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Eating well and exercising results

In just shore time I can see the results of eating well and exercising. I'm three weeks away from my big day. I'm feeling calm and exited. Last week I have a moment of nostalgic about this marks that will disappear from my body soon. I thought about my two babies not to babies anymore. The marks of been a mommy... But know is time for me again!

10 days post surgery!

Well... Almost there! I got my blood test and mamogram results and everything looks good. Last Sunday I stopped all vitamins. I already shopped for everything that I will need to recuperate. My husband will be with me for two days in Mexico. He has been supportive of this procedure helping me to make the best decision regarding my Dr. and also, the wishing results!
I'm nervous and exited! I have been planning and researching about this procedure already for 6 years and the big day finally will arrive.
My weight is lower now. I don't want to lose any more weight thinking that I will not have any to fill my butt. I have been looking in this forum for wishing pics of what I want and found some. I want a hearth shape butt, flat tummy, and perky natural breast not to big. Let see what Dr. Cervantes thinks about my ideas the day of surgery.

New breast still swollen but I love them

Pic of my new breast still swollen

Love the results!

Still a lot swollen but the difference is amazing. Dr. C and your team you guys are artist! Love my new me

New pics my new me ! We did it Cervantes team!!!

1 week after surgery

5 days after surgery

Still early but I love every day more the results! Love you Plastic Tijuana.

11 days after surgery

New pics ladies! Still swollen but in their way.

Ready Tomorrow I'm going home

Almost two weeks away from home. Tomorrow finally I will be close to my son and healing I'm sure will speed. Every day is an improvement it hasn't been easy. Very happy with the results and happy also for choosing Dr. Cervantes. I haven't had the energy to post more pics but I promise I will do it once I get home. Love my breast, my tummy and my figure. Yuppy ! Life is good and day by day will be better.

Day 15 After Mommy make Over update Back Home!

I got home yesterday :) ! Last night I have a little difficulty sleeping and getting used to my own bed. I needed to sleep in son's bed to be comfortable. Definitive not out the woods yet. This morning I wake up and I feel lot of energy I clean the kitchen and I feel that I need to spend more time walking during the day. Taking the garment out to shower is a laborious job it takes me a least an hour to shower and get back in my garment. The results every day better I just counting the days that I can show and not look like a burrito jejeje.
With the holidays coming I want to be able to enjoy I really cross fingers that my recovery speeds up and I'm me again.
My 10 year old boy has been very helpful and sweet yesterday brought me his water container and told me to have it next to me because I need to drink lots of water :)
This morning is a little bit warmer in SF so I feel like walking in the park a little bit and have some fresh air.
I'm sure it takes baby steeps every day will be a little better!

15 days after mummy make over pics

Even do still I'm not out the woods. I have energy to show the nice results. Still lots of swollen in my body since I haven't been able to tolerate anti inflammatory meds. My breast look natural and I love the corset that Dr. C gave me. My hips also are round and my butt too. Love the young look!

More 15 days pics

Still a lot of swollen. Today I will start my lymphatic massages. I haven't been able to take any anti inflammatory meds. Trying to manage it with lots of water, pure cranberry and ginger. Some lines show in pics in my low abdominal area due to used of foam and garment prescribed to reduce fluid to accumulate in my back.
Hey now! I love the curves and still swollen! Well done Dr. Cervantes ;)

Look it the difference ;)

15 days after a life change surgery.

Brasilian butt lift results

16 days after surgery

Mmm....last night was my first night that I didn't need any help to turn around or accommodate during my night :) I also, didn't take any sleeping med.
Yesterday also, I was very active and full of energy. I took a 30 min. break in bed in the afternoon. Last night I have my first lymphatic massage. I don't know to much about massage I didn't think that much of it. Let's hope that it works. Yesterday my energy was such that I even ask to be taken to the fruit market :)
Love been at home :) this morning is another energy day so far. Here in SF is cold and rainy lets see how my day goes! ;)

17 days after mommy make over

Today was a okay day. Last night I have a little difficulty sleeping continue sleeping at my son's bed every night to be more comfortable. Yesterday I tried to start the anti inflammatory med and I need it to stop today. I guess I have some allergy to it and in stead off helping me, it make me sick and swollen. Today I started eating more pineapple and bromeliad pills each meal. So far I have been better than yesterday.
This morning I enjoyed a brunch close to the bay with my husband and my son at the end of two hours I was ready to go to sleep. I got home and I sleep for 2 hours deeply.
Every day is different. I can wait to be my self again :)

