Anyone else Having VSG in November 2016? - Mexico, MX

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After years of dieting and getting no where,...

After years of dieting and getting no where, decided to get sleeved! I have been on that roller coast for so long, decided it was time to get off and start doing something about it. So I have schedule my surgery for November 5, 2016, and I am not looking back. I have high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea and diabetes type II. My knees hurt and decided they need a break. Want to be healthy. I am 5'5" and weigh 228. Pretty much my weight is all in the middle. Right now I wear a size 16 just for my waist, and the pants are baggy in my bum area. My insurance does not cover the surgery, so I decided to go to Tijuana Mexico to have my surgery. I am schedule with Dr. Ponce. Was wondering if anyone has had him. He is doing the single-incision vertical sleeve on me. Wish it was happening now, but have to work around my schedule. This definitely will stop me from over eating on Thanksgiving, lol. Haven't told any of my friends but have told my kids and parents. By the way, I am 53 years young. Never had a weight problem growing up. But after the birth of my third child (I gained a 100 pounds during pregnancy) I was never able to loose my weight. The doctors said probably due to stress (my daughter has a rare syndrome) my weight was staying with me. Luckily my fourth child I only gained 15 pounds and he weighed 9 1/2 of those, lol. I am really excited and can't wait. Hoping to connect with others taking this journey and would love to hear from others that are already been sleeved.

Was wondering if anyone has had the sleeve over 15...

Was wondering if anyone has had the sleeve over 15 or more years ago? Do you have any regrets and pleased with your results? Getting very excited about the surgery. Decided to start trying to eat mostly on the pre-op diet. I love veggies anyways but the protien is my biggest downfall. Been really trying to concentrate on good protien. I only have to be on the diet 1 week and the liquid 3 days. Been having heartburn a lot lately and worried it might get worse after surgery, any thoughts? I was thinking about trying apple cider vinegar and seeing if that helps. Anyone try this or have better ideas?

Getting close!

So less than a month I will be on the "losers" side. Can't wait. Starting to get impatient, wanting it done now, lol. Was ordering my pills thru Amazon, hoping I have what I need. Any suggestions for "must haves" while in the hospitals? I know to bring gas-x and a heating pad. Some have mentioned a small pillow for pressure on stomach. Any other suggestions?

Less than a Month...yeah!! Will post pictures in the next couple of weeks of my before. Will me luck!

One week until I am a total loser!

Started my pre-op diet. Only have to do 2 days of clear liquids. I am ready! I promised photos, which is very hard to post. I never show my fat off. But here goes.

Total loser, on the sleeved side...yeah!

Feel great, walked my buns off! Experienced gas pain, but wasn't to bad. Every time I would start to have it I would walk and it would move it away from the shoulder. Feeling very lucky. Beside some gas and bloating, couldn't tell I had e en had the surgery. Until my first drink on Gatorade, one of my sips was not small enough. I have two small incisions one n the belly button and the other on the side where the drain goes. Dr. Ponce De Leon leaves his drains in longer than the other doctors so mine will be removed today. Just walk, a lot. This was a smooth surgery. Pretty painless for me, but a lot of the other gals were in a lot of pain. I pretty much walk non stop. When the drain comes out and bandages off, I will take a picture. My stomach is still blown up like a balloon. Feeling great! Good luck everyone!

It's great to be home!

Wow, where to begin. Went to Mexico and had the single incision sleeve. I would suggest that anyone going for the single incision, to buy a compression belt/girdle, waist support prior to going. You can get them at Wal-mart for about $13.00, and they work great. I have been sleeping in mine. Had no problems in Mexico. Noticed a lot of new Nurses (student nurses), learning, but if they had problems they went and got someone more experienced. My Mom slept in a bed next to me in my room. Some of the rooms are small, which I had a smaller one, but was only there for two days. Glad my Mom pack ready made packets of food for her. There was a deli on the bottom floor but was closed Sunday's, one of our full days there. Walk, walk a lot.

So I am home and 1 week post-op, and learning to eat all over again. I am on the phase II diet, and finding my favorite is still the warm broth. I have always loved jello, but not since the surgery. Feeling pretty good, just sore in the belly button area, which is slightly infected. My at home doctor has me on a topical antibiotic with the antibiotic they gave me in Mexico. Surprisingly I haven't experienced any heartburn since the surgery. My doctor took me off all my medicine, which was shocked that I am off everything so soon. At the end of the month she will run some blood work to make sure I am getting enough vitamins and make sure my A1C (diabetes) is staying low.

Taking one day at a time!

HW 228
SW 208
CW 201

In the 100's losers club!!

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I weighed in this morning and was 199. Yeah!!
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