Gym Rat with Prior Tummy Tuck and Two Kids (BE AWARE) In Mexico You Can't Sue Due to the System´s Corruption - Tijuana, Mexico

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I am a person that prior to the surgery (Vaser...

I am a person that prior to the surgery (Vaser liposuction) would work out (crossfit) 5 days a week as I stated in my title. I had a tummy tuck 15 years ago after my first kid and decided to have a second kid 6 years later. I have achieved a lot working out regularly and my size was between S and M depending on the brand. I had a little bit of stretch marks but they never really bothered me because they were not noticeable. After looking and looking at doctors in Mexico, since I live in San Diego and I can't afford a doctor in the US, I found three doctors that based on the reviews here and by recommendation I started to schedule appointments for consultation. One option was Dr. Carlos Buenrostro, a doctor that has done procedures on Mexican singers and actresses, due to his popularity I was not able to get an appointment until two months later. The second option was Dr. Castañeda, he gave me his opinion and it was a good consultation. I left his office with a file folder where he itemize the procedures and the cost of each procedure. However he did not have Vaser. The third option was Dr. Milla which I found through this website, I saw that he made online consultations and I contacted him throughout email, I set him pictures of me but due to the low quality he would like to see me in person if posible. I told him that I had talked to one of his assistants and she told me that he did have openings before spring break which for me was a plus because I wanted to be able to fully rest before I go back to the school routine with my kids. I thought he would be the answer to my needs. I had seen interviews of him on the Tijuana TV youtube; I was really excited to have him do my procedure because hiss slogan is ¨why would you be ok looking good when you can look WOW¨. In all the interviews he emphasizes in treating with professionals and certifed doctors, that give me more confidence. The first time I met him my appointment was at 5:30. When I got into the office, so that he can give me the consultation, I heard another lady telling him that his 5:30 appointment was there to which I thought that I was the 5:30 appointment but I try not to get distracted because I wanted to remember exactly what my concerns where. During the consultation he brought up the tummy tuck option in the first place and he told me that I would have a couple of scars because my skin was not stretched that much and I reminded him that in my emails we have talked about Vaser liposuction. At that point he told me that yes, that the procedure could be done and told me that it would be a faster recovery and I walked away from the office with no folder where he would itemize any of the procedures but we made reference about my email. I spoked to his assistant and she told me that they will need a deposit and I told her that I would bring it the following day. I paid the deposit but I had in my head a question in regards to the vaser liposuction that I had read after I gave the deposit. On the day I paid, all in full I was able to see him again and when I address my concern he told me: ¨Don't worry we will talk more on the day of the surgery. My surgery was schedule for 10:00 am and I was there since 9:30 am the nurses came in to my room at 11:00 to help me with the preparation and she told me that he was in surgery since 10:00 and sometime in an hour he will come to see me. I was at that point worried about my doctors selection but I already paid and for those who have never done anything in Mexico the law is horrible, good luck trying to sue or get your money back. I waited and he came in at 1:00 pm and told me that the other doctor will take my before pictures and after that he will start my surgery. He came at 2:00 pm to draw my skin but on his way into my room he started arguing with a nurse, at that point my nerves were all over the place but once he took care of his business with the nurse, he asked me ¨what are we doing?¨ I started to mention what we had discussed in the last two times we met and what my email said and as soon as I finished he told me: ¨That is not what we agreed¨ I felt so hopeless because at that point I had given my cellphone to my husband so that he could wait in a restaurant until the surgery finished so I had no way to show him the email but I told him, "you said that we would do this and that we would talk more on this day," I said, "you are the profesional" and with that he told the nurse to take me into the operating room. I saw the anesthesiologist but I never saw him back before I went to sleep. I thought he went to check my file because I never saw one file. My surgery according to my husband finished until 7:30 or 8:00 pm. Once I got home and for the first time I saw my body I cried and cried, he did not do what he charged me for. The vaser in the abdomen was done, but he did not transfer the fat to my gluts, instead he put it somewhere behind my hips. My under thighs were barely touched. I asked him to make liposuction on my hips and now my hips look horribly big. The day after my surgery I sent him an email telling him that I was not happy with the work and he told me to give it time that my body was swollen. My following appointment was at 9:00 am and the assistant told me that he was out of the office and I told her that I would wait. He arrived at 10:00 and the assistant told him that he has a follow up appointment and he turned to see me and said to his assistant ¨I have a 10:00 o'clock already ¨ I guess he was expecting me to disappear or leave, but I stayed. When he finally saw that I was not leaving he took me in and he said that they did what I asked for and I said that my hips where huge and I did not ask for that, I asked for him to transfer the fat to my gluts, while smiling he told me that he was not perfect and that I had already had a tummy tuck that was not performed by him. He started making excuses for everything that I said. Finally he told me that I was criticizing 1% of the work when that as he put it 1% has made me live in two pair of sweat pants for the last two months. My jeans don´t fit from the hips. When I told him this he told me ¨we agree I can't make you fat right?¨ to which I said, of course you can't make me fat however if you place the fat in the wrong place my clothes will not fit because my clothes never fit me loose from the beginning, so if he would´ve take the fat from my hips, my clothes should have fit me nice. He told me that he could take a little from the hips with local anesthesia but that would be only a little unless I want to pay and put me under again. I was so pissed because I already payed for that job that he did not perform. One side of my body was worked more than the other side, I can notice it and it bothers me but at this point I don´t want to go back with him because Im afraid to end up worse. After that I had a burn mark on the side of my waist, it looks like they left the equipment for too long on my skin. The deal was to get those abs out that I had worked so much for, as well as to remove fat from my hips, inner thighs and to transfer the fat to my gluts. Thanks to this surgery and the stress of seeing how my body looks and to see that my clothes does not fit, I have been diagnosed with depression, Telogen effluvium and Alopecia Areata. His response after I told him what Im going through was ¨If its stress don´t worry it will grow back!¨ I can´t believe how my life has changed for the worst after a surgery that promised to make me look ¨WOW¨

Before and after surgery pictures

The pictures where Im on my underwear where the ones that I sent for my online consultation. The pictures were I'm naked were taken 1 week after my surgery. I will post more as I got but as you can see the in one of the pictures on the hip I have real deep and noticeable burn... that is where the suction (Vaser) instrument was left for too long in that area burning my skin. The last picture shows the Alopecia Areata that I developed due to the stress, right now is a little bigger. I want my experience to be helpful to the girls that are searching for a good plastic surgeon. If you workout and if your husband said to you ¨you don't need it¨ think twice in having a procedure that may change your life for ever. I was not the leaner person but I was comfortable with cloths and naked. Now its a little different, Im not feeling comfortable in my own skin. Now going to therapy for depression, Telogen effluvium and Alopecia Areata.


2 Months pictures

The swollen is resumed however, I have paid closed to 400 dollars in lymphatic massages recommended by doctor. One side of my torso looks slightly longer than the other side. Hips will never go away and the fat between my legs still the same. He did nothing in these areas (But I paid for it) because these areas were never bruise. See for yourself.
Mexico Plastic Surgeon

Unprofessional, lack of empathy, bad medical ethic, and careless.

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