Tapes off

Yesterday was day 18 after surgery. Incision tapes when off ! First I was scared to do it. I got into the shower with soap and I did it! It was painless :) I notice some areas where dried but some a little pink.
I sent all pics of my incisions to Dr. C who by the way has been great keeping in contact after surgery. He advised me to go ahead and keep putting the spray plus start with Kitocell gel. I did my first round today. Oh my God! Taking my garment three times a day to apply kitocell :?
Any way today I have been having lots of muscle contractions in my tummy and feel slow. Some pics of my scars Dr told me they look good.

Brasilian butt lift

Before and 19 days after

Swollen from hell

Today I paid the price for my Thanksgiving dinner. 30 min after finish my meal I was miserable, my belly when hard as a rock and I feel so tired.
Right now I'm lying in bed hoping that tomorrow I feel better. Not nice feeling :(

Where I stayed during recovery. Excellent care and beautiful place

I forgot to post pics of Recovery Home Boutique where I stayed during my recovery. If I have to give a rate to this place it will be 10 stars !!! Not 5 :) they are amazing, sweet in my experience like having five moms taking care of me all the time. I paid $125.00 at night with all meals, snacks and 24 hours nurse included. Even the last day of my stay the nurse manager Perla took me to Dr.Cervantes office.
Great place to recover!! I highly recommend it !

Almost a month! Time flights

I'm here seating amaze of how the time goes by. Nov 07 seems like yesterday.
Yesterday I have some swollen in my lower tummy I email Dr. Cervantes y guess what? I'm today but to wear the foam under my garment. I took some pics of my tummy and sent it to him immediately "go back to compression"
I have to say that he was so right I got back in it and immediately the swollen stared to go down.
My back feels much better it looks like the swollen in the left side of my tummy too :) this morning it was much better. Still having trouble with a lot foods so, I'm been very careful with my food intake.
There are also much more new news; my garment it's big in the sides already and I went from 36C to 34C or may be less :)!
Even do I'm only wearing Yoga pants I tried last week a pair of skinny jeans size 5 and they fitted me perfectly. Today I have much more energy and when to get my hair done, and I'm planning to get some clothes too on Thursday to start the transition.
Friday I will be flying to LA and than driving with one of my friends to visit Dr.C for my first month post surgery appointment. Than, it doesn't get more excited I will be meeting for first time my angel, friend and mentor of this journey Skyle9! in LA for brunch on Saturday morning.

New me after 26 days post mommy make over with Dr. Cervantes

Hi ladies!
Today it was a big day. I remove my garment and tried some new clothes. I know is early in the process but seem the progress is very excited. Not more sad and tired tummy. I welcome the new me:) !

Please to see the mirror

Hi every body!
Yesterday I went shopping for Christmas and that included a stop in Victoria Secrets. First I was afraid to go to the fitting room and once I tried the lingerie I was so afraid to look into the mirror remembering my all me. Than... I looked and I was so excited and please I could believe it everything looks great and in place!
I know all of us are afraid to emerge on plastic surgery. We feel scared for our life's and afraid of making a bad choice selecting our doctor. I'm so glad of doing my homework and selected Dr.C and his team he has been next to me not only before surgery but during and more after.
Great ever gift to my self!

Anti-imflammatory foods to reduce swollen

A new me! 6 weeks post mommy make over

Hi lovely ladies!
It has been 6 weeks since my surgery. I'm very happy with the results. Recovery has been slow but happening little by little. Swollen it has been much better in the past three days. I have been eating very well and tonight I got green light from Dr. Cervantes to start cardio ;) yea!!
Today I took some post 6 weeks pictures to share and the results are amazing. It feels like a got a completely new body.

Lingerie shopping day!

Today was the first day in my life that I shop for sexy lingerie ;) love this adventure !

