27 Yrs Old Blessed Queen, Recently Divorced, Now Engaged to an Amazing Man, Jesus Christ is King ! , Need Gastric Sleeve and Bbl

Hi dollies, I first Thank Almighty GOD for...

Hi dollies, I first Thank Almighty GOD for everything, Thank You Jesus Christ! I've been through so much I was recently was married and divorced to a "man" who had been suffering with demons of emotional, physical, financial, spiritual, homosexual, infidelity abusive problems but I made through that by The Grace of GOD before it got worse and I met someone so so much better ( it was so hard to fine a decent black man where I'm from :( so sad Smh ) anyways (my buh buh ) but moving on so yeah I am here on real self to help others and hopefully inspire others and to get inspire as well . I want to be healthy more physically working already on me spiritually , emotionally , I Thank GOD for helping me get back on track . I want to be healthy physically and want to start a family real soon with bae we already started talking about marriage "he said lol he dreamed of me in a beautiful white wedding dress " aww my bae ;) so I am looking forward to have my gastric sleeve with the infamous Dr. Louisiana valenzuela in Tj mx . I heard so much of great things about her work , I heard she's the best . She is on maternity leave. So she should be back doing surgery in June. I might be doing June or early July . Y'all pray for me ! Happy healing to y'all ! GOD bless y'all !

Rude agent from mbc don't know her name . ... um what happened to my patient coordinator Tabitha? :( .....

Hi dollies, I hope everyone is well , GOD is Good always! I just wanted to let y'all know I have received a phone call just now from mbc and spoke with a coordinator assistant and let me tell y'all she was so rude and dry on the phone , I was like yeah where is my usual patient coordinator Tabitha :-( ? She flew by that question and was like " well you have Leila for now on, so dry right ? Anyhoo , she goes on about the deposit payment and when I am going to pay it , uh hold up ! I spoke to my original p.a. coordinator Tabitha and she said it was fine to pay the deposit amount on my pay day so why you got a attitude, uh , she need to stay an assistant and assist off some where lol ;-) . Bye felicia!!!! :-D

Lol waiting patiently! Could it be :) "super ponce"?? another great doc.

Hi dollies, it's me again lol , but yeah I am now waiting . I still have to pay my deposit monday/ tuesday before march 31st deadline. I maybe going with another doctor, I was thinking of Dr. Jaime ponce de Leon , nothing personal against Dr. Valenzuela professional expertise also if anyone knows dr. Ponce work personally please share in my comment section. Ok thanks. GOD bless y'all & have a nice day !

Putting it all in GOD's Hands !

Being patient, and leaving it all in GOD's Hands !!!!

Deposit paid in full! Still going with Dr. Louisiana and the P.a. coordinator still rude as heck , sounds like same lady but dif

Hi chicas , so I paid my deposit of $525.00 to the mbc group today , and still spoke with a dry agent , when asked her , was I bothering her she replied no "I have a cold" really?? Anyways, Thank Almighty GOD in Heaven!!!! I am so happy I paid on my deposit and I am still going with doctor louisiana valenzuela she is more in cost but she is the ultimate best at what she do ! I've heard she is the best bariatric surgeon in mexico maybe the world by far .:-)

hi , dollies ! I am just checking in. :-) GOD bless to all !

Hi dollies , I am still waiting until my surgery date , i have 2 1/2 months to go until my surgery. I will talk to guys soon. GOD Bless y'all! :-* :-)

hola dollies! I'm just so happy rite now, I talked to Tabitha lol yayy she is so sweet!

Hi dollies, I am very happy ! Thank You Jesus Christ!!!! I talked to Tabitha, the rep at mbc just now , i wanted go over some details and i still had questions before my surgery. I had questions mainly regarding to travel and financial inquiries. She told me to get my discount for the hotel though them when i travel and also submit a cashier's check 7 days before my surgery:-) she also said to take a picture of the cashier's check and send it to their email . i'm so happy !!! Thank You Jesus Christ!!!!

my gastric surgery is near!!!!

My gastric sleeve surgery is near i am happy and nervous because i think i forgot to do something!?!?!..
Dr. Louisiana valenzuela

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