides, I already know he's a good surgeon, so what's there to think about? I've been thinking about this surgery since I was pregnant! Ha!

After scheduling, I filled out some paper work and had some blood drawn out. After that, I was done. They have a medical fast pass that you can purchase for $10 so the border wait was about 15 minutes or less. I was in and out of Mexico in an hour!

My surgery is scheduled for May 20th. I can't wait!

** I do want to warn you guys that Dr. Harris will give you a rushed feeling. Like as if he were in a hurry. Please dont be discouraged by this. He will stay and answer all of your questions but you NEED to ask them. He did a GREAT job with my butt implants and that is why I am going back to him again.

Surgery day!

So nervous! Here are some before pics.

Made it!!

Surgery is done!! It was three hours long which I don't think is bad at all. I woke up several times during the surgery but I couldn't see or feel anything. I did ask him if he could do a fat transfer to my hips instead and he said yes, but the nurses are saying he didn't do a fat transfer. I'm not sure what to think... I will definitely ask him tomorrow about that. It's not a big deal because I mainly went in for lipo and tummy tuck but I was still kind of looking forward to Kylie Jenner hips, lol. When i woke up he said it looks really good and so did two other female nurses. I hope they are right!!

The pain is not bad at all. There is sharp pains here and there but it's nothing excruciating... I hope that's how it is tomorrow and the next day, lol.

I will post post op photos later on. I'm staying the night here and going home tomorrow morning :)

First day post op

It's the morning after and I should be going home soon after the shower. My body looks good I think!! It's really swollen so I'm hoping it looks even better once the swelling goes down. I feel great. I only feel pain when I move but again it's nothing excruciating. It feels more like extreme soreness. I asked him about the fat transfer and the doctor said he couldn't do it because there was not enough fat. Apparently It was mostly loose skin. Regardless, I'm loving the results so far!!!

In the super tight girdle

Second day post op

It was easier than yesterday but i still spent the whole day in bed. I did get up every now and then to walk or sit in the living room for a bit but I get tired very fast. I can get up out of bed by myself but I rather have someone or something to hold onto. I can also use the bathroom without any help unless it's for a bowel movement which I did have today. It was the worst!! If you try to push at all then you'll feel pain so I strongly recommend a stool softener lol. The only reason I need help for that is because I need to take off my garment... It's quite the work out! Laughing and coughing is also very painful!! I thought I was going to pop a stitch!! Lol . Overall though, it seems like the back pain from laying all day on my back is the worst out of everything.

Third day

Doctor called to see how I was doing. I feel sooo much better today. I read on here that the second, third, and fourth day tend to be the worst but i don't think so. I feel better each day. The day after surgery, the doctor told me to tighten the girdle a bit more in two days. Today is two days later and I was actually able to tighten it more. Considering how tight and difficult it was to put on the first time, I'm really shocked at how accurate and confident he was in telling me I would get smaller. Damn!

I have no complaints so far. I would totally recommend a tummy tuck. The liposuction was really minor so I haven't really been updating on it. It was on my upper arms, inner thigh, and flanks. I don't feel any pain there except for soreness. The areas are also definitely swollen... especially my upper thighs!

Third day

Day 4

I feel the Same as yesterday. I'm a little depressed today because of the swelling... I knew it would happen but it's still depressing to actually see it :( the worst is above my incision. It looks like I have a ridiculously full bladder or like I'm three months pregnant. Ugh >:c I'll post pictures tomorrow
Dr. Alfredo Harris

Efficient, professional, great bedside manner, considerate, and cares about his patients. Amazing staff!

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