Breast incisions 6 weeks post surgery

7 weeks Update

Hi everybody,
I'm almost in my week 7 post surgery. Things are going well just the past few days I have been swollen in my tummy. I think it may be due the garment removed this week. I was wearing my garment every day and this past week Dr.C gave me green light to remove it. Even do I'm free to stop wearing it I feel more comfortable at night with it.
My incisions look very nice. I have been applying Kitocel and Scar away sheets and for sure it's working. I have eaten very healthy since surgery and want to start running but Dr.C thinks that I need to take things slow :( walking is fine!
Beside this some days I feel very active, others tired. I have slow down a lot my work to allow my body to heal nicely. I'm every day more and more happy with the results.

7 weeks pics Brasilian Butt lift mommy make over

I'm feeling much better now. My tummy doesn't feel that swollen any more even do I still have many months more to go before I see the final results. I have been eating well, drinking lots of water and I finally will start exercising tomorrow. It has been hard to get back to my normal work routine some days I feel lots of energy and other just I want to slow down. My breast are less swollen and the they look very natural, the implants stared dropping.

Scar progress

It has been 2 months after my mommy make over and healing is going well. Swelling is lot better and I feel a lot energy. I stared exercising last week and yesterday got in the scale to see the reality. Since surgery I when from size 9 to size 2! I found out yesterday that I have reach my goal weight YES!! Now my problem is not to lose any more weight because I can affect the results of my BBL :(!
I spoke today with Dr. Cervantes he gave me green light to do every type of exercising including abdominals. I thought I post some pics of my scar process until now.

2 most anniversary post surgery

Not only I did it to the flat side but I have live one of the more exited opportunities in my life. I have learned a lot from other people and I regain a lot this past year. Already two months and it seems like it was yesterday that I when to Dr.Cervantes to get my surgery.
Healing is going very well. I stared exercising every day and eat very well. There is a change in my now too I feel more happy and confident.
Swollen is definite less and less each day. Now I'm trying to eat more not to lost any more weight.
If someone ask me if it was worth it I will say a 1000% !!!

Breast Lift and Augmentation Great Results

Hi girls ! I had a breast lift with augmentation done on Nov 07 at Angeles Hospital, Tijuana Mexico. I decided to go under this procedure after finish having children. My breast need it help after putting and losing weight. I wanted a perky look not to big . I meet with her only 45 minutes and she right away got my idea not only done succeed all my expectations. She is a great doctor and very

Almost 10 weeks! Love it , love it

Almost 3 months! I'm very happy almost 80% of swelling is gone for good. Every day is better. I'm not anymore complaining of getting my tummy hard. My back is healing fast from liposuction and the results are very visible at this stage.
I have been exercising and eating well, lots of lemon water every day.
My breast incisions look good and tummy tuck. I have been using Kitocell gel once a day at night and silicon bands. I might be going back in March to get armpit lipo that was part of my mommy make over but for safety reasons Dr. C decided not to get it done back in November.
I promise to keep you guys posted with progress.
Love to all!

Free in my own skin!!

I wanted to post those pics of my first vacation to Florida. I went nuts buying bikinis for first time in my life. The tummy tuck incision is so low that I was able to wear a small bikini bottom. Recovery is going well my only concern it's one side of my tummy tuck scar but everything else looks great.
In two weeks I'm going back to TJ for lipo in my back and arms. First able, I was hesitating to go back but not I feel that I should be finish.

Second Round BBL , Mini Arm Lift, Lipo

Hey girls! I'm back... I have surgery a week ago and here I'm to share my pics with all of you. My experience again with Dr. Jacqueline Aragon and Dr. Juan Pablo Cervantes was great. This time I got more fat injected on my bottom, a mini Arm Lift and more a Lipo. Recovery is going well lots of swelling specially in my waist and arms. Sleeping at night isn't easy I can almost move. I'm taking this time all my meds that by miracle I have been able to take this time without getting sick from my stomach. My arms already look smaller so my waist.
This time has been easier... Promise to post more pics in a few days. I can wait for summer vacation girls!

Ready to enjoy a new me!

My journey stared almost 5 months ago. First I went to surgery for a mommy make over and less than two weeks ago a arm lift, lipo, a small scar revision and a 2nd round of bbl. It has been a long journey full of excited things, new friends and a new me. I always thought that I will have only a tummy tuck after finish having children never Breast work or arm lift. At this point I feel that my body is ready to heal and to enjoy this new me for many years.

2 weeks after more lipo and 2nd round bbl

Love my new curves. It has been two weeks since my surgery and I think that it was a good decision.
Today I stared feeling much better. Energy is back and now I can sleep at night. My arms are getting better little by little. Best ever decision team Cervantes did an amazing job.

Almost 1 month post more lipo in my waist, arm lift and 2 round bbl

Wow almost out the woods. The results are out my mind. I love my curves. The reason for me to have a second round of lipo was having smaller waist and a fit hour glass shape. The first days were hard specially because of the arm lift and the lipo but, really worth it. My arms look skinner and nice. My left arm has been healing faster than my right one. Last night was the first night that I sleep comfortable because of it. Another important thing is that yesterday I have all blood work done because my doctor think that I might be anemic. Well ... Girls I will not be surprise with two surgeries. I just want to say hi to all and tell you guys how happy I'm with the results.

My body dream is reality! Thank you Dr. Cervantes Aragon

All right ladies. I'm a 1000% happy with my results. After 6 weeks I'm ready to share my pics. My first surgery mmo was last November and my second one just 6 weeks ago my procedure included: a mini arm lift, lipo and a second round of bbl. Right now I'm back to normal some discomfort still in my right arm but not bad. Next week I will be back to exercise routine.

Fat transfer 2 round Tijuana

Updated 2 months after 2 round fat transfer, mini arm lift and some lipo in my waist. I can say that I'm very please with the results.

Made it 6 months post mommy make over

Hello girls,
Here I'm after 6 months. I can be more happy with the results. Still some days aren't easy but man what a change. My life changed completely for good after November I have became more aware of my health and I changed completely the way I see food. I started exercising 6 weeks post surgery and stopped to heal from my mini arm for 6 weeks and some more lipo. My body looks way so different than it used to before.

6 months post mmo

9 months post surgery

Finally 9 months! Recovery is going well still I little swollen in some areas of my tummy some days. Some days my tummy in the areas were lips was done feel still sore. I didn't have a lot lymphatic massages which I regret but starting from next week I will start some massages with ultrasound to help my abdominal area with some hard tissue that has build in areas where lipo was done. My recommendation to all getting lipo and tummy tuck is to have lymphatic massages and ultrasound as soonest possible to avoid hard tissue to be build inside. Even do my results look very nice and I'm so happy with my results specially my tummy tuck and bbl sometimes the inside part of my tummy feels very hard. Regarding my breast I will happy with the shape and the way it feels but still thinking about a reduction as an option.
Next week I will be doing a treatment with plasma injections to help my face a little bit. I promise to keep every body update with the results week a week since will be a treatment of weeks plus a small peeling which was suggested as well.

Complication 6 months post surgery

Hi girls,

It has been a while since I last updated my Real Self review. This time my review isn't so happy. 6 months post surgery I developed Capsular Contracture in grade 2-3 in my left breast and grade IV in my right one. I visited Dr. Cervantes when I was 6 months post surgery with a casual concern about my breast being very big and changing. Doctor Cervantes my doctor at the time took my concerns lightly without a physical examination. Months when by and last month symptoms started arriving like for example tingling sensations and some pain going from my nipple to my arm pit. Right away I decided to consult with two different doctors and it was confirmed that It was CC. I decided to exercised my right to select my doctor and to decided what it was better for me and I decided to go with Dr. Irving Rodriguez. I'm right now almost 14 days post surgery and so happy with my results and the fantastic job he did. All pain is gone and now I feel back to my self. I must add to my comment that my surgery took almost 5 hours because I had excess of breast tissue in my side breast from my previous procedure. Dr. Rodriguez took such care to provide me with the best results. Not everything is sad . Another thing that I decided to do was a liposculpture session plus fat transfer bbl. Love my new hourglass shape!!!

I had surgery with Dr. Cervantes last November a mmo. I'm updating my review after 11 months since my procedure. In all honestly I can say that I was very happy with my results until I developed capsular contracture after month six and became more clear with symptoms after 10 months. I'm fully aware of the complications that can arrive with plastic surgery and certainly I'm not looking to blame Dr.Cervantes from my fortune. I also, fully understand that the response from our doctor can change things around, a quick response from Dr. Cervantes could delivered a better outcome than something that turn quickly into a complication in my case. Unfortunately, this is what happen to me with my breast. I feel that my concerns about the size of my breast and comment about changes were right and deserved more attention. The aftercare follow up need it more attention.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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